[Shout Outs] The Dusty Co

October 3, 2011  |  Friends, Shout Outs

This is the first time in a very very long time in which I give a shout out to a new blog that is on the rising of becoming something awesome.  The only reason I decided to give it a shout out is because it has the promise of becoming something awesome.  Not only because one of the writers on the blog happens to be one of my dear old college friends but they are cool and they have insane topics which they write about.


The Dusty Co blog features Saud (the guy behind the redesign of His & Hers, as well as my dear old friend), and Hind along with many contributing writers the list is quite long but the fun fact you all should know is that their blog “The Dusty Co” will feature all kinds of topics from all over the place whether it is technology news, tutorials, fashion, lifestyle, celebrity news, everything and anything is on their list.

I for one added them to my Google Reader and my Twitter account.  I can’t wait to see the awesome news they’ll give us! Good Luck dear friends and may we see your awesomeness!

[The Dusty Co Blog]


His & Hers Q8 Welcome Theirs

September 12, 2011  |  Friends, Greetings

Who knew the day that I came out of “semi-hibernation” (let’s face it I will still hibernate because deep down inside I am a nice cuddly teddy bear) will be the day that we welcome a blogger baby into the family!

His&HersQ8 have officially become parents! YAY! *throws confetti and does the chicken dance*

Let’s all join together and share their joy and happiness and welcome their awesome cool munchkin “Baby Mishari”

Dear His & Hers,

Mabrook Ma Yakom Dears! O Yetraba Eb 3ezkom Enshalla! Enshalla Ya rab ebaleghkom feeh El Thereya El Sal7a!


Jacqui (the lazy bugger)

Vote for the Skydiving Freak Omarker!

August 13, 2011  |  Friends, Shout Outs

Disclaimer: This post in no way endorses my idea of jumping out of a plane just for fun, nor is it written to bribe a specific someone to send over a brand new MacBook Air my way (I am holding Adobe CS3 hostage until I get my own :P) Yes so that’s my disclaimer!

Fellow Blogger and Newly Established friend (who wants to kidnap Lujain) Omarker has submitted a video to the VIVA Passions competition of his passion which is “Skydiving” otherwise known as “Jumping out of planes that are way high up in the sky with nothing but a parachute to ensure safely reaching ground because they want to feel alive rather than dead :P” and the video is simply awesome so be sure to vote for him! :P

Vote for Omarker if you like his passion or even if you like his video which is beautifully put together.

Video 60

I will vote for him once I see that MacBook Air *ehem* I mean when I figure out how to register first :P

[Link to his post]

Book Signing Event: Yawmyat Wa7da Q8ya Dathra

June 6, 2011  |  Books, Friends, Shout Outs

The day has finally arrived, I am no longer waiting on fire for the book signing because you are now cordially invited to Danderma’s Book Signing of “Yawmyat Wa7da Q8ya Dathra” book otherwise known by its English title “The Chronicles of Dathra, a Dowdy Girl from Kuwait” and you will get a chance to meet the person behind the hilarious series!

It’s going to be a big event with several other authors signing their books, Media coverage, and so much more! Let’s support our friend and colleague in this time and show up! I know I’m going for sure!



The One Where I Had Lunch With Yehya

April 9, 2011  |  Friends, Fun, My Life

Let me start off by saying that I am proud to say that I am actually writing this post on the night that the event happened and not procrastinating as I usually do! So Kudos to me!

I had lunch today with Yehya the Egyptian, the dude who is on “Jimmy Kimmel” he’s an Egyptian living in the US who has an awesome hobby of taking pictures with celebrities, some might say he is some sort of Paparrazi person but I would like to think of him as a hobbyist! So, Zain invited me and Lujain to have lunch at Pizzeta in Spoons today and meet with this awesome dude!  Not only that but I got to meet awesome bloggers and have lunch with them! (Yipppeee!)

Yehya, started off this hobby in the 60s or something like that, all I know is that he’s been doing this for 20-30 years and he’s got quite a collection of over 1000 celebrities, American, Canadian, South American, Egyptian, Indian, French, if the person is a celebrity he has it! He started off with Dalida and this other guy and well he went on to the modern day celebs we see today.  It was nice hearing his stories and seeing his albums! I loved it!

Lunch was awesome, and it was nice talking about blogs and blogging with other bloggers, I felt old there though being the oldest blogger hehehe but it was fun! I am literally the oldest blogger (in blogging age) but I believe one of the few non-commercial ones!  You know you are out to have lunch with bloggers when the second the food arrives everyone whips out their camera to take snapshots of the food.  Even “Yehya” commented on it and said that this is the first time he sees food as a subject of photographs (personally I think he was jealous of the attention *just kidding*) hehehe I loved seeing Ansam, Q8Stig, 7ajiDude, His from His&Hers, HiKuwait, and other Zain staff! It was a nice intimate lunch and I kind of want to get to see more of these!

Man, time sure has changed since the beginning of blogging, back then everyone wanted to remain anonymous and never went anywhere for fear of others finding out.  Now, everyone wants to be known!




Thanks Zain for this invite it was AWESOME!

For more coverage check out what our blogging friends wrote, also I *borrowed* the video from our favorite Dudette (7ajiDude):

7ajiDude [Link]

His&HersQ8 [Link]

LujainTalks [Link]

Ansam518 [Link]

HiKuwait [Link]

I Miss My Sisters

March 16, 2011  |  Family, Friends, My Life

I miss my sisters: Fee, Dee, and Nee (aka Knee) (aka aka Sister #4) it’s been a while since they’ve been back, Dee was back during the Winter Break for only 3 weeks (which is short) but the other 2, I last saw them in August/September of last year and they might be coming back later on in July I believe :/

I was looking at the pictures of the P2BK posts that bloggers have been posting and I remembered the time I went with my sister Fee (it was a fun time!)  and it got me thinking how much I miss hanging out with her.

I know I have Lujain here and things should be awesome but there is an 18 year difference between us.  I miss Nee’s commentary on the TV Shows we watch! I would just look across our shared desk at home and we’d discuss the latest One Tree Hill dilemma, swoon over Blair and Chuck in Gossip Girl, drool over Damon & Stefan from Vampire Diaries, and so much more.  I miss Dee and her diva-ness, she really is sometimes full of herself but in a good way hehe and is up for anything (she is also the one who I’m depending on to get me the iPad 2’s!)

I just miss walking into any one of their rooms and having a late-night chat about anything and everything, whether its in their bedroom or sometimes the occasional bathroom conversation hehe.

Come back already idiots! Come back! Finish your studying and come back!

P.S. In the meantime I have Auntie as my big sister, Ananyah as my almost near twin sister, Swera as my closer twin sister, and Swair as my younger sister, and Lily as my baby sister.  Although Ananyah and Lily are abroad I still have the others I love you all!

Happy Turturkeykey Day

November 25, 2010  |  Family, Food, Friends, Fun, My Life

It’s Thanksgiving again, time to be thankful for many things in this world, and although this holiday is a Western Holiday I feel that I like celebrating it here at home because of one reason and one reason only.  I like to celebrate Thanksgiving because we need to dedicate a day to say “Thank You” to the important people in our lives.  So I think the best way to do this is to tell you all who I’m thankful for this holiday.

I’m thankful this year for my wonderful parents (who spoil me silly and make me into the gadget geek I am today) Daddy you’ve spoiled me with all the cash you threw my way when I wanted this gadget or the other and Mommy well you’re the awesome person who taught me how to be a geek without your computer knowledge I wouldn’t be the go-to person in the entire family when it comes to anything relating technology.

I’m thankful this year for my sisters (no need to describe them) for being the awesome sisters that they are and for living with my craziness all these years; each one of you dimwits is special in a way and I think you are reading this just to know how well here it is: Fee you are the one I’ve known the longest (duh you were born after me) and therefore with you I had most of my childhood adventures true we put each other in trouble but I’ll never forget the day we wanted to run away together remember we packed our bags and all; Dee you were always the sensitive bratty one the one who talked back but in the end were crazy enough and kind hearted enough to be the head of hair that we all love today, and right now u’re insanefully thin u reminded me of my old self therefore I hate u but then I love u; Neece you are a different story because although u were the baby of the family for so long and although you are infinitely smarter than I am  (except when it comes to gadgets hah!) you are my neighbor, book buddy, tv show buddy, and so much more without you my Thursdays would be incomplete as would my life be; and last but not least Lujii you are the princess of this family, you were born the year I graduated from school and were supposed to replace me when I went off to college but I couldn’t stand to leave you and go I’ve watched you grow into an awesome kid and although you sing and talk alot I love you and can’t live without asking you to get me that water ever single day, I love you pumpkin! Miss you bs!

I’m also thankful for my lovely family: Auntie & her husband K, her children Issous and Toons, as well as my other uncles and cousins; not to forget the most important person in my family I am thankful for which is my lovely Grandmother (May She Live Long and See My Children *someday*).

I’m also thankful for my awesome friends, to mention them wouldn’t be enough especially since they are so many those of you I’ve met through my blog, twitter, and in real life you all mean the world to me.  Thank you for being my friend *cues Golden Girls song*

Now for the light stuff:

-I’m thankful for my TV Shows and TV Men without Ian Somerhalder (The Vampire Diaries) and Matt Bomer (White Collar) my TV life would be so bland not to forget the billion others I adore and love Ed Westwick, Jim Parsons, Neil Patrick Harris, Alex O’Laughlin, Josh Duhamel, Scott Cann, and so many more I am too tired to think of them.

-I’m thankful for my Apple gadgets for they have been with me through thick and thin and give me the power to go on!

-I’m thankful for my health because apart from the tiny hiccups here and there I am blessed with a healthy body and hope to keep it that way.

-I’m thankful for all my other gadgets because they need recognition too and not to be left out.

Most of all I’m thankful for the big turkey I’ll be eating tomorrow at my Aunt’s house in celebration of this awesome day!

To everyone else ENJOY YOUR TURKEYS! And peace be upon you all!

Gobble Gobble! *burp*