Euro Cup 2012 is Coming

May 17, 2012  |  Fun

Four years have passed by so quickly and luckily for us this June will mark the return of the UEFA Euro Cup, I’m not a really huge soccer fan but I do loves me some Italian soccer players, I mean teams! And now that the World Cup is has been over for the past two years we really miss some awesome competitions.

This year the cup will take place in Poland – Ukraine and kick off starts on June 8, 2012 in Warsaw with the final game happening in Kyliv  on July 1, 2012.

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Blast from the Ancient Past: Fresh Prince of Bel Air

April 26, 2012  |  Fun, TV

Anyone who has grown up in the 90s will probably remember a show called the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” starring none other than the fabulous Will Smith along with James Avery, Alfonso Ribeiro, Jazzy Jeff, Tatyana Ali, and so many more awesome people!

Logo The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Well I just found out that there was something awesome that will make us (the 90s kids) go all “awwwwww” and googly-eyed once we see it.  If you remember watching the show then you definitely remember how Carlton (Alfonso Ribeiro) was obsessed with Tom Jones and there was this one episode he actually sang and was able to dance with the real Tom Jones! And he danced to the song “It’s not unusual!” until this day I cannot for the life of me not think of that show when I hear this song.

One of the best compilations of Carlton’s dance-athons!

So something cool was happening this year on April 21st in which thousands of dancers at hundreds of locations across the country  of the US have spontaneously broken out into the “Carlton” dance and then left off like nothing happened, in short just like a regular old fashioned Flash Mob!

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Jimmy Fallon & The President of the US

April 26, 2012  |  Fun

I absolutely adore this man! Jimmy Fallon he’s one of my favorite late night talk show hosts apart from Conan O’Brien and Craig Fergueson.  And so when I saw this video of The POTUS and him slow jamming the news I thought to share it!


Image via Associated Foreign Press (Getty Images)

Seriously, it’s absolutely genius! I loves it!  Way to go Jimmy!!!!!!

Stay tuned for something awesome in the next few days.

via Just Jared.

Happy Belated Easter

April 9, 2012  |  Fun, Holidays

Just because it’s a day after Easter doesn’t make me that late hehe I want to wish everyone a Belated Easter and to enjoy this lovely video of Puppies and Bunnies!

You can’t help but fall in love with them can you now?

via [Gizmodo]

[Mother's Day] Zain & The Personal Shot

March 21, 2012  |  Fun, Holidays, Shout Outs

I am a huge fan of Zain not only because of my phone line being one of the oldest ones available and from them but I am a fan ever since I was a tiny little inkling,1987 to be exact, or even slightly before that. I was 4 years old and living with my grandmother and uncles and one of them had the old In6alaq 1 (Mobile Phone that was stationary in the car) and I used to take pictures and pose with it. Don’t believe me? Then check this shot out!


Back to the main topic: Today Zain will be available at the Avenues with a lovely Mother’s Day Photo Booth in Dome 2. This booth will allow you to take a memorable shot for your mom, express the way you feel for her, show her how much you love her/miss her/respect her, and everything that is a mother. All their asking is for you to express your feelings in a shot.

Mothers day 2

You can personalize the image with a written message and any pose you’d like. You can also bring your mother along for a photo shoot.

Now the fun part, they are running a small fun competition on Zain’s Facebook Fanpage in which they will upload the pictures live on Facebook and the Top 5 pictures with the most “likes” will win an iPhone 4S for their mother (of course it goes without saying that only the people who give Zain their permission to upload their pictures will be live on Facebook so your safety is ensured).

All the terms and conditions are uploaded on their Facebook Page.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up get in your car and go!

Available: March 21st (Today)

Time: 10 AM – 10 PM

Happy Mother’s Day from Zain and myself. Thanks Hala for the information.