Happy Belated Easter

April 9, 2012  |  Fun, Holidays

Just because it’s a day after Easter doesn’t make me that late hehe I want to wish everyone a Belated Easter and to enjoy this lovely video of Puppies and Bunnies!

You can’t help but fall in love with them can you now?

via [Gizmodo]

[Mother’s Day] Zain & The Personal Shot

March 21, 2012  |  Fun, Holidays, Shout Outs

I am a huge fan of Zain not only because of my phone line being one of the oldest ones available and from them but I am a fan ever since I was a tiny little inkling,1987 to be exact, or even slightly before that. I was 4 years old and living with my grandmother and uncles and one of them had the old In6alaq 1 (Mobile Phone that was stationary in the car) and I used to take pictures and pose with it. Don’t believe me? Then check this shot out!


Back to the main topic: Today Zain will be available at the Avenues with a lovely Mother’s Day Photo Booth in Dome 2. This booth will allow you to take a memorable shot for your mom, express the way you feel for her, show her how much you love her/miss her/respect her, and everything that is a mother. All their asking is for you to express your feelings in a shot.

Mothers day 2

You can personalize the image with a written message and any pose you’d like. You can also bring your mother along for a photo shoot.

Now the fun part, they are running a small fun competition on Zain’s Facebook Fanpage in which they will upload the pictures live on Facebook and the Top 5 pictures with the most “likes” will win an iPhone 4S for their mother (of course it goes without saying that only the people who give Zain their permission to upload their pictures will be live on Facebook so your safety is ensured).

All the terms and conditions are uploaded on their Facebook Page.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up get in your car and go!

Available: March 21st (Today)

Time: 10 AM – 10 PM

Happy Mother’s Day from Zain and myself. Thanks Hala for the information.

The Real Housewives of Disney [SNL]

March 6, 2012  |  Fun, Links, TV

So this past Saturday; Lindsay Lohan hosted “Saturday Night Live” and she didn’t do that great of a job especially since they were all calling it her “comeback.”  She clearly was reading off the cue-cards the whole night and didn’t put on a great show.  The only sketch that I loved and absolutely cherished with all my heart was the short “The Real Housewives of Disney” and if Bravo was to produce that I would totally watch it 1000000%!

Imagine if Cinderella; Snow White; Rapunzel; Jasmine; and Belle were all in one show talking about their Princes and lives?! I would totally watch that shit! Check it out below!

If the link doesn’t work check it out [here].

Newest Obsession: Dancing with the Stars

February 29, 2012  |  Fun, Hot, TV

Ever since Kirstie Alley came on the show “Dancing with the Stars” I have been obsessed with watching it.


I seriously love to see the insane quirkiness of Bruno Tonioli and check out what naughty thing he’ll tell one of the stars, or simply enjoy Len Goodman’s grumpiness highlighted by the lovely and amazing host Tom Bergeron (whom I love and adore), or even listen to Carrie Ann Inaba call a dance “magical” not to forget the talented Brooke Burke Charvet.

Dwts judges

This show has grown on me and has made me start watching reality television *horror* seriously I’m horrified that I am enjoying it.


Well the 14th season will start Monday March 19th and the cast has been announced along with the pairings! Something that you should know, William Levy, the Cuban telenovela star, the one who appeared in Jennifer Lopez’s video clip “I’m into You” well he’s taken but not by yours truly by someone else I should say and she warned me that if I oogle him too much she’ll set loose one of her pet monkeys to bite me :P

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I Want a Barbie Photo Fashion

February 20, 2012  |  Fun, I want.., Techie

It seems that toys are getting smarter nowadays playing with our gadgets simply because well the kids are more spoiled (I blame myself I have spoiled Lujain and my little cousins crazy with those Apple products) and so the toy industry is losing if they don’t join the techie crowd.

Barbie 1

So, Mattel is coming up with this “Barbie Photo Fashion” a barbie that comes with an enormous LCD implanted in her abdomen and instead of purchasing a digital camera for the little ones they can shoot pictures with the lens that’s sticking out her back.  The pictures can then be customized with frames and more making this really every little girls dream doll.

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[Events] The Last Reef 3D Launch at TSCK

February 20, 2012  |  Events, Fun, Previously

Two weeks ago I received an invitation from The Scientific Center Kuwait (TSCK) to attend the premiere of their latest 3D movie “The Last Reef” translated and narrated by the amazing news anchor Mr. Yousef Mustafa. (Note: Headphones with the English version of the movie are available for Foreigners or those who do not speak Arabic)

Last Reef

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Proud of the Avenues Flash Mob

February 8, 2012  |  Doing Good, Fun, Kuwait, Reflections

Last week was filled with election hoop-la and stress but what most of you have probably heard about a lovely thing happened on Friday afternoon at the Avenues Mall.  A group of Kuwaiti youth (I think they all would classify as that) men and boys and with the inclusion of a girl who lip-synced a part of the song were seen performing a “Flash Mob”.

Most of you probably know about Flash Mob’s from YouTube and certain movies (read: Friends with Benefits) and thus this wasn’t a new phenomena to see.  The new thing about it is how it was beautifully put together.  My colleague and friend at the Newspaper (Onilda Fernandez) [Article] wrote a lovely piece about how it all came out to be.  Did you know that it took 2 months to put together and that the young men were all too stressed out from rehearsing but the day of the Flash Mob they felt happy because of the interaction that happened with the audience?

I for one am proud of what they did; the only thing I missed out on was some of the Kuwaiti Songs that I loved while growing up and having a bit more of a musical ooomph (you know ranging from slow to fast to slow to fast again :D) But nonetheless I wouldn’t have wanted it to be any different.

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