[Deal] Apple iPad 2012

March 29, 2012  |  Apple, Gadget Deals, iPad

Just saw the best deal ever and thought to share it with my favorite readers.

Screen shot 2012 03 29 at 12 09 54 AM Mobile 2000 is offering the new iPad for the following prices along with a Screen Protector + Rubber Skin:

Wi-Fi Only Models:

16GB: 159 KD

32GB: 189 KD

64GB: 219 KD

4G + Wi-Fi Models:

16GB: 219 KD

32GB: 249 KD

64GB: 269 KD


And for those of you who want to grab the older model (iPad 2):

Wi-Fi Only Models:

16 GB: 119 KD

32 GB: 159 KD

So visit a branch nearby and grab one or call them up and have one home delivered.

[Exclusive] Zain iPhone 4S Pre-Orders

December 8, 2011  |  Apple, Gadget Deals, Hot, I want.., Shout Outs

I just got some amazing news a few minutes ago from my friends at Zain! (They have become my friends their amazing Social Media Team is nothing but the friendliest, helpful bunch) Anyways this is the first you will ever hear about it and it is coming to you exclusively on Couch Avenue!!! [P.S. This is the best news ever!]

Anyways, Zain will be launching the iPhone 4S very very soon and you can now pre-order it through their website.  So hurry up and place your orders!

Note: Filling out the form will allow you to reserve your iPhone 4S, you can select the model you need and you will be able to pick up the phone after its release.  Only one pre-order is permitted per phone number.  All mobile numbers are accepted.

Thanks to Mohammed & the Zain Social Media Team for giving me the exclusive!

What are you waiting for! Go go go go!!!!!


Impulse Buy 2011: Canon Powershot SX30IS

September 17, 2011  |  Gadget Deals, My New Toys, Techie

On Thursday the 15th of September was the first time this year that I have succumbed to my “impulse” buy need.  I had just finished work around 7-ish and was heading out to Electrozan since they had their version of the “Fire Sale” that was on the HP Touchpad in the US.  They were selling the 16GB model for 79.900KD but more on that later, I had ordered mine a few weeks ago and well Dad wanted one so that was the main reason for me heading to Electrozan.

As I made it through the traffic and my insane “Navigon” GPS system on my #iPhone4 (P.S. I felt like I should strangle it because I kept losing the GPS Signal and it was driving me insane!) I walked into the Shuwaikh (aka Al Rai) branch and immediately ignored the televisions that were surrounding me and headed towards the “Tablet” area, or so you would think.  I felt a supernatural pull towards the Camera section which is one I rarely feel.  I am not a professional photographer, I dabble in it.  My camera of choice is usually a point-and-shoot from Sony and lately it’s been the WX9 which is awesome to say the least.  They had a good discount system set on a couple of their professional cameras but I didn’t feel like I needed one of those big Nikon ones that would just make me lose it from how complicated they look.

I was about to grab the Sony NEX3D (I think) camera but instead something made me reach over for the Canon SX30IS.  I had read that a few of my blogger friends use it and that it’s got some excellent reviews and for some reason that stuck in my head.  As the sales guy was showing it to me I felt like, “Hmm maybe I should treat myself to an early gift!”  Although I was semi-broke I decided I would grab that camera and leave with it! (as well as the Touchpad) and thus ended my first impulsive buy!

When I got home I started to play around with it a bit and started to like it, although I kept having trouble producing good photos as I have the world’s worst shakey hands when it comes to trying to take a picture.  For some reason my hands feel high pressure and start to shake just before I take the picture.  But all in all I am liking it and most of all Lujain is loving it! She yelled at me for not buying her one, I told her we will share this one between both of us!

P.S. I know that on Amazon the camera is available for 350$ (equivalent to 96KD without shipping), I purchased it for 145KD from Electrozan, in my mind that’s not a bad deal since it would come out to be the same price with all the customs/shipping taxes that they will surely apply here in Kuwait plus I can have it immediately.

[News] iPhone 4 Officially with Zain

June 12, 2011  |  Gadget Deals, iPhone, Shout Outs

I just wanted to rush out and say that the iPhone 4 is now available officially with Zain Kuwait! They have followed VIVA’s announcement made last April however I believe Zain has some awesome offers the prices are definitely lower than VIVA’s as you can see! [True the Phone plans of VIVA are better but to each their own]

Way to go Zain and thanks for bringing us the iPhone!



I Love to Sheeel.com

February 8, 2011  |  Apple, Gadget Deals, My New Toys, Reviews, Techie

I am the most gadget-crazed girl I know of, but I think my mom can join that race as well. But I love great deals more than the gadgets themselves so earlier last week when I posted about that awesome iPod Shuffle 4th Generation deal I had already grabbed a few, I actually purchased 3 and had a complimentary coupon from Sheeel.com to try their service in which I got the 4th iPod Shuffle.

The service is awesome and easy, you just sign up, find a deal you love which is available for 24 hours or until the stock is sold out, and within 1 business day you will have your package waiting for you at your door step. Small packages get charged 1 KD shipping via DHL and big ones get charged 2 KD shipping.  If you’ve tried Taw9eel.com then you know how great their delivery service is!

Not only did I grab the 4 iPod Shuffles, I also grabbed the Konica Minolta printers that were offerred for 25KD each the next couple of days. They were an awesome deal and I loved it.

I highly recommend you all to head on over there and grab whatever deal that tickles your fancy, be sure to stay on the look out at midnight :D


P.S. Not all the iPod Shuffles are for me, the Silver is mine, Blue is for Isous, Green is for Toons, and Pink is for the birthday girl Lujain :D

[Gadgets]Sheeel.com’s Deal of the Day!

January 30, 2011  |  Gadget Deals, Techie

So for those of you who haven’t heard of the latest sensation “Sheeel.com” or don’t know what it stands for, well I am here to shed some light on this subject!

Sheeel.com is a site that offers you 1 deal for a time limit of 24 hours from Midnight to Midnight (or until they out-sell the product) at an amazing price.  They might look familiar because well Taw9eel.com is it’s sister website and if you’ve had good experience there then I guarantee you that Sheeel.com is even better!  Sheeel.com ships via DHL locally and to any of the neighboring countries (KSA, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, and Oman).  For local purchases shipments occur within 1 business day from placing your order.

Today’s Deal of the day is simply awesome because it gives you the latest 4th generation iPod Shuffle at a price tag of 10KD! (Equivalent to 34.07$) which is close to 10-20$ cheaper than Amazon and without the insane Shipping costs you’ll accumulate here in Kuwait.  It’s an awesome deal and I personally purchased a few :)

So hurry and go grab your iPod Shuffle, you know it’ll help you when you are jogging/gyming/etc.

[Gadget Deal] iPod Touch 4th Generation

October 11, 2010  |  Apple, Gadget Deals

Eureka is holding another one of their 1-day only deals! This time on the new iPod Touch 4th Generation.  They are offerring it at very competitive prices and I can’t help but feel tempted to grab one but I must exert some self-control because I am spending a ton of cash on gadgets and I need to learn to save and say “No”!

iPod Touch 8GB  – 75 KD

iPod Touch 32GB – 99KD

iPod Touch 64GB – 135 KD

For those of you who want to experience the iPhone 4 experience but without changing your phone and get all the awesome games.  Go ahead and grab it today.