OnSwipe: Making Your Blog Beautiful on iPads

March 25, 2011  |  Blog News, Hot, Stuff I Discovered

Do you want to make your WordPress self-hosted blog more beautiful on the iPad? Do you love how Flipboard functions by having the swipe feature then look no further, those of you who have a wordpress.com blog can enjoy the feature as well just search for the words “OnSwipe” and you will then be able to have an awesome looking blog on any iPad out there.

Not only that, but when you bookmark a blog to your home screen it acts later on as if it’s an application and launches in such a beautiful way.  It’s like you’re reading a book and not a blog!

I simply love it, check my blog out on your iPad and see how beautiful it is!

For more information please visit the link. [Source]

Check another blog with the Swipe Feature Enabled! [Link]

[Tempting] Samsung Galaxy Tab

September 21, 2010  |  Hot, I want.., Techie

I seem to have hit rock bottom when it comes to wanting the latest tech gadgets.  Seriously I need Gadgets Anonymous or something because I have just added the Samsung Galaxy Tab to my “want” list [do you think I have a “need” list, everything is a want except some essentials] and that’s all because of this beautiful teaser they have put up.  I am not sure if I’ll ever succumb to that temptation but who knows, it’s tempting.

The fact that it’s 7″ wide, wide-screen, weighs practically nothing, expandable memory (not that it’s important), has front and back facing cameras, 7 hour battery life, has a regular SIM-slot, and runs Andriod (which I’m dying to try out) is something that makes it a “want” for me.  I don’t know if I can justify this purchase but we’ll see until it is released it’s definitely something that’ll tempt me.

Dear iPad,

Don’t worry I still love you and wouldn’t change you for the world :*



Get more info here [Link]

The Vampire Diaries Returns

September 12, 2010  |  Hot, TV

This Eid we were spoiled or better yet I was spoiled from more than one person/company. First there was the release of the Apple iOS 4.1 on September 8th, but before that I got an email saying that my beautiful new baby was shipped and on its way to mama’s laps, my beautiful new iPod Nano (RED), but that was not all. On the night of the first day of Eid we got the best gift of all!

The Vampire Diaries returned to us with a brand new season filled with a thousand things! I don’t know how I spent the summer without this beautiful show but in the Season premier lots of questions were answered and lots were left hanging! Will Katherine stir some trouble for the Salvatore brothers and Elena? Well I think we have to wait until this season is over to find out. Until then, I am now and forever always Team DAMON! Damn you Stefan for taking all the girls! Let’s give Damon a break!

Oh and for those wondering what was the next Eidiya? Well on the first day of Eid we got the Series finale of “Saher El Lail” what better Eid could we have asked for!

Now let’s keep an eye out for returning TV Shows next week and the MTV VMA Awards :)

[Best Ramadan Show] Saher El Lail

September 10, 2010  |  Hot, TV

The best TV show in these past 10 years is without a doubt Saher El Lail, it’s story clean, written so beautifully and filled with class (gone are the words we hear in every TV Show today), a love story filled with pain and love, something that we have missed in our television lives for so long.  We’ve gotten so used to those cheap trailer trash TV Shows always showcasing us as a drug filled, incest, s!@-obsessed society, one with no morals and values and where we abuse religion and everything around us.  We needed to get out of that mold and thank god this show came along.  Last year it was “Al Hadama” which gave us a similar story but this year “Saher El Lail” gave us more it made us all fall in love with its characters it made us wish we were in the 70s, it made us cry with Nasser & Lulwa, laugh with Nawaf & Dalal, and let’s not forget fall madly and deeply in love with Waleedan and understand a little bit of how handicapped individuals lived back then.

I would like to pass along an Oscar, Emmy, Tony, Grammy, whatever award there is to this show and it’s actors.  I love how each name is famous on its own and that there were big names but they weren’t the focus.  I loved Hussein Al Mansour and how rational he was.  I loved loved loved Fatma Al Housini and believe me she is my best best actress in those TV Shows because I have yet to see her pick something bad since these past few years.  She matures real well just like fine wine.  Mahmoud & Abdullah Boushihiri I thank your parents for the jewel in acting they gave us because you guys did a great job in making us fall in love with your stories.  Each lived a different love story and where one failed the other succeeded.  The girls all of you rock, but let’s not forget that Haya Abdulsalam did an outstanding job.  Oh I think I saved the best for last and that is Basma Hamadah, this era and this genre of TV Shows is the best fit for you and I seriously seriously loved to hate her but in the end she was AWESOME.

Thank you Fahad Al 3elaiwa for this amazing story, thank you for writing the best show ever.  I would love to see it as a DVD Set so I can own it and watch it.  You know how throughout the show you were showing us those Om Kalthoum and Abdelhalim songs? I put your show right up there with them.  You are seriously a great talent and I’m looking forward to something even better next year.  Maybe another one of Nasser’s stories, maybe their kids can fall in love and we see Nasser & Lulwa together through their children.  Bravo and wishing you the ultimate best in your writing life!

I’ve Got my iPhone4

July 21, 2010  |  Apple, Hot, iPhone, My New Toys

I’ve put this post off for quite a bit, I finally got my iPhone 4 on Sunday after endless waiting since I ordered it last June.  I am writing this post as a preview/teaser post to just inform you guys since I didn’t upload the pictures yet.

So here goes:

I ordered my beautiful iPhone 4 along with another one for my sister and matching bumpers on the 16th of June, however on the  1st of July the phones were shipped but I was waiting for the consolidated shipment including the bumpers therefore they didn’t get to my Aramex mailbox until last Monday the 12th.  Thanks to my favorite people at aramex (see: Mehreen, Hasan, Edwina) my babies were put on a plane that same day and were sent to Kuwait.  It took 48 hours for them to get to Kuwait and so last Wednesday they touched Kuwaiti soil but the despicable Kuwait Customs people kept them in their clutches all weekend and didn’t get to release them until earlier this week on Sunday (we really need to do something about Kuwait Customs, they need to be on the job 24/7 in shifts really!) and I rushed out of the office on Sunday grabbed my babies and changed my SIM Card and just started to sync and enjoy it!

So that my friends is the cliff note version of the story.  I will be posting up the Unboxing pictures then a short review on the device itself.   But seriously antenna flaw or whatever flaw there is it’s such an amazing phone I can’t believe it!

P.S. One of the comments I mentioned when I saw the screen was “It feels like I got lasik on my phone!” Seriously it’s that clear!

Unboxing iPad 64GB Wifi

April 13, 2010  |  Apple, Hot, iPad, My New Toys, Unboxing

It’s been a hectic week trying to get the iPad here, my baby arrived last Wednesday in Kuwait but I just got it today since Customs were being well let’s face it Custom-y hehe.  Anywho, I was so excited, I had a rough day at work when I got home I saw the box and went insane! Thanks to Aramex for all the help they provided me well I’d like to thank Mr. Hassan Mikail most of all since he’s been a great help since the beginning.

But anyways, on to the most important bit of news! I got my baby and the unpacking of it was awesome! Wait why did I say awesome?  There was nothing much in the box to unpack! I opened it up there it was lying there in front of me, then there was the cable and charger and that was it! Oh wait I forgot to mention the awesome instruction manual composed of one page!

Anywho, so far it’s been awesome! It didn’t take long to sync my applications on it and afterwards music and some videos! It’s just simply amazing! Keep an eye out for a detailed review coming in the next few days!

Check out the gallery below for more pictures :)

Happy iPad Day!

April 3, 2010  |  Apple, Hot, I want.., iPad

I would like to wish you all a Happy iPad Day!  April 3rd from this day forward will be dubbed iPad Day! And until I receive mine in my hands which will probably be within 4-5 days I will be biting my fingernails awaiting this event!

Seriously all those Talk Shows in the US, Modern Family, and more are making me jealous and envious that they’ve got one in their hands! And you know what?  Everyone in my family is asking to rent it out from me just to make their coworkers jealous LOL! And I am really considering going into hiding so I don’t have to agree to help them out LOL!


[Update] My #iPad just hit my Aramex Mailbox and I hope that it gets here faster than those 5 days!

Until then, Happy iPad Day!