When Plagiarism Hurts:The F2O Edition

May 10, 2012  |  Designs, Featured, Irritated, Pissed Off, Rants

Many of you probably have heard about the latest Thief (@Saloomalm) out there who copy pasted the F20 Designs and printed them on shirts and started selling them to the public in an exhibition and how proud he was of taking something off the internet and saying that “he’s the one who owns it because it’s on the internet” well I’m here to tell you that this my friends is another reason why Plagiarism needs to be educated in this country of ours.

My previous post [Stolen Words lead to Stolen Ideas] unfortunately was seen in a real life event recently.  Remember when I told you “plagiarism” is the act of copy pasting someone else’s work and taking credit for it? Well this lame ass loser (yes I called you a loser, I’m not scared of you dumbass!) when confronted that these designs belong to the designer Fatima Al Othman (F2O Designs) said that he didn’t know that and he found them online just printed and went to a guy to print them on shirts.  And now that he knows they belong to someone else he will keep printing more of them and will sell them at half the price just to destroy the original artist.

Unfortunately no one here understands Copyright laws but thankfully F2O Designs is a copyrighted trademark which means the second you duplicate that piece of work without the artist’s consent you can be guaranteed a law suit.  And to that I say dearest Fatima bury the mofo! Bury him in the deepest pits of hell because that’s what he deserves.

When our dearest blogging friend OwlOlive confronted him on Twitter he admitted that he got them off the net and that he will just print more and sell them without a care in the world.!

People, just because a picture, an article, or anything is available online does not give you the right to just copy paste it and say “Ohhhh I just came up with this theory!” it’s like you going online to Wikipedia copy pasting Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and saying “Oh look at me, I’m the shiznat! I discovered this shiat and Einstein is worthless!” a real person is taking another person’s idea and furthering it, bettering it, giving it a personal spin.  Same thing goes to you bloggers (yes you idiots who go on celebrity blogs steal the photos without linking, steal articles without linking even if you paraphrased the shit (oh wait you don’t understand what that word means, paraphrasing means copy pasting but adding one or two word of your own, sometimes you just add an “OMG” or “Moo Seeej!” yes I know you do that!) You still have to reference the first place you found it.  The internet is free but it is not meant for you to steal from!

Grow up stupid dumbos! Yes you are a dumbo if you copy paste shit and say it’s yours! We’ve all made that mistake I used to use Google Images in my posts without referencing them but I’ve learned that too was an issue.  So I’m fixing my errorful ways! Fix yours!

Stop stealing dumbos and start innovating!

So when I get angry at plagiarists don’t blame me even if I go nuclear, whether it is my work or someone elses’ it hurts and I will go all Hulk-like on you! For more information you can check out Fatima Al Othman’s Twitter [Here] to get the latest update on this situation.

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Posta Plus SUCKS!

November 16, 2011  |  Impressions, Irritated, Kuwait, Pissed Off, Reviews

For those of you who have been complaining about Aramex these past few weeks well I have news for you! Aramex is the lesser of all evils! At least I know that when I have a problem I can contact them via their Social Media and get instant answers (that happened with me when I ordered my iPhone 4S) also I know that once I order something it will come to Kuwait most likely on time and not like these losers!


Seriously the worst service I have EVER EVER USED! Once you hear my story you will just be outraged by how bad their service is. So here goes:

Back in August I decided to subscribe to them after hearing some (and by some I mean 1-2 ) good reviews and there were no bad reviews out there.  I thought “Wow! This might be a service which I can get behind and actually use, its fast and cheap!” And boy was I wrong!  The sign up process was easy but the rest was horrible.  The only good thing that came out of the whole ordeal is that my bill is the lowest ever!

[WARNING: Long post rant ahead!]

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Incompetent Employees at VIVA

September 22, 2011  |  Irritated, Pissed Off, Rants

Not only VIVA but other Telecom companies have been hiring incompetent employees all over.  You see the common problem we have here is that they tell you something when in reality it’s not true.  It is not my job to double check whether an account I had with a certain company was canceled or not.  If I asked you to cancel it, and I left the premises with all the signed documents then I believe it is canceled.  I do not want to be surprised when I am leaving the country on a vacation with a “Travel ban” placed because I did not settle my bills.  It is not my problem, it is yours! FIX IT!

This is not the first time I heard this story but it is the first time that I’ve seen someone get a “Travel Ban” placed on them due to a contract that he supposedly ended the first time.  The story is as follows: My dad’s colleague purchased a VIVA Internet contract back in 2008 and he used it all the way until 2009 when he was about to renew the contract he visited the offices of VIVA and was informed that they have a new promotion which was the 21 MBps Connection and which they mentioned required little to upgrade.  The staff informed him that all he needed to do was cancel the existing Internet connection which was made in 2008 and pay a new subscription to get a brand new line with the 21 Mbps connection.  It is being used and is working fine, the twist however is that when my dad’s colleague was about to leave the country for vacation he was shocked to find out that there was a “Travel Ban” placed on him to pay a full year subscription of the “supposedly canceled account”.

This is absurd and should not be tolerated, I have heard many stories from different friends and family members who find out by accident that the account they “canceled” is not in fact “canceled” but still running.  But what is more surprising is the way the branch dealt with the customer (my dad’s colleague) in which they belittled him, kicked him out of the branch, and mistreated him in general.   The staff who spoke to him said that “This is not our problem, you go to the courts to settle the fine and to remove the ban.” They also told him that we don’t have any details on our system in regards to that line, so we can’t prove that it was canceled or being in use.

There is a saying that says the “Customer is always right” unfortunately in Kuwait, it is not being practiced.  Just because this customer is not of the Kuwaiti nationality it doesn’t give you the right to mistreat him and do such stuff.  I am appalled and shocked by this behavior and would love to have someone from the VIVA team to contact me to get a solution for this problem because I am telling you this right now, he should not be forced to pay a penny for a service he hasn’t been using at all! And don’t give me the same story which other companies use in which “we can’t prove the line hasn’t been used”.  You have a system and you can check that there were no Kilobytes sent or received from that line.

Telecoms, please take these words of wisdom from distraught customers, If the customer hasn’t been paying for over a year, why do you keep charging them? Why don’t you cut the line and stop the billing system? Why don’t you even contact the customer before taking any legal action? Don’t tell me that you are contacting all your customers because I know this is not true.  You should improve your services and not torture the customers with your incompetent systems and employees.

[P.S. Documents of the contract are available for anyone from VIVA who would love to contact me in regards to this case]

[Q8Cap] A Funny Interpretation

July 6, 2011  |  Fun, Irritated, Kuwait

The second I saw this video via 2:48AM I laughed my head off and started imagining Marzouq as Hitler, I  can also be substituted basically whoever did the video is a genius because they covered all the grounds for it except perhaps the censorship!

But in the end it’s absolutely genius!


Update on Aramex = Rip Off

November 7, 2009  |  Irritated, Kuwait, My Life, Rants

I wanted to post this up on my previous post however I think that it deserves it’s own post. You remember earlier last week when I posted about how I was charged an insane amount for the iPods I ordered. Well shortly afterwards, to be exact the day afterwards, I got a call from the Manager of Aramex here in Kuwait. The manager called to ask me what’s wrong and try to explain what happened and how the rules have changed. I appreciated the call greatly but it didn’t help much with the explanation because we all know the story it’s just that things are fishy.

Anyways, because I sent over a scanned copy of the receipts I got along with the package I was told that, I had paid someone else’s customs charges (gasp) seriously I at first thought the name on top of the bill was of the guy who was inspecting the packages, I was preparing some major curses for him however I was later told that there were 2 bills that I paid for that belonged to him, and therefore there was some cash that should be returned to me.

The manager was very helpful in explaining things bit by bit. But until today I have not seen any solution. I was told that I would receive a scanned copy of things via email however nothing has graced my inbox in a while. I was told that money was going to be refunded and even that hasn’t happened therefore I am a bit disappointed but at the same time glad that someone actually picked up the phone and tried to understand, but still saying “sorry” can never help much, it can’t bring back the ‘mucho dineros’ lost here can it? :)

Here’s to hoping for a better week!

Aramex = Rip Off

November 2, 2009  |  Irritated, Kuwait, Rants

So I am majorly upset today and I have a right to be, because I’ve got a shipment that got stuck in the Customs during the whole “Customs New Rules Thing” and therefore all chaos was ensued.  Let’s get a breakdown of what happened and how it was laid out.  I’ll tell you the whole story from point A to point Z.


On the 12th of October, I wished to purchase 3 iPod Touches(8GB Models) from Amazon as gifts for my little cousins all 3 were gifts and I was so happy because I was getting each at 189$ which is roughly translated to 55KD each.  I was going to be paying some extra shipping & handling as well as tax but it brought the whole bill to be around around 634$ which is roughly 182KD give or take.  I wanted it to be shipped out quite fast for me which is why I paid for the Prime 1 day shipping and it arrived in my mailbox on the 13th of October.


Now what happened afterwards is where everything went wrong and I’ll be detailing that, in the pictures below as well as the price sheet I got today when I was told to pay 44.500KD as charges for that package.


My shipment arrives in Kuwait on the 19th of October and immediately gets held up in customs, but why is that.  Where is the problem, I did not order something from the Unwanted list of things, I did not order something more than $1000 and so I do not see the problem.  A few months back UShopWeShip had that policy where if you ordered an iPod it got stuck in Customs therefore I switched back to Aramex to avoid such charges and was happy for a long time, but now that I had ordered these they get held up?  Okay, let’s see October 19th it was held, I emailed them the invoice and got an explanation that there will be 5% charges which will be taken on this shipment I did my calculations 5% off of 182KD is around 9KD ok so let’s say that they’ll take 10KD + 10KD (KuwaitAirways) + 2.500 (Banking & Stamp Fees) + 1 KD (Handling Charges) + 5KD (Aramex Clearance Charges) + 5.300KD (Actual Shipping Charges) should equal to 35.8KD.

But that was not the case, I should probably mention that another shipment got held up, a jar of supplements that my mother decided she wanted to order, the whole bill for that was around 50$ and it was held up, my mom did not wish to pay up all those charges just for a 50$ jar therefore I informed them that I did not wish to clear it and just destroy it, they told me that I’ll have to pay the shipping charges which were 2.500KD.  I was shocked to find that they charged me the 1KD Handling fees on that shipment as well (Bear in mind I called them up and inquired whether I will get the new Customs treatment or Old, and they said the Old so why was I charged that 1KD?????)

So now I am supposed to have paid around 35.8KD + 2.5KD = 38.300KD but instead was billed for 44.500KD, I want to know where that 6.200KD went? And why was the billing this way the whole time.  It is kind of insane I wanted to save up on ordering stuff as we always do when we do some online shopping but instead I paid even more! So I’ll give you a breakdown of the actual invoices that were sent to me.

  1. 1. Terminal Charges KAC = 10.000KD
  2. 2. Clearance & Delivery = 5.000 KD
  3. 3. Customs Duties = 20.700 KD
  4. 4. PWC Charges = 3.500 KD
  5. Total = 39.200KD

The actual Commercial Bank Invoice as charged by the Ministry of Finance was 8.350KD (which is equal to what I first mentioned as what I would be taxed by the Customs) but someone wrote on that paper a charge of 3KD by hand in a different pen and made the total to be 11.350KD.

And the invoice to the shipment that I did not wish to clear was 2.500KD to Issue Delivery + 1KD because it’s weight was less than 1kg.

The box arrived to me opened and resealed and I am clearly upset.  Instead of having the whole package cost me 182KD (Online Charges) + 5.300KD (Shipping Charges) = 187.3KD which means each iPod would’ve cost me 62.433KD it now costs me 182KD (Online Shopping) + 41KD (Customs+Shipping for the actual iPods minus 3.500KD) = 223KD which resulted in each iPod 74.333KD and here in Kuwait the actual price for that same iPod is 79KD in the market.

So where did I save? Where did I go wrong?

I think this makes my decision to never use online shopping again and never have it shipped via Aramex and the likes of those companies because everytime this happens I say this is the last time but seriously now this is the last time.

The House Next Door & Their Xmas Lights

March 26, 2009  |  Irritated, My Life

On my drive back home from *the place that shall never be spoken here from now onwards* I noticed something weird as I got closer to our neighborhood.  Specifically, the street I lived on, I noticed some extra lights shining through and it was around 8:30 pm if not a bit later.

I kept turning my head from side to side, and looking around to figure out what the hell was going on, and lo and behold, our next door neighbor, aka the guy who actually is next door to us, aka the dudes who are stuck so close to us that we could park in each others driveways, have put up major light decoration.

Okay they aren’t actually Xmas Lights but they remind you of such.  They were white and lighting up the whole neighborhood as if the sun was out.  Now this got me thinking weren’t we in some kind of trouble with our electricity these past 2 years that they started the whole “Tarsheed” campaign, and aren’t we approaching Mar 28 where we should turn off our lights for a day.  So what was this freak doing?

Apparently, he was celebrating the marriage of a daughter/son/it/creature/alien/whatever they call their offspring nowadays.  And the celebration no matter how important it is to them, it’s basically killing our mother earth.

So to the house next door, and your xmas lights, turn them off you BUGGERS I WANT TO FREAKING SLEEEP!!!! AND THE LIGHT IS SHINING INTO MY BEDROOM!

And now I bid you all adieu my friends because well sleep is more important than anything else in my life, at the moment.

P.S. I’m loving my new modification to my haircut, it’s adorable and I look younger than my 45 years of age :P