The Real Housewives of Disney [SNL]

March 6, 2012  |  Fun, Links, TV

So this past Saturday; Lindsay Lohan hosted “Saturday Night Live” and she didn’t do that great of a job especially since they were all calling it her “comeback.”  She clearly was reading off the cue-cards the whole night and didn’t put on a great show.  The only sketch that I loved and absolutely cherished with all my heart was the short “The Real Housewives of Disney” and if Bravo was to produce that I would totally watch it 1000000%!

Imagine if Cinderella; Snow White; Rapunzel; Jasmine; and Belle were all in one show talking about their Princes and lives?! I would totally watch that shit! Check it out below!

If the link doesn’t work check it out [here].

[New Sites]

March 11, 2011  |  Links, Shout Outs

A new website has shown its face around the Interweb block which talks about football, and amateur football.  It’s idea is one of the first of its kind in the world. is a social networking website, to participate in it you need to first register as an amateur football player with your friends, you then need to create a team with them or join an existing team in the website.  Then as a team you would play football for real.

Though the idea of football challenges are not new on the internet (they used to exist in forums but not officially) it is new on this website as brings it out to the front lines.  The service has just started and has a lot to go but it’s great to join it from the beginning and grow along with it.  It has more features that will be coming soon.


The goal of the website is to promote these teams and players, through the website, facebook fan page, and through twitter.  The owner’s goal is to also create a new culture in the world of amateur football, although the concentration lies within Kuwait at the moment, soon it will go on to be an international experience.


To find out more be sure to check out the links below as they will give you more information and a form to contact the site owner.


[Facebook Fan Page]


Qortuba Valley and My Interview

March 22, 2010  |  Link Surfing, Links

I’d like to thank Qortuba from Qortuba Valley for taking the time to ask me some questions for an interview I did with him for his weekly segment “Interview with a Blogger” I really really was shocked and surprised that I was chosen to be one of the featured bloggers (secretly: I have always wanted to be chosen but felt that I might not be on the list since I am not highly mainstream now) but I’m glad that I was chosen!

It’s an awesome feeling so why don’t you guys head on out and check out my interview and leave him a ton of comments! Hell support me people! :P


Last Post For Awhile

August 11, 2008  |  Cleveland '08, Links, My Life, My New Toys

This will be my last post for the next few days, since I’m sending in my Macbook Air to have it’s bottom replaced (ohh that sounded wrong), you see when I purchased it back in Feb I didn’t notice that the bottom was a tiny bit messed up, you know where they have screws to hold the bottom cover?  Well one of the screw areas was not as tight to accomodate the screw as it should be, so the screw eventually fell out, meaning that casing hasn’t been well for quite some time, so I’m going over to the Apple Store to hand it over to them so they fix it for me, which will probably take 3-5 business days.  I hope I get it sooner.

Anyways, let me give you quick updates:

Saturday, the 9th of August, was my lazy day (I’ve been having more of those lately! I spent it in bed and reading a new book I acquired.  I finished that book and developed lazy man’s headache but oh well, that’s life.

Sunday, the 10th of August, or in other words yesterday, it rained, like cats and dogs and then the sun came out and it was awesome.  We had decided to go to Legacy Village that day in order to just look around and have some food, oh and so my sister can return her Palm Treo 800w since it was messing up.  We had lunch at Brio’s, more pictures from that day will come later when I get my baby back, and we walked around a bit.  It was nice, we got rained on, we got sun, and we had fun.  Great day all in all.

One other thing I wanted to mention is that, I have purchased the upgrade to Delicious Library, the Delicious Library 2, where it allowed me to upload my library much faster and so much more awesomer, and also publish it online.  So check it out in the following link, it’s simply AWESOME! I love it! [Link]

I Just Had To Do It!

March 20, 2006  |  Links

Happy Steak and BJ Day for all you men out there! Today is the Valentine’s day equivalent to men, and therefore I dedicate this post to all you men out there, hoping your significant someone’s give you a great Steak and BJ :P


A quote I loved from one of the sites giving you a description of today was:

Simple, effective and self explanatory, this holiday has been created so you ladies finally have a day to show your man how much you love him. No cards, no flowers, no special nights on the town; the name of the holiday explains it all, just a steak and a BJ. [Link]

And the rest of the stuff basically said, that ladies if you want a great Valentine’s day gift, then make sure you please your man greatly with a steak and BJ, so that next year your man will try harder than the year before.

*Note: There seems to be some confusion, a few weeks ago when I checked it was March 20th, however some sites are now using March 14th as the official day.??

P.S. This is Jacqui speaking.

P.P.S. Jacqui = the Devilish side of a real person whereas Jackie = the Angelic side of this person :P Hence Jackie & Jacqui dilemma.

It Just Never Ends

January 26, 2006  |  Links

It seriously never ends does it? I mean please let those freaks get a life.

They finished slandering the late Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Jabir al Ahmad al Sabah.

And now they are moving onto the new Amir Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad al Sabah.

Read what the same website has up, that slandered the previous.

Click here.

And share your opinions with those imbeciles might be a too low word for them really.

Writing Wow

June 24, 2005  |  I want.., Links
Anyone else feels that blogging or writing is really cool and fun.. I find it now very enjoyable.. I used to loathe the idea of writing back when I first began this blog that’s why there was a huge gap or break in it.. but after a while I got used to it..

So I have some things to get off my chest today :P

I found this amazing website.. I mean truly truly amazing.. It’s called Thrift Books, It’s a site which sells used books that are in good condition starting from 0.01$ onwards.. I mean I just purchased 8 novels for the price of 2.36$.. Imagine that.. 8 books for that price.. but there is a slight catch, the shipping cost.. It’s per book and therefore there are random prices.. I took the standard shipping to the States where my Aramex box is and the cost of that was 3.29$ for the first book and 2.45$ for each additional book which is cool because still the total cost of my expenditure was 22.80$ which was like almost the price of 2 books bought on Amazon or in Kuwait.. I mean wow.. I can’t wait to get the books.. the Standard shipping however takes 4-14 days.. I didn’t mind then.. The Expediated Shipping which takes 3-8 days however has a different price tag for the states that is.. 5.49$ for the first book and 4.00$ for each additional book.. Still not bad at all.. So yeah I’m excited!

Second of all, I wanted to ask for some lovely pasta recipes, onces that don’t require alot of you know slaving in the kitchen for long hours but taste delicious and some that don’t use any spicy things including onions :r Don’t like spicy food :/

I think I wanna start writing some stories or things, I know I attempted to do so with the Tick Tock and the other one dealing with Bathtub Bliss hehehe I should however take the time off and lock myself up with a laptop and type away..

And umm I need change.. hehe I need to change template but I really don’t need it right.. right? I don’t need to change (I am trying to convince myself) Hehehehe I just can’t really hehehe It’s something inside you know hehe :P But not to worry I won’t change don’t worry :D

Can’t wait for my books to arrive yaay! Woooohooooo!

P.S. I have just made a little list on a paper of how many books I read this month ehehe and I am really truly shocked :P Because this month I have read about 12 novels hehe a total of 5,296 Pages in 23 Days.. I am really proud hehe :)

Update: Forgot to add two more novels so the total is 14 novels so far and 6,016 pages :r