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May 31, 2005  |  Links

This is a cool site that my Uncle sent to me by Email, it’s a place where you can check up on the number of Parking Tickets or other issues online, I checked it out, and apparently I have 3 Parking Tickets hehehehe 2 for Speeding and 1 For parking in a no parking zone (2 of them in 2003 and one in 2005 March).. I thought it might be cool for everyone else..

Ministry of Interior – الاستعلام عن المخالفات


May 12, 2005  |  Links
Purchased the following books from Jarir Bookstore today, since I felt the need to get more books although I have plenty to keep me busy. Anyways I am engrossed in the first one "Rebellious Desire" and I find it interesting and cute and all that jazz.. Click on the images to be taken to the synopsis of the novel itself :D

thelionslady.jpg thegift.jpg

Something Weird..

August 25, 2004  |  Links
Hehehe this is just a quick post, but it’s something weird that a friend of mine pointed out.. I was checking a new online dictionary called UrbanDictionary and the definition for the word "Kuwait" is as follows:


The only country in the world where you have to pay $100 for a bottle of scotch.

Before you move to Kuwait, make sure you know how to Brew your own beer, make your own wine and grow you own gunja.

  Source: Yo7anna Al Mashi A.k.A. Johnny Walker, Jul 10, 2004

Having or giving off heat; capable of burning.
-Being at a high temperature.
-Being at or exhibiting a temperature that is higher than normal or desirable
-Causing a burning sensation, as in the mouth; spicy: hot peppers; a hot curry.

causes most fuslas fusla

Doc: Is your son sweating?
Woman:no but he’s Kuwait

Turn your oven on Kuwait for 35mins before you bake your cookies.

Brad pit makes me Kuwait

  Source: Mama Fusla, Jul 7, 2004

So, I guess Kuwait has a different meaning after all :P

Guess, I’m finally sold to this..

August 23, 2004  |  Links
I guess I was convinced, hehehe well the fact that it is free to become an affiliate and that I don’t have to do anything but only provide a small link or banner to their website, kinda sold me to it, and who cares, I can always cancel this :P hehe Let’s see how it goes for a month, so I guess what I’m saying right now is….

Look around on my Blog and locate the new added Link graphic or whatever :P hehe Just remember hehe by clicking on the link that is provided on my website and making a purchase, I get a nice little pocket change sum ;r Hehe I want to be rich :r But It’s only a dream :P

A Nice Way To Add Smilies..

August 23, 2004  |  Links

A Nice way to add smilies into your messages would be by visiting well this beloved site of mine:

It is a very cute site in which you can get the image code for the smiley and post it up into your website, blog, message board, etc. I think this will be able to cover the smiley crisis.

Minor additions, Added an Unkymood Generator to the right, And a few lovely creatures that I adore and speak to when I am completely bored :P On the left.. hehe Don’t believe that last remark hehehe because I was merely Kidding :P

Bluesnarfing tools ‘spreading quickly’ – ZDNet UK News

August 4, 2004  |  Links
Bluesnarfing tools ‘spreading quickly’ – ZDNet UK News

Ok Well, many of you might have heard about the bluetooth scandals and such.. I am writing to notify you of a glitch in most nokia phones.. ok so the glitch has been out there ever since the past 6 months but I wasn’t a believer then as I am now..

Bluesnarfing and Bluejacking are two different concepts.. According to this article that I am linking to the definitions are as follows:

Bluejacking: Is when you create a contact in your phonebook and leave all the fields empty except the name and send it out.. But a more technical way of describing it according to ZDNet UK News is:

“How do you bluejack? By saving a message in the ‘name’ field of your phone, for example, “Nice tweed trousers”, then choose to send it via Bluetooth. A list of enabled hardware in the vicinity should appear on your phone; select the device you want and off you go.”

Whereas, Bluesnarfing is:

“Bluesnarfing is a method of hacking into a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone and copying its entire contact book, calendar or anything else stored in the phone’s memory.”

So You see.. This is the shizzel.. anyways what is annoying is that Nokia announced that they have put out a patch to solve this problem but this patch didn’t have a date of availability.. And also the only solution to not be hacked through bluetooth is just to TURN THE BLUETOOTH OFF! ;r Oh well.. Annoying kids and their inventions :r

So What I’m trying to say.. is why do all these idiots.. find ways to abuse new technology and ruin it for everyone.. coz you know the saying that goes.. It takes one rotten apple to ruin the whole batch :r

One more Addition to the Blogger Society (Updated)

July 31, 2004  |  Friends, Links

Ok Ok Ok Added one more friend blogger :r It’s really growing these days.. hehe the blogger society.. oh well :r and so that she doesn’t feel any less deprived or un-special here is her link on my blogger page :P

DevilishlyAbstract Girl’s Blog

And now my works is definitely done :r