It Just Never Ends

January 26, 2006  |  Links

It seriously never ends does it? I mean please let those freaks get a life.

They finished slandering the late Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Jabir al Ahmad al Sabah.

And now they are moving onto the new Amir Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad al Sabah.

Read what the same website has up, that slandered the previous.

Click here.

And share your opinions with those imbeciles might be a too low word for them really.

Writing Wow

June 24, 2005  |  I want.., Links
Anyone else feels that blogging or writing is really cool and fun.. I find it now very enjoyable.. I used to loathe the idea of writing back when I first began this blog that’s why there was a huge gap or break in it.. but after a while I got used to it..

So I have some things to get off my chest today :P

I found this amazing website.. I mean truly truly amazing.. It’s called Thrift Books, It’s a site which sells used books that are in good condition starting from 0.01$ onwards.. I mean I just purchased 8 novels for the price of 2.36$.. Imagine that.. 8 books for that price.. but there is a slight catch, the shipping cost.. It’s per book and therefore there are random prices.. I took the standard shipping to the States where my Aramex box is and the cost of that was 3.29$ for the first book and 2.45$ for each additional book which is cool because still the total cost of my expenditure was 22.80$ which was like almost the price of 2 books bought on Amazon or in Kuwait.. I mean wow.. I can’t wait to get the books.. the Standard shipping however takes 4-14 days.. I didn’t mind then.. The Expediated Shipping which takes 3-8 days however has a different price tag for the states that is.. 5.49$ for the first book and 4.00$ for each additional book.. Still not bad at all.. So yeah I’m excited!

Second of all, I wanted to ask for some lovely pasta recipes, onces that don’t require alot of you know slaving in the kitchen for long hours but taste delicious and some that don’t use any spicy things including onions :r Don’t like spicy food :/

I think I wanna start writing some stories or things, I know I attempted to do so with the Tick Tock and the other one dealing with Bathtub Bliss hehehe I should however take the time off and lock myself up with a laptop and type away..

And umm I need change.. hehe I need to change template but I really don’t need it right.. right? I don’t need to change (I am trying to convince myself) Hehehehe I just can’t really hehehe It’s something inside you know hehe :P But not to worry I won’t change don’t worry :D

Can’t wait for my books to arrive yaay! Woooohooooo!

P.S. I have just made a little list on a paper of how many books I read this month ehehe and I am really truly shocked :P Because this month I have read about 12 novels hehe a total of 5,296 Pages in 23 Days.. I am really proud hehe :)

Update: Forgot to add two more novels so the total is 14 novels so far and 6,016 pages :r

Something Cool..

May 31, 2005  |  Links

This is a cool site that my Uncle sent to me by Email, it’s a place where you can check up on the number of Parking Tickets or other issues online, I checked it out, and apparently I have 3 Parking Tickets hehehehe 2 for Speeding and 1 For parking in a no parking zone (2 of them in 2003 and one in 2005 March).. I thought it might be cool for everyone else..

Ministry of Interior – الاستعلام عن المخالفات


May 12, 2005  |  Links
Purchased the following books from Jarir Bookstore today, since I felt the need to get more books although I have plenty to keep me busy. Anyways I am engrossed in the first one "Rebellious Desire" and I find it interesting and cute and all that jazz.. Click on the images to be taken to the synopsis of the novel itself :D

thelionslady.jpg thegift.jpg

Something Weird..

August 25, 2004  |  Links
Hehehe this is just a quick post, but it’s something weird that a friend of mine pointed out.. I was checking a new online dictionary called UrbanDictionary and the definition for the word "Kuwait" is as follows:


The only country in the world where you have to pay $100 for a bottle of scotch.

Before you move to Kuwait, make sure you know how to Brew your own beer, make your own wine and grow you own gunja.

  Source: Yo7anna Al Mashi A.k.A. Johnny Walker, Jul 10, 2004

Having or giving off heat; capable of burning.
-Being at a high temperature.
-Being at or exhibiting a temperature that is higher than normal or desirable
-Causing a burning sensation, as in the mouth; spicy: hot peppers; a hot curry.

causes most fuslas fusla

Doc: Is your son sweating?
Woman:no but he’s Kuwait

Turn your oven on Kuwait for 35mins before you bake your cookies.

Brad pit makes me Kuwait

  Source: Mama Fusla, Jul 7, 2004

So, I guess Kuwait has a different meaning after all :P