The Tragedy of Forgetfulness and Something Else

December 7, 2013  |  Deep Thoughts, My Life, Random

Have you ever grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and was about to write something that was on your mind and the moment you put the pen on the paper it flies out of your head? Or have you ever opened a new tab in your browser and wanted to type a URL link and just stared blankly at the screen not being able to remember a thing about what you wanted to do?

No? Really, double check think about it again.

That just happened to me, two bouts of forgetfulness took place and it freaked me out.  I think I’ll blame the fact that I was watching a TV Show while attempting to multi-task and for some reason the thoughts just flew out of my head but it can also mean that I’m ancient now.  My memory has been bad lately and I don’t know what to do to improve it.  I can’t remember things anymore whereas before I used to be able to remember everything and anything.  Now I need to remember what I wanted to write on that piece of paper and what I wanted to search for :/ It’s going to bug me until I figure it out.

Share with me your experiences, if you had any hehe.


UPDATE: I just remembered I wanted to double check my phone bill that’s the URL I wanted to visit LOL! Oh thank God I won’t be losing sleep on that :P

Goodbye Twenties, Hello Dirty Thirties, Happy Birthday Me!

December 4, 2013  |  Birthday, My Life

Saying goodbye to the twenties felt like a sad thing really, I was sad for a little tiny bit because I will be closing that chapter in my life until I realized that in my twenties I learned a lot of things and I matured to a different level which meant that a lot of mistakes were formed and heart aches, etc.  So, saying Hello to the Thirties might not be such a bad thing after all, it just means I’m at a wiser stage in life and feeling more powered and confident in my skin! That’s when I realized I should just say Happy Birthday to the 30 year old me and embrace it.


Many people would have long check lists of things to do in their twenties, I thought of keeping one of those but then thought why should I live life by a checklist, why not be spontaneous and take it one day at a time and see how the tide takes me over that hill.  Which is why this past year I didn’t have a checklist but I did experience some things for the first time.  I met my beloved Steve Wozniak (had it been Steve Jobs I would’ve just died), I met Zachary Levi the gorgeous nerd from “Chuck” (had it been Ian Somerhalder or Matt Bomer or James Franco or even Johnny Depp I would’ve just died, came back, and died again a couple of times).  I got to have my first surgery ever (not that it was a fun thing but interesting to say something), I made more friends, kicked out others from the friends list and just embraced it.  I don’t know what else I did but I know that I took some risks.  I do hope that this year brings me an INSANE amount of happiness and joy! And to you all as well.

To my fellow Sagittarian birthdays I also wish you a Happy one! And Happy Birthday Little Jimmy (that’s me)!

Can’t wait to open presents and eat CAKE!

Hello December

December 1, 2013  |  My Life

I can’t believe we are welcoming December yet again in our lives, it’s always been and will always be my favorite month out of the year regardless of what happens.  It happens to be my birth month and when winter ‘should’ start in most countries.  In a few short days we will be saying good bye to 2013 and Hello to 2014, and call me crazy but I am a fan of even numbered years (although I was born in an odd number year) and I always have a feeling good things will happen.


November has been a great month for me, I travelled to New York, I met Zachary Levi (in person), Steve Wozniak, and many more.  I bought my beloved iPad Air and iPad mini retina (well both were given as birthday gifts from my loved ones) and just had the time of my life.  I felt light and full of life and humor and I hope this will continue onwards to December.  I really do want to keep up to date with my blog but I just find something stopping me from doing that.  What I have yet to discover, I probably need to go into therapy for that (not my Apple Obsession) just to figure out why I get writer’s block when I come near a computer, or the fact that I choose to watch my TV Shows rather than do anything else hehe.  Also, online shopping therapy, that needs to be discussed as well.

So to December, I say bring it, and to the next three days before my birthday, I say GIFT WRAP EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING AND JUST SEND IT TO ME, I do enjoy birthday cards and the wrapping more than anything else :P

[NYC Fall 2013] Busy-Body in the City

November 5, 2013  |  My Life, Travel Log 2013

Little did I know that the minute I arrived I would want to be out every single minute of the day, and that the minute I would arrive home I would be so exhausted I’d ditch any thought of writing about my day or even watching any of my episodes.  At the moment I am behind by 44 episodes of my shows, that’s not including the ones that aired today (damn I need to multi-task and clear that que out).



Let’s get back to the trip, to say that it’s been the most fun I’ve had can be an understatement. You see this trip I’m sort of doing it solo, my sister is busy with school and stuff and I’m all alone left to wander this big city.  I have no one nagging me to just finish doing something and leave and I can do whatever I want without any judgement from others.  So far I’ve spent my first full day going to Best Buy (and buying gadgets), having lunch at Max Brenner’s (alone), and walking around the city.  My other days were spent by catching a couple of movies, going to Barnes & Noble, going to all 3 Apple Stores, Build-a-Bear, Toy’s R Us, and Disney (to feed my inner child I swear I didn’t want to leave myself!).

The weather was quite warm when I first arrived and now it’s dropped down to a single digit hehe, which has me wanting to hibernate a bit (because it’s insanely cold to walk with the wind blowing in your face and freezing your bones off) and at the same time wanting to have fun in the city.  I pretty much thought I had everything planned out and ready but as the days go on, I’m not sure what new places to try and have lunch/dinner at, or places to visit.  Maybe I should check out the Empire State Building and so forth.

Well the day is still young and I should stop this blabbering and get moving.  I happen to share all my moves on Instagram so if you’d like to see what it’s like to live vicariously through me, be sure to follow me @Jacqui on Instagram.



[NYC Fall 2013] Left on a Jetplane!

November 1, 2013  |  My Life, Travel Log 2013

Wednesday, October 30th (Somewhere over the ocean)

She made her way to the airport with her luggage in tow, wait whoa! Wait a second why am I writing about myself in the third person? Must be this lack of sleep I am feeling.. Today is the big day, actually today was the big day where I would fly to New York City to enjoy two weeks of relaxation and fun!

Leaving on Jetplane

Not that I’m too busy to enjoy Kuwait but it’s just not the same.  Life in New York, albiet a bit expensive is so much more fun when you get to walk all around the city enjoying the sights and taking in the beautiful weather and scenery, God I missed it!

The flight so far has been uneventful which in my books means it’s going quite well.  I’ve been trying to fall asleep but I keep getting only an hour or two.  Something must be broken in my sleep cycle but I guess I should stop this post and try to get some shut eye.  If it doesn’t work I will be back!

I hope I’m going to bring back the old Jackie (not with the ‘qui’) back and just share everything about my days! I miss that version of myself!

[A couple hours later]

After tossing and turning some more, I actually ended up getting roughly 3 hours of broken sleep on the flight.  The rest of the 12 hours 40 minutes were spent either catching up on some TV Shows (I’m behind for some strange reason) or reading on my Kindle.

We landed safely in New York City at around 3:45pm which meant we were quite early.  Immigration didn’t take long and I was out waiting for my luggage in less than 15 minutes, my bag also came out early.  Lots of changes in the airport, something cool I observed were the electronic kiosks made for American or Canadian Passport Holders which is basically a self-serve or a do it yourself check in, it felt cool and I guess was kind of bad because pretty soon people will be replaced with machines?

I made it safely to my sister’s apartment in one piece with my luggages (I think that’s a word hehe :P) and ended up just unpacking and staying in.  I wanted to catch a movie but then felt I needed to catch up on the sleep, which I did and that led me to have an awesome (technically) first day in New York City.

Stay tuned for more…

When Television Invades My Dreams

October 12, 2013  |  Dreams, My Life, Random, TV

Last night I had one of the weirdest dreams I have ever dreamt.  I dreamt of Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) from “The Big Bang Theory” and oddly enough it felt as if I was part of an episode.  To say that I was freaked out when I woke up is a real understatement but at the same time the dream has stayed with me until I watched yesterday’s episode.

Sheldon Cooper

In my dream I was sharing an apartment with Sheldon and a few other people (I’d like to think they were the cast of the show as well but I don’t recall the faces) however it was not the same apartment we were used to on television.  For one thing everyone had their own room and a desk inside the bedrooms.  This drove Sheldon insane because he did not think that a bedroom is an ideal place to sit and work and thus began his quest to move his desk outside into the living room.

I cannot recall any details whatsoever except for the fact that it was Sheldon Cooper in the dream and a desk was the whole problem especially its location in the living room but the moment I woke up, I had a huge question mark on my face.

Have you ever felt this way? Ever dreamt of a television show character or plot line and saw yourself in the show?  I’m just glad that I dreamt of someone I actually liked, do I wish it was Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) from “White Collar” or Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) from “The Vampire Diaries” or even Elijah Mikaelson (Daniel Gillies) from “The Originals”, HELL YES! But at least Sheldon is included on that list for different reasons! :P

Stella, I Mean Me Getting My Groove Back

September 26, 2013  |  My Life

It seems that the writer’s block mania is about to lift it’s clutches off my brain.  Wait does that even make sense?  Well I don’t necessarily care.  I think deciding to blog mostly about my passion and stuff I absolutely drool over is insanely better than trying to make time to blog about events I’m invited to.  Don’t get me wrong, I like those events if only for the meeting new people and socializing with old friends but sometimes it just gets too boring and everyone just starts writing about the same thing and that makes me feel as if I’m a robot and not a person.

How are you loving my “Fall TV 2013 Preview” series, I find myself enjoying the writing aspect but wanting to write less and less in terms of descriptions of shows.  But I just can’t stop myself.  I have an over-talkative brain and thus it translates in my posts.  You see me rambling on and on about something and before I know it, I’ve written at least a gazillion words and most of which are just jibberish from the nether regions of my useless brain.

The key point is I’m starting to love myself a bit more.  I should feature more personal posts though to go in between the Gadget-y and TV-Shows-y ones.  Like how right now I’m reliving a period of my life when I had recently graduated from College and was on the Job Search market and being used by my parents as the Family Driver.


Six years ago I drove around everyone and didn’t get paid much for it, I got a job later on and I was left alone.  Now I’m back in that position but wait until Sister #3 comes back from her vacation in NYC she’ll take over the driving duties.  I gave a good 5 years to them and I have paid my dues hehe.

But one thing I’d like to add, TRAFFIC IS A REAL WITCH! Seriously what the hell is wrong with everyone and why the hell are our roads so full every single freaking hour of the day.  Please, I just want a traffic-less afternoon.

In other news, I miss going to the movies and I need to go catch a movie very SOON!