Dear VIVA (Part 2)

January 9, 2011  |  Pissed Off

Dear VIVA,

If you don’t get your shit straight I will literally divorce you! I love your internet speed but if I have to deal with another disconnection I might just break that little USB Thingy and go to jail for committing murder! Seriously I am pissed off, I tried it your way I went and had the device updated but I still get disconnected and right now it’s getting unbearable, every 2-5 minutes! Enough already I need to actually use the internet that I pay 24KD a month for!

Disgruntled Customer,


I is Fat!

September 14, 2010  |  My Life, Pissed Off

I am liking the fact that I am back to blogging as I used to before and I hope I can stick with it for reals this time but we never know what will happen.  Got a few scheduled posts will work on when I gets homes! But on to this year’s subject: I is fat!

I gained weight this past year (mostly in the tummy area) and I can’t seem to shake it, I joined a gym (but I guess it would help if I went [got 1 year membership and went for 1 month cool ha?])  My problem is  I don’t want to change my food habits but I guess one way to lose weight is to do just that, I’ve been eating like this since I was a teenager but then again I used to be stick thin (for those who remember me back in high school I was stuck at 40kgs until junior year in college) now I can honestly say I’ve gained a bit like 15-20kgs okay okay I guess I can say 18kgs to be exact (based on last time I weighed myself which was pre-Ramadan) but my main issue is if I had gained the weight equally around my body it would be fine however I never seem to do things right! I gained it all in tummy area and face! I’ve got a fat face now! Oh and my thighs got some too!

I hate seeing myself like this but I can’t do anything about it because well whenever I try I get depressed and feel like I want a miraculous change to push me to start.  Let’s just say doing sit ups isn’t that easy and I just hate how my tummy restricts most excercise! So what I’m trying to say here is I is fat to the extent my pants/jeans/shirts don’t fit me well anymore I feel a need to wear a garbage bag and just go out in that.  I hates myself.  I needs a miracle!

Fairy Godmother if you’re out there I’d like my wish right now please.

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Heavy Heart

May 28, 2010  |  Apple, My Life, Pissed Off

Tonight I sleep with a heavy heart because a few hours ago I decided that I should restart my beautiful and lovely iMac 27″ only to be faced with the recurring screen shown below, the grey screen with a status bar! The one that shows up when you are updating firmware and well let’s say it reaches 25% and then restarts the progress again and when it hits 40% it shuts down the computer.

After attempting many saving events, restarting, unplugging, resetting and all that jazz. It might appear to be that the harddisk is corrupted and I have to reformat and install everything fresh. Unfortunately however, I have not attempted to back up my files and well let’s just say I’ve got close to 500GB of info there that I do not want to lose, seriously.

Therefore, tonight my friends I sleep with a heavy heart :( So much for wanting to be proactive this weekend!

BBM – Broadcasts

February 20, 2010  |  Pissed Off

One thing that drives me insane is the amount of broadcasts I receive from just one person! I mean seriously what do you think you’re helping me with?  I appreciate the jokes but there are some stuff that are just too annoying and really wish there was a feature to just turn off the broadcasting feature you know!

Allow you to block/hide some of your contacts or yourself from your contacts list.

The previous BBM Messenger had an option to appear offline and now we don’t have that even! For any broadcaster out there please please think twice before broadcasting a message!

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What a Week at Work!

June 28, 2008  |  Pissed Off, Rants, Work

It was a week from hell, full and hectic at work and outside of work, I’ll try to be brief about it but I am not sure it’s possible so I’ll summarize everyday in a few short sentences.

Sunday: Beginning of the week, it looked promising I felt it might be an okay week not too crowded nor too loose, so nothing much happened then.

Monday:  The day that the crowd began, it got crazy after my old manager came by to visit a bit, I blamed him for bringing the crowds hehe but it was still fun nonetheless I got to see him and hang out a tiny bit before he left.  He’s an awesome guy and I adore him! That afternoon things also got insane it was unbelieveable really.  So work was a pain.  Note: we started the week with only 5 Staff since 1 was on Annual Leave.

Tuesday:  The day where things were beginning to go downhill, our Asst. Manager got sick and was on leave, we were functioning on 4 staff only, and things were getting hectic.  I wasn’t able to scratch my head at all and starting to panic.  It was a day where I was not supposed to work an afternoon shift but instead of leaving at 3:30 I ended up leaving 2 hours later just after the doors opened up for customers.  It was shit crazy!

Wednesday: The day where all hell broke loose! We were down by 1 more staff who got sick and decided to take it off, I was screwed, instead of being only a Service Officer I was now a Service Officer, Relationship Officer, and Head Teller all in one.  Both morning and afternoon shifts, and I did not end up going home since I had a ton of work left as well! It was hell, I mean really!

Thursday:  Last day of the week, we were anticipating the 2 who were on sick leave to come back but none did and so we were functioning on 3 staff on the busiest day of the week, during salaries time so you can only imagine.  I was doing the Teller job, the relationship officer job, and the services officer job.  I got complaints from customers, I actually got mad at one who had the nerve to say “Where are the other two, why do you have 2 empty desks, just to show us that you have desks?!”  I replied “You have no right ask where the other two staff, you noticed the branch is functioning on 3 people and you will have to wait your turn.” He then went on saying that he was a “VIP Customer” and that this was not the tone to be spoken to, he then started saying junk stuff and I had the nerve to reply and say “Basically what you are insinuating is that I am sitting here and playing right?” Then he shuts up and I insist and reply “No go ahead and say it, I’m sitting and playing?” He goes on and says other junk stuff but I shut him up eventually since he ticked me off completely!  Granted I could’ve done it in a better manner but I reached a point where I was pressured by idiot customers, each complaining, each giving me insane requests and now this guy comes and tells me that I am not doing my job.  So he deserved it no matter what anyone says.  Anyways the day ended for me at 6pm rather than 3:30!

Next would be the weekend, and that requires a different post, therefore enjoy this one while the next is being prepared.  But you tell me what would you do if you were in my position?  Jump off the building or just drown yourself?