What a Week at Work!

June 28, 2008  |  Pissed Off, Rants, Work

It was a week from hell, full and hectic at work and outside of work, I’ll try to be brief about it but I am not sure it’s possible so I’ll summarize everyday in a few short sentences.

Sunday: Beginning of the week, it looked promising I felt it might be an okay week not too crowded nor too loose, so nothing much happened then.

Monday:  The day that the crowd began, it got crazy after my old manager came by to visit a bit, I blamed him for bringing the crowds hehe but it was still fun nonetheless I got to see him and hang out a tiny bit before he left.  He’s an awesome guy and I adore him! That afternoon things also got insane it was unbelieveable really.  So work was a pain.  Note: we started the week with only 5 Staff since 1 was on Annual Leave.

Tuesday:  The day where things were beginning to go downhill, our Asst. Manager got sick and was on leave, we were functioning on 4 staff only, and things were getting hectic.  I wasn’t able to scratch my head at all and starting to panic.  It was a day where I was not supposed to work an afternoon shift but instead of leaving at 3:30 I ended up leaving 2 hours later just after the doors opened up for customers.  It was shit crazy!

Wednesday: The day where all hell broke loose! We were down by 1 more staff who got sick and decided to take it off, I was screwed, instead of being only a Service Officer I was now a Service Officer, Relationship Officer, and Head Teller all in one.  Both morning and afternoon shifts, and I did not end up going home since I had a ton of work left as well! It was hell, I mean really!

Thursday:  Last day of the week, we were anticipating the 2 who were on sick leave to come back but none did and so we were functioning on 3 staff on the busiest day of the week, during salaries time so you can only imagine.  I was doing the Teller job, the relationship officer job, and the services officer job.  I got complaints from customers, I actually got mad at one who had the nerve to say “Where are the other two, why do you have 2 empty desks, just to show us that you have desks?!”  I replied “You have no right ask where the other two staff, you noticed the branch is functioning on 3 people and you will have to wait your turn.” He then went on saying that he was a “VIP Customer” and that this was not the tone to be spoken to, he then started saying junk stuff and I had the nerve to reply and say “Basically what you are insinuating is that I am sitting here and playing right?” Then he shuts up and I insist and reply “No go ahead and say it, I’m sitting and playing?” He goes on and says other junk stuff but I shut him up eventually since he ticked me off completely!  Granted I could’ve done it in a better manner but I reached a point where I was pressured by idiot customers, each complaining, each giving me insane requests and now this guy comes and tells me that I am not doing my job.  So he deserved it no matter what anyone says.  Anyways the day ended for me at 6pm rather than 3:30!

Next would be the weekend, and that requires a different post, therefore enjoy this one while the next is being prepared.  But you tell me what would you do if you were in my position?  Jump off the building or just drown yourself?

Gossip A-hole

May 26, 2008  |  Pissed Off, Work

No don’t worry I’m not going to talk about Gossip Girl, but instead about this idiotic imbecile that is now working with me at the branch.  She is filthy, disgusting, and utterly nerve-wrecking!  You see I had a family emergency happen last week, Papa is in the hospital hence I had to take a few days off to spend it with him and all that.  (Part of the reason I am depressed) And well I wasn’t there to see all the happenings and drama that went on.  And believe me when I say drama did go on!

Anyways, I found out recently that dumb ass hoe spoke about me behind my back to someone who I work with, well she spoke about mostly all of the girls at the branch, she basically said “I can’t stand Jacqui, and what’s up with her always sitting with Mr. X” and that she knows me from the previous branch (which she came and worked in for 2 weeks) and that I am the Guy’s colleague (insinuating that I am a whore who basically sticks with guys only)

That ticked me off but you know the saying that goes “What goes around comes around” and I believe Karma will be a bitch towards her soon.  I just pray that I’ll be there to witness it.

Anyways, I need your prayers as something important is happening tomorrow and I hope he will be fine and that he’ll come back to us soon.  I love you!

The Art of Being a Customer

The art of being a customer can be easily summed up with the image that I am about to share.  It truly displays what everyone dealing with customer service goes through.  There are sometimes that you encounter a great customer who will make all the bad experiences worth it but that happens not so often so you are always on your nerves.

Today’s story revolves around the phone conversations that I have to deal with being in the Customer Service field, I am not even sure why because I am not employeed in the Call Center.  But let me give you an overall experience or a simple example.  Everyday we get calls from customers asking about their balance, and such, all those calls I forward to the Call Center but sometimes the Call Center (being idiots) forward such calls to the branch.  I remember this one time I had a customer call saying “I used to have an account with you guys 5 or 6 years ago and I just wanted to know if I still had it.”  I was at the time very busy so I was telling him sorry but you have to call this number and they would help you, but the thing was when I got the call it was forwarded from the Call Center.  I was utterly shocked I mean come on, it’s a simple Civil ID number to check if account exists or not.  But dumbasses probably didn’t want to work! So that ticked me off.  But let me talk about something that happened today.

A customer calls and says ” I am Mr. X, and I am calling from Abroad, I want you to transfer me 10,000KD from my account to my Overseas Account” and I’m like “Excuse me sir, for any transfers or such I will not be able to help you, kindly call the following number and they will help you out.”  He goes “But I can answer the questions here and tell you what you need to know, I need the money urgently.”  I emphasize that the call is not recorded therefore I am not authorized to do such.  He hangs up and calls back after a while complaining that he is calling and no one answered him yet.  I told him “Well you have to wait” he goes like “But I am calling from abroad” and I emphasize once more that I cannot help him.  I suggest Online Banking but the idiot did not collect his card and thought that when the person who opened the account and told him we can do you any transaction by phone, that she meant the branch and not the Call Center.  He kept on complaining and I was about to lose my cool.  In the end I transferred him to my Manager and she said basically the same things but after a while he accepted it.  What is wrong with me?  Am I talking in Chinese that people don’t want to understand what I’m saying?

Short Fuse

April 14, 2008  |  My Life, Pissed Off, Work

I don’t think anyone can truly understand what a short fuse is unless they experience it.  And no one can grasp the extent of what can drive you to explode.  But let me explain one thing to you guys.  The most annoying thing I cannot tolerate is idiocy and being too dense to not understand something that has been said to you over and over again.  Whether it is the customers or this one person I work with they just are playing on my nerves.  Examples of what ticks me off are below in relation to that person I work with:

  • “Jacqui the customer’s card was issued on the system on 13/4 so you think the card is here at the branch?”  I ask her again “What date?” She goes “13th” then I turn to her and say “And what day is it today?” with a ticked off look, she goes “Ummmmm I don’t know, oh 14th!” I sarcastically reply “And since when are cards delivered this quickly?”
  • “Jacqui this is the paper the customer signed for us to access that program yesterday in which I used your username” I look at the paper and find only a signature with no name, no ID number, no date even.  I turn back to her and say “Umm how am I supposed to know the details?  Where are they?” She looks dumbfoundly at the paper and says “Ummm how am I supposed to know what customer he was?” I just stare and say “I cannot accept it, find out the right details then fill them out”
  • A mistake happened in the system where a loan calculation was done for a salary of around 500KD was given a loan installment which was around 350KD and the customer signed on that and all, it means it was calculated on 70% of net salary, she comes to me and says “Jacqui the customers salary is this and the calculation messed up and did this, now what do I do?” I stare at her like an idiot and say “Ummm you recalculate it and call the customer to sign back or check with the manager and he will advise you” then she goes like “Ok and leaves”  at that point I wanted to pull out my hair!
  • One of my biggest pet peeves, she has no pending work, nothing whatsoever, just sits there when there is no customers, hands folded and stares at the screen, I happen to have an errand to do away from my desk, therefore I cannot greet people coming in, so other staff should help those not available, I step away and 5 minutes later get called back because all of a sudden alot of customers are available.  I mean can’t she get off her ass and go greet some of those customers and inquire about what they need?! Do I have to do every bloody thing and feed her as well?! UGH!!!!

And those are some cases that I went through today that drove me insane! I just wanted to stab her.


Dear NBK

March 24, 2008  |  Pissed Off

I would like to take a moment to address this letter to NBK (National Bank of Kuwait) whose lovely service all these past 10 years has been just wonderful.  I was issued a credit card when I had no salary transferred to their bank and no salary to begin with, without the need for any documents.  I was later forced to endure having a lowered limit on said card.  And last weekend I endured the cancelling of the card without my knowledge, while merely a few days earlier I recieved an SMS stating my credit card limit has been lowered.


Dear NBK,

You suck major butt.

I suggest you take those cancelled cards and shove them where the sun don’t shine.

Next time, take another month to inform me that you lowered my Credit Card Limit.

Next time, take another few days to just simply cancel the card and remove it from the Online Banking.

It’s not as if I need you.  You can go rot in hell for all I care.

Oh and take some of your staff along with you too.

Hatefully Yours,


Crappy 2008 :)

January 1, 2008  |  My Life, Pissed Off, Rants

It’s a crappy new year.  Spent it in the most crappiest way possible, yes my grammar or the way I put sentences together stinks but shush! I started watching Laws of Attraction on MBC4 before the New Years, but before all the sappy love started around 11:50-ish I went upstairs filled the bathtub with hot water and just got in, outside I heard those who think it’s really cool to light fireworks and who think this is a great year, well I heard their fireworks going off while I was soaking in the hot water, yes that was how I spent New Years!  I got out shortly afterwards and went to bed.


I woke up this morning sick to my stomache, I still can’t eat anything without feeling really sick but oh well.  I spent most of the day asleep and in bed.  And then I got out to read blogs and stuff.  So yes it’s a crappy new year :) Happy Crap Everyone!

Oh and Happy Birthday Grammie!

Image Courtesy of a Talented Artist named Natalie Dee.  [Check Her Out]



December 11, 2007  |  Deep Thoughts, My Life, Pissed Off, Rants, Why?

I just can’t understand why certain things can’t go the way they should! I don’t understand why people stand in other people’s ways just because they believe something that the other person doesn’t believe! I just don’t understand how they can ruin something so good and has been through thick and thin just because it is not traditional, not normal.

Why can’t we make our own choices and live with the consequences?  Why can’t we pave our paths?  We are old enough?  Why can’t we let others live out their lives and explore everything rather than say no, if you don’t follow my way then you might as well leave this house?  How can something so good end just because some people think that it started the wrong way, yet that something is beyond great for the people involved?

Why just tell me why?  Why can’t we be happy?  Why must we suffer so much?  Why?




Just answer me why goddamit!