[Previously] Pretty Little Things: Charity Edition

June 24, 2012  |  Events, Previously

Last April on Saturday April 28th to be exact I was invited by the lovely Noaf Hussein from Pretty Little Things Kuwait for their 2nd Exhibition which was entitled “The Charity Edition”.  It was being held in Bait al Sadu which happened to be a perfect spot for the quiet cozy event.  At the exhibition were a small number of GCC Brands who were all united to achieve one goal which is to renovate one of the local orphanages in Kuwait.

The exhibition ran from the 28th until the 1st of May.  Among the vendors there was a FishyFace Booth which unfortunately was still being set up when I arrived hence I couldn’t take part in it, not to mention the catering done by Milk, Munch BBQ, and Solo Churros.  I was also able to grab the latest edition of “Khaleejesque” there and I’m enjoying my 2nd edition.  Fortunately for you guys you won’t have to read a long narrative therefore I will leave you with the pictures of the event and hope you enjoy them too.

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[Previously] Space Junk 3D at TSCK

June 23, 2012  |  Events, Fun, Previously

Earlier this month on June 6th I received an invitation from The Scientific Center of Kuwait to attend the screening of their latest IMAX movie “Space Junk 3D” and being an avid Space fan (I bet you didn’t know that, now did you!) I was excited to attend.

Growing up I was a major Space fan, I am not sure why now but I remember that in High School I dropped Chemistry class to take an Astronomy class and I loved every bit of it, the stars, the planets, the galaxies.  So this movie was more of a treat to me than anything else.  You see this movie simply talks about how the misconception of the whole “Space is so big it can withstand everything” is really not true and that we are technically running out of space in space.  With all the satellites, radars, space stations, and all that junk we have up there some of which is working and some of it is not we are risking ourselves with the amount of accumulated “space junk” any two objects no matter how small or big if they get into each others orbit and collide then they will generate a mess of things that will keep multiplying. In the movie you will learn what is the cause of the accumulating “space junk” and the suggested ways that some scientists or individuals to clean up the mess.  It is truly inspiring!

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[Events] The Last Reef 3D Launch at TSCK

February 20, 2012  |  Events, Fun, Previously

Two weeks ago I received an invitation from The Scientific Center Kuwait (TSCK) to attend the premiere of their latest 3D movie “The Last Reef” translated and narrated by the amazing news anchor Mr. Yousef Mustafa. (Note: Headphones with the English version of the movie are available for Foreigners or those who do not speak Arabic)

Last Reef

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[Events] Khaleejesque Magazine Launch

February 16, 2012  |  Events, Previously

A week ago (February 5th 2012 to be precise) I was invited by the lovely people from Khaleejesque, one of the first online “Khaleeji” lifestyle magazines to unveil their very first print issue at 360 Mall which is now available practically everywhere.


The event featured printed pages from their magazine showcased in 360 Mall with everyone going around checking out the beautiful artwork/photography and getting a chance to meet with the lovely creators.  I arrived that day early and got a chance to speak to most of the lovely people behind this venture.  I spoke with Fouz Al Sabah one of the main team members and the creative director, and got to understand that they are aiming to release this magazine as a quarterly issue aimed at being more of a “coffee-table” magazine rather than a time-bound magazine you see everywhere.  They want to give their readers pieces which will always be there and have some amazing pictures to go with them simply so you can save that magazine and refer back to those images and well they didn’t fail in that area at all.


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[Previously] The Cutest Baby Blogger at Vinny’s

February 10, 2012  |  Events, Friends, Previously

It has been a while and I’ve been meaning to write but I kept procrastinating and postponing the transfer of the photos from my camera to my computer and when I did, I enjoyed my Instagram shots more than anything else but I’m slightly off topic here.  Let’s start over.

Earlier this year, the blogging team from 7ajidude invited us to celebrate the winner of “The Cutest Baby Blogger Instagram Challenge” at Vinny’s which is located in 52 Degrees in Al Tilal Complex.  So on a Thursday evening of January 5th Lujain, my sister #3 (aka Your Battlefield) and I headed over there to have a lovely dinner with friends and well I can honestly say that they are more like family as well.


My sisters and I arrived very early, even Dudette wasn’t there yet but nonetheless we took it as an opportunity to walk around a bit and have both sisters of mine get scared from a cat (yes they don’t like cats).  But soon enough Dudette made it and started setting up when we were just walking in.  The place was beautiful and all ours! We monopolized the place to the final extent, Vinny’s had provided us with lovely name badges (not that most of us needed them) but Dudette did the most awesome thing by placing comments underneath each one :P I was known as “The Sabyak Baby with Garfield Touches” (roughly translated as ‘The Tomboy baby with Garfield touches’).

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