Bad Blogger in 2016

January 23, 2017  |  My Life, Random

You know it’s bad when you log in to your blog and find out that the last post you wrote was in October 2016 and you have pretty much abandoned this sanctuary for no reason at all.  Hell I haven’t done my usual “Birthday” posts and not even talked about what I got and what happened.

I haven’t even posted a Happy New Year post, or a New Years Resolutions one and we are almost done with January! Wow I really have been a bad blogger.

But I have been busy with life, that I can tell you.  I need a new blog design and maybe that will get me back to writing again, don’t you think?! Let’s see how 2017 will treat us!

Also, Happy New Year!!!!

P.S. How sad is it that my 2016 posts fit on one page, I only wrote 7 times last year.  I guess Instagram truly has taken over.  Maybe I should archive instagram posts here since I am slightly more active there!

How To Get Back in the Blogging Groove?

June 15, 2016  |  Random

I have been a very very bad person lately, I’ve neglected a lot of things in my life and on this virtual world and one of them happens to be this blog, I just can’t seem to either find the time to write or the motivation.  But I still have the want to keep this journal alive! I mean where else can you get into the deep parts of my mind (not that I have any depth really hehe I’m as shallow as they come, just kidding, maybe not?!)

I have abandoned my blog, twitter, and pretty much some of my friends because I can’t be bothered sometimes hehe.  I think Instagram and Snapchat are the most updated social media platforms I’ve got and twitter gets updated automatically with my Instagram.  Maybe I should find a way to post whatever I share on Instagram here on the blog.  That can generate lots of material but then again some would be noise.

Anyone has any suggestions as to how I can get my groove back? How to jump back on the blogging wagon! Hell I forgot to even celebrate my blog’s 12th anniversary! It’s been 12 years! Drop me a line if you are still around here reading!

If you still look for me and want to read or see anything about my life, be sure to follow me on Instagram: @Jacqui and Twitter: @Jacquies

Stella Can’t Find Her Groove Back

August 31, 2015  |  Random, Rants

The last few years have been hard in my getting my groove back.  I find myself writing less and less in my blog but I can’t for the life of me give up on it.  I do share some TV news but it’s been so long since I’ve been personal on it.  It seems as if Stella can’t find her groove and I know what she’s feeling! Instead of promising wanting to return back full force.  I am wondering HOW can I return back full force?

I really should be asking myself this.  How can I be the Jackie/Jacqui you guys all knew way back when?  I need to go back to being personal but it seems as if I lost that part of me a while back.  I have sort of turned into a robot going through the motions of life rather than anything else.  I should be asking myself why I have lost touch? I should really just shrink myself but I guess that’s not as easy as it sounds.

I need to set smaller goals.  I need to come back in smaller doses.  I am way more active (well not by that much) on Instagram so I think I should duplicate what I’m doing there on the blog maybe that will help boost up the sales? :P Hehehe not that there are any sales available.  But seriously maybe that’ll help!

Can’t wait for 9/9! And then a few days later when I hitch a plane ride over to NYC Baby!  I should use my brand-new MacBook to get me back into the groove!

Stella you will get your groove back! I know you can do it!!!

Writer’s Block vs. Creative’s Block

July 23, 2015  |  My Life, Random

Have you ever experienced a writer’s block so bad that it hits everything, every aspect whether it is writing, creating images, anything that requires creativity feels as if it has been sucked out.  Wait I think I have “Creative’s Block”.  I feel as if I can’t do anything or when I start a project I lose interest mid-way and just want to go back to being a couch potato.

What have I been doing these past few weeks?  Well I have a post ready for publishing but I’ve been too uninspired to prepare the graphics for it.  So instead I’ve just been binge-watching “Charmed” even though I’ve already seen it probably ten-thousand times! It’s my favorite supernatural show!

Maybe, just maybe Stella will get her groove back.  Here is hoping.  Just stay tuned, I’ve got some back-log of posts that I have been meaning to write!

Bill Nye Explains Climate Change With Emojis

June 25, 2015  |  Random

Growing up I think we all used to watch “Bill Nye, the Science Guy” I still remember the intro song and pretty much sing his name whenever I read it hehe.  Well he recently released a video on YouTube explaining what’s happening with Climate Change in an easy simple way.

Watch it and tell me if you don’t also get it now.  Man I loved his show, he was the reason I enjoyed science growing up until I got to High School where I started to hate it again.

[Source: Gizmodo]

Breathing In… Breathing Out

April 8, 2015  |  Random

Blame it on the allergy season, I seem to have a problem breathing the moment I wake up, I’m always stuffy and it just annoys me to the point where I might get a headache from how stuffy I am.

Sometimes in life we need to take a moment just to breathe in and breathe out to calm our anxiety, our nerves, our everything basically.  I might be experiencing that sometimes, but then at the same time I just find myself ignoring the problem hopefully until it disappears or goes away.  Unfortunately that’s not always the right fix.

Even though I hate Google from coming up with Android or doing whatever it is they are doing, I really wish I was working in one of their buildings.  Sometimes just sometimes its fun to have a gym, napping pods, play rooms, etc in your work place in order to blow off some steam and get the creative juices flowing, I think they might even have steam rooms who knows.

It’s at times like these where I just want to drop everything and start running on a treadmill or whatever I just want to pump up that heart of mine but instead I am stuck on this uncomfortable chair in this uncomfortable room.

I’m a bit bored really.  Why can’t we finish work at 12pm that’ll be ideal :P Just kidding, if the old me heard this, she would just beat me up.

One month left until VACATION TIME!

Must. Be. Active.

April 6, 2015  |  Random, Rants

I keep trying to write about my life, but due to it being so depressingly boring I find that nothing important is there to write about.  I can write about the imaginary world I live in, but then again I forget about it the minute I open this “Add New Post” page and back to writer’s block (I wish).

Pretty soon it’ll be a year since I started working in a government job, or rather a job in one of the ministries out there.  To say this is a dream come true is a shocking untruth! I actually have started to hate it and want something better out of it.  I hate it because I feel (and yes I might be a bit narcissistic here and thinking too much of myself) I feel that I am way over qualified for everything that I’m doing there.

Some tasks that would take people days to finish I can finish in an hour or two and that’s without even trying too hard to finish it fast, hell its without trying at all.  Work is well put and just looks extra perfect and neat.

Bah, I’m just depressed again.  I blame it on hormones and shizzle! My brain is fried in a way and I can’t seem to find a way to unfry it.  But let’s hope tomorrow is a good day.