I’m Still Alive

April 7, 2014  |  My Life, Random, Rants

I’m still alive and around, I know I pretty much haven’t been updating as often as I should and I deserve a real kick in the bum but I promise (yes this time I will keep it) [no really I will keep it] to write more if only a few lines to get the voices out of my head.

Yes although I am somewhat sane, I tend to have voices talking to me in my head sometimes and they just can’t stop. Life as an unemployed individual is really not always that fun, especially since you can’t travel on your own funds and waste the time on a never-ending vacation. I have pretty much depleted all of my savings and funds and am beyond literally broke!

Things might be “somewhat” looking up as I am in the final process of finalizing my papers for a Government job. Yes the Private sector has deemed me not “fresh” enough or not “experienced” enough to hire and thus the dilemma of walking in either too qualified or not qualified enough has haunted me. Not to mention how they want an MBA simply because they just do. I mean, it’s good that I even graduated university and didn’t drop out like my idol Steven Paul Jobs! *Just Kidding* (seriously I’m kidding)! Oh wow, how I missed this sort of babbling on endlessly (hopefully not since this post has to end) and just writing out what those voices in my head say. I have silenced them for so long.

Damn, I have missed you blog, seriously missed you! I now understand why I feel so lonely some days! I have tried to replace my blog with Instagram (@Jacqui) or reading books and watching TV shows and that just doesn’t help me vent out.

I will now vent once a day! :P Watch out! To those of you who are still around, *waves hello!*

Is Long Hair, Annoying or Fun?

September 12, 2013  |  Hair, Rants

Ever since my hair debacle which happened in the summer of 2012 (Cliff Notes version of the story is that I went to a new salon near my previous job – wanted a haircut and I’d never had one there [was daring with my hair choices] – I basically wanted a trim and to lighten my hair a bit unfortunately the hair dresser chose to give me a bob! – previously my hair was up to my shoulder blades and when I walked out it was up to the base of my neck.) So ever since then I decided I wanted to grow out my hair.

Tangled Hair

I’ve reached the longest I’ve ever had it in the past let’s say 6-7 years but I’m having a problem with it.  I just can’t sleep with my hair touching my neck so I fan it out on the pillow and whenever I toss and turn at night I wake up because I just need to remove it from the back of my neck.  Another thing I am disliking is the fact that it’s just not listening to me, my hair that is, it feels dead, blah, bland, etc.

I am pretty much the least girly girl I know in my circle of friends.  I don’t do hair masks, or oil my hair, or anything of the sort on a regular basis.  I basically wash it every other day with shampoo and conditioner and that’s it.  I straighten it out the next day because I have curly hair that turns into waves when I go out.  And insanely frizzy when it’s humid which is basically everyday.

Any solutions, advice you guys can give me to try to maintain it because I really don’t want to cut it and wish to see it reach the middle of my back (I hope by end of this year!)

Help please,

Distraught Hair Troubles

More Plagiarism More Heartache

July 20, 2012  |  Plagiarism, Rants

The Ramadan TV List you saw on my blog yesterday and today took literally 8 hours and more to complete.  I spent my entire weekend on it (I have Thursday – Friday weekends) and little did I know that idiots will still crop out my watermark and remove my name from it.

Both were shown to me on twitter, I will not give them the time of day nor will I mention who they are but this is insane.  I am exhausted beyond any idea and I have been staring at a computer for the past God knows how many hours and two people come here with the coldest heart ever, crop out my stuff and slap on their “watermark” bah fudge it! (fudge because it’s Ramadan and God knows who might be reading it when they are fasting)!

I am just upset that this is happening and that Kuwaitis in general have a lack of education in the consequences of “plagiarism”, idiots do not steal other people’s work no matter where you found it and refer to it as yours! The internet may be free to search but everyone shares their work there to help better the place not to make it worse!

Karma will get them.

End of rant.

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The Art of Combatting Plagiarism

May 30, 2012  |  Plagiarism, Rants

I came home late last night, I didn’t know what’s happening really I spent the time watching my shows then hit the sack for lack of a better word.  I woke up this morning and found out that a blog (also for lack of a better word because in my opinion it’s not one) was going around copy-pasting content from other well-known blogs [not sure if I was hit by the copy/paste bug in that dark place] and placing it as their own.

Image via [Source]

When are you guys going to learn that copy-pasting is the work of the devil!? When?! I swear I am tired of telling everyone out there that PLAGIARISM IS BAD! I just wanna have a big stick like the one Fred Flintstone has and go around wacking people with it, Marzouq will definitely help with that :P he likes smashing things don’t you dude?! :P

Anyways, some small things one can do to protect their content if you want to avoid such problem is install “Plugins” on your “WordPress” blog that will allow you to stop others from copying your content:

  • No Right Click Images Plugin:  What this plugin does is the following”No Right Click Images Plugin uses JavaScript to change the right click action on IMG tags to disable context menu. It disables the context menu on images only so other right click actions, such as links, should work normally. Since it uses JavaScript, it targets more images than using a plugin that filter pages and rewrite the tag.”

So to put it bluntly, this plugin disables people from right clicking and saving your picture and protects only that.

  • WordPress Protection [Security for your WordPress Site]: However gives you a full package: “WordPress Protection Plugin provides complete security for your wordpress website, so that the plagiarists could not copy the content and steal data or images from your wordpress site Pages. By using the WordPress Protection Plugin (Basic), you can only disable the text-selection and block the use of right click on your website.

Now this is the option I would suggest many of you to go with, I actually might install it myself, this disables every kind of stealing, content as well as images! And it’s rated highly! So if you’re on WordPress hurry up and grab it and protect yourself!

Plagiarists be warned, we’re coming after you!

Thanks to 7ajidude for raising this issue.

P.S. The blog has been removed and unfortunately I could not see it for myself to see if anything from my content was stolen there.  But oh well, at least it’s gone! That miserable sucker!

Ratings and the Elephant in the Room

May 28, 2012  |  Random, Rants
Blogging should and always is an outlet of getting your thoughts and ideas out there, not many will share those ideas and not many will even know that you exist.  Blog numbers are not the end of the world.

Image via [Source]

What is Blogging? Dictionary.com states that a blog is the following:

a Web site containing the writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other Web sites.
No where in that description did it mention the importance of numbers, and yet it’s that silent elephant in the room. Alas, Numbers, numbers, numbers! Everything is about numbers nowadays and it’s crazy! I would totally understand if those numbers are helping a small business grow or helping some big company expand but since when has numbers been the main focus of blogging? Why is everyone focused on gaining the highest number of readers to measure their success and if they have not achieved it then they are a major failure!

In the recent months many blogs have taken it upon themselves to make up lists as to measure a blogs ranking or in other words “popularity”, based on their Alexa ratings, and everyone including myself have enjoyed basking in a sense of accomplishment if they appear on the list as one of the Top 10, 20, or even 50 blogs in the region.  But what is not understood is that a rating does not measure one’s sense of success.  Take me for example, my blog has been around for 8 long beautiful years, I have developed a loyal set of readers but I have never hit the high numbers I see those newbie bloggers “suddenly” hit, I can honestly tell you that there were times I would get 8,000 hits a MONTH! Let alone a day! Granted I wasn’t fully active for a while but that never hindered me or slowed down my love to blog.

In the past few days a blog has come alive dedicated solely to providing that information “with ad placements prepared already, numbers do bring in money after all”. What that newcomer has done incorrectly however is that they failed miserably in the act of becoming a neutral ratings source, some blogs, well known blogs that is, were excluded and some new blogs who God only knows from where they come have appeared.  That in turn doesn’t reflect the true rating, its rather a selective rating of what that Alexa generated calculating script that considers itself a blog (maybe their dictionary is different than mine). They took it upon themselves to generating this script for lack of better words dedicated to absorbing the Alexa ratings along with sharing the latest posts taken from the available blessed approved blogs.  So it has not only infringed on the major website Alexa it has also attempted to tackle on the responsibilities of our beloved Aggregator Botamba.  Some might argue that the internet is free and everything available is ownerless, but no, nope sir, not I! The internet is not your free junkyard to pick an idea and rename it as your own, there are certain etiquettes one has to follow, or else we can all go and live in the cave days where laws were non-existent.

What I see today is truly pitiful, Blogs are being created to measure your popularity, bloggers are copying posts from international blogs to gain more popularity not to mention the local thievery that is happening as well.  It is simply a sad era to be in, back in the beginning blogs were something to be cherished, ideas were shared, stories were told, and so much more.  There are a few bloggers out there who maintain that level of awesomeness and I will not name them so as not to be labelled as giving preference to friends or family.  I simply inquire you to be true to yourself, be true to this sacred (in my opinion) place online because know this, the words you write and the thoughts you share will forever be digitized and available for generations to come.  Do something useful with your life and don’t spend it on tabloid-style stories.
Word to the wise, if you want to lay low, lurk around, then snatch an idea, at least copy it right and be fair. Do not insult our intelligence.  And just simply put, do not copy others ideas and label them as your own creations!
Peace Out.