[Shout Outs] Ali Alghanim & Sons Are Social

August 9, 2012  |  Cars, Shout Outs, Social Media

I was recently informed that Ali Al Ghanim & Sons Autmotive Company has launched a complete full social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and the ever so popular Instagram.

If you don’t know who Ali Al Ghanim & Sons are then you must have not seen any of the BMW’s, Mini Coopers, Range Rovers, McLaren, or Rolls Royce’s in any of their showrooms.  So now that you know, there is a small competition in which the winner would win a trip to Germany to visit the BMW factory.  All you would have to do is snap a shot of anything in the showroom and send it over to their Twitter account @AliAlghanimSons with a mention at the end of the tweet and they will later on upload it to Instagram and run a contest on it.


Four winners will win a ticket + stay + a tour inside BMW factory in Germany.  The last day to participate is today by midnight.

So hurry up and participate.

For more information:

Web: www.aas.com.kw

Twitter: http://twitter.com/AliAlGhanimSons

Facebook: http://facebook.com/AliAlghanimSons

Instagram: @AliAlghanimSons

[Shout Outs] WHITExpo Ramadan 2012

July 21, 2012  |  Shout Outs, Social Media

If you are one of those people who enjoys going to different expos and browsing around well you have a chance to do so during the holy month of Ramadan.  WHITExpo will officially be opened on the 29th of July until the 31st of July and this year it is all about “Going Green”, supporting recycling, and providing an environmental approach to our society.

Their symbol this year will be “The Make a Wish” tree which will be centralized in the hall and carry the wishes of the orphans, hopefully one of you attending will be able to put a smile on those orphans faces and make their wish come true. Nevertheless, this will be an interesting event to check out so don’t hesitate to stop by.

Thanks Shaikha!

[Shout Outs]Gulf Bank’s Ramadan Spirit

July 20, 2012  |  Shout Outs, Social Media

Every year we get to see awesome Gulf Bank TV ads and this year we see a cool one as well (but in my opinion last year’s baby was awesome!) Abdullah Rwaished is singing in one of their ads and I likes it very much.  By now you know which ad will belong to which company by the brand image they display.  So without further ado, enjoy the ad below.

But wait that’s not all, this year Gulf Bank has an Instagram Photo Challenge competition in which there will be 29 winners who have a chance to win a daily prize of a 100KD Al Shaya gift card, the prize goes to the picture with the highest number of likes. Just make sure to tag your image with #GBphotoaday! Enjoy!

“Share your precious moments of Ramadan in our Instagram contest.  Be one of the 29 winners of Gulf Bank’s Instagram contest during the month of Ramadan.  The daily prize of a KD100 Al Shaya gift card goes to the picture with the highest number of likes.”

Follow them on Instagram [@Gulf_Bank]


[Shout Out] Dasman Diabetes Institute Health Day

July 14, 2012  |  Health, Shout Outs, Social Media

I’ve been recently informed that the Dasman Diabetes Institute is holding a “Youth Health & Ramadan Open Day” this Sunday, July 15 2012 from 9 AM – 2 PM at the Institute itself.  It’s such a cool event and a change of scenary from all those Food/Clothes exhibitions.

The event is open to the public and helps spread awareness on the silent killer which is in fact Diabetes (not really sure if it is that silent though).  All of you readers can go there on Sunday and benefit from a complimentary blood glucose monitoring, BMI calculation, blood pressure monitoring, presentations and workshops, cooking demos, and other interest segments such as physical training tips and more.

I for one will definitely try to make an appearance and gain a bit more knowledge about my health.  If you don’t take care of yourself and health then really you’re not doing a great job living!

Dasman Diabetes Institute is located on the Arabian Gulf Road close to Souk Sharq I believe.  You can’t miss it really it’s right off the Dasman Roundabout.

Thanks for the heads up Dasman Diabetes Team!

Zain Celebrates Social Media Day

July 1, 2012  |  Events, Social Media

Zain Kuwait being one of the first companies in Kuwait to fully utilize the true use of Social Media held together a gathering of social media activists whether they were Bloggers, Tweeters, Instagrammers, YouTubers, or simply professionals running their own Social Media companies to celebrate the Global Social Media Day on June 30th.  The event was held in Al Hamra Tower 55th Floor in the Sky Lobby, so not only do you get awesome an awesome socializing event but you also get one with a view!

Wait click here to read more

Social Media Club Kuwait Celebrates 30.06

June 30, 2012  |  Social Media

The Social Media Club in Kuwait has released their Social Media Day video celebrating the Social Media Day.  Wow how many times have I said social media in that sentence! Guess the amount and you get my undying gratitude.

Anyways so the Social Media Club met with Social Media enthusiasts from bloggers, to professionals and made this awesome video featuring: Nasser Al Mutawaa, Mohammed Al Muhaini, His & Hers Q8 with Mesho, Sh3aib, Danderma, Ansam, among others.  So have a peak!

Twitter: @SMCKuwait

Facebook: SocialMediaClubKuwait

Thanks Hind!

TweetUp Cocktail: Social Media Club in Kuwait

May 20, 2012  |  Events, Shout Outs, Social Media

The amazing peeps behind this cool event contacted me via twitter to invite me to the first ever TweetUp Cocktail a social media event happening at The Lounge Cafe in Bidaa near the Movenpick Hotel on the 22nd of May from 7 to 9 PM!


I was invited to come and tweet on behalf of my Apple freakness and that sounds cool I will definitely try my best to make it there but there is an 50% chance I won’t be able to make it, still if any of my readers go please tweet me pictures, or information anything about what’s happening.

During the meet up you will get to interact with a lot of business professionals and there will be a few speakers talking about social media and business, in the end it’s just an open stage where anyone can get up and talk about their business and how they use social media to help it out!

If you want to seriously know more be sure to contact them on the below contact info! Mark your calendars and head on out!

Phone: +965 94924555 / +965 94924666

Email: members@smckuwait.org

Website: Http://socialmediaclub.org

Facebook: SocialMediaClubKuwait