Spotted: One Click Away

November 10, 2008  |  Apple, Birthday, My Life, My New Toys, Spotted

Spotted:  Little J clicking on a certain button at a certain website.  Queen J has been quite down in the dumps what with the flu and the stress at work, and what better way can her spirits be lifted up than by a click of her mouse button.

So, as an early birthday present from Daddy J, she clicked here, and purchased a modified version of this.  I guess it’s going to be fun time next week for our little J.

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Spotted: J Trying to Think

November 5, 2008  |  Spotted

Spotted: Little J trying to think of something smart to blog about but running out of ideas.  All the good ones have already been taken.  Little J should not be referring to herself as Little as in less than a month she will turn 25 *gosh golly gee* she’ll be an OLD *shudders* J.  So J can’t talk about the following topics as they have already been talked about to death and I feel that anyone who reads one more post about them will just find the closest noose and hang him or herself to death, yes it’s that serious.

Forbidden Fruits Topics:

  1. Obama, the next Black/African-American/Colored/Etc President of the US for the upcoming 4 years.  Change is his game, let’s see if he plays it well or screws the population more than Bush did.
  2. Rain, the most beautiful scene one can witness waking up and driving to work with a beautiful drizzle and cool weather to support it.  Dancing in the rain is a must, however with J’s hair condition it is hard to achieve.
  3. Work, well I had to put that in for J as she talks quite alot about work, oh wait did I say talk, no it’s complain and whine and nag, yes that’s about right.  It’s a forbidden thing, even forbidden to mention how she wants to kill the trainee who is the biggest imbecile on this planet since Habla
  4. There is no 4, or wait maybe the Gulf Bank crisis, but then again No I don’t think so.  But then again, Game Over Gulf Bank ;P

And that my dear readers is the forbidden list, if J speaks of those things ever again, consider her neck in a noose waiting for that tiny little chair to be pushed ;P  Better yet a bunch of guns aimed at her ready to take their shot, let’s hope Cheney is not one of the gunsmen.


Gossip Girl (not really but I like it)

Spotted: J in the Avenues

November 1, 2008  |  Kuwait, Spotted

Spotted:  J walking around in the Avenues with her Aunt.  The look of wonder did not leave her face as she realized this is the first time in months to be there.  Last time she was at the Avenues it was around March/April and we are starting November now so you can do the math.

J looks around and finds different things, feels the place is a bit more different, but the people are the same.  Is this the place where many juvenile fights took place?  Is this what Kuwait has become?  ran those thoughts in her little mind.

J enters a couple of shops to check out the merchandise but ends up purchasing just one jacket from Forever 21 and leaving the mall 2 hours later.  Could it be that she has lost all her shopping urges or could it be that no amount of retail therapy can cure her blues?


Gossip Girl

Spotted: White Screen of Doom

October 31, 2008  |  iPhone, Irritated, Spotted

Spotted:  J walking to her car after work.  All of a sudden she feels that her iPhone is starting to slip from her fingers and before she could do anything it actually slips and starts its motion into free falling onto the asphalt of the parking lot.

She watches painfully as she rushes to try and save it before it hits the ground hard, unfortunately she couldn’t catch it in time as it made two hits on the ground.  She watches baffled and unwelcoming the site.  She bends over and picks up the phone noticing scratches and chips here and there on the back plastic part of the phone.  She’s surprised it came with just this as she pushes the SIM Tray back in.

She presses the power button and waits.  She sees the white screen of doom.  The white screen that would give anyone a heart stroke or even a heart attack! She tries to click all over the screen but no response just a white screen.  She panics.

She gets in her car and drives off feeling depressed and sad, tries everything she can think of to bring it back to life.  Although she can receive calls there is nothing displayed there.  It’s just that white screen.

15 minutes later, her uncle calls and his picture is flashing in full on the screen.  It’s back to life! She feels her blood rushing into her heart as she thinks it’s saved again and that she wouldn’t have to go through the agony of ordering another iPhone and using this one as a paper weight.

Unfortunately later on at home it gives the white screen of doom again but after a couple of slaps gets her iPhone back to normal.  I guess a new one is in order now.  Good thing the Euro is down lately.

Jacqui on the Couch

October 27, 2008  |  Spotted

Spotted:  Jacqui  chilling on the couch an hour or so ago, with a bucket of Baskin & Robins’ Icecream (5 scoops of Chocolate Mousse & 5 scoops of Rainbow) and 2 bananas devouring them with a need to fill a void while browsing through the different Showtime Channels until she landed between two channels, ShowSeries Extra, which was showing Desperate Housewives – Season 4, and ShowComedy which was showing The Colbert Report & The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

You could easily see her taking a bite from a banana and following it with a spoon filled with chocolate mousse and rainbow.  The look in her eyes as she slowly devours it is priceless but then again this is her way of dealing with her stressful work life.

Mr. Mercedes SL55 AMG

October 25, 2008  |  Spotted

Spotted: Earlier today a Mercedes SL55 AMG driver trying to speed away in his pretty little car, getting closer and closer to my rear bumper urging me to either speed along or move out of the way.

Well sorry Mr. Mercedes SL55 AMG driver, I will not speed just to appease your need for speed appetite, I maintained my 120km and he shifted to another lane and went right in front of me.

Did that help you much Mr. Mercedes because as I see it, I reached the same stop light as you did and we both stood there for those few minutes, so why do you want me to speed along.

*Note: I like to speed sometimes but it should be because I want to and not because someone behind me is trying to get somewhere faster than possible, that little restaurant or shopping mall you’re trying to get to will still be there, it’s only the time you spend there that might be jeopardized.

[P.S. How could I forget Mr. Mercedes Man pushing forward trying to edge me to the other lane and while doing so, checking his reflection in the rear view mirror, oh and fixing his hair too, why do they always do that? Check themselves out when trying to rush through because I’m too slow for him, he can only think about himself? Hmmmm, ponder that for a moment.]

Her name was Lola!

January 9, 2005  |  Random, Spotted
Mood: Happy :D
Listening to: Barry Manilow – Copa Cobana

Her name was Lola,
She was a showgirl,
With Yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there…
La La La La La La (Me trying to sing the rest LOL!)

Today I come to you with an interesting little story, which might have you laughing and might have you wishing that I never wrote this :P Well here goes:

As I was waiting for my Burger King order in my car, I saw this guy standing next to his jeep with a cigarette watching something underneath his car, I was like “hmm what’s going on?”

I look underneath his jeep and there were two cats underneath there, playing around I guessed, until a second later the bigger cat jumps on the one that was lying down on her tummy and starts to hump her!

I turned to my sister I’m like what the hell hehehe are they screwing? :P She’s like I dunno are they? :P And the guy is just watching them, until all of a sudden I hear the cat underneath meowwing loud LOL :P and I’m like okay they are screwing hehehe..

You would think the pervert would let them be, screwing under his car, yet he unlocked and locked his car and they got scared, the female ran away and started scratching herself against a different car, while the male remained in his spot waiting hehehe I guess he was catching his breathe LOL!

But seriously that was an interesting lesson in how nature works :P Which got me thinking, if cats are doing it doggy-style does that make it catty-style? :r