[Tech Sun] The One with Four Issues

August 26, 2012  |  Tech Sun

It’s true what they say, Ramadan does not boast productivity and therefore it is no wonder that during the month of Ramadan I have refrained from posting my beloved Technology page at Al Watan Daily.  I kept procrastinating and saying “tomorrow, tomorrow” until tomorrow never came.  But since I have some time right now I thought I should share the previous issues. 

A lot of things happened in that past week but the most important thing is the fact that the Apple/Samsung trial has now come to an end on both Californian soil as well as the South Korean one.  In the US, the court ruled in favor of Apple granting them $1.05 billion in damages for patents that were infringed by Samsung (see I told you Samsung is no good!) whereas in the South Korean court both were seen guilty and ordered to pay fines to each other with Apple paying less than Samsung.

You can find the history of the trial documented in my previous pages along with other news I had shared with the world.  I’d like to think that most of you read the actual newspaper and don’t wait for me to put it up but then again dreams are there for a reason.

  • The Beginning of the Trial – August 5, 2012 [Direct Link]
  • A week into the trial – August 12, 2012 [Direct Link]
  • Kenny the Clown has Steve Job’s iPad – August 19, 2012 [Direct Link]
  • The Verdict of the Trial – August 26, 2012 [Direct Link]

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed my small coverage!

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[Tech Sun] The Apple/Samsung Fight Continues

July 31, 2012  |  Tech Sun

In this week’s Technology Sunday at Al Watan Daily, the fight between Apple and Samsung continues in a crucial California trial.  Everything is coming out and everyone is racing around to seek court seals so other companies don’t have their patents revealed to the public. Some might say that this is a petty fight but then again if one doesn’t stand on the grounds that their design was the main blueprint that was copied to make a rival product then what use is there for patent and copyright laws.  The news didn’t stop there because Nokia unveiled their Nokia Asha Touch smartphone range which will be available in Kuwait markets as well as international ones.

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The news week was a bit quiet because well everyone was focused on the latest Mountain Lion release which became available last Wednesday which has been downloaded over 3 million times in the last 4 days.  But wait that’s not it, Samsung unveils their “Angry Birds” app for their Smart TV and Hackers have found new ways to attack Android phones.

App of the week, this week was the “Shahid for iPad” app which I wrote about earlier last week.  All in all, quite a bit has happened in the Technology world and you can read all about it in the Technology Page available every Sunday at Al Watan Daily.

[Tech Sun] The One Where Apple Has to Apologize

July 23, 2012  |  Apple, Tech Sun

A little bit late this week, but better late than never, this week’s Technology Sunday at Al Watan Daily Newspaper features a whole lot of news.  One of the funniest however is the fact that a British judge has ordered Apple to run ads saying that Samsung did not copy their design of the iPad.  The judge, Birss, actually said that Samsung didn’t infringe on Apple’s design patents because its Galaxy Tab tablets are not “as cool” as the US company’s iPad.  Thus, Apple must run an ad on its website and in British newspapers to correct that impression and this ad must remain for at least six months.

The insanely funny thing however, is that cartoonists have taken it to their heart and came up with this comic which literally had me rolling on the floor with laughter. [Source]

A few more interesting bits and pieces can be found summarized below since I want to give you the gist of it without spoiling the reading of the page.

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[Tech Sun] When Chaos Ensues in PC World

July 15, 2012  |  Tech Sun

This week’s edition of Technology Sunday from Al Watan Daily features a lot of stories about breaches of security and malfunctions to PCs (if you had a Mac you wouldn’t be experiencing those :P Hahaha) Anyways, one of the major stories happened when a Symantec (otherwise known as the company that produces Norton Anti-virus) released an anti-virus that basically sent Windows machines crashing.  Symantec disclosed the problem on their website stating that an “update to their widely used Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 and Norton anti-virus software for businesses caused some PCs running Windows XP software to crash repeatedly, showing what is known as the ‘blue screen of death.'” The problem right now happens to be that so far 300 corporate customers have been affected and 60 consumer customers, and the fact that the removal process was time consuming customers requested compensation for the time wasted.  All in all, it wasn’t a good week for Norton’s people.

  The chaos does not stop here, in fact it goes on with the Yahoo breach, in which more than 400,000 Yahoo usernames and passwords were stolen and published online putting everyones websites and emails at risk.  This happened after hackers exploited a vulnerability in Yahoo’s computer systems.  In short it was not a good week for Yahoo as well.  And the fun fact in this story is that the five most popular passwords in leaked list were: “123456”, “password”, “welcome”, and “ninja”, according to an analysis made.  Seriously when are you going to learn at least make the password more complicated like “P@ssw0rd”. Wait click here to read more

[Tech Sun] The Belated Edition

July 10, 2012  |  Tech Sun

So I have been under the weather for the last two days and I’m a little bit late with this week’s edition of Technology Sunday from Al Watan Daily but better late than never.  [Download PDF]

This week we saw a couple of important events one of which an ad alliance and a truce between two major companies Facebook and Yahoo.  They have been waring for a while now over patent infringements as do other companies however they have come to an agreement that did not require the exchange of any cash as they have settled it with an advertising alliance in which both companies expand their advertising onto each others websites.  Sounds like a win-win solution to me.

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[Tech Sun] RIM is in Danger & Spray-on Batteries

July 1, 2012  |  Tech Sun

In this week’s Technology edition over at Al Watan Daily, the news covered a variety of events from the newly discovered spray-on batteries, RIM’s incredibly miserable situation, as well as the newly introduced products by Google.

Let’s start off with RIM otherwise known as the Blackberry maker.  They have entered a fateful stage in their professional journey in which they have lost more and more cash this year than any of their previous years.  Their loss was so drastic that they ended up firing 5,000 people as well as postponing all of their new devices until 2013.  That means no Blackberry 10 phones, that device they thought would save their behinds and make them popular again well nope it’s gone now. They are currently functioning on their cash reserve and you know that they will run out of that soon so let’s see how this whole thing plays out eventually. [Link]

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[Tech Sun] The One with Gigapixel, 3DS LL, etc.

June 25, 2012  |  Tech Sun

Although I’m a day late with this post I think it’s still time to share with you what seems to be the “in” thing in Technology this week at Al Watan Daily.  [PDF Verison] So what’s the scoop this week?

Well simply put (for those of you lazy enough not to actually sit and read the paper) Engineers in the US have built a prototype gigapixel camera the size of a bedside cabinet, which in reality terms is small! Gigapixel for those of you who don’t know it is around 1,000 megapixels and to build a camera out of that would be to make it insanely large because the technology available today doesn’t allow you to have it made smaller. It’s quite fast and “small” in engineer terms and gets the job done but if this were to ever make it into the market it will most likely cost an arm and a leg at a price range between 100,000$ and 200,000$.  (My birthday is this December you have 6 months or less to actually save up and buy me one! Or I’d take the cash :P)

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