The Future of Tablet Gaming

July 7, 2014  |  Gaming, Guest Writers, Techie

Article provided by [Guest Writers from Social Monsters]

Gaming has taken the world of mobile devices by storm, and tablets are no exception. Tablets have swiftly proliferated to a point where they seem to be everywhere; The TabTimes reports there are an estimated 70 million name-brand tablet devices in the hands of American consumers and 300 million name-brand tablet devices worldwide. With tablets in the hands of so many gamers, tablet manufacturers and designers have realized the potential for tablet gaming.

GamingTabletsHere’s what we have to look forward to:

Superpowered Tablets

It doesn’t matter what operating system you currently use, there is a tablet designed for playing games. If you are a Windows tablet user, the Rolls Royce of gaming tablets is the Razer Edge Pro, a powerful tablet outfitted with Windows 8, a 10.1 inch display and 8GB of DDR3 memory. Designed for gamers by gamers, the Razer Edge Pro is streamlined for gaming and has many optional accessories for different titles including clip-on steering wheels and keyboard docks.

Fans of the iOS architecture can turn to the Apple iPad Air with its beautiful 9.7 inch Retina display and access to more than 475,000 apps through the iTunes store. In stark contrast to the Razer Edge Pro, the Apple iPad is nearly a third of the cost and, while not specifically designed for gaming, is still a powerful tablet device capable of many functions. Apple has always been friendly towards gaming on its mobile devices, and game developers have flocked to get their games on the iTunes store.

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[Apple] WWDC14 Brings Us iOS 8 & OS X Yosemite

June 3, 2014  |  Apple, iPad, iPhone, New Products, Techie

Last night, June 2nd was the opening keynote of Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Convention (WWDC) 2014 Edition, this convention being the company’s 25th held special surprises for developers as well as the end user consumer.  Tim Cook took the stage to introduce us to the new Operating System (OS X) Yosemite which was so close to being called OSX Weed :P as well as the iOS 8 both of which will be coming to everyone this Fall and will be available as a free upgrade.


So you’re probably interested in what each update contained, well I will summarize it to the bone (hopefully) and this should be easy for you guys to follow along. Although Tim Cook was the main keynote speaker when it came to announcing the new software products, Craig Federighi was the man of the hour who took to explaining what each OS had in terms of “What’s New” and made us laugh hilariously along the way.

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[Impressions] Rapoo Blade Series Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

May 4, 2014  |  Impressions, Techie

So as you know this past weekend I went to Dubai for a few days and while browsing the electronics stores, especially Jumbo Electronics I stumbled upon the cutest bluetooth keyboard ever.  The Rapoo Blade Series Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard is a work of art.


This keyboard comes equipped with iPad and iPhone hotkeys for easy access as well as other platforms. It has a high performance rechargeable lithium battery which charges to full in just two hours and lasts up to 1 month during its usage. You basically need no wires or cables or anything just a bluetooth connection and you can use it.

After using it for the previous post I found that it was comfortable to use, although a bit cramped in the spacing of the letters and location of some of the keys but I found I wrote 98% of my text without any mistakes at all.

The size of it is just amazing, exactly the height of an iPad mini and very slim so you won’t feel its weight in your bag or when carrying it.

I purchased it for 219 AED (Dirhams) however it is available on for 49.99$ without shipping costs. I recommend it for those of you who want to type more comfortably on tablets and smartphones.

Organize Your Collections With These Time Saving iPhone Apps

April 23, 2014  |  Guest Writers, Techie

[This article was written by a Guest Writer from BlueFire PR]

Your passion for collecting coins, stamps, comics or music has expanded beyond what you can do in a spiral notebook. It’s time to go high-tech. Tap into these apps for your iPhone or iPad and get your collection organized for sale, trade or just to put on display.

Stamp collection

The iPhone 5s from T-Mobile comes loaded with apps, but nothing you can really use for cataloging your collection. There are several apps available from the iTunes store that fall into two categories:

  • General databases
  • Specific databases

General databases can be customized for whatever information you want to keep. While very flexible, these apps don’t come with features made just for coin, movie, book or other specific collections.

Specific databases are designed for your favorite type of collection. These come with features just for your items, such as a coin references or an album cover searches. However, you’ll have little flexibility to add your own fields.

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The Life of a Gadget-aholic & Its Disasters

April 11, 2014  |  I want.., New Products, Techie

By now you must know that I am not your typical girl.  I am the type of girl who is not even remotely interested in getting the latest high-end brand purse or shoes, or even clothes for that matter.   Don’t get me wrong I do like to shop occasionally for some new clothes but its never something insane that I can’t afford or that I will need to save an arm and a leg for.  My money is spent on something else… GADGETS!

You see some of my friends when they are looking for some retail therapy, they head over to the shoe stores or purses or even some jewelry.  I myself scratch all of that out and head to the Electronics store and look for something geeky and interesting.  It’s hard because sometimes, just sometimes I find myself in even more debt just because I want to have that particular gadget and I basically don’t have the amount on hand (especially since I am unemployed and semi-broke).


Want an example?  Well last week Amazon unveiled a new set-top TV box called the Fire TV and granted at the moment I saw it, I was like “Hmmmmmmm, maybe and maybe not” but the price tag attached to it, which was 99$ made me think “What the hell, why not!” and so I am currently waiting on receiving my unit.  I find myself promoting Amazon and its products to the Apple level in my books.  As in, I find myself buying anything and everything Amazon releases simply because “Ohhhhhh that’s shiny!!!!” They say Sagittarians are easily distracted by shiny objects and tend to over spend on traveling and shiny objects, I actually agree.

So will it work in Kuwait, since we all know Amazon has placed some IP restrictions on its services being used outside of the US, I’m not sure but I’m willing to try and find out.  I just find myself drooling and dreaming over new gadgets whether I need them or not, whether I will continue to use them or not, and really let’s just face it, if its not an Apple then there is a 100% chance I will lose interest in a week.

If only Santa were real and could send me every gadget out there for keeps!

P.S. If this is my Father reading, please don’t get mad, I just had to try this one out and it’s really not bad for a 99$ price-point.  It’s not like I’m spending 999999$ :P

[To read more about the Amazon Fire TV check out Engadget's Review]

Know Before You Buy: What Tech Gadgets Put You at Risk?

April 10, 2014  |  Guest Writers, Techie

[This article was written by a Guest Writer from BlueFire PR]

Smartphones that allow us to do our banking with the help of a handy app. iPads that keep us in touch with friends and business associates. Android phones with their wealth of high tech features.

mobile safety

These are just a few of the many technologically advanced gadgets that have rapidly increased in popularity within the past few years. Gone are the days when we had to sit at a desktop computer to do work, or go into a bank to make a deposit. Thanks to these amazing little machines, any table at a Starbucks can double as a place to do banking and any chair at the beach can be a good place to catch up on work related emails.

Unfortunately, our quest for convenience does come with a price. These advanced gadgets that make our lives easier do have a more sinister side: an increased risk of identity theft. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, almost 17 million people over the age of 16 became victims of identity theft in 2012. In order to help prevent this from happening, it’s important to know which devices come with the biggest risks to security, and how we can take the necessary steps to prevent identity theft.

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[TV Shows] Silicon Valley is Coming Soon…

March 3, 2014  |  Mid-Season 2014, Techie, TV

One of HBO’s newest comedies will be titled “Silicon Valley” brought to you by Mike Judge which talks basically about the inner-workings of tech campus playgrounds in Northern California.  This show will be premiering April 6th and will feature some familiar faces from old shows some cancelled and some ended but it looks to be promising.


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