Love the Earth, Love Green Gadgets

December 13, 2013  |  Guest Writers, Techie

The US Department of Energy reports the average American household owns 25 consumer electronic devices that are left plugged in and draining energy while not in use. To add to the fire, Americans own billions of electronic products that end up in landfills when used or unwanted, leaching toxins and wasting valuable recyclable materials.


A good way to stop contributing to e-waste and cut your vampire energy is with green gadgets made from sustainable materials instead of plastic or with new technologies that lower your electricity use while you enjoy your tech toys. If you like your gadgets and have them plugged in all over the house, you might want to compare energy rates for utilities in your area to see if you would do better with a different provider.

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What Makes a Gaming Laptop?

November 19, 2013  |  Guest Writers, Techie

Geeks, gamblers and gamers: get rid of your gear. No, seriously, do it.

If you’re a part of the gaming community who all want the best laptops for what online gaming has to offer, you might want to think about trading in, and upgrading.

There are at least four crucial areas that a highly-functional gaming laptop should perform reliably in — speed, portability, looks, and extra functions. It’s the Usain Bolt-meets Sports Illustrated model-meets MIT geek package deal that all gamers want.

What you choose can depend on what you like more, however. Bigger screens mean less portability. Lots of memory means you’ll need a strong battery life and good memory storage. Because there is no perfect laptop (yet), settling on one laptop that does something really well might mean you sacrifice something else that isn’t as superior.


Razer Blade 14″ is the World’s Thinnest Gaming Laptop

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Advances in Mobile Technology Driving the Video Games of Today

October 24, 2013  |  Guest Writers, Techie

Just a short few years ago, you could only play a video game on a console system or handheld Gameboy. Nintendo ruled the video game world with their cute and cuddly Mario-esque characters and Mario-inspired game worlds. But time marched on and technology advanced, and with those advancements came stronger processors. Small enough to fit into our telephones, they turned our phones into handheld computers, and today we can’t seem to function without them. Now games are produced with the express intent of playing them on our phones—or, “mobile devices,” as they’re often referred to now. Let’s look at what’s hot in mobile gaming right now.

‘Infinity Blade III’

Apple recently trumped their competition by upgrading their iPhone 5s with a 64-bit processor. This gives them a leg up on future development of next-gen games to play on our phones, as well of the development of phone apps that could take advantage of that extra processing power. Chair Entertainment’s newest offering, “Infinity Blade III,” is one example of a new game that’s going to take advantage of the power of Apple’s 5s.

“Infinity Blade III” is the final chapter in the game’s trilogy, and it takes full advantage of everything the 5s has to offer. Apple’s 64-bit processor easily shows off the games blazing graphics and depth-of-field renderings, and the game’s vignettes look awesome on the 5s’ full-screen mode.

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Is Google Chromecast Worth the Purchase?

October 1, 2013  |  Guest Writers, Techie

Google Chromecast has unleashed the biggest shopping stampede since the iPad, selling out within a day of its release and triggering false rumors of shipping delays until October. Homeowners who haven’t placed an order may be wondering whether their family is missing out on the latest entertainment revolution or whether the frenzy is just sales hype. Is Google’s latest technological toy really worth getting? To answer this, it helps to know what Chromecast does, what it doesn’t do, how it stacks up to competitors, and whether it’s a better buy.

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Kobo Announced New Kobo eReader Lineup

September 12, 2013  |  Books, eReaders, Techie

Last week, just two days before Amazon announced the release of their new Kindle Paperwhite, Kobo opened the curtain on their new eReaders for this upcoming year.  Before I get to naming the devices and their features I’d like to note one thing, I recently jumped on the Kobo bandwagon earlier this year because a dear friend of mine (@NadaFaris) kept on insisting that Kobos kicked every Kindle to the curb and I thought what better way to judge than to try the two platforms out.  Personally, I fell in love with the easy and fun operating system which the Kobo uses, you see it’s more interactive and stuff.  There are Reading Awards to be achieved with everything you do on the Kobo device.  When you turn off the unit, the book cover of the current book you’re reading is right there on the display taunting you and wanting you to come back and finish the remaining percentage of the book.  Ordering books is easier than the Kindle in that it doesn’t want you to be a US user or UK user, you can pretty much be anywhere in the world and use it.  It’s just that easier.

Kobo eReaders

Back to the point, the press event which took place at the end of August revealed a ‘Pocket’ integration on all its eReader products.  ‘Pocket’ is basically an app which allows you to save articles from around the web to read later on a multitude of different devices, now Kobo’s eReaders can do that. A reading-centric mode has been added to the tablets in order to give users a distraction free environment to reading a book, with this there will be no notifications, easier colors to read and simply a ‘Do Not Disturb’ experience.

Once that announcement was out of the way Kobo unveiled their three new eReaders:

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[Apple Event] New iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C Announced

September 10, 2013  |  Apple, iPhone, New Products, Techie

A short while ago, just a few minutes ago the Apple Event of September wrapped up and we saw the unveiling of a few new products (well only the major one the #iPhone).  Tim Cook took the stage to run through some numbers earlier today before the main event took place.  The most important announcements that were revealed were:


  • iOS 7 will be available as a free download on Wednesday Sept. 18 and is compatible with iPhone 4 onwards, iPad 2 onwards, iPad mini, and 5th generation iPod touch.
  • iWork & iLife apps are now available free with every iOS device purchase (those include Keynote, Pages, Numbers, iMovie, iPhoto)
  • Infinity Blade III will be available to purchase in the App Store on Sept. 20.
  • iPhone 5C  – Pre-Order starts Friday September 13, Ships September 20.
  • iPhone 5S – Order starting September 20

Let’s talk a bit more about the bits and pieces announced, shall we?

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Amazon Unveils New Kindle Paperwhite & Kindle Matchbook

September 9, 2013  |  New Products, Techie

Amazon announced last weekend the next generation of the Kindle Paperwhite in which they upgraded minor things that could mean a smoother device for its end-users.  Although it is mostly a hardware upgrade the important announcement which I found interesting came in the form of the newly announced “Kindle Matchbook“.  Simply put, if you ever purchased actual physical books from Amazon you will soon be able to purchase the same items for your Kindle at virtually no cost.  Similar to their previous “Auto-Rip” program launched a while back you would receive an AmazonMP3 version of an album you previously purchased.  In this case the Kindle version of some Paperback books or Hardcovers will either be free or range between 0.99$ – 2.99$.

Over 10,000 books will be available via Kindle Matchbook when it launches in October, and your entire order history will qualify for discounted Kindle Books.  Only books that were purchased new will count towards MatchBook however (which means will be offered completely free).  I can’t wait because this means I will actually have two copies of my books and my Kindle will actually be my moving library!

Kindle Paperwhite

What’s new?

  •  Higher Contrast e-Ink display
  • Faster processor for improved page turning and book opening
  • Redesigned built-in light
  • Touch-screen has been improved as well
  • Integration with Goodreads
  • Kid-friendly mode called Free Time
  • Expansion of the X-Ray feature which now uses a full dictionary and Wikipedia in the “Smart Lookup” tool

What’s the same?

  • Form factor is just like the previous generations except it is a bit lighter

The device is available for Pre-Order on Amazon and ships September 30th for 119$ with Special Offers or 139$ without Special offers. Personally, I won’t be grabbing this model as I have the previous generation and its fine with me.

Features of Kindle MatchBook?

  • Kindle Editions at a great price: Amazon customers who purchase or have purchased qualifying print books can get the Kindle edition for prices that are typically $2.99, $1.99, $0.99, or free.
  • For book purchases dating back to 1995: Print purchases from 1995 will qualify once a publisher enrolls a title in Kindle MatchBook
  • Easy Discovery: Readers can easily look up their entire print book order history to discover which of their past purchases are enrolled in Kindle MatchBook.

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