[Events] Samsung Electronics Opens in Al Hamra Tower

April 26, 2013  |  Events, Techie

This past Wednesday (April 24) I was invited to attend the official opening of the Samsung Electronics store in Al Hamra Tower, you may have visited the other branch in the Grand Avenues however they are not run by the same company.  Al Hamra Tower is being run by Wahran and thus this opening featured the attendance of the Korean Management (unfortunately I do not have the names of the individuals however feel free to enjoy the images below).

Samsung Al Hamra 1

The Samsung store is reputed to be the largest Electronics store in Al Hamra tower featuring Samsung Electronics (whereas the Grand Avenues is mainly focused on Mobile Electronics).  If you are looking for a brand new Samsung Series laptop, Samsung camera, mobile phones, tablets, etc then be sure to visit them in the Al Hamra tower on the Mezzainane level (right across from Magnolia’s Bakery).

The Korean Samsung Management with Al Hamra CEO Mr. Al Othman

The Korean Samsung Management with Al Hamra CEO Mr. Al Othman

Samsung Al Hamra 7

When in Kuwait, do as the Kuwaitis do…

Samsung Electronics opens daily in Al Hamra Tower.

[Technology] BlackBerry Z10 vs. iPhone 5

January 22, 2013  |  Apple, Blackberry, Techie

Yes many of you will find that I might be committing a felony by mentioning BlackBerry devices on my blog and that I am a sell out for abandoning my beloved Apple devices but you should understand one thing, I love all technology, whether it is an Apple device, Microsoft, BlackBerry, Google, whatever it is, the fact that they are electronic gadgets will interest me and will make me want to try them out, it’s what the device can do to ‘wow’ me is what will influence my decision.

I stumbled upon the above seen video while trolling the internet for my daily ‘technology’ fix and although most of it is in German, you can pretty much get the gist of it.  You see in less than 2 weeks BlackBerry will finally attempt to rejoin the technology world with their newly launched BlackBerry 10 devices and will attempt to battle for their old place in the Cellphone Operating System race which they have lost recently to the existing iOS and Android Operating Systems.  A while back, Bensirri invited me to attend a sneak peak at the new BlackBerry 10 OS and it intrigued me, had me wishing to try out the device but at the same time I just felt that it was a little too late for them to jump right back in.

Their main selling points with the BB10 system is the revamped ‘keyboard’ in which its insanely smart that it will detect what you’re going to write simply by typing the first letter.  Not to mention it’s iOS and Android-like features a ‘Siri’ type of feature which rivals the speed of the iPhone and what not.  There are many features available but none of which are officially announced in regards to the actual BB10 devices to be released but once they do, I will definitely mention them.

My interest is definitely heightened when viewing the video, will this be a winner, only time will tell.  Let’s just hope it’s not another coaster-holder device like the BlackBerry PlayBook was.


[Amazon] 2012 Kindle Family Unveiled

September 7, 2012  |  Kindle, New Products, Techie

The day has arrived which most book-lovers (or in this case e-Book lovers) have been waiting for! The day Amazon unveiled their latest lineup for their Kindle reader family.  We noticed the launch of 6 different Kindle devices and each had a special something which set it apart from the rest.  If you were following me on Twitter earlier this evening you might have noticed me flooding you with constant tweets about the happenings of the event, for once there wasn’t a flood of updates from other users who wanted to join in on a “habba” maybe it’s because the Kindle is not insanely popular in this region or maybe because we don’t have a lot of readeres here!

Anyways Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO of Amazon took the stage today and unveiled what they’ve been working on these past few months something which left me craving new e-Book readers and finding a way to justify my acquiring them.  We were finally given a glimpse at the Kindle Paperwhite which is Amazon’s way of firing back at Barnes & Noble’s Nook; then an updated regular Kindle which saw a 10$ price cut; an updated Kindle Fire, and the unveiling of the Kindle Fire HD 7″ and 8.9″ models.  Both the Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire HD come in Wifi Only and 3G models. So let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

Wait click here to read more

What’s Happening in Technology September

September 3, 2012  |  Apple, Techie

So September has finally graced upon us and we have only a quarter part of the year to go, wait did that make sense? Bah well we’ve got only 4 months left until 2012 is officially over and September/October has been dubbed the new iPhone time! (woot woot!) I organized the upcoming technology press conferences into a tiny schedule aimed at reminding me more than anything to keep an eye out for a new child to adopt.

Things I am insanely looking forward to acquiring by the end of this year, the new iPhone (yes it will be called that so get over it!), the new iPad mini (not sure about the name), and possibly a new Kindle if it is insanely sexy and enticing the rest well is not just for me.

Upcoming events are:

  • Berlin IFA: Consumer Electronics Show: Aug 31 – Sept 5
  • Nokia/Windows 8 Press Conference: Sept 5
  • Motorola Press Conference: Sept 5
  • Amazon Press Conference: Sept 6
  • Apple Press Conference: Sept 12

What are you looking forward to? Tell me tell me!  Oh and my Steve Jobs doll should be here in time before the Apple Press Conference (Booooh Yaaaaaa!)

ZDistrict’s Google Nexus Review

July 23, 2012  |  Android, Reviews, Techie

My gadget buddy in crime Marzouq (@Z_District) has literally furnished his “Dark Side’s Apartment” (also known as the Android Loser Side) and has pre-ordered the Google Nexus the moment it was announced.  Needless to say he spent the last 3-4 weeks waiting for his new toy to arrive (just as I was spending the same time waiting for my new child) and it hit his hands this past weekend.  He spent a few hours with the tablet and discovered a few things.

In his review, he gives you the pro’s and con’s as to what he thinks the device has or lacks in comparison to the iPad but not really in a fully detailed comparison.  He is enjoying it’s thinness, lightness, and ease of use especially since he has already experienced the new OS Jelly Bean on his Galaxy Nexus.  I will stop rambling here and point you to where you can definitely read more and enjoy his review.

He’s like the anti-me, the one with a green face!

[Read Marzouq's Review Here]

Proud Dreamhoster for 5 Years

July 20, 2012  |  Deals, Techie

Back in January 2007 I officially started my move from a previous domain (Rubduckie.com) to my current one (Couchavenue.com) and with that I started using a new hosting service, Dreamhost, because the one I was with previously got so annoying.  At the time I benefited from some amazing coupons that allowed me to get a huge discount on the one year subscription and now I figured many of you out there will probably want to shift from a free website to buying your own hosting and domain. The option I recommend to everyone is “Dreamhost” they’re great, they’re quick to answer your questions, and they offer you an insane amount of space and bandwidth as well.


They have an awesome offer out right now in which every referred customer I send their way, and by referral all you need to do is click on the links in this post and sign up that way they’ll know you came from my side, I will get some cash back and for every customer you send to them I will get $5, this offer is valid until September 17th and well when you become a customer of theirs you too can make the same amount of cash back. Not only that but because I have created my own PROMO code I now can offer you a discount to their annual subscription!

  • To subscribe to Dreamhost with a 1 year plan instead of paying 119.40$, I have given you an almost 15% discount in which you pay only 100$.
  • To subscribe to Dreamhost with a 2 year plan instead of paying 214.80$, I have given you an almost 15$ discount as well in which you pay 182$.
All you have to do is enter this PROMO CODE: [COUCHAVENUE12]

So what are you waiting for? Want your own domain name and hosting service, sign up with Dreamhost!

Dropbox expands, Tweetbot premieres & more

July 14, 2012  |  Android, Apple, Apps, iPad, iPhone Apps, Techie

There seems to be an insane amount of technology news today that I felt needed to share with you and so I have compiled the best of the best in this little humble post.

I. Dropbox Expands Available Pro Plans

A few days ago Dropbox has decided to reward their faithful Pro subscribers by doubling their storage.  Those of you who have purchased the 50GB Yearly package for 99$ a year now have 100GB and those who purchased 100GB for 199$ a year get 200GB!

What is “Dropbox”? It is an online storage system sort of like iCloud, Google Drive, Box.net, and more.  You can store your photos, documents, and videos.  Actually any kind of file and be able to share some with friends and family.  It’s literally like having a USB flash drive on the cloud.  Accessible from any browser or device with the app installed.

I was one of the lucky ones who got the extra 50GB and because I test drove the HTC One X a while back I got 23GB for free (for 2 years) and when I got the Samsung Galaxy SIII I got another 48GB for free (for 2 years) as well in total right now I have a whole shitload of Dropbox space (175GB) and I am happy! [Source]

II. “Tweetbot” Arrives on Your Mac in Alpha Mode

For those of you who are familiar with the “Tweetbot” app on your iPhone and iPad then you will definitely feel at home with the new “Tweetbot” app available for Mac.  You can now experience additional power which you don’t get from the “Twitter for Mac” app such as being Retina-ready for the MacBook Pro, not to mention being able to check retweets of your content, mute chatty poeple or hashtags (works for Ramadan when the Dewaniya starts again), and seriously just get more control.  If you are still interested then be sure to download the alpha (it’s not even in beta mode) which has a few features missing (iCloud collaboration, Mountain Lion’s Notification Center,etc) and will probably be buggy a bit.  [Download here] [Read Quick Hands On by Engadget Here]

III. “Amazing Alex” Debuts on iTunes App Store

Brought to you by Rovio Mobile, the creators of “Angry Birds” and more this new app will be as addictive as the Birds were.  You basically have to solve puzzles and gather points.  I personally tried it and fell in love with it.  Trying to make the ball fall in the basket is quite a hard task makes you think.  I guess managers, supervisors, parents, spouses and literally anyone all over the world will lose loved ones to this new app. [Source]

IV. Nexus 7 Pre-orders Start Shipping


Google celebrated the fact that they started shipping the Nexus 7 pre-orders with a rhyme a la Dr. Suess style on twitter.  So for the Marzouq’s, Frankom’s, and Qortuba’s of the world I think you can now rest assured that your new toys will be arriving soon! [Source]