Want to Watch Live US TV? You Can!

April 27, 2012  |  Apps, Hot, Techie, TV

I can’t believe this! As I was going through my Google Reader articles I came across one from Gizmodo stating that you can now use your iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad) as well as your Android devices to watch LIVE TV! From a number of countries around the world!

All you have to do really is visit this link: http://ioslivetv.com

And you will be able to watch channels from the US, UK, France, and other countries! I immediately hopped on and tried it of course it took a while to stream for me at first but after I activated my VPN I was able to get it working! I guess tonight I will be able to watch real live US TV without having to wait for the downloads to be out!

So excited! It’s “The Vampire Diaries” Thursday afterall! Woot Woot!

I just had to, you know I love me some Damon Salvatore, aka Ian Somerhalder, aka the hot piece lying down on Elena (Nina Dobrev’s) lap! Ohhh la la!

[Events] Wataniya Give Kuwait Exhibition

April 15, 2012  |  Events, Food, Techie

On Thursday April 12th 2012, Wataniya launched their “Give Kuwait” exhibition in which they showcased a number of small businesses in hope to give them exposure and build them up to be something awesome.  The exhibition is located in Mishref International Fair Grounds in Hall 4B and will run from the Thursday the 12th of April until Monday the 16th of April.


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[New Apple] The ‘new’ iPad has been announced!

March 8, 2012  |  Apple, Hot, I want.., iPad, New Products, Techie

The main focus of the event was the “new iPad” which is the official name as we were all wrong, it’s not the “iPad 3″ nor the “iPad HD” it’s just plain “new iPad.” This beast brings plenty of new features to the table while maintaining the beautiful existing design! You know the saying “If it ain’t broke, no need to fix it!” And seriously with the redesign of the “iPad 2″ last year there was no need to drastically change the design of the new one, the only difference you will see is a slightly heavier frame by a mere few grams. The new dimentions are 9.4 mm thin and 1.4 lbs heavy.

Screen shot 2012 03 07 at 11 32 37 PM

So what was new in the announcement? Here is a short check list of all the features and as you all know I will be definitely WANTING me a sexy new beast! Somewhere in China a little kid is building my future child, and that child will be adopted into my existing cult of sexy Apple beasts!

  1. Retina Display: The iPad has an amazing display which makes everything look crisper and more lifelike, text is now razor sharp and colors are more vibrant. This baby now has 3.1 million pixels which is more than what your HDTV would have and the screen resolution is at 2048 x 1536. Just pure delicious!
  2. A5X Processor: To support that amazing display one has to have a powerful machine and therefore the processor performs 4 times faster than the existing iPad 2 processor and can even be more insane than NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processor.
  3. iSight Camera: The camera has been upgraded to feature a 5-megapixel iSight camera with advanced optics, a backside illumination sensor, auto white balance, and face detection for awesome images.  Think having your iPhone 4 with the camera capabilities of the iPhone 4S ! Auto-focus is also included to produce those amazing photos.  For all of you who use your iPad 2 as a camera now you can truly call it a camera!
  4. 1080P Video Recording: You can now have amazing high definition video that is stabilized, has temporal noise reduction and just compliments the retina display of this sexy beast.  Video recording will just be awesome!
  5. Voice Dictation: One of the best features of Siri is the fact that you can dictate what you want to her and she would type it up for you.  Well the new “iPad” will have that in which it will be your virtual secretary.  Voice dictation is available in US English, British, Australian, French, German, and Japanese.
  6. 4G LTE: You are now unleashed to enjoy the ultra fast 4G networks (although they are not fully avaiable in Kuwait) you can now experience the high speed internet as it has 21 Mbps HSPA+ and DC-HSDPA at 42Mbps, with LTE taking the cake at 73Mbps.  In simple terms, this baby is uber fast!
  7. Personal Hotspot: That’s not all, now you can hot-spot your new iPad and share your internet with your nearby devices!

This “new iPad” will be available for pre-order starting today and will ship and be available in stores on March 16th (just as I predicted earlier today after reading some news).  The prices remain the same however the “iPad 2″ will still be available in a 16GB model with a 100$ decrease.  The new pricing table will be as follows:

iPad 2: 16GB (Wifi) $399, 16GB (3G) $529

New iPad (Wifi Only): 16GB $499, 32GB $599, and 64GB $699

New iPad (4G LTE): 16GB $629, 32GB $729, and 64GB $829

Pre-order yours today [Link]


Also, introduced was iPhoto for iPad and an update for Garage band, iMovie and iWork.  iPhoto for iPad offers you a bunch of photo editing and comparison features, including auto-enhancements such as straightening photos and fixing contrast.  Brush palettes offer a number of editing tools such as red-eye removal, lighten, sharpen, soften and darken.  iPhoto for iPad can handle images up to 19 megapixels. It’s available today and priced at $4.99.

In short, that was mostly everything that Apple announced today among other games that will be available soon, of which I’m looking forward to “Infinity Blade: Dungeons“.

[New Apple] Apple TV announced featuring 1080P Sexiness

March 7, 2012  |  Apple, New Products, Techie

Apple has just announced the launch of their brand new Apple TV which now supports 1080p and has a redesigned UI (User Interface) to show just that.

Appletvmain menumoviesus onlyprint

Among the new features in this tiny beast is that:

  1. 1080P Video
  2. New UI that brings you closer to iOS but still no iOS also 1080P
  3. New third party apps that includes: Photo Stream, Netflix, Flickr, and YouTube
  4. Improved connectivity to iCloud (including your Movie Content)
  5. Genius is now for your Movies as well

It’s available on March 16th (you can pre-order one today) for the price of $99.

What’s different in Apple TV 2012 than Apple TV 2010?

Screen shot 2012 03 07 at 11 35 35 PM

Thanks to Engadget this table clearly illustrates what is different and what’s new.

[Software] Blackberry PlayBook 2.0 Update is Available NOW

February 21, 2012  |  Blackberry, Software, Techie

I know I’m an Apple freak but last year I got seduced by the Blackberry Playbook and I actually purchased one from Omaha Nebraska while visiting my sister.  Unfortunately I got bored of it quickly as it didn’t give me much functionality and hence it was lost in my room until I found it underneath a pile of books.

Well guess what?

Today, right now, the 2.0 Update is available which will magically transfer your Playbook into something else (I keep fearing I will write Playboy but then again I might not tehehe).

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