Sweet Home Kuwait

February 18, 2008  |  Travel Log 08

I’m back idiots! I’m back home in Kuwait!  It was a long flight, and tiring.  The funny thing was that the plane was almost half empty.  On my way out of Missouri I had to take a bus all the way to St Louis and since I had not slept at all I chose that time to sleep while it was raining cats and dogs outside.  I then got to St Louis and did all the check in stuff which broke my back and then headed to my gate and sat there, connected for a bit and wrote the previous post and that was it for there.

Washington DC was where I spent 5 hours waiting for my flight if not a bit longer.  It was a long wait but in the end I spent it watching an episode of Las Vegas and talking to some friends before boarding the plane.  The hellish flight I’ve had, it was quite LONG! almost 12 hours to Kuwait non-stop and I was getting tired.  Luckily the seat next to me was empty so I could stretch out a bit but it still hurt.  I watched “Elizabeth I: The Golden Age” and “Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium” it was fun.  Anyways I am feeling exhausted I think it’s bed time for me.

Everyone is excited that I’m back they all missed me.  My loudness really does pay off doesn’t it?

Happy Chocolate Days!

February 17, 2008  |  Travel Log 08

The past two days have been crazy for me, ever since Valentine’s Day it’s just going crazy because I was leaving so soon. Currently I am at the airport in Missouri waiting for my flight which leaves in an hour or so. So as I said before Valentine’s Day was a day I dated myself and spent it with only me but later on with the girls as well. We wanted to celebrate that day but for some reason they all had tests/papers to turn in the next day and it was really hard to plan around that so what we did was postpone the celebration to Friday. Our Crazy Friday!


Fee and I were out preparing stuff for the gathering, while Dee prepared herself and S too. We were to dress formally in nice dresses and have a nice dinner at S’s, I chose Osaka – a Japanese restaurant that makes the most amazing SHRIMP ever! And later on we would have dessert. Earlier on, I had gotten Fee a Chocolate Fountain as a V-day gift since I got everyone else something so we decided what better way to celebrate than with a Chocolate fondue session hehe and off we went to grab the fruits, cookies, marshmallows and chocolate of course for it. Of course whatever I write about this day won’t do it justice because we literally went crazy.


We first had the dinner, which was delicious! Then the chocolate where we literally were flying off the walls enjoying it. And afterwards we thought what better way to end the night than to go watch a movie, and so off we went to see Step Up 2 which by the way they ABSOLUTELY LOVED!


We headed back to S’s because Fee had organized some activities for us, like designing our shirts and stuff hehe but we kind of fell asleep mid-way or Dee and Fee did, while S and I sat watching “The Da Vinci Code” until we fell asleep in the early morning hours. It was truly one crazy day!


Yesterday however was even more crazy hehehe what with finalizing the packing and then going out to the Les Bourjeouis Winery where I had a steak dinner and later on going back home. It was insanely fun because we left from S’s house to go to the Winery. Later on in the evening we went to iHop for a late dinner and back home we went. I tried to sleep but I couldn’t. However I did get an hour or so on the bus ride to here. I guess that’s it for now. Next post from Washington or Kuwait.

P.S. I’m missing them already!

The One Where I Dated Myself

February 15, 2008  |  Travel Log 08

Today’s Episode in “Just Jacqui” or “Jacqui’s World” or even “Jacqui’s Couch” we see Jacqui getting off the couch not early enough but still just in time to get dressed and beautify herself to go on a date.


With herself.

What with Valentine’s Day and all, everyone was busy with the major exams and papers that are due on Friday none of her sisters or friends were available to hang out and today was the day that “Step Up 2: The Streets” was being released. So what does little Miss Jacqui do? She gets dressed and goes out all by herself to catch an early showing of the movie. She goes in to see the 2:30pm showing of the movie! Very early, where the theatre was filled with only 2 boy-girl couples and 1 boy boy couple. Jacqui just sat there with her medium sized tub of Extra Buttered Popcorn and her Coke! It was such a great movie, she sort of danced a little in the seat and loved all the songs and dances that were featured! She’s just a sap for good hip hop music!

The movie ended and she got ready to leave. She wanted to visit Kohl’s today and Walmart to run an errand but she thought that going by Village Books, a local used bookstore would be even more fun so she heads there and spends almost an hour finding books but ends up walking out with just one, the gas was pretty low so she rushes to a nearby gas station to fill her up (the car that is)! Now she’s ready to tackle Walmart and Kohl’s but unfortunately she gets lost trying to find the way there, so she gives up and goes to Macy’s instead where she grabs a pair of belts to wear with her new skirt that she bought. Rue 21 was next door and she didn’t mind stopping there and checking out their “Green Day Sale”. After making a few calls to the girls she realized where she went wrong and headed back to Kohl’s and got her little sister Lilo an adorable dress or two. Walmart was the next place where she finally finally treated herself to some STRAWBERRIES! Yes Strawberries on Valentine’s Day, the cliche!

Finally she grabbed herself dinner from Fuddruckers, did you notice how she did not have anything all day but butter and coke, yes Fudds was her first actual meal of the day. And headed back to S’s to meet the girls. And that my friends is how Jacqui went out with herself.

P.S. She makes a great date! Doesn’t mind spoiling herself!

A Day All By Myself

February 14, 2008  |  Travel Log 08

One of the first days I spent on my own. I had a few things scheduled to do for myself but instead I did other stuff or half of my list hehe, it was quite fun and I accomplished quite a lot. Of the places that I went out to were:

  • Toys R Us: To pick out toys for my cousins and little sister, ironically enough didn’t find anything that I liked for them.
  • Circuit City: Just because I love to go there and look around at the different electronics. I ended up buying a Nintendo DS game for Toons and Full House DVDs for Lilo, as well as a small portable HD for myself. I had to spoil myself and tomorrow being Valentine’s Day I think I should’ve gotten myself a card to go along with it hehe!
  • Columbia Mall: I visited the mall to do some last minute shopping, well to return something I bought a week ago and that led me to buy a tiny bit more. But I ended up at Target, where I got my little sister the most adorable clothes and sleepwear! I visited the Bookstore and bought Sister #4 some last minute stuff. I wanted to get Daddy something but he would’ve yelled at me probably for buying it hehe so I didn’t get it. I had a pizza slice at Sbarro’s to tide me over for the rest of the shopping trip.
  • Home: To drop off the things I bought.
  • S’s House: To have dinner and just hang out while they studied. I was watching “Just My Luck” but was cut from watching the rest of it, but I did catch “Cashmere Mafia”.

The time spent here is almost ending and I think I am starting to feel it, tomorrow’s plans are quite intense I believe, but I will enjoy my time. I am glad that I will have a week to recuperate from this trip at home hehe and I’m glad to spend it all visiting family and friends. I miss them all hehe and after shopping for Lilo I realized how much I miss her!

P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day Suckers :P

Time Runs Out Too Quickly

February 13, 2008  |  Travel Log 08

I liked the way I updated last time about my trip so I thought I might do it again and this time I have less stuff to report about since most of my shopping is already done. But before I get to that, I’d like to point out to a few things. First of all, I fixed the way the posts are displayed on the page now you get to see the actual post and no longer the small boxed ones and that’s a great improvement it was sort of a pet peeve for me after a while of seeing them down there. Second of all, I fixed the subscription part, now when you subscribe to get emails it’ll be my actual posts and not the place where I got the theme from. Finally, the color of the background is lighter now and more welcoming I believe. A new graphic would probably be ready by the time I come home so be on the watch out for that then :) Now let’s get to what I’ve done these past few days:

Feb 10th – I woke up late at S’s house since we spent the night there and had a nice late breakfast/lunch. We spent most of the day there then headed back home where we just sat and cleaned a bit and then slept. I watched TV of course, and ordered Pizza Hut for dinner since I was craving the greasiness!

Feb 11th – Not much happened, it was snowing and cold outside, raining Sleet and snowing at the same time. So that put a damper on all activities, and I ended up staying at home. Lunch I guess was non-existant oh wait no Fee made me a late breakfast/lunch and later on in the evening Dee got us some McDonalds. The net went down for most of the night from 10pm all the way to the next day so we got to sleep in I guess.

Feb 12th – Still snowing a bit, but more flurries rather than actual snow. I booked an appointment to have a nice haircut and so when the time came Fee and I went. I finally am happy with my haircut. It’s exactly the way I want it to be and so that’s great. Fee went to the gym and I took her car to get me a late lunch/dinner from Olive Garden. I missed the pasta and to be honest they’re the only people here I see that can make a great Chicken Alfredo. And here I am about to fall asleep. That’s basically about it.

Review: Fool’s Gold

February 13, 2008  |  Movies, Reviews, Travel Log 08

Last Friday marked the day that “Fool’s Gold” marked it’s premiere at different movie theatres all around the States, and luckily for us, S and Dee had reserved us tickets to see it as a gift to Dee on her birthday.  At first I was quite reluctant about the movie since I don’t like either actor that much but I decided to give it a shot.  And I was not disappointed! I actually loved this movie quite alot, it’s got the right amount of comedy, romance, and adventure and I really would love to see it one more time.


“Fool’s Gold” basically tells the story of Ben “Finn” Finnegan, a good natured, immature, treasure obsessed hunter.  His obsession lies with finding the legendary 18th century Queen’s Dowry – 40 chests filled with exotic treasure that was lost at sea back in 1715.  His obsession led him to sink and destroy his marriage to Tess and his trusty boat.   Tess had started to rebuild her life and decided that divorcing Finn is the solution to all of that.  But things take an interesting turn when Finn stumbles upon the treasure.  The adventure then begins involving a billionaire named Nigel Honeycutt, his celbutante daughter, Gemma, and the friends and enemies of Finn.  It kept you on the edge of your seat at times and you couldn’t help but fall in love with the movie a little bit yourself.


Review: Over Her Dead Body

February 13, 2008  |  Movies, Reviews, Travel Log 08

The day that I went to see “Meet the Spartans” with Dee, S and Fee came along but hated that type of movies hence they decided to go into “Over Her Dead Body” while we watched the other movie.  We asked them afterwards how was the movie and they said it was amazing! That it was better than “27 Dresses”.  So Dee and I decided to go see “Over Her Dead Body” on our own this one night.  Ironically enough, I think that if I go see that movie a second time it will be “over my dead body!” Not that it was terrible, I just loved “Meet the Spartans” more and that was a lame movie to begin with.


“Over Her Dead Body” stars Eva Longoria Parker,  Paul Rudd, Lake Bell, and Jason Biggs.  It’s basically a non-classic love story, since boy met girl and was about to marry girl but on their wedding day girl DIES! So the story takes place a year later where said boy has not moved on and his sister arranges for him to meet with a psychic to give him some closure on the whole experience.  Evidently the psychic and boy start falling in love and dead girl starts to wreak havoc on the psychic’s life.  All in all it’s not that typical of a story but it was filled with cliche’s that you couldn’t help but glance at the time every few minutes.  So I didn’t like it that much, but then again others might like it.