Good Morning New York!

May 12, 2015  |  My Life, Travel

It’s that time of the year again, I’m back in the city where I pretty much leave my heart in! I’m back in New York! The Big Apple! Gosh darnit every time I’m back I feel as if I’m going back to paradise really, a dirty smelly one sometimes but still its gorgeous and fun to be in!


New York to me is what London is to some of you.  I like the busy streets, the concrete pavements, the insane amount of awesome shops and pretty much everything else!  This time wasn’t that much different I arrived around 4-5pm and finished with the immigration as well as baggage claim, headed to my sisters place where we then headed out to my favorite restaurant in NYC!

Max Brenners! I love that chocolate shop and it’s really a magical place for me, I usually have the Brenner Burger or the Penne Alfredo pasta when I’m there but a must have is the Classic European Chocolate fondue simply because who can say no to chocolate!


I wanted to catch a movie that night but I thought maybe I should tone myself down a bit.  For this trip I have a bunch of movies on my list to watch, I’ll be sharing that within the upcoming posts and who knows I might share some other things that I like about this city.  This really is to remind me of how awesome this city is and to bring back my “Travel Log” days.  I know I’m insanely lazy about this place but hey I’ve got a new medium to type on and use to share my thoughts so maybe I’ll be sharing more stuff!

Lighten Up! 4 Packing Tips for Your Next Trip

February 25, 2015  |  Guest Writers, Travel

Since its a nice long holiday weekend I thought it best to share some funky tips provided to me by a Guest Writer from SocialMonsters.  If you’re traveling I hope you enjoy these tips and have fun at your next destination if not then maybe they will be helpful for later :)

Travel can be a fun and even magical experience, but it can also be a bit on the stressful side. From trying to make your connecting flight to finding your way around an unfamiliar city, even the most seasoned traveler feels overwhelmed at times. One way to ease the burden of traveling – both literally and figuratively – is to pack as light as you can. In addition to being a lot easier to carry, a lightweight suitcase will save you on spendy bag fees from the airlines. To pack as lightly as possible and still bring what you need on your next vacation, consider the following tips.

1. Start with the Bag

Before you start packing, put your empty suitcase on the scale – the number might surprise you. If your favorite suitcase is more than a few years old, chances are good it’s pretty heavy all on its own. It’s time to upgrade to a newer, lighter option. Look for a suitcase that weighs less than six pounds empty. Briggs & Riley make a variety of lightweight, high-quality suitcases that look good, too.

And you get one carry-on, so go with a larger, functional bag that still meets the size requirement of the TSA. Guys might choose a nice laptop case or briefcase with lots of compartments for extra goodies, and gals can check out this “Getaway Chic” Pinterest page for cute carry-on bags.

2. Make Your Packing List

Next, create your packing list or use one you find online. And then – just to really hammer home how much stuff you intend to bring – go ahead and spread everything out on your dining room table or bed. Go through each item and ask yourself if you will really use it on your vacation. Remember, you’re not packing to survive any and all weather conditions; you just need to bring the basics. To further lighten your load, call the hotel and ask if they have certain amenities on hand for guests – hotels commonly supply hair dryers, irons and even bathrobes. (Or use the one I provided a while back ;))

3. Pack Smart

Both gents and ladies can pack smart and remain fashionable. Bring basics in neutral shades with matching dress shoes and one pair of good walking shoes. Instead of bringing a giant jacket, plan on bringing layers that you can add or remove while you’re at your destination. Ladies, bring one designer handbag that will carry you through daytime sightseeing and nights on the town. Coach makes gorgeous totes that will last you for years to come.

4. Downsize What You Can

Bring travel sizes of shampoo, toothpaste, mouthwash, lotion, sunscreen and other needed items. If you can’t find your beloved shampoo in a tiny bottle at your local store, order refillable TSA-approved travel bottles from Brincatti and fill them with your favorite toiletries. This tip alone can reduce your load by several pounds, and your back will thank you.

As always, the right preparation will help ensure a successful trip. Now go have fun on your next adventure.

Bon Voyage!

December 2014 – Best Month EVER!

December 31, 2014  |  Travel

December constantly surprises me with a month filled with joy and happiness and this year it was no different.  I celebrated my birthday earlier with my friends and it was simply amazing.  But the highlight of the month was when I was able to finally visit New York City during the holidays!



I’ve been meaning to update this blog however I got too busy with life especially life here in New York City.  It is so different than what I’m used to back home.  I leave early in the day and come back late at night exhausted from all the walking and everything!! New York has been nothing short of beautiful this holiday season.  I got to experience Christmas Day, Hannukah, and Kwanza here (not that I celebrated anything except the commercialized aspect of Christmas) and today I got to visit Times Square where the Ball was going to drop.  Unfortunately it was too cold and too crowded so I headed back to the hotel to watch it on TV.

2014, has been good to me.  I have decided that I wouldn’t write up any resolutions just live life to the fullest and be healthy.  That’s the most important thing anyways! I’ll be back in Kuwait this Saturday :( I actually don’t want to leave but oh well.  See you then!

Quick Weekend Trip to Dubai

April 23, 2014  |  Travel

It’s surprising that although Dubai is just an hour away from Kuwait, I haven’t been there since 2010! Well I can easily explain that by mentioning how most of my trips seem to go to New York (and boy do I miss that beautiful busy city!) but I thought I would make more Dubai trips and now that I visited them I have a feeling I will be wanting more than one weekend trip.  Last Friday, my Aunt and I decided we wanted to have a change of scenery and a bit of fresh air so we booked a one day trip to DUBAI.  We stayed at THE ADDRESS DUBAI MALL Hotel and pretty much spent our entire day there.  To say that my feet were barking at the end of the trip is an understatement but it was so worth it!


Upon arrival, we took a taxi from the airport and headed to the hotel, fortunately for us we were upgraded to a beautiful one bedroom apartment, unfortunately the apartment wasn’t going to be ready for another hour so we just checked in our luggage and headed to the mall entrance to have some lunch and shop around a bit.  Dubai Mall sure has turned into a beast, it can literally outrun The Avenues Mall in its size and amount of shops available.  The Electronics District alone had me drooling! For lunch, we decided to try out Bennigans and it was a wonderful choice, typical American food so nothing shocking there.  And afterwards I just roamed around like a kid high on candy finding stuff that are usually not available in Kuwait for months to come.

That Friday evening, I had planned on watching Johnny Depp’s new movie “TRANSCENDENCE” and boy did Reel Cinemas in Dubai Mall blow me away! Granted the movie still had two small scenes censored, but the whole theatre was just grand and amazing! I enjoyed watching the movie however two idiots were seated to my left and they were just plain rude.  During the movie a couple of scenes had me jumping out of my seat because of the loud noises and well it just freaked me out, and the guy next to me would just look at me and start laughing in my face.  SERIOUSLY?! It just put me off, especially since he was laughing pretty much through the movie and for no reason at all.  I mean if you don’t like the movie then just get up and leave or shut up and let the others enjoy it.  I am a fan of anything Johnny Depp comes out with and even though the movie was a bit weak it had potential which was sadly not achieved.  But I still let it go and enjoyed the rest of my evening.

On Saturday, we had a couple of hours left before heading back to the airport and going home.  And I made sure to use all of that time, whether it was in Kinokuniya, Virgin, Jacky’s Electronics, Jumbos Electronics, Nike, or whatever store I deemed useful to visit.  In short, I spent quite a bit of cash and came out with a lovely day! Next trip hopefully I will take to Dubai, I wish to spend at least a week to visit different places and just enjoy it all around.