[Unboxing] MacBook Air 13″ Late 2010

November 7, 2010  |  Apple, My New Toys, New Products, Unboxing

The time has come to witness another Apple gadget unboxing on my beautiful and lovely blog.  I believe that this year I have gone overboard in the purchases of my Apple products and although I am disappointed in myself a bit for going overboard I am proud.  Also I would like to make a shoutout to my daddy since he is the one who has been funding and enabling this Apple obsession of mine to continue!

On November 2nd I got my MacBook Air and was insanely happy with it! I can’t believe how beautiful a machine it is! I have read numerous reviews about it and I can honestly say that the reviews do it justice if not more! I am looking forward to putting up my review within the next 48 hours and I guess it’ll give you an idea on what I think of it, but off the bat I can honestly say it was simply and deliciously sexy to unbox and oggle at! Also it’s not as sharp as the first generation was and therefore I am glad for that!  Setting it up was insanely awesome as it took only a maximum of 5 minutes to set it up! Flash memory really does a difference.

I think I will leave you now to enjoy these unboxing pictures and be sure to drop a line here on what you think of it :D

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[Unboxing] Nokia N8

October 1, 2010  |  iPhone, Nokia, Unboxing

The fellows over at Engadget have gotten their hands on a Nokia N8 and performed their unboxing of the device.

Not only that but they also ran some camera reviews in comparison with the iPhone 4, it’s quite good stuff but I still see that the iPhone 4 is a winner in my books.  It was said that the Nokia N8′s touch screen ran slower than the iPhone but I’m not sure, won’t be sure until I get my hands on one, and right now the way things are going I’m burning out through my savings so I won’t be getting one soon LOL!

Anyways enjoy the boxing and the review :D

[Source] Nokia N8 Unboxing

[Source] Nokia N8 vs iPhone 4: Camera Showdown

[Unboxing] iPod Nano 6th Generation

September 22, 2010  |  Apple, My New Toys, Unboxing

Remember how a few weeks ago Apple announced their new revised iPod line? And how everyone fell in love with the newly redesigned iPod Nano? Well I wasn’t able to help myself and succumbed to the need to obtain that new baby.  It messed up my carefully planned purchase of the Nano line, you see I pride myself on grabbing the odd generations of the nano (i.e. 1st Generation (got it in Black); 3rd generation (got it in red); and the 5th generation (also in red)) my little sister however has the even generations so we’ve kinda got all iPod nanos from the past 6 years :) But I think I stumbled away from the main topic which is I got that beautiful baby earlier this week and I’ve been happier since then! So I thought why not share some unboxing pictures.

It’s really cute and beautiful I loves it!

Unboxing Packages!

September 21, 2010  |  My New Toys, Techie, Unboxing

So I left work early because I had some stuff to do at home and by the time I was halfway home I got a call from Lujain telling me that “Your iPod nanoooooo has arriveeeeed” in her kiddy voice :P I told her yes I know and so is yours! She said nooooo I see only 1 box with iPod Nano the others have Electronics, Phone Accessories, etc.  I was like yours is there believe me.. needless to say she didn’t believe me but when I got home we made a bet on which box belongs to whom and well I won simply because I had the tracking numbers memorized (geeky much?!)

Anywho so these were some of what were awaiting me the last package needs a whole new post for its unboxing and well I am in love!

P.S. All these items were from Amazon.com the other was from Apple.com

[Unboxing & Impressions] iPad 3G

September 15, 2010  |  Apple, Techie, Unboxing

On April 13th 2010 I got my iPad Wifi 64GB model, I was excited and ecstatic really to have it with me, but I had gone with this model as a 2nd choice/option.  Once the iPad was introduced back in February-ish we were told that the 3G model would be using a new type of SIM Card called the Micro-SIM and so I was put off of getting the 3G model since that meant taking out another line/another subscription/more cost instead of being able to swap out cards from my iPhone and iPad! Hence the dilemma and the choice I made when I went with the Wifi model instead!

But later on we got word of the iPhone 4, its new design, its new features, and most importantly it’s Micro-SIM feature therefore now I’ve got two devices using the same chip! I immediately (sold) it to my mother and grabbed myself a 64GB 3G model and ever since then we’ve been inseparable! I loves my iPad and everything I said about it before still implies now!

There is no difference in terms of size between the two except where the antenna is, and a slight tiny weight change which you won’t feel.  It’s truly a beautiful device and now I’m worried a new one will be out and I’ll want that as well! So here’s hoping that I get to be happy for at least a year with this one!

Let the old unboxing ensue!