What I’m Looking Forward To?

December 2, 2010  |  Birthday, Family, Fun, Movies, Weekend

This weekend is going to be awesome, not only is it Birthday Weekend but there are two new movies out and I am going to one of them tonight and the other tomorrow!

I seriously can’t wait to see “Life as We Know It” starring my honey bunch Josh Duhamel and the boring Katherine Heigel but that’s the price I pay to watch Josh on the movie. (I bet that scene would be censored but it’s the price to pay to see Joshy boy!)

Tomorrow will be spent with family and Lujain going to watch “Tangled” the new animation from Disney! Now if only I can have her hair it would be awesome!

Another thing looking forward to is Saturday, birthday day and the day Daddy comes home with all my gifts and presents yay! One of the things I got myself earlier this year for free was the “Square: Payment System thingy for the iPhone/iPad which is cool” And just so much more!  Oh and a haircut too! I dunno what I’ll do but something new and fresh at least!

I love December!

[Movies] Megamind Now Showing in Kuwait

November 11, 2010  |  Movies, Weekend

So, my most anticipated animated movie of the year is out, well there is another anticipated movie which is done by Disney and it’s called “Tangled” but that’s for another post.  For those of you who are Will Farrell, Brad Pitt, Tina Feye, Jonah Hill fans be sure to keep this on the look out, if it’s anything like “Despicable Me” then it’ll be one awesome movie! I will be taking the kids out tomorrow (not mine, my cousins Toons & Issous, and sister Lujain) it’s Issous’s birthday and I think we need to celebrate in style.

Can’t wait for tomorrow! Today is going to be a busy day!

P.S. 3-D Digital is the way to go all the way!!!!

The Weekend Between Heaven & Hell

June 30, 2008  |  Weekend

The weekend was really insane, I had fun and I was depressed as well.  Let’s start off by Thursday evening, I went back home at around 6:30 and decided to nap for a short while before Noor came on.  I woke up, mother was sick and stubborn about going to the doctor, however at midnight we ended up taking her to Mowasat which is crap by the way and I spent my night there until 4am when I got back home and into my bed.  What a way to start off the weekend right?

Friday, I had my colleague’s wedding to go to, she’s Egyptian so the wedding was mixed and damn was it a lot of fun! Early Friday I went out to get me something to wear and I decided on the white dress that you see above.  It’s the first time I got to attend a different wedding, hell I don’t go to wedding’s much but I am wishing that mine is like hers really.  In our Kuwaiti weddings, the bride basically just sits there and people dance in front of her or stare at her, as if she’s a movie or something.  Whereas, their wedding the bride is more interactive she gets to dance, all the guests get to dance with the bride and groom.  They have a slide show showing the bride and groom when they were young all the way to when they grew older.  They get to have lots of fun.  A wedding is about the bride and groom having fun not the guests really so I really  want mine similar to that.  All in all it was the best day I had in a long time, being with my work family and having fun at the same time!

Saturday, Grandma’s lunch and a day that was spent playing with the Nintendo Wii and going down to the beach and having some fun.  The kids swam in it, whereas I just walked into it and stood there, it was AWESOME! I relaxed but the heat was unbearable, we went around 5pm right before the sundown.  So in a way my weekend was in between but I did not have enough sleep, I have 4 days left therefore I am saving that up until later!

P.S. Mother got better by Friday.

Diamonds Are A Girl’s Bestfriend

June 21, 2008  |  Fun, My Life, Random, Techie, Weekend

Diamonds are truly a girl’s best friend, what better thing does any girl want than a pretty diamond to beautify this ugly dirty life right?  Well I am not talking about diamonds today but instead I wanted to bring to your attention that the HTC Touch Diamond is now out at Eureka and Jarir Bookstore both places selling it for 239KD.

I handled the device, touched it, turned it on, browsed some of its functions and thought it was cool, but not as cool as the iPhone.  One sad thing that I noticed was how poor and slow the response of moving one’s hands across the screen was.  Whereas the iPhone responds really quickly to ones touch, the Touch Diamond doesn’t and it took me a couple of clicks on the screen to go to places, hell it was a bit confusing.  But in the end it looks kinda cool.

If you read between the lines about you would realize that I went to Jarir Bookstore today, it was nice I had a good time, didn’t buy much stuff for myself but a couple of blank DVD’s, CD Slip Covers, a new Headset, and some Archie’s to read in the bathroom (yes I do that).  I also spent the day at Grandma’s where I met the latest addition to our family, she is such an amazing person and I am proud to have such a nice new Auntie, truly I am.  One thing I should mention is that she has a Macbook and loves Apple products, and that she owns a Sony Ericsson mobile phone and hates Nokia with all her heart.  What more could I want in such an Aunt?

Tomorrow it’s back to the gruelling schedule of work, work, and work! I hope I will survive this week better than I did last week.  In short, I am off to bed amigos, adios!

Love To See You Cry!

June 20, 2008  |  My Life, Weekend

” I don’t know whyyy whyyyy I love to see you cry! I don’t know whyyy whyyyy but it makes me feel alive!”

– Enrique Iglesias “Love to See You Cry”

I love how my iTunes shocks me everyonce in a while and plays a song that I used to love listening to, or something that’ll make me dance in my chair.  Ugh, it’s been a long time since I have done that, danced in my chair that is.  I miss it!

I love today for some reason or another, I had a nice long massage where I actually slept while the lady was massaging me, it was awesome (in the words of Po, the Kung Fu Panda), I then did a tiny bit of shopping at Mango since they started their summer sale and grabbed a couple of shirts, then I grabbed my favorite steak sandwich and headed to grandma’s house to chill out a bit with my uncles and grandma alone.  Then I headed back home, I might’ve faced a bit of depression here but I won’t let it pull me down because of some idiot in the house, I will choose to ignore her existance because she’s not worth it.

But that is not the only thing that is making me happy.  I recently upgraded my Qualitynet DSL Speed, renewed my 512KBPS for another year and immediately got double my bandwidth which is 1024KBPS! I am also now chatting with some of my friends, and catching up again with them! Ugh it’s been AGES! I need more weekends like this! I need more free time to abuse and use!

“Do you know what it feels like loving someone that’s in a rush to throw you away! Do you know what it feels like to be the last one to know the lock on the door has changed!  How can I love you?”

– Enrique Iglesias “Do you Know?”

Wii Love New Designs

June 8, 2008  |  Blog News, Movies, Weekend

Boom! I am not sure why I chose the word boom but I think it’s good enough to describe the new design that I am unveiling today. A more dynamic and light design on the eyes. I’m loving it, and I guess that chick up there on the couch is totally ME!

So what happened this weekend?

  • Unveiled the new design after working on it for only one day
  • Bought the Nintendo Wii today, and had TONS of fun with it. But somebody should’ve told me how much it would hurt to actually play with the thing!
  • Watched Taymor & Shafe2a (an Arabic Modern day Romeo & Juliet) movie. It was fun and I never thought I would love it!
  • Slept
  • Rested
  • Read
  • Ate

And that’s about it, nothing that special happened this weekend so I leave you with the new design. Oh and 1 more day left until WWDC! Now I can’t wait!

What a Weekend?

June 1, 2008  |  Weekend

I’ve been trying to unwind this weekend but not much happened, I didn’t get enough sleep as much as I wanted. But basically this is what happened, I finished work quite late on Thursday. I actually left at around 5:00pm or 5:30 and I should’ve left 2 hrs earlier but we had a meeting and it ran a bit late. So I got home quite late after picking up my dad from my grandma’s house and then I took a bit of a nap. And then spent the rest of my day on the net until I passed out again.

Friday I visited one of my work friends, his wife gave birth a few weeks ago and we finally got to see the kid it was fun, and I got to be with the entire original family and not the new additions that annoy the hell out of me! Afterwards I came home, slept a bit, and spent the rest of the evening with dad and watched “What happens in Vegas”. It was a nice day.

Today however, I went to grandma’s with Daddy and the sisters and spent most of the day there. I didn’t nap but I will probably head on to bed in a bit anyways. Now I’m watching “Love Wrecked” staring Amanda Bynes and Chris Carmack. It is cool.