May 7, 2008  |  My Life, Random, Why?

– Why do I spend so much time at work, yesterday and Sunday I basically spent a full 13 hours at work.  Honestly no kidding, I didn’t have time to go home in between shifts.

– Why doesn’t Apple release the new 3G iPhone already simply because I am dying for one and it’s freaking HOT and Amazing and all that jazz!!!! Why can’t it be mid June already!

– Why did soap have to get into my eyes yesterday as I was showering and burned me until I couldn’t even open my eyes, and now they kind of still hurt?

– Why does Purgatory want to marry me?

– Why can’t it be the weekend already and we have it off?

– Why can’t my closet be like Victory Ford’s (from Lipstick Jungle) the closet that her boyfriend gave her as a gift when she moved in? Or Karen Walker’s sexy closet?!

– Why do I have to straighten my hair’s messy curls?

– Why can’t I have the new IPHONE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!

Can I Be Cured?

December 22, 2007  |  Techie, Weekend, Why?

Do you think I can be cured of my insane obsession with technology?  I seriously find it hard to believe that there is a cure out there that can do something for me.   I think you might be wondering what am I talking about but I guess to understand that I will have to start from the beginning right?  A few days ago *closes iTunes because Britney has become annoying and my train of thought is slowly flying out the window* okay a few days ago, Thursday to be exact I was pumping up the Asus Eee PC, selling it with all the energy I’ve got to my Uncle just because I secretly wanted to order one and just couldn’t bring myself to admit it.  Granted he has not paid me yet for it and I spent some of my own hard earned cash (note: some might beg to differ whether it’s hard earned or not) so after constantly giving him all the hyped images of that beautiful little monster he told me to go ahead and order it, I racked my brain on how to place the order, whether or not to touch some of my Travel Savings or not and in the end shifting some of my Caymen Island Funds *yeah right!* I logged onto Amazon and placed an order on the Black model 4GB, 512MB RAM, WebCam, with Linux Preloaded.  I decided to pitch in those 18$ for 1 day shipping rather than wait it out for 2 days and the price difference would be a measely 8$ so I placed the order and the anxiety kicked in.


I got home and tracked the package, hell 2 hours after I placed the order my package was out the door from the Amazon Storerooms and on that van headed to my Aramex mailbox where it arrived yesterday.  I knew Aramex’s schedule by heart and granted they don’t change anything for this week, it is supposed to be put on a plane today and be in Kuwait in 4-5 days.  I hope nothing happens with Customs though *fingers crossed*  So now I am hyping it up at home and literally mom and dad are fighting over who takes it rather than me giving it to my Uncle.  I, however, have decided to use it for a few days and check it out, I might end up snagging one for me in the States, because it’s soo tiny and adorable.  A must have in ever geek’s purse/bag (whichever you prefer).  So now I beseech you and ask if there might be a cure for this sickness I have?





P.S. I didn’t feel like designing much, just changed the header a bit for Xmas, and well I went out most of these past few days, yesterday I Shopped like crazy even if I didn’t want to buy anything I just felt that I had to have that lovely coat, and that sexy black skirt suit, and those beautiful shirt dresses! I mean can you blame me?

How have you been spending your time off?


December 11, 2007  |  Deep Thoughts, My Life, Pissed Off, Rants, Why?

I just can’t understand why certain things can’t go the way they should! I don’t understand why people stand in other people’s ways just because they believe something that the other person doesn’t believe! I just don’t understand how they can ruin something so good and has been through thick and thin just because it is not traditional, not normal.

Why can’t we make our own choices and live with the consequences?  Why can’t we pave our paths?  We are old enough?  Why can’t we let others live out their lives and explore everything rather than say no, if you don’t follow my way then you might as well leave this house?  How can something so good end just because some people think that it started the wrong way, yet that something is beyond great for the people involved?

Why just tell me why?  Why can’t we be happy?  Why must we suffer so much?  Why?




Just answer me why goddamit!

“My Life”

November 3, 2005  |  Why?

My sister stood over my shoulder and looked at the picture I was editing, and she went "Your life?" So I chose to post it up after this lovely edit. I just love Photo Shop and the Cutout effect. Truly it’s my favorite. Urgh my shoulder is starting to pain me :r Click on the image though to view it in its original size.

The red background thing is my bed covers. Yea I love red bed sheets and everything else about them :P Oh well.

Today was interesting, got a nice hefty sum which will go towards the expansion of my bank account which is always ummm how do you say? Always empty? Yes yes that’s it! I enjoyed the day. I enjoyed my outfit as well :P Nice black skirt with a Pink tanktop and Pink Jacket that had nice flowers on it, not gayish but sexy :P Oh well beyond the point.

And we are back to eating daily, back to having long days since when it was Ramadan it would seem time flew after 2pm :r or even after Fetour. Dammit I had alot of thoughts, oh yeah here they come!

Nokia has announced 3 new N-Series mobiles. Of the three, the N80 kicks ass, and the N71 is sexy. Briefly taken from Nokia the description of the phones are as follows:

What’s new in:

N80: "Next generation wireless connectivity with integrated wireless LAN, 3 megapixel camera with close up mode, 20x digital zoom and LED flash, Landscapte capture with dedicated capture key, High resolution display (352×416 pixels), up to 262, 144 colors."

N71: "Perfect device for your active, spontaneous life. Sleek fold design holds an integrated music and video player, a 2 megapixel camera, an improved Internet browser, a large 2.4" color display, 3G connection speeds and loads of other features."

So they sound promising right? Just when I decided I wanted to change my mobile to the N70 since I can’t bear leaving Series60 behind, they introduce those two to be available 1Q 2006. So I will only wait for them to arrive and see which I would prefer, both are smaller than my current phone my phone’s height is 108mm and they are around 95-98mm. Anyways pictures are worth a thousand words so here you go.


Slider Closed

Slider Open


Flap Half Closed

Flap Open

** It sucks being a slave to technology. **

Oh yeah in 2 hours the countdown to my birthday will be 1 month from Friday :P YAY! Gotta create a wishlist :P


July 4, 2005  |  Why?

I believe I have become useless these past few days, with nothing important in my life except all work, study, and no play.. Well my play would be the books I read which are like candy for me hehe, reading them constantly and I have now noticed that books have become sort of like the "ipod" that I used to obsess over hehehe but wow! What can I say.. In the past two days I have finished reading two novels back to back and if only they were school novels then I would’ve been more proud of myself but I doubt that I am that proud.

I think I need some help, I seem to have developed back pains that have lasted almost a month or more with me, and it’s really uncomfortable, I feel that sometimes if I tend to stretch or anything that my back feels that it will snap any second. Sometimes my back even locks itself on its own, and I have nothing that I can do to it.. My second problem is that I can’t sleep because of my back and because I dunno, there is something keeping me from sleep.. I can go to bed at like 11pm and I won’t be able to sleep a wink until 1 or later, and no it’s not because of the messed up sleep schedule but there seems to be a different reason altogether and if only I knew what this reason was I would be happy to solve it..

I had the most killer of all headaches and I still couldn’t sleep last night until later on, and what happened this morning!?!? I woke up earlier than I needed to by half an hour! Why?!?! Why is this torture here for me? I can’t understand seriously I can’t.. I know there is only complaining in most of my posts but I long for something now.. Something happy that will make me happy..

I can’t help but feel that there is something missing from my life and I can’t put my finger on it..

I’d like to wish Symbols a Happy Birthday today, Happy Blog Anniversary to Purgatory72 and Happy Indepencence Day America :) Well I hate you, But Happy Belated Birthday Don, and umm yea okay that’s it for now!

Oh the headache..

June 22, 2005  |  Why?
I loathe mornings, I am definitely not a morning person, just wake me up anytime during the day such as noon or afterwards and I’d be sooooo happy and so cheerful that I can actually enjoy the day but waking up at 7AM or 6AM yekh! I wonder how ever am I going to deal with the stupid work schedules when I get a job :/ Too bad there isn’t a job with lenient hours :/

Have I turned into a cynic or pessimistic person over the past few years in my life.. I keep wondering about that.. I am not sure really.. I was reading this novel by Judith McNaught called "Something Wonderful" where the heroine is a life loving person who believes that something wonderful will happen each day.. She loves life and lives it to the fullest leaving nothing to bother her or worry her and such.. I want that kind of attitude towards life but I find it hard when I believe life’s soul purpose of our existing is seeing that we are tortured in everyway possible :/

Soon it will be the weekend and I can’t really wait for it.. I am looking forward to the comforts of my bed and books for companions I swear I am going into seclusion with all this reading.. Man it’s getting hot in here :/ My first midterm will be a week from today.. can you believe that midterms already.. I can’t even believe it’s Wednesday already :/

Anyways time for me to get ready for stupid school and get some breakfast :/ So Adieu

Why Ducky?

June 1, 2005  |  Why?

The reason I like ducks is because of this picture, which I myself think that the yellow resembles ducks and plus they were on the bottom of my dress which isn’t shown in this picture :P Now here I’m CUTE! :P

P.S. The exam today went quite well, I got another grade and I am proud of it, I just hope my next three grades are what I want them to be.. I am going to bed now to catch up on much needed sleep before waking up and studying for tomorrow’s last final and then I will be free hehehe and enjoy a week of driving duties. Damn those mosquitoes I feel that they have a personal vendetta against me :/