The One Where The Public Sector Kills You

September 28, 2014  |  Rants, Work

I’m fast approaching my 6 month work anniversary in the public sector (and really I’m only counting because by then I can take two weeks paid leave and escape from the hell hole) and I have just realized how badly I miss the private sector when it comes to actually doing work.

So far the only up side to working in the public sector (government sector) is the fact that you have less working hours.  That’s it, that’s pretty much all there is to it.  You go to work at 8 and leave at 1:30 or 2 depending on which Ministry you work in.  

The pay, the colleagues, the non-existant work (or rather secretarial/administrative work) all majorly suck.  It is starting to get to me how much I am hating the place I am in because there is no future.  We all go to school, study and graduate with good grades or even top honors, find a job where we can give back to the community.  But what happens when your job is basically filing papers, typing up stuff, going on to google to research stuff, or even going on to google to translate stuff (which sucks I might add).   All that hard work spent improving yourself gone out the window just because some people where you work view you as a threat and figure because you are amazing you will quickly replace them and take over their job.

I started a part-time job at a place where I figure I might make a difference, actually I know I will.  I am hoping I can transfer there someday soon but the work is hectic, its more along the lines of Private Sector work, but I ABSOLUTELY FREAKING LOVE IT! Yes it can be long hours but you actually see something happening.

With my previous jobs I used to see the outcome of something I did and I was insanely proud no matter how much other factors disrupted that feeling but I was so happy that I got to see an insane number of customers at the bank and finished their transactions in time and to the best that I could.  I was happy to go into work and edit articles, lay out a page for the newspaper and just see it come out the next day.  I miss that.

You might think going into the Public/Government sector will be a calming thing or even relaxing but there is an even bigger headache there, and once you go Private you can’t go back.

Just felt the need to vent out a bit.

Candidly, Jacqui

The Government Way of Work Life

May 4, 2014  |  My Life, Rants, Work

So the day is finally here, today on the #StarWarsHoliday #MayTheFourth I began my first day of work in the government sector. After spending almost 6 years in the private sector this is kind of a downgrade if only because of the incomprehensible way of doing things. The journey to finish my papers and start was not that long but not that short as well.

First step was to come to work by 8:00 AM (I arrived at 7:29 AM and decided to have breakfast at the coffee shop down below). When it was 8:00 AM I went upstairs to the Human Resources Department where I found out that the employees who were to process our papers weren’t there yet and they didn’t show up until 8:15 AM.

I filled out my papers and was asked to take a document to the department where I would be starting and get it signed from my manager.

Second Step was to sign my papers and take them back to the HR Department. I completed that step in less than 5 minutes hehe they were shocked by how fast it took me to go between floors and such.

Third Step was to go to the other HR floor and get the original copy of my Work Declaration (not sure if that is what it is called by it is basically a Work Contract). The ladies who would give me that paper weren’t there, they told me she might arrive at 11-ish.

Fourth Step was to go back to the floor where I would start and have them add my fingerprint to the attendance system. That lady wasn’t there yet therefore I was asked to wait.

Instead of waiting and wasting more time I took the chance to go to the Man Power Government Program to remove my name from the Unemployed list so as not to get in trouble. I finished and came back at 11:00 AM and was able to find everyone I needed to see to complete Steps 3 and 4.

After selecting the desk where I was to sit, I waited for the IT guys to give me my username and password and it has yet to be done but all in all I have half an hour left of the work day and then I off to home.

Did I do anything useful today? Absolutely not! I just woke up early and spent the day walking around getting papers done only to end up not even knowing what I am supposed to do here.

All in all, this is going to be an interesting journey. I wonder what is in store for me :P

P.S. At least I can now post on my blog when I am insanely bored and have nothing to do which might be quite often.

No Longer Living Life as a News Editor

January 22, 2013  |  Random, Work

It is no surprise that I haven’t been tackling my “New Year Resolutions” as well as I have promised myself to, but I always chalk that up to it being the first month of the year and I am in need of a nice vacation time.  It is also no surprise that last week on Wednesday January 16th was the last working day for me as an editor at a newspaper.  It’s like another chapter in the story of my life has been written and closed (for some reason I feel that sentence needs some work but I’m not yet function-able to edit it so I’ll leave you to fix it my grammar fairies).


It finally hit me today, a mere 5 days after I started my “open-ended vacation” time that I no longer had the jaded view on life I used to have when I was looking for stories to fill my pages.  You see back when I used to edit the Entertainment pages I would constantly look for interesting stories to share with the readers, most of which had to deal with Hollywood and the likes of that.  One of the most disturbing things I discovered about myself is that when a celebrity would pass away or a dramatic thing would happen to them I would jump with joy simply because I now had a lead story to lead with on my page (one person’s misery is some else’s entertainment).  Now that I no longer have to read the entertainment news as a chore or part of my job I stumble across the celebrity death stories and no longer feel a sense of misplaced ‘happiness’ instead I am back to feeling sad for that person and their family because it is a huge loss.

Not everyone becomes as jaded as I have become because of the need to fill the pages but sometimes you reach that extreme.  I know I reached it, and I know that there were days I would be ecstatic with the amount of news I can carry on a page simply because of the mishaps and downfalls certain celebrities had dealt with.  Will I miss this aspect of my job, of course not! I am now back to being a normal human being (if a normal human being ever existed). But I will miss the power I had at the tips of my hands, the power of telling my readers what was important to read and what wasn’t.

Wait, why should I miss that aspect? I still own it here! I can make you read about anything I want you to! And in the upcoming days I promise to bombard you with insane amounts of posts to read, yes some might be of the advertisable aspect but one does have to squeeze those in there to share with you the happenings going on in Kuwait.

Thanks to my little Nada Faris for kicking my bum and getting me to actually look back at my resolutions.  You see I actually wanted to give myself a break until January 10th, since I wanted to churn out 20 posts a month, I thought one a day afterwards would surely meet the quota but now that I’m 12 days late I guess that means I have to pull an all-nighter.

No Banking Sector for a Year

June 24, 2012  |  Deep Thoughts, My Life, Work

I guess it’s time to give myself a little update on how things are going.  A few days ago, June 19th to be exact marked the 1 year anniversary of the moment I left my banking sector job and embarked on a new journey.  Little did I know that this will lead me to some place different, some place new, and definitely some place where I feel excited about waking up and going to work everyday!


I spent a month off after quitting my job last year and visited the US again (New York mainly to babysit Sister #4) and upon returning I had a part-time gig at the newspaper lined up in hopes of making some extra cash while I look for “The JOB!” I won’t lie to you, I was really scared the moment I started my editorial job in the newspaper.  I was entering a new domain and it was simply scary but a couple of months later I started seeing how joyful things are and how I picked up most of the things that were needed.  I started sharing some of my ideas and received a well response from my boss.

You might be wondering why I’m in love?  Well simply put in the words of Steve Jobs “The only way to do great work is to do love what you do.  If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking.  Don’t settle.  As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.”  I took that leap and found something I love to do.  In my current job I maintain the Entertainment and Technology pages while roaming around other pages such as Life, Culture, and sometimes World news.  It is truly a fun experience to go through and the exhililartion and power you feel day in and day out when you see your hard work in print makes it all worth it.

Granted the working hours and days were a bit hectic, having to deal with a 6 day work week instead of 5 and working on holidays but with Journalism work starts mainly after 1:00 p.m. hence why it doesn’t feel like a pain to me.  I am actually excited when going into work and the moment I leave I feel the excitement still gushing through my blood stream.

Do I regret leaving the banking sector? Hell No! I wish I just found this job earlier but at the same time I am glad of the time I spent in the banking sector and knowledge I gathered up because without it I wouldn’t know how to avoid making mistakes with banks and how to catch bank’s mistakes!

To everyone out there with a job that sucks the day life out of you,  I recommend you start looking for something you would love and to those who love their job then I’m glad to be a part of your secret club may others find this club out and start to enjoy working again.

P.S. I feel even lighter in my blog and life, I no longer have negative experiences or anger moments to share because I simply don’t deal with it anymore (El Hemdellah).

Summer Internships with Fursa

May 23, 2012  |  Shout Outs, Work

Oh to be young again! I would love to go back in time just to experience the joy of having a Summer Internship! Learning the ins and outs of the working sector way before you graduate from university and face the world where everything is big and scary!  Well you don’t have to fear the world anymore, if you’re between the ages of 16 and 27 (in High school or College) you can experience the joy of interning during the summer.

Fursaflyer 1

One of the benefits of internships in my point of view is giving our youth a sense of responsibility, instead of having them spend their summers harrassing people, going to shopping malls, restaurants, or cinemas, they can do something useful! Learning about the big bad world way before they have a chance to step into it officially! Thanks to Fursa a non-profit Kuwaiti startup company they are determined to change Kuwait and its youth! And to that I say, “it’s about damn time!”

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[Tech Sun] May 20th Issue

May 20, 2012  |  Tech Sun, Work

Now that I’m trying to be more active I will introduce a weekly post called “Technology Sunday” (Tech Sun for short!) dedicated to provide you with the latest Technology Page that I prepare for Al Watan Daily (English).  Since everyone here knows that I work there now I thought what better way to give you the latest cool news in Technology and share something I’m proud of than to shove it in your face.  App of the week is also mentioned there.

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Technology Sunday

February 12, 2012  |  Doing Good, My Life, Things I Love, Work

Every Sunday you can check out my Technology page in the Al Watan Daily Newspaper (English Version of course) and well I’m proud of it, I love doing it.  Picking out the awesome stories that you see, choosing the App of the Week (it’s based on what I think would trend or something you guys miss out on not necessarily based on anything else).

This week I just loved how the page looked and thought I’d share it with you! With an exclusive interview with the General Manager of IT Sales of Samsung Gulf Electronics.  You know you guys should pick up this newspaper whether online via the website or physically it is cool.  During the week I prepare the Entertainment news and I instill as many TV newsbits as I can! [Check out the online PDF of the Tech Page]

So don’t miss out.  Seriously don’t or else!

I’m not kidding.

No seriously I’m not!

Bon nuit :D