The New Fall 2014 TV Show Premiere Dates List

August 28, 2014  |  Fall TV 2014, TV

It’s funny how time flies by and Fall is upon us already, of course for those of us living in Kuwait we don’t pretty much feel Fall it’s pretty much Summer and Spring hehe :P Winter is forgotten sometimes as well. Anyways, with the arrival of Fall we get our favorite TV Shows back and because I am super nice I prepared a list for you all to check out and see! Who is back? When are they back? And What I think of it!

In this post you will get to see the list of shows and their premiere dates, in the next post which will be up tomorrow at the latest you will read a bit about the new shows and what I think of the already leaked pilots, it’s sad to say that most of the shows this upcoming season don’t look as if they will survive, some might last a few episodes, others just a season and then poof they are gone!

Without further ado, this is the list for your viewing pleasure. If you wish to repost PLEASE SOURCE! Just saying!


(As usual, right-click to view the full size, I go crazy and give you an insanely clear version because I’m super awesome!)

This fall, we will be seeing 25 new shows airing ranging from: MADAM SECRETARY (Sundays), MULANEY (Sundays), THE AFFAIR (Sundays); GOTHAM (Mondays), SCORPION (Mondays), JANE THE VIRGIN (Mondays), STATE OF AFFAIRS (Mondays), FOREVER (Tuesdays) [An early sneak peak will air on Monday Sept 22 however so it’s not a typo :P], NCIS: NEW ORLEANS (Tuesdays), SELFIE (Tuesdays), MANHATTAN LOVE STORY (Tuesdays), THE FLASH (Tuesdays), MARRY ME (Tuesdays), RED BAND SOCIETY (Wednesdays), THE MYSTERIES OF LAURA (Wednesdays), BLACK-ISH (Wednesdays), STALKER (Wednesdays), HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER (Thursdays), A TO Z (Thursdays), BAD JUDGE (Thursdays), GRACEPOINT (Thursdays), THE MCCARTHYS (Thursdays), CRISTELA (Fridays), and CONSTANTINE (Fridays).

I personally am looking insanely forward to THE FLASH, RED BAND SOCIETY, STALKER; and as a fun comedy side I do hope these comedies perform well MARRY ME, BAD JUDGE, and the dramedy THE MYSTERIES OF LARUA.


The Dangers of Binge-Watching PSA

August 17, 2014  |  Fun, TV

I personally binge-watch non stop sometimes, and there are some series I just can’t keep on watching when they air so I save them up until the end.  Hell I have a few shows on the back burner right now and I need to catch up with them.  It seems there is a danger to binge watching TV :P Here are some celebrities warning against it or rather giving you some guidelines.

So stay hydrated and don’t watch more than 13 episodes at a time! That’s something cool sometimes you can do just that especially when playing a show in the background! :P  Oh and “Don’t binge-watch CNN.”

Oh and P.S. I’m semi-back (again)!

When Retail Therapy Doesn’t Work

July 15, 2014  |  Random

There are parts of the year where I start to feel down and wish for a new gadget or toy to lift up my spirits, more than often it is tied with work and the happenings that go there or any family drama if there is any.  I seem to be having this issue as of late and I keep wanting to get something new to lift my spirits but even with that purchase I seem to feel the same way.


Not only do I still feel a bit down, I don’t unbox or use the gadget until weeks later and that basically in my point of view defeats the purpose of retail therapy shopping.  You see lately I wanted to spend some cash but the moment I see something I don’t feel that it’s a MUST HAVE.  I also don’t feel any better.  I’ve become good at masking some emotions and feelings and keep things bottled up but sometimes I just want to explode and let it all out.  I know pretty much everyone feels that way so don’t deny it.

When you are feeling down, what do you do?

Lately watching American/British/Canadian TV Shows seem to be the only cure sometimes but even those I am behind, I am way behind in a couple of shows I need to clear out my queue!

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Gosh Darn-it I Miss Writing!

July 7, 2014  |  My Life, Random

Seriously Gosh Darn-it! I so miss writing, I was just looking through some of my older posts back when I was completely oblivious to how he world works and I kind of loved reading my trail of thoughts.  Who knew that keeping a blog not only allows you to connect with people but to revisit your past and just cherish it a bit more! Back in 2008 around this time I had just arrived with my Dad (pre-heart surgery) and was going through a different kind of adventure, not the great kind but one where you know how tough you are from the experiences you go through.  I also remember back in 2008 the iPhone 3G came out and I stood in line for it just to SEE IT! I couldn’t even buy it back then LOL! The adventures I had to get that iPhone 3G were insanely awesome and interesting really.  But enough about the past.

Have you missed me? I know very few of you still read this dusty little blog but I kind of hope that many of you still do check back from time to time.  I’ve been more active on Instagram than on this blog simply because I’m just too bloody damn lazy! I will not promise my usual promise (the one where I say I will promise to write more) simply because I haven’t been doing that these past few months but I guess I can promise to come back every so often and share my thoughts and things I’ve gone through.

I recently had experienced a couple of “firsts” but more on that in the next post which should be very very very soon.  To tell you the truth I write a gazillion posts in my head right before bedtime, then I sleep and forget them all and wake up with nothing on my mind LOL! I should copy Louis Litt from “Suits” for those of you who don’t know him, he’s a character on that show and he’s simply awesome he has that Recording Device to record his thoughts and daily events hehe and later on he listens to himself, that’s insanely awesome!

So what have I missed in the world?  Who can’t wait for the release of the latest iPhone, the iPhone 6 and iPhone Air.  Rumors point to it being available between September 19 – 25 hehe and I kind of believe them based on history :P

The Future of Tablet Gaming

July 7, 2014  |  Gaming, Guest Writers, Techie

Article provided by [Guest Writers from Social Monsters]

Gaming has taken the world of mobile devices by storm, and tablets are no exception. Tablets have swiftly proliferated to a point where they seem to be everywhere; The TabTimes reports there are an estimated 70 million name-brand tablet devices in the hands of American consumers and 300 million name-brand tablet devices worldwide. With tablets in the hands of so many gamers, tablet manufacturers and designers have realized the potential for tablet gaming.

GamingTabletsHere’s what we have to look forward to:

Superpowered Tablets

It doesn’t matter what operating system you currently use, there is a tablet designed for playing games. If you are a Windows tablet user, the Rolls Royce of gaming tablets is the Razer Edge Pro, a powerful tablet outfitted with Windows 8, a 10.1 inch display and 8GB of DDR3 memory. Designed for gamers by gamers, the Razer Edge Pro is streamlined for gaming and has many optional accessories for different titles including clip-on steering wheels and keyboard docks.

Fans of the iOS architecture can turn to the Apple iPad Air with its beautiful 9.7 inch Retina display and access to more than 475,000 apps through the iTunes store. In stark contrast to the Razer Edge Pro, the Apple iPad is nearly a third of the cost and, while not specifically designed for gaming, is still a powerful tablet device capable of many functions. Apple has always been friendly towards gaming on its mobile devices, and game developers have flocked to get their games on the iTunes store.

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The Final Ramadan TV 2014 List

June 30, 2014  |  Ramadan TV

So, this is the final list, there will be no amendments, if I had one or two messed up timings not my fault, its only because networks decide to air shows during the prayer timings and thus as the days pass by the timings change.  I do hope you guys enjoy it.  I have updated the design slightly (just because I want to :P)  And you can find four smaller iPhone-Friendly Images (I don’t cater to Android :P).


All timings reflect Kuwait’s viewing time! (GMT +3) 

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Ramadan TV 2014 List Available Now

June 29, 2014  |  Ramadan TV


Ramadan Kareem! It’s that time of the year when everyone stumbles across my humble little blog in order to see if I have posted this year’s Ramadan TV Schedule and although I had some doubts this year about whether I would prepare one or not, I was peer-pressured into creating one.  As this is the night before Ramadan all timings are subject to change because each network likes to change its mind whenever so be on a look out for an updated version soon.  My left hand is numb right now because of all the typing and my eyes are shot out hehe but then again the things I do for my amazing followers and readers!


You remember the drill this year? Two years ago many of you chose to steal this list and slap on your own watermark and call it your own, well I’d like to see you try again this year.  The watermark is seriously all over the place and short of you being a magician and making it disappear I don’t think it’s possible.  There are empty timing slots, and there are some shows with no timings at all on any network but that’s only because not all TV networks release their timings until the day of Ramadan.  So for all intents and purposes this is a preliminary list until all timings are released and finalized.

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