The Day I Met Steve Wozniak in Kuwait

December 15, 2013  |  Apple, Events, Techie

The day I met Steve Wozniak (@stevewoz) was a very very special day! Thanks to an invitation by Zain Telecom, I was invited on November 18th to attend a private conference for Zain Staff & Bloggers presented by Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple Computers.  In this conference we were given another glimpse into the beginnings of Apple and how they started a small business in a garage and it grew to be one of the most successful businesses in this day and age.


Funny thing though, I was in New York 2 days before the conference and heading back home (the only reason I’ve cut both of my trips to New York short this year was because of the Zain Events really hehe :P) and on my way back I was flying Kuwait Airways.  The moment I stepped on the plane, who do I see right there sitting in First Class, the very first seat?

Steve Wozniak himself!

I was star-struck to say the least and wanted to say Hello, I’m a huge fan but felt a bit shy especially since it’s going to be a long flight and I felt I would be disturbing him and interrupting his personal time.  Hence, I just stayed quiet, found my seat and spent the rest of the flight wondering if I should go up there and say hello, when I finally decided I would I thought I’d see him when we landed at the baggage check-in but something happened and he was whisked away quickly before I got a chance to see him really. But it was one hell of an experience.

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WordPress Releases Version 3.8 – An Insane Change

December 15, 2013  |  Blog News, Techie

Holy Shitzu! WordPress has just released the latest version of its blogging platform, version 3.8 and it has become a RADICAL change! Everything is different, it’s more modern, has a cleaner look, you can customize a bit more stuff and most importantly it should function much better than before.


I haven’t been more shocked or surprised by a change like this than well when version 3.0 came out I believe.  I am liking it so far.  Also next year’s “IT” theme should be “Twenty-Fourteen”.  I guess this means I should get to cracking on your theme ZDistrict, right? :P

If you haven’t updated be sure to backup your files and then press the update button, nothing bad should happen but in case it should it’s better to be prepared.

Love the Earth, Love Green Gadgets

December 13, 2013  |  Guest Writers, Techie

The US Department of Energy reports the average American household owns 25 consumer electronic devices that are left plugged in and draining energy while not in use. To add to the fire, Americans own billions of electronic products that end up in landfills when used or unwanted, leaching toxins and wasting valuable recyclable materials.


A good way to stop contributing to e-waste and cut your vampire energy is with green gadgets made from sustainable materials instead of plastic or with new technologies that lower your electricity use while you enjoy your tech toys. If you like your gadgets and have them plugged in all over the house, you might want to compare energy rates for utilities in your area to see if you would do better with a different provider.

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[Events] GulfRun Held its Annual 24HR Karting Endurance Race

December 11, 2013  |  Cars, Events

Last weekend was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time, @GulfRun held it’s annual 24 hour Karting Endurance Race at the newly opened Sirrb Circuit (@Sirbbcircuit).  It began Friday December 6th afternoon at 4pm and ended the following day at 4:30pm.


To say it was fun is an understatement simply because the newly opened race track and organization this year surpassed my expectations and truly gave you a sense that you were not in Kuwait.  The track had visible areas for the spectators to sit and watch whether they wanted an aerial view of the race or one on the ground and being a friend of the Gulf Run team I was able to enjoy the special accommodations made for us in a VIP area available above the track with the amazing DJ, DJ B who brought back old school Hip Hop & Rap, as well as a special viewing area in the Pit.

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[TV Shows] The Ending and Renewals of More Shows

December 10, 2013  |  Fall TV 2013, TV

More and more shows are facing the big ax and being cancelled whether it is during the current season or being allowed to air for one final season and then it will be a good-bye.  While others are seeing a renewal and pick up, in today’s batch I have a few shows listed which are either cancelled or renewed while also supplying you with information about when some shows will be airing their latest seasons and more.


On the renewals, “WITCHES OF EAST END” has been picked up for a second season.  This new show is based on Melissa de la Cruz’s best selling novel, it centers on the adventures of a mother and her two adult daughters – both of whom unknowingly are their family’s next generation of witches – who lead a seemingly quiet uneventful modern day lives in a secluded seaside town of North Hampton called ‘Fair Haven’.  The mother and aunt are cursed with immortality curses one of them being an eternal mother (which means when her daughters die [which they always do] she becomes pregnant again and gives birth to the same daughters all over again) and the other has 9 lives like a cat.  It’s fun and interesting and I am loving each episode because it reminds me of “CHARMED” in a way.  I’m happy it’s got a new season.

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[Events] Fantasy World Hosted The Ultimate Combat Creatures Battle

December 9, 2013  |  Events, Gaming

During the last week of November I was invited by Fantasy World along with my little sister Lujain to check out their latest exciting and challenging competition of its latest remote control robotics, the Combat Creatures.  The event took place in the Avenues, Mezzanine floor right in front of the bookstore “That Al Salasil” where a beautiful set up was available for the two days of the competition November 28 – 29th.


The battle was raging over a period of two days and was open to kids of the age 6 and onwards, the participants were able to put their strategy, skills, and hand-eye coordination to the test in order to win one of the many prizes. If you are wondering what the Combat Creatures were? Well wonder no more. I’m here to crack down on everything and anything!

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The Tragedy of Forgetfulness and Something Else

December 7, 2013  |  Deep Thoughts, My Life, Random

Have you ever grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and was about to write something that was on your mind and the moment you put the pen on the paper it flies out of your head? Or have you ever opened a new tab in your browser and wanted to type a URL link and just stared blankly at the screen not being able to remember a thing about what you wanted to do?

No? Really, double check think about it again.

That just happened to me, two bouts of forgetfulness took place and it freaked me out.  I think I’ll blame the fact that I was watching a TV Show while attempting to multi-task and for some reason the thoughts just flew out of my head but it can also mean that I’m ancient now.  My memory has been bad lately and I don’t know what to do to improve it.  I can’t remember things anymore whereas before I used to be able to remember everything and anything.  Now I need to remember what I wanted to write on that piece of paper and what I wanted to search for :/ It’s going to bug me until I figure it out.

Share with me your experiences, if you had any hehe.


UPDATE: I just remembered I wanted to double check my phone bill that’s the URL I wanted to visit LOL! Oh thank God I won’t be losing sleep on that :P