3 Day Relaxation

January 20, 2007  |  Uncategorized

The 3 day weekend does one wonders! All it takes is for one to be deprived of the daily lazy-ing and lazy-ness feeling of coasting through life to actually appreciate the true value of a weekend.  That is what it took for me to start to feel that this weekend was a God send! I rested, napped, and rested some more, washing away the tired-ness of the entire week, to me it is a pain because I haven’t had that much thrown at me at one time, but one more week and I’ll be practically used to it.

Work has been going great, or shall I say Training, since that is what I do now and not work, I am enjoying classes and we’re actually learning alot of stuff.  This sort of puts things into perspective, showing me what I can do and what I can’t do, where I want to be and where I don’t want to be! I hope that by the end of this 3 month training program that I come out a new person, one that is better in every aspect there is, and one that actually knows what she wants to do in life.

Today I saw my beloved Princess and Swair.  I had fun with Lilo of course, my little Bobsy! Hehehe That’s what we call her when we want  her to be our little cuddly puppy and she enjoys it.  She’s cracking out of her shell and becoming more of a people person and that’s what I want her to be.  I however need to go crash and read a few pages before I wake up for my final in one class and presentation and stuff.

So I’ll continue this some time later.

The Couch is Complete

January 20, 2007  |  Uncategorized

The Transfer has been completed, there are bits and pieces here and there that I want to edit but I have left the Duck and went to the Couch.  I had purchased the site a while back but due to my hectic schedule now I haven’t had the time to transfer and therefore it was a bit difficult for me to do anything but this past weekend or this weekend I have spent most of it downloading and uploading stuff.  Therefore, I have decided to christen this place by posting up a picture of the couch of my dreams! A couch I recently saw and read about at Gizmodo.  If anyone wants to get me anything, this would be it! Actually scratch that I need this for my new house LOL! Hehehe If I ever get one!


So who wants to join me on my Couch?!  The reason I chose this name and went with it will come by later, wait actually now! Hehe Marzouq actually was the first to suggest it since he knows how much of a lazy bum I am, and after going back and forth I finally decided to pick it up and move to it! Now I got my own Couch Avenue and it ROCKS!  Stay tuned for a new header.

Closing RubDuckie

January 14, 2007  |  Uncategorized

I am getting sick of my current web hoster and based on the latest letter I have decided to put a stop to this monstrosity. I have already purchased 2 domains, you can redirect yourself to my feeds site on ScarletLights.com and you can later on find Rubduckie in its new home on CouchAvenue.com Don’t ask why I have two but I want them and like them! Hehehe. I will be spending these next few days backing up everything and getting it ready to move to the new home. I need to however fix something in the database and I hope I will be able to do that. By doing that it will render this site unusable though and that won’t be a problem with me anymore. For the record, I hate my Host!

No Pain No Gain

January 13, 2007  |  Uncategorized

I hate those who complain alot about the pressure given on something when it is nonexistant. I mean today we were told that we were going to have a 10 point quiz tomorrow on 3 chapters and everyone started complaining “Nooo but whyyy!” “Nooo you shoulda told us before the weekend so that we could study then!” and then the next class tells us that there is a short quiz on Monday on 3 sections and someone says “They are overloading us with alot of stuff and we should talk to them” when the information is so general and basic that even a chipmunk can answer it! This is preparing us for the work pressure we’ll be facing and if from now they are going to complain then what is going to happen later on?!

I on the other hand think that there is no pressure whatsoever, hell in high school I used to be under more pressure than now!

So yeah! I hate those people, I on the other hand if I complain which I most of the times do it’s just because I am bored and I want to talk.


January 12, 2007  |  Uncategorized

I miss my baby girl so damn much it’s unbelievable! I thank God that I can reach her through SMS-es and that I can call her otherwise I would miss her more. Who am I talking about? Mimi (a.k.a. Ananyah) And to remind you of who she is, here is her latest picture ;P


I also miss the twirlies and our late night twirlie chats, I miss other aspects of my old life hehe my staying up till morning and sleeping till afternoon. I miss having alot of time to just sit and browse and comment on blogs, now it’s hard to even follow blogs day to day when I don’t spend much time at home! I miss seeing Grandma every single day of the week and hanging out with her, hell I miss the boys Iss and Toonz, I only get to see them on Thursdays now! I miss having time to sit and watch TV, I thank God that I finished Las Vegas Seasons 1-4 (up until the latest episode) since I would never have been able to watch it that much!

I went out shopping this afternoon! I went to Souq Sharq with Mommy and Daddy, I got Mother a Birthday present and then I went in to Mango where I saw their SALE! And I went nuts! I bought 6 Suits + 1 Jacket (outer wear) and I came to pay but Daddy decided to treat me this time and he ended up footing the bill. It was nice now I got some cool clothes to wear for the next 3 weeks, since I want to wear 2 Suits a week and the other 2 days I’ll just put a casual outfit together. Hot ain’t it?

The weekend is over, where did it go?


January 11, 2007  |  Uncategorized

I am beyond exhausted. One thing I just have to say is that between yesterday at 5:45AM (when I woke up) and today 10:35PM I have spent a total of 6 hours at home, the others were spent moving from place to place. And I can tell you that I hate driving now because I just hate it. Tomorrow I gotta wake up early so that I take Fee to the Airport and say Good Bye to her. Sadly enough I have not relaxed at all in my break! I want to just restart the weekend please.

Also, Classes are nice but tiring because they are long. I hate the iPhone because of obvious reasons, I mean seriously what do you need most of that for, also why do you want to combine 2 things in 1, and by the way the prices and availability you are seeing right now is tied to Cingular in the States for a 2 year phone contract, SO HAH! And the N76 is still hot and will always be hot in my eyes. I love Toonz and Iss (my baby boys :*) I am thinking of starting the Older Kids Club. Who here is the 1st in their family. I am the oldest so I am in my club! Now I’m off to bed after spending some quality time with family (some and not alot).

MacWorld Results

January 9, 2007  |  Uncategorized

So far, MacWorld hasn’t been that interesting to me, I don’t know but something is not moving me right now. But that’s beyond the point. Things that were released are the iTV which was talked about last Keynote. And the iPhone which is 3 revolutionary devices all in one, a wide screen ipod, an internet communicator, and a phone. It’s touch screen, got wi-fi and bluetooth, as well as other bits and pieces of them is that it runs OS X. Lots more specs of course.

iTV is retailing for 299$, they are taking orders now but it ships in February.

iPhone (well it hasn’t been announced yet they have been talking for an hour about the specs of it and I just am getting irritated once I get info I’ll update this).

Update: iPhone will cost the following: 4GB for 499$ and 8GB for 599$ that is with a Cingular 2 year contract. The phone will be allowed to ship June 07, and for Asia in 2008, Europe in Quarter 4 of this year.

Also Apple Computer, Inc. is no longer that but it is now known as Apple, Inc.