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I am beyond exhausted. One thing I just have to say is that between yesterday at 5:45AM (when I woke up) and today 10:35PM I have spent a total of 6 hours at home, the others were spent moving from place to place. And I can tell you that I hate driving now because I just hate it. Tomorrow I gotta wake up early so that I take Fee to the Airport and say Good Bye to her. Sadly enough I have not relaxed at all in my break! I want to just restart the weekend please.

Also, Classes are nice but tiring because they are long. I hate the iPhone because of obvious reasons, I mean seriously what do you need most of that for, also why do you want to combine 2 things in 1, and by the way the prices and availability you are seeing right now is tied to Cingular in the States for a 2 year phone contract, SO HAH! And the N76 is still hot and will always be hot in my eyes. I love Toonz and Iss (my baby boys :*) I am thinking of starting the Older Kids Club. Who here is the 1st in their family. I am the oldest so I am in my club! Now I’m off to bed after spending some quality time with family (some and not alot).

MacWorld Results

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So far, MacWorld hasn’t been that interesting to me, I don’t know but something is not moving me right now. But that’s beyond the point. Things that were released are the iTV which was talked about last Keynote. And the iPhone which is 3 revolutionary devices all in one, a wide screen ipod, an internet communicator, and a phone. It’s touch screen, got wi-fi and bluetooth, as well as other bits and pieces of them is that it runs OS X. Lots more specs of course.

iTV is retailing for 299$, they are taking orders now but it ships in February.

iPhone (well it hasn’t been announced yet they have been talking for an hour about the specs of it and I just am getting irritated once I get info I’ll update this).

Update: iPhone will cost the following: 4GB for 499$ and 8GB for 599$ that is with a Cingular 2 year contract. The phone will be allowed to ship June 07, and for Asia in 2008, Europe in Quarter 4 of this year.

Also Apple Computer, Inc. is no longer that but it is now known as Apple, Inc.

I Want The Nokia N76!

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I don’t care about the Sony Ericsson, or the N73 anymore! I want this! This was introduced or will be introduced later on today or this week at CES! And it’s called the Nokia N76. (I can’t change I love the Series 60 and Symbian so much that I can’t leave it!) So now they combined the Nokia Symbian Interface with a design of a phone one loves very much or I love very much and that’s the MOTOROLA RAZR! And HERE IT IS! It comes in Red, or Black. It has 2MP Camera + a 3G Camera for Video calls, it’s focused mainly at music and it’s going to come out 1st Quarter of 07 and will cost around 390 Euros!



I want the Red one! Red Expresses! LOL!

Update: Oh my god! I have just watched the Slideshow or presentation whatever on Nokia’s N Series site and I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE! This is without a doubt without even a cinch of a doubt my next phone! Check it out! [Link]

Mac World San Francisco Today!

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So Mac World San Francisco will start in a few hours! And I can’t wait to see what’ll be annouced. I hope that next year I might get a chance to check it out, hell anytime would be fine! So Lord knows what’ll be annouced today!

Also TV Shows are starting to come back from their break. We have Las Vegas, Ugly Betty, Friday Night Lights, 30 Rock, Til Death that came back last week. And this week it’s Desperate Housewives, and The Class. Can’t wait to download more.

I am thinking of getting the Nokia N73 Black Music Edition, I found it at Jabriya’s Co-op (deep inside next to the toy shop next to the hygiene products such as deodrants and stuff, basically in the back) I found it there for 138KD Which is quite cheap! I probably will get one with my first pay check. Probably! But I am still thinking of grabbing a Sony Ericsson K800i but I can’t think of myself using something other than Nokia which I am used to and I know by heart.

By the time you read this, I’ll be in class of course but this is fun reading material of course!

Strawberry Shortcake

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No no no I don’t have any strawberry shortcake, I just thought that perhaps that’s a cute header or title hell, hehe. I smell like strawberries though. I had some today. One of my favorite types of fruit is strawberry! Another is bananas, mangoes, grapes, plums, peaches, and green apples. There are others of course but that’s besides the point. I am growing old, I have started experiencing memory loss, along with a few grey hairs showing up, crickety joints, I might start to tuck a tissue in my sleeve (Jack McFarland Reference). Anywho, days are pretty long and I dislike the fact that we stay all the way until 4pm, it’s like reaaaaaahly long! But yeah I should just shut up and enjoy it while I can since Branch work would be two shifts a couple of days during the week, hahaha.

Today was quite hectic, our Banking Instructor lost his voice so he couldn’t even teach his early morning class let alone our afternoon class, so he assigns us some homework and heads on out while our Customer Service Instructor takes over for the WHOLE day! So 8 hours with a hyperized energizer bunny who basically talks about everything but the subject at times, I mean we got into a topic about how daughters are a burden on their parents even after they get married, but that had nothing to do with customer service right? But anyhow, it was an interesting day. I met some sweet girls and it’s nice to have someone to have shallow conversations with, that don’t even pertain to anything else. And the fact that I am becoming sociable helps the job bit right?

Tomorrow is just a longer day I guess, but I miss blogging in the mornings, I guess I should write posts and timestamp them so that they post at different hours of the day. That’s about it. Cheerios!

Morning is Night

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[Warning]: This post is going to be somewhat long so those who don’t care to read it I think I’ll summarize it to a few lines below. Maybe and Maybe NOT!

Let’s begin with last night, when I decided that I wanted to sleep early but I went to bed at 12:15-ish and I had the most unrelaxing sleep ever because I literally kept waking up, hell I remember waking up at 4AM! Because I thought that no one woke me up and I am about to miss classes. And trying to go back to sleep and waking up still quite early until I dragged myself out of bed at 5:30 if not a bit earlier. So I decided to get up and dress and get ready because well I knew that I couldn’t decide on what to wear so I will take a while longer to do that. And at around 6:20-ish I was ready to leave the house.

I left the house even before my sisters who were on their way back to school which is quite early! Hell I saw no sign of the sun and it was still dark. I even sent a message to my friend saying “So this is what it looks like every morning, interesting” hehehe I swear it was an experience since it’s been a while since I woke up that early! Anyways I went out with my new baby Diablo instead of the Old Gato and I was hoping that the cafeteria would be open by the time I get there since I wanted breakfast but sadly enough I reached the place where we train at 7AM or slightly before it (an hour early) and I found out that the cafeteria doesn’t open until 8AM and we have “Carribou Cafe” which SUCKS! I mean they don’t even have ORANGE JUICE! The horror!

My day is divided into two shifts really, 8-12AM I have one course and 12-4PM I have another course. With a 30 minute break at 9:30 and a 1 hour lunch break at 1:30. I would’ve preferred it had they put more classes with less hours for each subject since I have the attention span of an ant. But no problem today I yawned my way through, but tomorrow I hope not since I haven’t slept yet and I’ll probably stay up until 10-11PM. Most of you might know where I got hired (The Twirlies of course) and some don’t I guess I can give you just one tiny hint and that is. It’s a banking sector. Meaning it’s going to be hard work. But I don’t think I’ll mind it because in the end it was part of my main plan 5 years ago when I first graduated high school, me wanting a degree in Management and to work in a bank but not in the position I am hired for right now hehe. So the classes I’m taking for the next 3 months are going to reflect this, to build my knowledge about this field.

Pretty much I’ve given you the main picture of what is going to happen but things that happened today or that are happening is that the people I am with seem to be nice, the girls really, and I am enjoying making new acquaitances. It is going to be interesting and a tight knit family but that doesn’t mean they’ll be my friends or such. It just means they’re colleagues and are going to be treated by me equally and nicely. But first and foremost is me, I am going to take care of me and only me! So no one will get any free rides off of me ;P Oh my god! I feel as if I am going through circles. Not being able to focus on what I’m talking about but let’s cut that short.

We finished quite early today a half an hour early, but it’s a one time thing and well I realized that I am quite exhausted and that I will infact miss daylight pretty soon since by the time I leave the courses and I get home it is already almost dark. But yeah, that’s about it.

Summary Version: I got a job in a banking sector. I am taking a 3 month training course. This was my day in that course. The sun don’t shine early morning when I leave the house. I will miss daylight quite soon. It’s going to be scary to think of me as a grown up now. But I do make money now and I can spend a ton of it or save it. Yes I can afford my own personal gadgets now without any help from Pops or Moms. Also most likely next Eid I will be giving a Eidiya :( I miss my leeching days already!

Friday Fun!

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Last night I mentioned that today was a day I would spend with my family mostly, as in breakfast at Grandma’s and then lunch at Auntie’s but sad thing is that the breakfast was canceled and instead I had only lunch at Auntie’s to look forward to. And boy was it fun! I cannot even begin to describe the fun we had. The BBQ-ing, sitting around with Toonz and Iss, Auntie and her husband, Grandma, other Uncle, and my sisters. It was great! I kept thinking that I should probably write and describe this event but I thought pictures would do a better job so here goes, pictures from today’s BBQ.


Upon arrival, Auntie’s Husband was already BBQ-ing and so we joined him for a bit on the balcony and enjoyed the scene and the weather.

BBQ Equip.jpg

Here is a shot of the entire equipment.

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