It’s Almost Over

March 12, 2007  |  Uncategorized

Someone’s birthday is coming up, last year she led me to create a major scandal on this blog, I hope this year will bring back those old memories, don’t you? :P If you know who I am talking about.

The training course is almost over, Thursday I get assigned to a new location to start another 100 days of training and continue doing what I do best, which is stand in the background until I gain my seat and can work, but of course standing in the background while learning stuff.  I need that change of atmosphere but I hope I don’t get stuck with any of the lame-o’s that are with me at work now.  It appears to be that first impressions can be cheating or more like wrong, but other first impressions can also be correct.  I made a few friends or semi-friends if you want to think of it that way.

Anyhow, Friday was my Shopping Therapy day, and I finally started getting the feeling of spending alot of money and not feeling where it went because in the past 3 days I spent like a ton of my salary and that is like sad :(  But I did get a few nice things and I am happy about that.  I also spent the afternoon at Grandma’s and I had more fun there, sitting in the Garden, it’s truly Eden to me and I am loving it!

Mother got me a present today, well I think it can be called that way, she hooked me up with the new iPod Video 80GB so that she can take my old 60GB one.  I want to keep this one scratch-free! I will not keep my baby naked! Oh yeah and I umm named him “Mephistopheles.”  I am loving it, it now matches its younger brother “Satan” my Black iPod Nano (1st Generation).

Thursday Heaven

March 9, 2007  |  Uncategorized

I really really missed my extended family, well they aren’t my extended family but my real family.  It’s been ages since I’ve seen all my cousins at once or all my uncles and their wives or even my aunt and her husband all together in one place.  It was so beautiful and fun.  We had our first Thursday lunch at Grandma’s new place, it was AMAZING!  They had just installed (yes installed Dodo, I am a geek and therefore I use geek terms) the lemon grass, and it looked AMAZING!  We had lunch which was from Kabab El Hejja and directly afterwards we went out to the garden to have tea and coffee, but of course the boys (my male cousins all ages ranging from 13-3) were playing with the soccer ball in the corner.  So I decided to join them and play with them.   I have never ran that much before LOL! It was unbelievably fun!

At first I was with my 13 year old cousin against the kids hehe then I was the goalie, then both my younger Uncles joined us hehe then my little sister joined, it was crazy!  So we take a break and I bring out my iPod and the Speakers and put some music while we sit and have cake.  A few minutes later older Uncle comes and says that he is taking the kids to the beach whoever wants to come should join.  And I rush ahead with my cousins and we head out to the beach.  The weather is beautiful today!  I took pictures of my cousins and sisters at the beach, I took pictures of my shadow and shoes.   Hell, my sis and I got tired a bit and decided to lie down on the blanket she on my sweater and I on her tummy.  It was picturesque and while we were enjoying the beach with music from my Pod, we glimpse a horse in the sea!

A horse you say in the sea?!  How can that be?  A horse does not live in the sea! A horse may just drink or bathe in the sea.  And that was what it was doing.  I was supposed to take a few pics with the horsey but cousin didn’t know how to use my N90 and therefore no pics of me and the horsey :(  So we sit for a bit then we head back and I go out with Uncle (Youngest one) and I get him an early early Birthday present of the new Sony Ericsson mobile phone the W880i Walkman, the slimmest one out there.  And he became ecstatic and extremely happy, we went back and sat for a bit with Grams and that was about it.

That’s what fun I had today.  I feel that if I sleep and wake up I will feel sore from all the running around, but I’m glad that I got in a work out today LOL!  Tomorrow is shopping day, can’t wait! Now Enjoy the pics below since I didn’t want to disturb my story earlier with pictures.


The garden where we sat, the opposite side is where we played.  Nice ain’t it?


My Long Shadow which reminded me of, “Judy Abbot” the cartoon series.


My sister and cousin playing in the sand.


 My boy cousins and they were playing but of course that wasn’t in the beginning because more cousins were with them.


The beautiful horse we saw on the beach.


None of those hands are mine so be sure to not freak out hehe, but isn’t he beautiful?


March 8, 2007  |  Uncategorized

I need to have some unadulterated fun, whatever that would mean, but seriously I need a vacation or some time to relax and enjoy myself.  I am losing tiny bits of me, I am not the fun person I used to be in my writing or even in life, I love to have fun, I love to joke around and I hate to see anyone depressed or sad because in the end that would affect me somehow and lower my spirits but I always try to make those around me feeling down to feel better about themselves.

Work is tediously insane, the last week of it and problems are arising and I am ignoring those lame issues because in the end all I should care about is me.  I don’t want to even think about dwelling about work since I don’t need anything to bring me down further.

Okay drats, I’m feeling emotional at the moment, tears are coming to my eyes for no reason at all.  I just seem to have stuff pent up inside that I want to release them in whatever way possible.  I hope I do, but most of all I need my College friends, I need to hang out with them because I need a chance to let go and be who I truly am rather than a toned down image of me.  Scratch that actually, I want to get back to reading where I can lose myself nicely in a book and feel all better again.  I still want to see my friends but not for any specific reason.

That’s enough for now, stay tuned for more tomorrow.

Happy Birthday

March 5, 2007  |  Uncategorized

Happy Birthday Daddy  :lol: Wishing you the best birthday this year, you still haven’t told me what you want, and I don’t you’ll tell me anytime soon hehehe :)  Anyways, it’s been great having you around as my Dad!

Happy Birthday to Nonaw as well, I hope your 18th birthday will be totally fun and cool :D

The countdown might as well begin now, I have 2 days this week and 2 more actual class days the week after and 3 project days.  I totally don’t want to end this course since I don’t want to face real life now, hehe, it’s scary sometimes.  But in the end I know enshalla that I’ll do well because I am a big smart girl (yeah right).  Oh yeah and we are learning MICROSOFT WORD, like you know, like how to make tables, like you know how to make a font bold, like you know how to color fonts and such, you know lame kiddie stuff which is making me yawn hehe, but we are typing a few things in Arabic which makes me go like “Ugh I hate this!” Since it hurts my back to type a full document in arabic, seriously, it’s like I have to bend forward to read the letters on the keyboard and search for stuff, I need an Arabic Secretary preferably with knowledge in Arabic grammar and one who doesn’t laugh at my “Badleyat”.  And oh yeah on Saturday apparently we are going to have a lame competition called “Mr & Ms Formal” yeah like we need that now do we?  Oh well!

I miss you guys! I hope soon things will start to change and be better.

You Made My Day

March 3, 2007  |  Uncategorized

I was told today the following from a fellow colleague:

“You are one of the nicest people in this training course..”

and I replied by saying

“Thanks but why do you think so?”

and I got the following response back:

“Because you are so sweet and nice, respectful, it shows you have morals, and that forces those with you to respect you.  You deserve everything that is good to come your way.”

How would that make you feel to hear those words from colleagues, whether it was true or not, even though I know that it is somewhat true.

To Live in a Castle

March 2, 2007  |  Uncategorized

At times I want to feel like a princess, hell not a princess but a queen, I want to be spoiled rotten, live in a huge castle  have everyone wait on me, get tons of stuff that I love and don’t love just because I have the cash for it.  Unfortunately life doesn’t make every dream come true, although it does give you the opportunity to work hard and achieve your dreams.  That is sort of what my Grandma had done, she got paid back for her hardwork all these years and recently moved into her dream house.  A house that is not only in a quiet area, and spacious, but it looks like a freakin’ castle!

The View In The Garden

This past week I’ve been over there mostly every afternoon till evening and I am enjoying just sitting outside in the garden (well before any of the plants get put in) and just talking with my family or enjoying the cool fresh night air.  The cool breeze blown over from the nearby beach!  I kept thinking about how it would rock if the Internet got put in and I would just sit outside at night in the garden with my MacBook and just surf the net or chat with my friends while enjoying the night time.  Hell if there was a very strong signal I would drag myself over to the beach, sit on the sand watch the waves move in while typing away whatever I like (computers are my life, I love them so damn much it’s hard for me to imagine myself without them, hell there is an actual project out there to celebrate “Shutdown Day” where everyone all around the world would shut down their computers for a full day, it’ll come on a Saturday so that it’ll be a weekend in the States and all but I DON’T THINK I’LL BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE!)   But I floated away from the topic, back to what I was saying, yeah it’s  TOTALLY FREAKIN’ AMAZING THERE!  I wish to move in just to enjoy the atmosphere there!

(Check out the picture above, it’s me standing at the edge of the Garden or well part of it and taking that picture of Lilo playing, see the wooden chair next to her, that was where I was sitting last night watching an old episode of Las Vegas with my sisters in the cool night air.)

Break is Over

February 26, 2007  |  Uncategorized

The break is almost over, but I am still in that losing myself stage in life.  I can’t feel myself in my writing anymore, I want to go back to writing freely and happily even.  But it’ll take a bit of time I guess after this course I might breathe a bit easier.

I trimmed my hair but idiot bimbo at the salon went shorter on my bangs than I wanted, she held out the length and I was like yeah sure go ahead, and she goes and cuts above her fingers not the lower part and I go, “UGH HOE!” In the end it’s a nice change I guess.  Oh and most of you might remember that I recently cut my hair, yeah that’s how I am, I get an urge and I have to satisfy it.

2 days and we’ll be back on a weekend, can’t wait!