Just a Reminder

January 28, 2007  |  Uncategorized

Apart from me being terribly sick and unable to get up out of bed, I forced myself to do so since I have a Final today and I had to attend it, whether I feel okay after it or not is left to be decided by fate, if not then I will grab a Medical Excuse and head out to the nearest Doctor to get some meds assigned to me since I am suffering really badly, I have a constant headache that refuses to let up on me.

But this post is to show you guys the changes for those of you who don’t visit one or both of my sites.  :???:

Jacqui’s Blog

 My main blog, The Couch.


Jacqui’s Feeds

My Feeds Site.

And now I’m off to work, ciao.

I Hate Flu

January 27, 2007  |  Lesson of Week, Sick

I hate the flu, I loathe it, hell I even despise it. It is ruining my life and I am not one that prefers medicine or doctors and such, so whenever I get sick, its panadol for a tiny bit and that’s it, I depend on the natural courses of life to heal me. I take Vitamin C daily, which is Fresh Orange Juice for breakfast everyday but I stopped taking Panadol. Today however was a different day, because by midday I was about to collapse from the heat that was hitting me.

Before the end of the day I started feeling that it was extra hot when I wasn’t wearing that much, it’s just that my high necked sleeveless shirt under my suit jacket was getting to me, so by the time I went to pick up my sisters from Grandma’s house to take them home (oh and by the way I dropped them at school today as well) and by that time my head was feeling so heavy that I felt that I might collapse. I reached, sat with Grandma for a bit then left and barely made it home in time. I headed to my bed because if I didn’t sleep I would’ve collapsed. And that is about it why I hate the flu.

Many issues have developed with “habla” girl,which make me feel as if I am talking to a wall or as if I am associating with a dumbo freak but I am learning to not give it any attention or any importance in life. For example, a few days before the “habla” situation she goes to me “Jacquiiiiiiii (substituted for my real name) you have a white haaaaaaaair!” and I turn to look at her and say “I’ve got 3, so?” trying to embarrass me. Then the situation with “habla” happened trying to hint that my coat is “manly-like” hence why she went and gave it to a guy in the other class. But what happened this week was? Today, I was waiting to order and she was in front of me, she finished and moved to my side whereas I moved forward, I ordered, and in front of the guys she goes “Jacquiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii what is this red thing on your face near your chin??” and I go like ” Nothing why” she’s like “Nooo there’s something red here..” and I’m thinking “Wtf is wrong with this hoe!?” In the end I gave her a major skip and went on to order.

It’s funny how one week she gives me attitude but the week after when we start the Systems course, which I excell in she becomes all chummy like and starts to love calling my name to ask for my help (which I offer because the instructor asked me nicely to help him explain to the dumbasses who don’t get anything). Until last Wednesday when she didn’t want to call me by my name claiming that “she overused it and was afraid I would get mad” so she instead called me “Yaaa… Come Help me” and I answered back that “I have a name, use it, I love my name so use it please.” So all in all, I have weirdos in my class but most are starting to fear and respect me!

So Respect Jacqui or you’ll get a kick in ya bum! But I am still loving the whole experience, it is sooo enlightening!

Passing You By

January 26, 2007  |  Blog News

What weekend? How can I call this a weekend where I was sick for most of it, coughing, sneezing, and more. But at least I rested for a bit, I caught up with my tv shows and other aspects of my life. I also edited my template, well both templates for my feeds and my normal site.

Some changes you might be able to notice are that both the “Archives” and the “Contact” pages work now. I removed the Archives from the sidebar since they were getting too crowded and put them all in their own page which makes it much much more easier to navigate. I also activated the Contact Form Plugin which now actually works and sends me the emails which you guys can send to me. Just be sure to not abuse this, you can either use the plugin or email me at jacqui [at] couchavenue [dot] com.

I upgraded to WordPress 2.1 which rocks ass! I mean seriously nothing is as good as this! And the new changes that were made are amazing however you might get lost after a short bit of using it. What more do you want me to say? Actually I have nothing else in mind. I think I should go read the 3 chapters I have a test on, and read the material that is required from my Banking Class.

Oh yeah, yesterday I headed out to Jarir and purchased a new external HD 80GB which I named “Exotique”, its so that my sisters use that to give their friends the series I download rather than beg me to make DVDS. I also got an Arabic Typing Tutor program which will help me type Arabic as fast as I type English, and a couple of Archies and 1 novel. Fun right?

Flu Contagious

January 25, 2007  |  Blog News

I always thought myself above and beyond something as menial as a flu, and that was the mistake that led me to get the flu yesterday.  I always thought, no I won’t get sick, and such but lo and behold I am as sick as a frog, if a frog gets sick :/  The flu is the suckiest thing we can ever get because it’s easily caught and hard to get rid of :/ My head weighs as much as 3 tons if not more and therefore I wish I could just crawl under a rock until the heaviness goes away!

Apart from my flu, everything at work is going great, but the point of this post is that I am writing to show you guys my new design that I have chosen for the Couch!  I hope you guys like it.  I do.  So thanks to Sister #4 for the new header, and that’s about it.

Let me try to recharge my power.  Adieu

Snippets 2007

January 22, 2007  |  Uncategorized

I am working on getting a new header and slight changes to the design up soon, you gotta bear with me, since I am spending 10 hours outside of the house and only 5-6 at home!

I am enjoying my Banking class, today we got to work with Computers and it was AMAZING! I love computers! You guys know that.

I am the Manager in my Group! The BOSS! The first female boss in our entire class, which is divided into 3 groups.

I am exhausted from everything but I want to make major changes, I want to change me! Me looks LOL! I don’t know maybe change the way I do my hair and stuff.

I hate my pepsi-belly :/ It gets really annoying!

Its bed time for me, and I hate sleeping early I feel that I miss out on many things!

Lesson of the Week

January 21, 2007  |  Lesson of Week

I am thinking of coming up with Lesson’s of the Week or Day depending on how I want to work these out and giving out information on things I learned during the week since they are really really interesting. One thing you should know is that people are a never ending supply of entertainment, no matter who the person is they always give you some quality entertainment, whether its by how they act or what they say it’s always hilarious to hear and unbelievable to see.  Last Week’s lesson was something that I had to learn in a weird way, and that is no matter how old you are you are still as childish and as idiotically sensitive as you were when you were a weee child! For example, a situation that happened to me this past week included the following:

We switch classes at 12pm and so once that switch takes place usually the Instructor gives us a few minutes to go to the Restrooms or stretch out our muscles and such.  What I did was leave the class I was in and head to my next class, I headed towards my usual seat and took off my winter coat and put it on the back of my chair and placed my books in front of where I sat.  I headed towards the Instructor to ask if I could perhaps head to the Restroom and he granted me that of course.  I go and finish and come back to find my Jacket missing and another chick sitting in my seat, at first I didn’t notice the jacket but then I found it on the chair directly across from where I sat, and it appeared that, that chick took my jacket and books and gave them to a guy in the other class simply because “I thought they belonged to N” [N is a guy by the way] (said in a whiny voice not suiting a 29 year old).  I replied laughingly, “What the hell, why did you move my stuff!  Even if you thought it belonged to N Why did you move my stuff?!” all jokingly and not displaying any signs of anger, I continued to say  “Are you a dimwit or are you a dimwit! Why did you move them!”

I dropped my purse to the floor and I stormed out of the room, mind you not angry at all and headed towards N and he told me that someone just came up and gave him these and he kept them on the desk.  I thanked him and went back to the room and I saw her still in my seat, I then asked “Are you going to get out of my seat or shall I sit in your place?” and she slowly got up and moved to the seat where she usually sits and pouted.  I situate myself and organize my stuff around me then I turn to her and appologize if I hurt her feelings or anything because I didn’t mean to piss her off or anything.  And she responds “Its okay, but Jacqui dimwit was uncalled for, why did you call me that?” and I respond “I didn’t mean it that way it just slipped out.”  She pouted the rest of the class period until the lunch break where she stormed out and sat on her own not with the girl’s group and pouted some more until the next day, but I had appologized and I did my share, whether she accepts it or not is not my problem.
The key point is that no matter how old you are, you still might have a childish mind in your head.  Another point is that I believe this job is not the job for her because if she got ticked because I called her a dimwit, the customer will for sure call her a dimwit, dumbass, animal, idiot, incompetent, impertitent lousy lazy ass employee that doesn’t deserve the paycheck that is given to her.

So in one sentence the lesson is:  Not everyone is as mature as their age might imply, and not everyone can work in a job dealing with customers, most likely customers who love to complain.

P.S.  Dimwit is a rough translation of the actual word I used which was habla.

3 Day Relaxation

January 20, 2007  |  Uncategorized

The 3 day weekend does one wonders! All it takes is for one to be deprived of the daily lazy-ing and lazy-ness feeling of coasting through life to actually appreciate the true value of a weekend.  That is what it took for me to start to feel that this weekend was a God send! I rested, napped, and rested some more, washing away the tired-ness of the entire week, to me it is a pain because I haven’t had that much thrown at me at one time, but one more week and I’ll be practically used to it.

Work has been going great, or shall I say Training, since that is what I do now and not work, I am enjoying classes and we’re actually learning alot of stuff.  This sort of puts things into perspective, showing me what I can do and what I can’t do, where I want to be and where I don’t want to be! I hope that by the end of this 3 month training program that I come out a new person, one that is better in every aspect there is, and one that actually knows what she wants to do in life.

Today I saw my beloved Princess and Swair.  I had fun with Lilo of course, my little Bobsy! Hehehe That’s what we call her when we want  her to be our little cuddly puppy and she enjoys it.  She’s cracking out of her shell and becoming more of a people person and that’s what I want her to be.  I however need to go crash and read a few pages before I wake up for my final in one class and presentation and stuff.

So I’ll continue this some time later.