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Okay I am getting in trouble today, I got worse than before, my voice is almost gone, I am coughing like crazy, I have a stuffy nose and I think I might be dying soon.  I think it’s safe to say that today I’ll be heading off to the doctors but the problem is I don’t trust any of them out there :s Ugh the dilemma.

Anyways, today or tomorrow you’ll get to see a new template up.  Now I’m off to go to change my clothes and leave the house.

Anonymous Work?

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Charity work is supposed to be anonymous right?  No one is supposed to know how much or who you are that gave such an organization that amount of money right?  Well apparently some dumbasses have a different idea about this concept.  They are starting to tick me off.

Recently we had a final project which allowed us to rake in a few profits which were all donated along with other people’s donations towards a “Cancer Awareness Campaign” (not exact terms), the fact of the matter is a day was supposed to be planned with the money itself where we spread joy and laughter on young individuals who have the disease.  The money currently is with me, since I am on a (pathetic) committee that is supposed to organize things with the Top Management for this day.

The top management stated that we should organize this day with the company’s team rather than on our own. Where is the problem?  Well the stupid dimwits that are with me are all complaining “How can the company’s team get into this, that means it won’t be under our name!” “Oh no the pain of those two days we spent gathering the money is lost!” “Oh my god! How can they rob us of seeing our names on such an event!”

And here I am sitting, wanting to shoot the next person who opens their piehole to say something like, “We wanna do the work on our own!”  Because you and I both know that you are a lazy dumbass who won’t bother to lift a finger to do something for yourself.  So what am I going to do?

Well I am going to watch them fall splat on their faces, I will turn over the cash to them and let them deal with the top management and the preparations and just enjoy my days at work rather than worry about things that I shouldn’t even be worrying about.  I did my job, I kept things flowing nicely and that is about it.

What do you think?

April 2, 2007

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I hate that I am getting even more sicker by the hour, I went to bed last night with the mother of all coughs and when I woke up I still had that cough and its worse. At times I feel like slitting my throat to ease the pain of breathing, but then again I realize to myself that I’ve been watching too many episodes of Rome after each other. It’s like I got this feeling in the back of my throat that something is swollen, actually to describe it even better, you know how when you see your loved one or best friend traveling or something like that and you’re waving goodbye and you feel that you’re going to cry but you keep it inside so when you swallow you feel a tightness in your throat? You know that? THAT’S WHAT I FEEL ON A DAILY BASIS! It just annoys the hell out of me though. Nothing can help solve it, I think I might need to seriously visit a doctor soon but we’ll see where I’ll fit that and in which time slot.

Anywho, one thing before I left leave, there is a new campaign going around called “Article 36” which basically fights for your rights to freedom of speech, I highly support it not because of who it’s run by or any of that sort of stuff, but for what it stands for. I have always been against censorship, I mean come on we have our own brains don’t we? We can think and choose what to talk about and what not to, some people need that right to be taken away from them but then again they don’t. So basically head on over to their site and their gathering that’s coming up and fight for our rights to write freely, because apparently blogging days are numbered for everyone.

Happy Birthday Ananyah

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Happy Birthday Ananyah, I hope all your wishes come true and all that jazz.  I don’t think I’ll send you over an sms since I sent mine earlier.  I seriously thought yesterday was the first of April.  Oh well.

In other news, here is a picture of my E50 and N90 next to each other.  I am cooling off my heels until the N76 gets released and I’ll get the second batch of phones instead of the first ones.  Everyone is telling me that its so not me, that the phone itself is not a Jacqui phone, odd ha?


The Tudors

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In this day and age, basically everything has been done when it comes to Television Series and Movie Ideas. We went all the way around the entire different set of genres. However, Historical Television Shows has become a new thing in this age, I believe Rome has started the mini-series of Historical Drama and The Tudors is planning on continuing where Rome left off. TV Networks all around the States are trying to do what BBC has already been doing for quite sometime now, taking various historical stories and presenting them on the smaller screen. I am not complaining. I am quite happy about it.


I have recently downloaded the first three episodes of The Tudors and I believe I can say that I am in love with that show. It is mind boggling and highly addictive, whether it is the young male actors that attract me to watch or the story itself, it doesn’t matter as long as I get my daily dosage of this show. Unfortunately I got to see the first three episodes together meaning I have to wait another 3 weeks for a newer episode to be released. This is a mini-series of ten episodes chronicling the life of King Henry VIII, and his various love affairs as well as the affairs of England. I am loving this series regardless of all the historical inaccuracies but it just reminds me so badly of Rome that I am watching it for its share of hot guys and historical small facts.

Remember, Showtime brought us the winning series Weeds, who knows if they might kick this one out of the ball park or not. So for those of you wanting to watch some hot men and women, watch The Tudors, and for those of you who are wanting to watch something of historical background then watch The Tudors as well.

My favorite character is Charles Brandon played by Henry Cavill (you might remember him from The Count of Monte Cristo and Tristan & Isolde).  He’s my guy.


Oh yeah, and I’m still dying. It hurts to even swallow water or eat food.

I’m Dying

March 30, 2007  |  Uncategorized

I’m dying.

Seriously I am.

Let me crawl back under my rock and nurse myself.

Rome Review

March 28, 2007  |  Uncategorized

Rome Season 2 has ended.  This post will not spoil anything from the last season but I would like to state HOW MUCH I LOVED THIS SEASON! This by far is one of the greatest TV Shows I’ve watched in these past two year (around two years that is).  It was a great way to end it, and I loved every bit of watching it.  Unfortunately I don’t have any more historical TV Shows to watch, that is not counting the new Showtime Series called “The Tudors” telling us the story of Henry VIII and his little fallout with the Catholic Church.  I am downloading as we speak the first two episodes which are set to air on the 1st of April.

Apart from that, I am glad that tomorrow is a vacation and no work for me.  Yay I got one Thursday back.  I spent this afternoon at grandma’s hell it was evening and it was the greatest 2 hours spent in the garden with no disruptions from the outside world.  I might end up sleeping over tomorrow night.

I just got the Black Metal Nokia E50 as a temporary phone since I got sick of my Nokia N90 so far.  It’s nice and I can’t wait to use it.  Other than that I need to head off to bed.  So I’ll see ya around.