My Brain is Screwed On Backwards

September 16, 2008  |  Reflections

I don’t know but I always sit in bed at night and think, and feel that my brain is screwed on backwards.  It’s just that sometimes when I am being told something I can never follow them.  I’m trying to even think of examples but I just can’t.  

Don’t you get that feeling, you know, you’re standing there listening to someone go on and on about something and you just get lost after the first sentence, hell first word, you feel embarrassed to even ask again and try to understand it.  

Try asking me to solve a mathematical equation that involves thinking, I will literally go all quiet and then get agitated and force you to get out a calculator and do it yourself because I know I will mess up.  I am more of a visual person rather than a theoretical one.  Show me something, show me how it’s done, don’t tell me what to do.

Love you all, princess more than others :*

How Jacqui Got Her Groove Back

September 16, 2008  |  Kuwait, My Life

I feel like I’m slowly getting my groove back.  With my iPhone I get to post more and more, and whenever I get an idea I just type it out and press publish and viola.  Even taking pictures and posting them up is easier.  I am in love with it.  But anyways, what is better?

Jacqui writing one post a day quite long and annoying?


Jacqui writing more than one post a day each so short you can read it while literally blinking your eyes.


I am finding myself again.  I really am and I should because without me there is nothing good inside.  Oh and regardless of how much I hate hate hate hate work I believe that I am getting a great amount of experience.  Customer serivce is truly the hardest job ever and to master even a tiny part of it is an accomplishment so YAAAY ME!

2 Sick Leaves!

September 15, 2008  |  iPhone

Two are out on sick leaves that leaves me to do mostly all of the work and I get yelled at for not doing others jobs!!! I’m currently scanning papers see!

Dusty in Ramadan

September 15, 2008  |  iPhone

So this weather is totally insane I mean what is up with the dust seriously but at least it’s not blazing hot,yet. I’m loving my iPhone now I’m connected everywhere and as I sit waiting in my car until the branch is unlocked I get to write my thoughts.

So thought of the day is that it’s dusty today :P

Unlocked My iPhone 3G

September 15, 2008  |  iPhone

So guess what!!! I just unlocked my iPhone 3G by using’s SIM unlock method and things are running nice and smooth finally my phone is cool.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not getting the officially unlocked Italian one :p

Anywho good night for now.