Launchy, The Windows QuickSilver

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Launchy is a new application, or at least I believe it is a new one, I just discovered it 2 days ago when I was looking for a “QuickSilver”-like program for my PC so that I launch applications with a combination of short cuts and I found it along with a few other applications.  I have only used Launchy so far but there are two other applications which you have to purchase to use called AppRocket and KeyBreeze, as well as another free one called Collibri.  But so far ease of use and such I think Launchy is winning the draw.

All you need to do is press Alt+Space and enter the application’s name that you want to use and watch it launch for you.  No more primitive ways of going through your Start Menu to access things.

Happy National & Liberation Day

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Happy National & Liberation Day Kuwait! It’s on the Liberation Day’s Anniversary that I know how old someone in my family will be and we have already declared it as their early birthday celebration since their birthday is going to be next week. Cool huh?

Here’s a beautiful picture taken by Radiant Guy which I’d like to share of the beautiful event that Kuwait is going through, since I haven’t gone out recently LOL!



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I don’t want to grow up, I want to go back to being in college or even High School, I don’t want to face reality or the real world.  I want to crawl under my rock and just sit there for the rest of time.  :sad:

Takes Two To Tango

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It takes two to tango! Moving files over from one computer to another is exhausting work, the fact that I have to sit there and read into the files that I want to transfer is quite hectic hehehe and time consuming but the good thing is, I left my MP3s and TV Shows copying over last night before I went to bed and hence those are done.  I am also backing up stuff on my External HD before fully deleting them.  It’s really sad LOL!

Forgot to mention one thing in the previous post and that is, that K, was the one who recommended Professional Computers to me and hooked me up with the great deal.  I am liking it quite alot and it’s great.

8 Days of classes are left and 2 extra days of doing a project together.  It truly has been a journey, last month the fact that I was going to undergo training for 3 months felt as if it’ll take forever and stuff yet now it seems as if things are moving too quickly.  I have learned alot of things and I am maintaining my standards on dealing with things.  I don’t exert the extra effort, I just exert enough to make my work stand out but at the same time not go overboard at all.  I’m just neat and smart by nature hehe :P  Imagine this, I wake up some mornings really tired and dead not feeling like going to work but I push myself to attend even if I am sick hehe in fear of losing attendance marks LOL!

I’m glad for this long weekend, I need the time to unwind a bit, so now let me go back to finishing my computer, Ciaos.

Preview: Professional Computers

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Yesterday I posted about how I made the purchase for 3 computers to build and a couple of monitors and stuff, and how some of you became jealous by how lovely looking my monitor is. Well today I’d like to mention that, I am really liking Professional Computer’s service because for one thing the computers were to be sent over Wednesday afternoon at 4:30 and instead they are being delivered in the next hour or two, at 7PM they called to tell us that they can send them out tonight and if we wanted them then, and of course I was jumping with glee while Papa was answering them. So not only did they give me a great price for such a powerful system (not that powerful but great enough), but they also delivered it before the scheduled date.

The weekend is going to be spent with me working as an IT Technician which is almost what I do. Sister and Mom want me to shift their stuff on their new computers and so I have tomorrow to do that for them. *jumping up and down with glee while waiting for my new baby!*

Update: [9:00PM] They delivered the systems and I am unboxing them, I’m really excited, even though the Case color kinda sucks tush but oh well! Hehehe Mom saw the 19″ Monitors and decided she wanted the 22″ one.  Oh well, I don’t mind!

The Purchase

February 19, 2007  |  Uncategorized

The purchase has been complete, Pops and I (I love you Pappa) went to Hawally, Ibn Khaldoun Street, and ordered 3 PCs to build. The one I’ll talk about will be mine of course and so here are the specs I’m getting for me!

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.40Ghz/4MB Cache/1066Mhz
Intel Original D975XBX Motherboard
2x1GB DDR2 RAM Kingston PC800
320GB 7,200 RPM SATA HDD
512MB 6800 Xtreme Nvida GeForce VGA Card
7.1 Sound Card
Gigabit Ethernet Card
8 USB Ports + 1 or 2 Firewire Ports
16x Pioneer DVD Re-writer
1.44MB Floppy Drive
Microsoft Keyboard & Mouse
AOpen ATX Case with 3 Fans + 450W AOPen Power Supply

and I’m keeping the 22″ Benq Wide LCD Monitor!

So What do you think? I’ll be getting it on Wednesday inshalla, I can’t wait!


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Find out what it means to me
Take care, TCB

That’s my thought of the day.  Lots of people have no sense of respect and don’t even practice it, it’s just sickening.  I however am saying, SCREW THEM! And moving on with life right? :P  That’s what I should do shouldn’t I?

Oh and we have Saturday off now.  He wanted to make us sweat a bit I guess.

Oh Lord, the day seems just so long.  I want to go out, the weather is to die for!