Find Yourself

May 4, 2007  |  Creative

Days passed since she last spent a little bit of time on herself. Her quality “Me” time has been put on hold for almost a week now, and things are starting to get to her. Work is quite hectic, things get messed up at work and a few days of chaos are what she has to look forward to until things settle down and become smooth again. The standing up, the sitting down, the taking notes, the working on the computer, all those things got to her, they stressed her out, yet she still went on. She believed that things will work out eventually and the world will set itself right again and she would go back to enjoying her days at work and at home.


That was until this morning, she found a little “me” time and spent it at a massage parlor getting the best relaxation treatment money could buy. She could’ve gone out to shop and de-stress in the usual way a woman usually does, buying a new pair of shoes, but instead she went down and had a massage. But there is something you don’t know about her. This was her first massage. For the past 23 years she could basically be described as a “massage virgin”, yet after this morning she could no longer claim that she has never had a professional massage.

The feelings she experienced when going through her relaxation session were undescribable and unbelievable. She never knew such a feeling of ultimate relaxation could exist, she never thought she could unwind and let go of all her worries and thoughts. It seemed as if once she stripped off her clothes, all her worries left her body. It felt as if once she let herself lie down on that table and give herself up into the hands of another person, that all her responsibilities were put on hold and for once, someone else would be looking out for her. The hour she spent inside that dimmed small private room, on a warm table, with the most soothing music and the most relaxing oils she has ever known mattered so much in the course of her week. It was the first time she felt a little relaxation and the first time she could do something and not worry that time will be running out, or that she had to be somewhere.

Her experience has inspired me, I hope it will inspire you all as well. Her experience showed me the importance of finding yourself some “me” time. Finding yourself a few hours everyday just to do something that you want and that no one else has to tell you to do.

Crazy Sunday

April 29, 2007  |  Uncategorized

One thing is good about being in the Private sector, and that is I no longer hate Saturdays, I feel more relaxed and comforted on those days because well it’s not the start of the week for me, and if you start your week on a Sunday it flies a bit faster.  However Sunday’s are a pain for those in the Banking Sector because well that’s when most of the work is.

I can gladly say that I worked my feet off today and I semi-enjoyed it hehe.  The only down side is that I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep before so what happened was, I slept at 3:40-ish and woke up at 6:30-ish and went to work till 2, then had a thing to do in the main office till 3, then I rushed home but had to get some fast food to feed myself since I hadn’t had breakfast, then sat for half an hour and rushed back to work since I had an afternoon shift and stayed there until 8:15-ish.

Crazy ain’t it?  The only good thing is, that the Nokia N76 has started shipping in Europe, Asia, and Middle East areas which means that the countdown is near.  Hell it might be my gift to myself for my blog’s 3rd year anniversary.  Time sure does fly fast doesn’t it?  I can’t believe it! Pretty soon Dec. 25th will roll around and I would be finishing my first year at my job,  I should decide on whether I want to take a few weeks off in January or not.  Might hit the States then, hell you know what, an idea just came to my mind! I should do it.

Anywho, I bid thee adieu and shall go to rest.

Retail Addiction

April 28, 2007  |  Uncategorized

I might be on the verge of becoming a shopaholic if I haven’t done so already.  It’s getting to be insane! I am buying more and more stuff when I go out and it’s just because well I want to buy nice shiny things!  I should take it easy but I can’t! I can’t resist not buying something to cheer me up.

So how’s life with me?  Well nothing new here other than me going to work, making money, and spending it on myself.  Otherwise I have nothing else new in my life.  My blog’s anniversary is coming up soon, and no I don’t think I’ll be getting a blog re-design but then again who knows what will be in the papers then.

Today I went out to get my Insurance papers signed so that I get a refund on the medical bills that I paid for just because my card wasn’t done yet.  Tomorrow I’ll pass by and grab my Insurance card and apply for a VISA card from my bank since as staff I get special stuff. I then went to the Photographers to get my graduation pictures and sadly enough they weren’t as hot as I wanted them to be but then again I grabbed them just because.   I picked up Lilo and then went to Muhallab, and sadly enough I found a nice new watch that I was tempted to buy, as well as some accessories here and there.  I blame this all on the retail market!

Otherwise, I guess life is pretty stable.  Although I still want me a puppy!

Teller Horrors

April 22, 2007  |  Work


Every day when I go back home, I thank God that I wasn’t actually hired to be a teller, that I am just doing this as part of my full based training, and the reason for these prayers will be listed below.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate tellers, hell I have a better understanding to what goes around now than before, and it’s not that I hate their work, but it’s a constant hassle or annoyance when you get one customer with a gajillion things to do.  For example, those cheques, they drive me nuts, cashing in cheques that are for small amounts of money basically cause they are from the KSE so when I get 10 cheques for 1 customer, it can drive me insane! Hence why I feel the urge to burn the next cheque that comes my way.

And it’s not as if that wasn’t enough, the fact that there is a phone on our counter and that the others don’t bother picking it up is driving me nuts, because there I am trying to cash in a cheque *the horror* or deposit in some cash and the phone rings and keeps ringing and I can’t even answer it because when a customer is there, you have to give them your undivided attention not to mention the cash itself.  But overall, I am loving the experience because in the end, your relationship with the customer is not as major as any other person’s, you deal with them for maximum of up to 10 minutes a couple of days a week or a month, whereas a relationship officer has to deal with them for a minimum of 15 – 30 minutes to organize their life basically.

On a different note: I am broke, 4KD until the end of the month, I am abusing my VISA Card, I went to the Avenues a second time and bought stuff even though I was broke hence the VISA Card abuse, I am not getting the puppy :( Daddy said yes but Mommy is saying its dirty and stuff but it’s so cute, it’s a Shih Tzu puppy! And they are just the cutest things, lemme show you a couple of their pictures! And I am still waiting for the N76.


This is the one that I played with at my best friend’s place.  I suggested she name him “Oreo” hehe.


Look at the Beige one with Bits of White in his fur?  That’s the one that I want, well there are two in that color and one of them is the naughtiest of the bunch!

P.S. Laialy, you can cry now ;P

Moment to Scratch Head

April 19, 2007  |  Uncategorized

Hopefully today I get a moment to scratch my head, these past two days I have been busy non-stop and I haven’t even had a second to myself, odd but it was fun.

I might be getting a puppy but then again it all depends on what my uncles are going to say.  Pray for me that I get one.

I’m Graduating

April 17, 2007  |  Uncategorized

Today is graduation day! Finally I get the closure that I have been probably seeking for the past year or so, and finally I get to see my actual BA right?  Yay!  I guess it’s a happy thing but I might be swamped in getting everything done, for one thing I leave work at 3 today and I gotta do alot of things to prepare, but I gotta pick out a simple thing to wear since I am not going to be in a great mood if I am going to be outdoors for most of the ceremony so yeah.  Anyways I just thought I should write about my graduation and how lame KU is in its Graduation things.


Best Friends

April 16, 2007  |  Creative


With the phone against her ear she walked towards the store they agreed to meet at, “Hey babes, where are you? I’m at that shop..” she takes a few steps towards the escalator and lo and behold she sees her best friend since their childhood days, immediately she hangs up and races towards the escalator to wait for her friend to reach that step. As her best friend steps off she hugs her real hard and kisses her in greeting. “Oh my God!” she exclaims, “Oh my God, Hayles, it’s been ages!!! Oh my God! I can’t believe you’re really here!” Hayley returns the hugs and kisses and responds “Yeaaaaaah I knowwwwwwwwww! Jenna it’s been ages, I’m always trying to get you to go out but you’re always toooo busy for me,” she laughed as she said the last part.

Jenna and Hayley have been best friend since they were in elementary school, it’s really odd how they became friends since they were two complete opposite girls at the time, one was into the trance scene and the alternative music and such while the other was an avid fan of the rap, r&b, and hip hop scene. Their friends never mixed together, hell they didn’t mix together completely but it’s true what they say “Opposites attract” and they sure did attract each other to a life long friendship.

They started walking together towards one of the coffee shops placed in the mall, to just sit and have a few drinks and chat about what’s been going on in their lives.  As they were walking Hayley looked to Jenna and said “You’ve gained some weight haven’t you?” Jenna replies “Yea I have (her features scrunch up a bit) I want to lose some of the weight I gained.”  Hayley immediately says “Oh no you won’t!! This is a nicer look on you, and finally you look healthier.”  They continue their walk until they reached one of those coffee shops with an outdoor seating arrangement and took a seat at one of the tables.

They ordered their drinks and sat there talking about everything that has been going on in their lives, from who’s dating who, to how is your work now.  It felt strange to talk about those things but what was stranger is that it didn’t feel as if they had spent a year away from each other.  A friendship like this where one can stay away so long, where one doesn’t have to talk to the other to portray what they are feeling is really rare, it’s the kind where you are so comfortable with saying so many or even so little.

Jenna and Hayley continued their talk and shared lots of laughter with each other, that to any stranger passing by they would think them sisters rather than best friends.