It’s Almost There

May 10, 2007  |  Uncategorized

It’s almost here, my weekend will start in a few hours, well let’s just say around 8 hours LOL! Hehe I can’t wait and I’m excited of course I should get going since I don’t want to be that late but that’s fun.  And yeah, ummm I forgot what I wanted to say.  I am missing the time I had to write all those posts :(  I want to write leisurely again!  What made me think of joining this sector seriously what? :/  Anyways Adieu my friends, hope to see you in the near future.

P.S. Luciano has only 2 more months with me then he goes to his new papa :P

Anger Dreams

May 8, 2007  |  Uncategorized

I had a really weird dream where I was majorly angry and it sucked I don’t know why I got that dream.  But oh well I gotta head off to work so that I don’t be late.  Wish me luck.  I need it today!


May 6, 2007  |  Uncategorized

No I did not get a new cat, although I really want to get one but oh well.  It was a nice busy day for me today, and tomorrow appears to be the same way as well but at least I have no afternoon shift tomorrow.  I am now in the process of looking for a way to lose the beer belly or in my case pepsi belly that I have gained.  I want to try and cut back carbs from my diet but the problem is, that all I EAT IS CARBS!  If I cut carbs and soft drinks I think I would lose it but I am not sure I have the will power to do so ;/  Let’s hope I can do it.  I want to start from tomorrow but I am not sure what foods I should consume, boiled ones are good I guess so yeah.

Other than that, I wanted to take this tiny spot to do a little sales thing, and advertise the new offer on loans that my bank is now offering, if you want a loan and something extra on top of that loan just leave me a comment with a valid email and I’ll get back to you and give you more details about the offer itself.  But seriously it’s a nice offer, abuse it before the 30th of June when the offer expires.

Otherwise, thanks alot for reading this and enjoy your day.

Review: The Cutting Edge

May 5, 2007  |  Uncategorized

So I have decided that this week is “Pamper Jacqui” weekend and went all out in giving myself a first class treatment.  From getting a massage (yes the previous post, where I wrote about “her” it’s actually me) and today I went in to “The Cutting Edge” to get a new look.  And boy did I get a new look.

The salon is quite snazzy and chic, it’s quite a different atmosphere over there and it’s run by appointments mostly so you don’t feel the craziness and nerves you usually get at normal salons.  The Staff is really friendly and most of the stylists over there are either American or European or some Asians.  The view is soothing since you get a sea view.  And the work is quite quick.

Let’s see, I went in for my 12PM appointment and I finished at 12:35PM!  First I met with my stylist, a sweet lady, and she asked me what I wanted to do, I asked her for suggestions and she gave me her opinion that most of my hair dead and not doing anything just weighing me down so she thinks a summer new look is the way for me.  I agreed and then she sent me off to get shampooed and conditioned.  10 minutes later, I was back in her chair and she started organizing my hair before she began the cut, which took 10 minutes, and didn’t leave me in that nervous state of nerves that I usually get when I see someone cut my hair, because they either cut it too short or they go crazy.  She chatted me up, which is new for me but nice and I found out that she’s as old as I am.  She finished my haircut, and due to the proximitiy of the chair and the mirror I could see what was going on since I was without my glasses at the time so it wasn’t that much of a shock, but I felt lighter already.  After blow drying my hair I saw how it looked like and I was SHOCKED! I never thought that this look would suit me this much but it did.

In the end I paid a nice sum for all of this, but I have to admit it was totally worth it! So far my friends like it as much as I do, mom gave me a weird look but then again I’m used to that.  But I can’t wait to shock everyone tomorrow.


Anyways for professional haircuts I seriously recommend this salon, they are located in the Abbas Akbar Complex which is right next to Kuwait Palace Hotel, right across from AUK, and they are on the 1st Floor.

Find Yourself

May 4, 2007  |  Creative

Days passed since she last spent a little bit of time on herself. Her quality “Me” time has been put on hold for almost a week now, and things are starting to get to her. Work is quite hectic, things get messed up at work and a few days of chaos are what she has to look forward to until things settle down and become smooth again. The standing up, the sitting down, the taking notes, the working on the computer, all those things got to her, they stressed her out, yet she still went on. She believed that things will work out eventually and the world will set itself right again and she would go back to enjoying her days at work and at home.


That was until this morning, she found a little “me” time and spent it at a massage parlor getting the best relaxation treatment money could buy. She could’ve gone out to shop and de-stress in the usual way a woman usually does, buying a new pair of shoes, but instead she went down and had a massage. But there is something you don’t know about her. This was her first massage. For the past 23 years she could basically be described as a “massage virgin”, yet after this morning she could no longer claim that she has never had a professional massage.

The feelings she experienced when going through her relaxation session were undescribable and unbelievable. She never knew such a feeling of ultimate relaxation could exist, she never thought she could unwind and let go of all her worries and thoughts. It seemed as if once she stripped off her clothes, all her worries left her body. It felt as if once she let herself lie down on that table and give herself up into the hands of another person, that all her responsibilities were put on hold and for once, someone else would be looking out for her. The hour she spent inside that dimmed small private room, on a warm table, with the most soothing music and the most relaxing oils she has ever known mattered so much in the course of her week. It was the first time she felt a little relaxation and the first time she could do something and not worry that time will be running out, or that she had to be somewhere.

Her experience has inspired me, I hope it will inspire you all as well. Her experience showed me the importance of finding yourself some “me” time. Finding yourself a few hours everyday just to do something that you want and that no one else has to tell you to do.

Crazy Sunday

April 29, 2007  |  Uncategorized

One thing is good about being in the Private sector, and that is I no longer hate Saturdays, I feel more relaxed and comforted on those days because well it’s not the start of the week for me, and if you start your week on a Sunday it flies a bit faster.  However Sunday’s are a pain for those in the Banking Sector because well that’s when most of the work is.

I can gladly say that I worked my feet off today and I semi-enjoyed it hehe.  The only down side is that I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep before so what happened was, I slept at 3:40-ish and woke up at 6:30-ish and went to work till 2, then had a thing to do in the main office till 3, then I rushed home but had to get some fast food to feed myself since I hadn’t had breakfast, then sat for half an hour and rushed back to work since I had an afternoon shift and stayed there until 8:15-ish.

Crazy ain’t it?  The only good thing is, that the Nokia N76 has started shipping in Europe, Asia, and Middle East areas which means that the countdown is near.  Hell it might be my gift to myself for my blog’s 3rd year anniversary.  Time sure does fly fast doesn’t it?  I can’t believe it! Pretty soon Dec. 25th will roll around and I would be finishing my first year at my job,  I should decide on whether I want to take a few weeks off in January or not.  Might hit the States then, hell you know what, an idea just came to my mind! I should do it.

Anywho, I bid thee adieu and shall go to rest.

Retail Addiction

April 28, 2007  |  Uncategorized

I might be on the verge of becoming a shopaholic if I haven’t done so already.  It’s getting to be insane! I am buying more and more stuff when I go out and it’s just because well I want to buy nice shiny things!  I should take it easy but I can’t! I can’t resist not buying something to cheer me up.

So how’s life with me?  Well nothing new here other than me going to work, making money, and spending it on myself.  Otherwise I have nothing else new in my life.  My blog’s anniversary is coming up soon, and no I don’t think I’ll be getting a blog re-design but then again who knows what will be in the papers then.

Today I went out to get my Insurance papers signed so that I get a refund on the medical bills that I paid for just because my card wasn’t done yet.  Tomorrow I’ll pass by and grab my Insurance card and apply for a VISA card from my bank since as staff I get special stuff. I then went to the Photographers to get my graduation pictures and sadly enough they weren’t as hot as I wanted them to be but then again I grabbed them just because.   I picked up Lilo and then went to Muhallab, and sadly enough I found a nice new watch that I was tempted to buy, as well as some accessories here and there.  I blame this all on the retail market!

Otherwise, I guess life is pretty stable.  Although I still want me a puppy!