Crazy Friday

February 17, 2007  |  Uncategorized

No not Robinson Crusoe’s Friday.  I had a crazy Friday hell my weekend was quite nice and crazy.  I at least got a chance to see my Uncles and Grandma again since we had one last Thursday lunch before the move which’ll be all of this week and the next.  But Thursday morning I went out with Dad to get new computers and well before we left we got a 22″ LCD Benq Monitor which is the freakin bomb!  I really like it and I am thinking about going either to 19″ Wide or keeping the 22″ Wide.  I swear I had the latest episode of Heroes in HighDefinition and once I put it in Fullscreen I went like CRAZY!

Friday however was a different story, we had an event for my company where we discussed what happened last year and the future perspectives of the company itself, it was quite interesting and nice to see the entire staff in one area, I never thought that the place I work at had that many people employeed.  The event had a presentation in the beginning, the passing out of awards, dinner, karoke, and raffle prizes (where I didn’t win the 42″ Plasma Screen :() It was crazy and fun hehehe.  So yeah, that’s how things are.

Otherwise, nothing new on the front here, I am trying to finish up things, I need to restructure my time, and I need to lose the 2kgs I gained this past month and a half :(  So yeah I guess that’s my update!

PC Specs

February 15, 2007  |  Uncategorized

We are thinking of replacing the PC’s that we already have with others, and instead of going for a brand-name we are going to be building them. So the following are the specs that we have decided on:

Processor: 2.4 Ghz Core 2 Duo (4MB Cache)
Motherboard: Intel 945 GNT
Memory: 2GB DDR2 RAM
ATX Case – 400W + 2 Extra Fans
DVD/CD: DVD RW 16X (LG Brand)
Hard Disk: 320GB SATA
VGA Card: MSI: Nvidia GeForce 7300LE 256MB VGA with incorporated 512MB
Network Card: Built-in 10/100/1000 (Gigabit Ethernet)
Soundcard: Built in 7.1
Floppy Drive: 1.44 MB
Mouse + Keyboard: Logitech Multimedia Keyboard and mouse

All of this comes out to 298KD

Now I am confused about the LCD Monitors, we are going for 19″ and there is 19″ Benq Crystal Bright for 77KD whereas there is a 19″ Wide LCD Benq as well for 72KD, and there is a 22″ Benq as well Wide Screen for 120KD.

So what do my smart friends think? Which monitor?

How Would You React?

February 15, 2007  |  Lesson of Week

These are situations I have been put through these past few days and so I would like to hear how would you react if you were in my place?

Situation 1- You are sitting in a class, the lecturer is yelling at the trainees for their nonresponsiveness towards whatever is taught in the other class, and they use the excuse that the other Instructor does not explain things easily when the other instructor is basically dumbing everything down in order for them to understand.  So what do you do?

I actually joined in the lecturer’s yelling and told them that its not the instructor giving you tricky questions in the quizes and exams, but instead its you guys wanting to be spoon fed every single freaking bit of new information.  Then they respond by saying that, “Not everyone understands things as fast as you do, mashalla” and I’m like we’re all here in our 20s, what do you think you are?  In primary school?  Seriously you should at least have a sense of understanding by now.

Situation 2- As a student you refuse to allow others to cheat off your exam, so immediately you are labelled as a nerd, one that is selfish and uncooperative, when you actually have a system you are basing your beliefs and actions on, which is, I worked hard to understand this information, to share it with others during an exam would be unfair to the time and effort put in my understanding it, so why should I?

So what do I do? Since I basically share that same opinion, I take my exam paper, close my ears off to any other sound, look down on the paper only and refuse to look up or around, finish answering as best as I can, and call over the Instructor to hand the paper to him.  I might finish first but I would be protecting myself from leechers, which is exactly what they are.  They say that even if the Instructor saw, he can do nothing! I say that he can do and will do something.

Situation 3- You are sitting in your last class of the day, when “habla” and another girl start talking in the Haleema Boland way, yet with an even worse accent (i.e. Spoiled brat talk, stretching words and softening your voice to an embarrassing level, to one where you can only use with your significant other) and talking to the instructor in that way “Siiiiiiiiiiiiiir, Buuuuuuuuut I don’ttttt knoooooooow what haaaaappeneed here!” What would you do?

I as a female became embarrassed because first and foremost this is not a work voice at all, the boys in the class got embarrassed and one of them tried to shut them up but of course they didn’t get the hint and continued on, I guess now that specific person has blacklisted them in his head.

Situation 4- When an Instructor tells you to wear Formal Suits, you were non-formal and not even Smart Casual wear, what would you do to the person that does that?   Since alot of them are not even following any of the dress codes laid out.  But I bet they are being screwed in their daily reports.  (P.S. Stockings with holes on the backside of your heels is not something professional or cool, and it shows that you are a messy nasty person)

So yeah, sorry for the long post but I just wanted your thoughts on these situations.

Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2007  |  Uncategorized

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! Regardless of who you are by the way.  I feel as if I am neglecting my blog I feel as if I am not giving it enough time to write and stuff and that is wrong because I can’t stop writing, it’s something part of me.

I am being very random, I’ve got lots to say but I can’t organize them yet so I think I should just relax then revisit myself again.  But I seriously love y’all.

Review: InfoConnect

February 11, 2007  |  Reviews

Info Connect or shall I say Info DISConnect, because that was how I saw it, was a disaster. Granted it was the last day of the actual Exhibition but I would like to find out whoever laid out the plans for the exhibition so that I could shoot him! Why do you ask? Simple, they were given 2 Exhibition halls, and were they used wisely? HELL NO!

We see the main hall being OVERUSED! To the extent that last evening I was fighting my way through hordes and hordes of humans, and the stuffiness of the area, the location of the booths were all just wrong. Apart from that, I did not see much of anything this year, last year it was mainly a phone exhibition, this year I saw more of the LCD TVs and a few less electronics, a few phone vendors and a few ISP Providers, nothing that was worth it or that made me go WOW! Plus the offered prices or the offered electronics weren’t that enticing. I think as some of you must’ve said, a trip to Ibn Khaldoun Street will prove more fruitful.

But all in all, I would like to comment that we need a decent Info show, we need some decent person to go to CES for example and learn from them, learn how to actually organize such an event, hell if CES is too far away in Vegas then just go to Gitex Dubai, regardless of how it is, it usually provides you with nice offers and gives you a nice way of presentation to their products and such. But seriously Kuwait is going backwards, and I don’t like to see it that way.

Please, try to study more, give younger minds their voices or control over such events, let someone shock us with something over the top. I seriously want to see Innovation in the Exhibition planning systems.


Weekend Mayhem

February 11, 2007  |  Uncategorized

I took such a long time to write about my weekend, hell this probably would be the first weekend in which I didn’t post anything in,  I just can’t find the time to do such stuff anymore.  It’s becoming more and more hectic but that is about to change soon because I plan on re-organizing my time and giving each thing a specific hour of the day.  But enough about that, my weekend was pretty busy and nice.

We stopped Thursday Lunches because Grandma is in the midst of her final stages regarding the finishing of the house, and I can’t wait to see the final product which is why I haven’t gone there in a week.  By the end of February hopefully we would have moved there and we will have our house-warming lunch.  It’s cool since it’s 10 mins away from my current house now and we got a sea view :P

So instead, Thursday I spent it with my Aunt and her boys Toonz and Iss at Marina mall where we hung out for lunch and shopped a bit at Virgin (where they finally got some novels that I read), we finished from there and it took me an hour to get home which sort of defeated my next plan which was to check out the InfoConnect show (more on that later), but that was how my day ended.

Friday, I woke up and Auntie asked me to come over coz Toonz wanted to hang out with Lilo and teach her on how to use her Birthday gift which was a gameboy and that took a few hours from my afternoon since I slept in until 3pm I think.  After finishing from there I went with Daddy to InfoConnect where I spent the next part of my day.  Afterwards it was back home and hanging out for a bit then sleeping.

That was about it for my weekend, quite busy but I didn’t spend much time online which is quite the opposite of how I used to be which was daily my Internet usage would be triple the normal consumption.

Weekend is at the Door

February 7, 2007  |  Uncategorized

Well I can’t believe it’s almost the weekend I mean I really really am looking forward to actually crashing tonight and then doing stuff the next few days but I need the crashing night.   A whole week has passed.

March 14, is when I finish my entire training program and move on to actual branch training and that would be interesting.  At least I would have a different freaked out schedule lol.

Sony Ericsson is jumping on the “thin” wagon and I believe they have some nice choices coming out however I can’t seem to find anything that’ll make me forget the N76 that I want, which reminds me! WHEN THE HELL IS THAT PHONE COMING OUT! Please oh please let it be available at the end of February, beginning of March coz I want it badly!

Etiquette, its interesting what they’ll teach you at these sort of places.  I guess I should go kill my hair.  Adieu my babies  :shock: