The Review of 2007

December 30, 2007  |  Lessons in Life, My Life, Reflections

One might think that every year of their existence is supposed to be filled with happiness or sadness but never both.  I found that this year I had experienced both.  I was faced with lots of challenges, and the most important one is the one I’m ending the year with (can’t share much about it, those closest to me know it but it’s something that’s bringing me down and ending 2007 with a flop rather than a bang).  I used to think that 2007 would bring me extra happiness, and at some points it did, I got to see many different things in it and I got to live many events of my life.  To play back some I thought I should illustrate what most think being happy is all about.


The Ups:  This year marked the year I started work, some might argue that it should belong in the down side but the up-part about it is that I started depending on myself, feeding my technological urges and food needs.  I began the year with a 3 month course which I pretty much did great in, and had met some new friends in (Abs this is to you, and my long lost love whom I discovered I knew all along, forgot the nickname I gave you back then hehe :)) I had a healthier relationship with my Mother this year as well since the previous years and I think I’m starting to establish a good sequence with her, I might claim to hate her before but I am not sure anymore because it’s just all too confusing now.  Daddy however is still the love of my life, the guy who spoils me silly and never leaves me wanting anything.  My sister graduated this year High School and headed to the States which was a great thing, they are all moving on and up, and I would never wish for anything worse.  I met the most amazing work family I can ever meet, one that is literally one heart and one hand, and its through that family that I am getting through difficult times!  Yes this post is getting long but I’m trying to reflect on this year.  Other aspects of my life flourished and prospered as well to unseen bounds, where it is painful to feel the pain of being rejected by some who don’t even know me.  All in all, it was a good year but not as great as 2006, I tried to keep a positive outlook on life but the past 3-4 months were pure hell.

The Downs:  The issue I am going through is one of the worst downs I have faced in all my life, to want something so bad yet not be able to have it due to outside influences is just unbearable, and is plain hurtful! Most downs I’ve had were at work however, where I noticed that not everyone is as they seem, and not every smiling face is a decent smiling face.  People hurt others to get ahead and those who do I believe will fall down one day if it was not something they deserved!  I realized I do not want to continue with the field I’m in because in the end it’s too stressful and there are just certain limits I can reach.  It does not even touch a small part of what I want in life and that is what I am aiming for.  Deaths and other hurtful disasters were avoided this year, only hurt is the one in me.  I am not going to lose hope or faith.  I am actually going to fight for what I want and I will with God’s help have it!

In short, I am reminded by the words I spoke last year and they were:

I am a better person, I am a wiser person, I am who I am and I am proud of it. I will love myself first and foremost, I will find the silver lining in everything that happens to me, and I am stronger than any darkness that will ensue itself around me. I am me!

I tried so hard to live by this quote and I believe I have done that.  Maybe not all the time but at least those days where I needed it most.  To 2007, I am saying I saw the good days and the bad, the good days made me live with the beauty of the world, made me feel that this year was an absolute beauty, the bad made me wish I could just crawl under my rock and die.  I am hoping that the end would be better than what I am experiencing now and I really wish I get my dreams fulfilled!  To 2008, I welcome you with open arms, wishing that you bring me the happiest part of my life, hoping you fulfill all that I dream and wish, hoping that I am reunited with my loved ones and tied to them with bounds that are unbreakable.  2008 I want you to bring me this happiness, I want you to keep sadness and despair away, I wish with all my heart that a happy beginning is what I will experience whether its from work or my life in general I just need it.

May you all have your inner most wishes come true and may 2008 be the happiest year of your lives.  I believe this is a sign for me to leave.  Sorry for the length of this post but I just had to.  Thanks for listening.

Eee PC Unboxing & Preview

December 30, 2007  |  My Life, My New Toys, New Products, Reviews, Techie, Weekend

The previous post can’t be considered as an important one because in the end I did not give you much information about the device itself rather than showing you that it arrived.  Here however, I’ll list a few things I noticed initially when I opened the box with a few pictures attached as well, might get a bit long but bear with me (rawr).  I headed out to Aramex this morning to pick it up I guess the guys there who answered my call the one I did from bed, where I had just woken up and was trying my best to not sound like I was still asleep asking if I can pass by to pick it up, yeah that call! They responded by saying that I can pick it up from now until 3pm since that’s their closing time, I woke up and got dressed then headed out to pick it up with Lilo, YourBattlefield, Cheers, and Pops.  So we get there and I walked in with Lilo to get it, since Lilo is sooo excited about the “Pee Eee Ceee!” That’s what she calls it! We grab it I pay and head out.  Check out the pictures below of when I unboxed it at Grandma’s house.  Notice I’m trying to cut things short and not spend too much time blabbering on.


The box it came in, with my information blurred out of course!


Open the Amazon Box to find another box inside, it’s sooo small and purty!


The box outside of its mama box.  I don’t want to bore you with any side angles.


One of my Uncle’s was around including Lilo and once I opened the box and he saw that, he went “WOWWW!” It’s sooo small! It truly is! And well built!


The Eee PC outside of it’s plastic glory and without the battery.  I like the Black but I’ll be seeing a White one soon to judge.


Inside the box: Battery, Neoprene Pouch, Charger (with a US plug and no adapter for it, but it works for other regions as well), the manuals and the Drivers CD.


The laptop sitting there with the pouch and the charger.  It’s a little bugger ;p

Now we get to the part where I instill a bit of extra information hopefully about it.  Initial thoughts are that it’s quite small and it sort of freaked me out because I don’t know it just did.  I turned it on and went through the initial set up, it was so fast and responsive which got a few thumbs up from me.  The OS is really easy to use and yet there are pet peeves about it that you just can’t help but notice, example is the fact that whenever you turn it on you have to manually select the wirless network you want to connect to.  Another is that it’s really weird how to install programs, like Skype told me there was an update and I downloaded it but I didn’t know how to install it, I still don’t.  Oh and if you want to install Skype with Video Calling that’s another story, just reading about it online made my hair stand straight on my head (an expression of course).  The keyboard is tiny but can be okay for touch-typing, only trouble is that right “shift” button which is tiny and has an arrow pointing up next to it.  I kept clicking the arrow button instead of it since it’s really really tiny, otherwise no trouble there.  Arabic text on Xandros (the OS) is broken and a little messed up sometimes.  I feel tempted to install XP on it but I still worry that it will mess it up.  My sister is in love with the Penguin Racer and so am I.  I can’t help it but it reminds me of that Skiing game we had back on Windows 3.11 (Remember?)  Watching Videos is cool on it, the Webcam is quite nice for a small basic camera, wish it had something like PhotoBooth on it, it would’ve been cool.  Otherwise, it’s quite sturdy for a 399$ machine.

More thoughts will come up later on as I continue to use it.  That is if Lilo let’s me!

Guess What?

December 29, 2007  |  My Life, My New Toys, Techie

I’m posting from the Eee PC!  It  has finally arrived and omg it’s soooo adorable!  It is lifting up my spirits to unbelievabe heights!  I just don’t like where they placed the shift button because it’s harder to capitalize letters now!  I have to go and eat lunch since I’m at Grandma’s but don’t worry I will write a review for this within the next few hours if not a few days.  It’s awesome!

Tough Situations Define

December 27, 2007  |  My Life

… What a true friend is.  That’s the truth.  I won’t elaborate much but I would just like to thank all my friends who have listened to me, advised me and basically hit me on the head to let me see what I did not want to see, or what I did not want to hear.  Because in the end this is all part of God’s plan and who knows if I won’t end up having the thing that I cherish the most.

Thanks everyone.

It’s Bloody Cold

December 25, 2007  |  Deep Thoughts, My Life, Random

It’s so bloody cold here this morning I mean ugh I’m freezing my knickers off (did I just say knickers? oh well there is a first for everything right tehehehe) But yeah seriously I felt the urge to post just anything because I just wanted to do that!  Anyways very very short snippets.

  • I realized that I can have a conversation with myself when I am asleep, and sound normal not even remember it when I wake up.
  • I dreamt the most beautiful dream ever, the true wish of my heart coming true and me telling my friends that this time I’m actually going to be extra happy.  Let’s just this is one of my foretelling the future dreams that it actually will come true!
  • It’s 1 year exactly from that fateful day that I signed the contract with my company and now, well I hope in a few weeks they’ll remove that bloody darned “Trainee” word from my Title, and actually give me one!
  • It’s Christmas yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Merry Xmas everyone!
  • I just realized that there are 6 Days left of 2007 and 19 days until I am officially on holiday from work.  Wait remove those two days of the weekend and It’ll be 17 days wow! I can’t believe it hehe.
  • I love my Jack Bear more than anything, he keeps me snuggled up and warm in the evenings.
  • Now I’ve got to go and find something warm enough to wear to work, bah I hate the fact of taking off my clothes to wear new ones, hell it sucks to be cold in this weather!

Again Merry Xmas, Happy Hannukah, Merry Kwanza, and all that Jazz fellas!

P.S. Oh and my Asus EeePC will likely arrive today! Hehehe remember this one I’ll test it out, the one I’ll purchase for myself will be purchased in the States, might as well spoil myself silly! Yaaaay!