No Arby’s

August 7, 2006  |  Trip 2006

Simple few liners to post before the day ends here, well it ended basically but still, we didn’t end up going out today. Fee got sick and we ended up staying in the apartment, and ordered lunch from Papa Johns Online, and for dinner they got me Burger King since I napped in the evening.

Some might argue that I am not using the time in the States to go out endlessly and such but I say, I’ve got an entire month to do all that, this week is dedicated to moving out of the apartment so tomorrow we get the new apartment, and we start moving the day after. But of course all this will happen after my dearest WWDC event. Noon time here is when the event starts, which is in less than 12 hours. Lots of cool rumors are out now hours before the Keynote. One of the most important ones is a Black Macbook in Glossy Finish like the White Macbook. Which means if this is truly introduced then its much better, since the Black Matte Finish is boring. Check out a prototype to the Black Macbook below, and check out the link to the article. Courtesy of Gizmodo of course.


Early Sunday Morning

August 6, 2006  |  Trip 2006

It’s only noon at the moment on a Sunday and we’re still lounging in our pajamas in the apartment. We haven’t gone out yet but hopefully we’ll be heading out to lunch soon, I probably will suggest Arby’s and if not, then we’ll probably head out to Sbarro’s since it’s in the mall and we might wanna check out some stores.

Vintage and some of you guys asked how I became a Techie Freak or an Obsessive Junkie. Well let’s see, I am not sure what sprung this obsession with everything technical but I do remember that back when I was like in the 8th grade, that it was the year that I became interested in the internet, it was 98/99 and I had a “Penpal Obsession” back then, it was fun to email, you know getting mail was all that. But before that, I liked computers for the games and such that we had on them. I used to help out my parents every summer when they did Summer Camp at Bait Lothan. We had Compaq Computers, Mom would be the Computer Teacher and Pops would be the Arts & Crafts Teacher. We had this for 3-4 years I believe since I was like 11-14ish I am not really sure I don’t have that great of a memory. So yeah, I started off with that, but then again the beginning of my usage of computers was when I was in the 4th grade or so and it was with a Macintosh. We used to play Oregon Trail on it and it was fun.

So anywho, that was my beginning with computers, but back in the year 2000 my obsession started to grow. I had computer savvy friends and that fed my thirst for knowledge about them and that basically fed me. I believe my parents don’t like the fact that I am too much of a techie freak right now because I simply can’t survive mostly without the newest gadgets ;P Well I can but still. I am the go-to girl at home, when it comes to screwing up their computers I can fix them sometimes, if not I can learn how to do that. I’ve self-taught myself a few things which is cool. So yeah. Basically I love Gadgets because they love me.

Why am I writing this I don’t know really. I just thought I should. And well let’s see, you guys really like reading what I write so I should serve all audiences. Oh yeah I also wanted to write a tiny bit about the cinema that I went to yesterday.

So, in the US the Cinema is different than Kuwait. Basically you have Adult tickets, Kids tickets, Student tickets, and I guess elderly tickets. You don’t reserve seats but instead walk in and sit wherever you find an empty seat. A Theater complex has more than one cinema and that’s cool. However the room we were in didn’t have the sound on full but I guess that’s for some strange reason or another. The movies aren’t cut, and that’s cool and all because you get to see a movie the way it should be without messing the story. And they don’t last until like the wee hours in the morning. Last show is at 10 and then the movies close. But then again that’s probably cause we’re a small city or town more like it where everything closes early.

But now let me finish watching my TV shows, God it’s heaven here watching TV! But yeah TV then going out. So Until tonight.

I leave you with Alessandra Ambrossio and her White Macbook. I hope I look like that with my Macbook :P


John Tucker MUST DIE!

August 6, 2006  |  Trip 2006

So, I just got back from the movies, I went and saw ‘John Tucker Must Die’ and my review of the movie is simply that it is a must-see movie.


It is so light on the soul, so funny, makes you laugh at dumb things or smart things, but just makes you laugh hehehe. If you’re having a so-so day, you have GOT to watch that movie. Oh yeah, and if you’ve ever been played by a ‘John Tucker’ you’ve got to see how they come back at him. What more can I add to this semi-review? Well nothing, except that I really really really cracked up at one scene, I almost ‘choked’ well not really but I almost couldn’t breathe because I felt the air stuck in my esophagus I think :/ I don’t know what’s the technical name for it but oh well hehehe. (Note to everyone else: You probably won’t get to watch the movie in Kuwait, because if it ever comes, it’ll be MASACRED)

So what happened today other than the movie? Well apart from the fact I don’t feel like taking pictures, and that I feel weird taking out a camera and photographing things, well we stayed home for the morning, it’s Saturday Morning, and Dad and Fee headed out basically to get boxes so that we start packing up her stuff to start the moving process next week. We then decided on heading out to the Outlet at Lake Ozark but instead N (Fee’s friend) calls and asks if we’d like to come have lunch with her and M at the Olive Garden. I didn’t mind really and neither did Dad. So we headed out and we met them, it was nice meeting N really, she’s so like me. And M was so cute, he chatted up Dad, gave him male company. Oh btw, both N and M are Saudi Arabians from Jeddah hehe, and it was really nice meeting another Saudi Arabian that I’m cool with like my Princess.

N basically shares many similarities with me, we both get cold easily, and feel the cold seep into our bones (she’s 20 btw, and I’m 22 and that basically points out that WE’RE NOT OLD!), she’s also picky about what she eats, and I am that way. She’s cute and I’m cute, LOL no basically we’re all crazy hehehe. The simple point is, that she invited me to stay here and bum out at my sisters hehehe so we can have fun. But I doubt that’s happening. I need to get my shit organized LOL, gotta get a job. A real job.

So basically we stayed at the Olive Garden from around 2 to 5-ish and I had the best Chicken Alfredo I ever tasted! I mean seriously it was done magnificently! Sad thing was, I didn’t like our waitress, she was kinda slacking off, I mean I had an empty glass of Coke and she didn’t refill it until the ice started MELTING! And I was thirsty so I was drinking iced water + coke. But yeah, other places we hit were Pier 1 before Olive Garden to look at some furniture, and after Olive Garden we hit Ace Hardware to get Duck Tape. Then it was back home, since I needed the bathroom badly and I am picky about that as well LOL!

Chilled out for a bit at home and then headed out to the movies, which I mentioned in the beginning. Cool day right? It’s 11:30 and a Saturday Night and it feels dead outside. I mean in Kuwait I think even though it’s 11 and shops close you still have other choices, our fast food places are basically open 24/7, here everything closes at 10!

Movies that I’d like to watch are STEP UP (CHANNING TATUM!!! I <3 U!) and Miami Vice. Other stuff I am waiting for, 1 day until the WWDC and I can't wait to see what's coming up. And another image that helped me choose the White Macbook finally is the following:


Giselle is hot and all but nothing beats the cuteness of Alessandra. And that’s basically me signing off, because I believe I might have finally, finally FIXED my JETLAG!

Jet Lagged Much?

August 5, 2006  |  Trip 2006

Okay I am officially jet lagged, I thought I might have fixed it but the thing is I didn’t, due to the rude awakenings, not really but still the wake ups I believe I have been cheated out of sleep and am suffering weird crap basically.

What happened today? Or better yet on Friday? Nothing that important except the following events: Woke up very early, around 6-ish I believe to drop sis off at her last exam of the Summer, but I didn’t go with them, I instead stayed in the apartment and CLEANED! YES CLEANED IT! I swear my back hurt by the end of the cleaning! Well not really full cleaning, more like organizing the place, she aparently hasn’t bothered with anything since the day she came back in June. So yeah, imagine a couch with god knows what underneath the cushions and clothes all over the floor in the bedroom, on the couch, on the futon chair. I know I might be embarrassing her, but oh well. Hehehe I folded them and then cleaned out the papers by organizing them into a pile. And guess what! I finally found my Social Security card that came in last December, which she forgot to bring back to Kuwait LOL! So for an hour or more I was cleaning up, she actually liked it when she came back.

And they came back with breakfast, we ate and then decided to go out and sell her text books, which brought back a cute sum but its still too little in her eyes. LOL She gave it to me. But anywho while there, I went into TigerTech and decided to FINALLY see the MACBOOK up close and personal! And I have to say that the White one is definitely a better choice. IT’S SO HOT! It actually looks like a MAC unlike the Black, which by the way stains easily, as in your finger prints show up very easily. They’ve got a good deal out there, student discount and all with 1gb ram instead of 512 brings the 2.0ghz White Macbook to 1,263$ which is NOT BAD AT ALL! So if I decide to get one, I will get that one. Although I was wondering, can I upgrade the harddrive personally??? I’d like more than 60GB :r

Afterwards we headed out to waste some time at Office Depot (I love stationary and anything like that you know) and later on we dropped Fee off at her Psychology Study thingy, and Dad and I headed to Circuit City where we were looking over the laptops for him. He is starting to like the HP DV2000 series, and I think it might be a good choice. But then again it’s still in thought process. So then we head out back to pick up Fee and go to Home Depot. Where my UNBELIEVABLE HEADACHE began.

So we picked up lunch from Burger King and headed back to the apartment, I ate and checked email and then crashed from 4-ish to 11:30pm (7:30am KWT Time) and when I woke up I missed the Daily Show but oh well, downloading is so fast here, I mean I download at 160kbps+ hehehe so imagine that. Then dinner was McDonalds. And now it’s 2:30AM and I am writing this up.

Didn’t feel like taking pictures today, but you get the picture :P I don’t know what’s up for today or Saturday, but there is a 80% chance we are going to the movies to watch “John Tucker Must Die” and I want to see it so badly.

And now I must crash so that I can function at least semi-well tomorrow. Adieu mes amis.

Welcome to Missouri

August 4, 2006  |  Trip 2006

Warning: Again long post, so I’ll cut it off at a certain part, and let you guys click to read the rest, but it’s okay you love me, and Toomz loves her Jacqui fix!

So, let’s see, what happened since I last left you? To recap, I had taken a flight from Kuwait and reached to NY with a few cool insights about the flight, and complaints about the airport preceedings in NY and then headed on to the hotel to rest and eat, I ate the greatest burger I ever had and slept.

I thought I would sleep for a while, but father dearest woke up a bit early, like at 2AM! NY TIME! Well I didn’t realize it then, but he woke up and was moving alot around the room, and I believe I slept at 10:30ish I believe, but anywho at 3AM I start to awaken and that’s when things start going downwards, I mean our wake up call was supposed to be at 5AM and I wanted those few hours of sleep but father chose to make the most noise ever, but I still love you Papa. So after an hour of pretending and trying to sleep I get up out of bed and start to awaken, I get ready well since we were leaving in a while and re-pack my PJs and get into my jeans and T-shirt. I get online for a bit, I take a few pictures of the room, and then we head on downstairs for a quick bite and then to La Guardia Airport.

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I <3 NY (Not)

August 3, 2006  |  Trip 2006

Warning: Long long post, therefore click on the [More] to read the rest of it, I thought it would be better this way so that I don’t clog up the entire page and stuff.

I am supposed to say I heart NY but I can’t simply because I couldn’t get a chance to view the entire city or at least go to my most important place in the entire State! And that is THE APPLE STORE ON 5TH AVENUE! :/ Sadly enough stuff happened on the flight. What exactly? Well let’s give you a cute report.

After I posted my earlier post, and logged out well I sat waiting for a short bit until our flight was called for boarding, bear in mind we were delayed an hour and a half-ish, but while waiting I met an old High School Classmate and we started chatting it up a bit and Dad joined in later on. It’s cool to meet people from the past really. So they call us to board and we head onto our gate, Gate 21!

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Coming to you from …

August 2, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Hi, this is Jacqui coming to you from Kuwait Airport. :P

So, a few things to report before I board and stuff, is that I fucking hate the airport, I mean its such a mess that it ticked me off. Imagine arriving and seeing an Airport full of people at only 7AM! And the Business area not even working and stuff. Anywho, after the endless baggage check and stuff we headed to the Dasman Lounge where I am coming to you from LOL! Hehehehe had breakfast, and now I’m anticpating the flight just to sleep on it basically!

Pops is cool, he hooked me up (a phrase that I share with Uncle Haaaas) Hehehe he hooked me up well enough now I can contemplate purchasing the ‘Macbook’ if I want too! But first I need a new battery for the Powerbook for some reason the battery is quickly drained it used to last 3-4 hours I believe now it’s more like 2 hours :/ Weird.

Other thoughts I’d like to share, hmm why do people take 09128309128309 bags when they are travelling? Why I mean? Aren’t you going to buy stuff from there? Then why not take the bare essentials and that’s it! I mean seriously why?

Sigh, you’re going to miss me I know LOL Hehehe I am going to miss me of course! So I guess this ends it for the last post from Kuwait! In a short bit I’ll be boarding the plane and heading off to the land of opportunities (yeah right! LOL) Hehehe I just had to put in some reference to the old American Dream theme!