Tough Situations Define

December 27, 2007  |  My Life

… What a true friend is.  That’s the truth.  I won’t elaborate much but I would just like to thank all my friends who have listened to me, advised me and basically hit me on the head to let me see what I did not want to see, or what I did not want to hear.  Because in the end this is all part of God’s plan and who knows if I won’t end up having the thing that I cherish the most.

Thanks everyone.

It’s Bloody Cold

December 25, 2007  |  Deep Thoughts, My Life, Random

It’s so bloody cold here this morning I mean ugh I’m freezing my knickers off (did I just say knickers? oh well there is a first for everything right tehehehe) But yeah seriously I felt the urge to post just anything because I just wanted to do that!  Anyways very very short snippets.

  • I realized that I can have a conversation with myself when I am asleep, and sound normal not even remember it when I wake up.
  • I dreamt the most beautiful dream ever, the true wish of my heart coming true and me telling my friends that this time I’m actually going to be extra happy.  Let’s just this is one of my foretelling the future dreams that it actually will come true!
  • It’s 1 year exactly from that fateful day that I signed the contract with my company and now, well I hope in a few weeks they’ll remove that bloody darned “Trainee” word from my Title, and actually give me one!
  • It’s Christmas yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Merry Xmas everyone!
  • I just realized that there are 6 Days left of 2007 and 19 days until I am officially on holiday from work.  Wait remove those two days of the weekend and It’ll be 17 days wow! I can’t believe it hehe.
  • I love my Jack Bear more than anything, he keeps me snuggled up and warm in the evenings.
  • Now I’ve got to go and find something warm enough to wear to work, bah I hate the fact of taking off my clothes to wear new ones, hell it sucks to be cold in this weather!

Again Merry Xmas, Happy Hannukah, Merry Kwanza, and all that Jazz fellas!

P.S. Oh and my Asus EeePC will likely arrive today! Hehehe remember this one I’ll test it out, the one I’ll purchase for myself will be purchased in the States, might as well spoil myself silly! Yaaaay!

Can I Be Cured?

December 22, 2007  |  Techie, Weekend, Why?

Do you think I can be cured of my insane obsession with technology?  I seriously find it hard to believe that there is a cure out there that can do something for me.   I think you might be wondering what am I talking about but I guess to understand that I will have to start from the beginning right?  A few days ago *closes iTunes because Britney has become annoying and my train of thought is slowly flying out the window* okay a few days ago, Thursday to be exact I was pumping up the Asus Eee PC, selling it with all the energy I’ve got to my Uncle just because I secretly wanted to order one and just couldn’t bring myself to admit it.  Granted he has not paid me yet for it and I spent some of my own hard earned cash (note: some might beg to differ whether it’s hard earned or not) so after constantly giving him all the hyped images of that beautiful little monster he told me to go ahead and order it, I racked my brain on how to place the order, whether or not to touch some of my Travel Savings or not and in the end shifting some of my Caymen Island Funds *yeah right!* I logged onto Amazon and placed an order on the Black model 4GB, 512MB RAM, WebCam, with Linux Preloaded.  I decided to pitch in those 18$ for 1 day shipping rather than wait it out for 2 days and the price difference would be a measely 8$ so I placed the order and the anxiety kicked in.


I got home and tracked the package, hell 2 hours after I placed the order my package was out the door from the Amazon Storerooms and on that van headed to my Aramex mailbox where it arrived yesterday.  I knew Aramex’s schedule by heart and granted they don’t change anything for this week, it is supposed to be put on a plane today and be in Kuwait in 4-5 days.  I hope nothing happens with Customs though *fingers crossed*  So now I am hyping it up at home and literally mom and dad are fighting over who takes it rather than me giving it to my Uncle.  I, however, have decided to use it for a few days and check it out, I might end up snagging one for me in the States, because it’s soo tiny and adorable.  A must have in ever geek’s purse/bag (whichever you prefer).  So now I beseech you and ask if there might be a cure for this sickness I have?





P.S. I didn’t feel like designing much, just changed the header a bit for Xmas, and well I went out most of these past few days, yesterday I Shopped like crazy even if I didn’t want to buy anything I just felt that I had to have that lovely coat, and that sexy black skirt suit, and those beautiful shirt dresses! I mean can you blame me?

How have you been spending your time off?

Peace Ensues

December 20, 2007  |  Techie, Weekend

I’ve had a nice few days so far.  I spent yesterday at Auntie’s with my sisters, it was the last night for her here before she went to the UK for the winter holiday with her boys, my boys, my lovely little freaks that I love so much.  We spent the evening in, ordered Casper & Gambini’s (the first time for me), and watched a movie called “Bratz: The Movie”.  It was cute and fun.  I had the Philadelphia Cheese Steak Sandwich which was oddly enough nice.  However it got to be annoying after a while LOL!  It was such a nice evening, the day was spent sleeping in and relaxing, I forgot how to do that recently and I am just glad that I got to do it again.  Wow I wonder how you people can follow my trail of thoughts.  It’s quite messy!

Today was spent sleeping in, and then going to Grandma’s for a small lunch.  I grabbed a book with me and parked my bum on the couch as most normal couch potatoes do, while I surfed and chatted online for a bit, and then read for the remainder bit.  I’m getting excited for my time in the States.  I just hope Stevie gives me something nice to look forward to when I touch down in the States.  Since this will be the first time I travel with no LAPTOP whatsoever.  How can fate allow it that, I, Jacqui, the tech geek, nerd, moron, all things technology, NOT have a portable laptop! I’m sad for myself (te he he he).  I’m thinking of when to purchase the laptop and I have narrowed it down to either 2 minutes after I touch down or the second I arrive at my sisters Apartment, oh wait I think I could place the order when I touch down in St. Louis and have it delivered to her place.  That could be nice wouldn’t it?  Ugh ordering stuff and having it shipped to her door step, I fear I will go crazy.  I’m such a shopaholic but I still won’t admit to it.


One more thing to add is the fact that I am absolutely in love with this new Mac Ad, and I am dying to have that Christmas scene featured in my header.  Hell I would pull it off, being an Apple Geek and all that jazz.

I’m Free!

December 17, 2007  |  Weekend


Yes!!!!! I’m freeeee! Finally no more dealing with whiny people, no more being their slaves, no more having to deal with work related stuff, whether its from management or even people themselves, I am soo soo excited to be getting this time off!

Now on the list is actually relaxing, starting tomorrow I’ll be sleeping in, doing what I want.  I have an evening planned with my sisters and Aunt where we’ll watch a movie at her place and have dinner.  That’s just the best thing I’ve done.

Afterwards Eid, of course family stuff.

Afterwards hopefully redesigning and painting our living room area!

In between more sleep, reading, designing sites, doing everything I have put on hold, basically having a life!