Sniff Blah Yekh Booh

September 26, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Routine life is not becoming of me, and I should spice things up every once in a while, hold your horses! I am not suggesting to changing anything in my site itself, I’m just thinking of a way to change something about me. About how I write and who I am and such. I want to be more brief, and to get straight to the point but then there are many out there depending on the few words that I write to pass by the boring mornings and late nights they spend on the computer, and I love to entertain, I really do. So I am suggesting something new, I think I am suggesting that every week I have one or two suggestions from readers on topics I should talk about, I think I’ll chooseevery Monday to be the date that I will grace you with the answer to one of your topics, and you have the rest of the week to basically comment on this post and tell me what topic you’d like me to write about. Something new or old that I never wrote about before. It’ll be challenging and nice and I think I need to challenge myself.

But let’s move on from that, I seem to still have the sniffles and I seem to get tired even more and more easily these days due to the fact that I can’t breathe well anymore. Macaroni has been fixed and tomorrow I pick him up. I used to call him Lucifer, but I believe he has been degraded from that status and is now just plain Macaroni, seriously he is! And then there is the fact that today was thePhotokina event and all it witnessed was an upgrade in Aperture the software used in Photography and well I can’t help but still feel that there is an update if not tomorrow then 2 weeks away, and now that Macaroni is back I think I can wait a bit before acquiring Lucien, my white Macbook.


If Apple does release a revamped Black Macbook (which graced the screens in the latest episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip) with a Glossy surface I will as sure as hell jump on that bandwagon because if it’s glossy then it’ll retain it’s “Apple-esque” look. To those of you reading and knowing my dilemma and how I want a Macbook, I am currently waiting not because of insufficient funds or an update, but I feel that I want a rev B of the product rather than go with the rev A which is currently in stock. It’s been 4 months or so since it was introduced and it’s not worth it to grab an older model weeks away from the update mission. But that’s enough geek talk.

I hate being sick, but that’s just how it is. I hate Ramadan TV (there you go Extinct-dodo, happy now!?) But that’s something for another post. As for now, this is it for today’s episode in “Just Jacqui” hopefully I’m a bit better by tomorrow.

Hot Bath Heaven

September 24, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Taking a hot bath after a long day or long morning or whatever it is, is so much fun, why you ask? Simply because you get to soak until you wrinkle and that is fun, so much fun. I hope one day that I can design my own bathroom, it will be spacious and have room for everything hell I want it to be huge, I want an old fashioned tub right there in the middle of it, and old fashioned sinks but with all of the latest technology that we’ll have to offer. But since today I wanted to stay brief and offer you only a few lines of my wisdom I believe I should get right to it, I hate slipping and hurting my pinky in the bathroom, I hate that I have to wait a bit longer now, and it might even seem that tomorrow won’t witness updated Macbooks but instead October 11 might witness that. Other than that, I believe I am boycotting all of the Arabic TV Shows this year, I mean I am not even following anything, right now I’m sitting in the living room and the TV is turned off, but I might turn it on Paramount or something like that, I don’t believe anything is good this year. I dislike noise of all sorts, and I dislike CRYING! Crying as if you are about to die that is and well I experienced alot of that this past few days from other members of the household. However, when I tried to catch some shut eye before Fitour I found that after 30 minutes I was woken up by a leakage from my eyes, my eyes were tearing up for no obvious reason, but I believe my sinius problem added to my cold and sore throat leads me to wanting to kill myself. And after all of this, I still find hope that tomorrow will be a better day, except that my pinky will still hurt.

I hate fish by the way, fish as pets and fish as a meal. But I do love my Grandma’s Tashreba (some sort of like Ramadan-ish dish), seriously I believe I’m going to get her to make me some for tomorrow as well, she puts in it Kousa and Carrots and those are my two favorite vegetables aside from Tomatoes, which reminds me, why does Daddy, Mommy and GRANDMA all tell me “I went to the super market today and got you cherry tomatoes (or baby tomatoes)” and I’d be all like thanks hehehe Daddy did it in the States, Mommy and Grandma with a day within each LOL! I think they think I am a tomato addict, oh well.

That’s it for me today, stay tuned for another episode of “That’s Jacqui”.

Dead Tired

September 24, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Dead tired, exhausted, beyond even thoughtfully tired. But before that I gotta say that yesterday I passed by Marina Mall early in the morning, at 10am to be exact and saw that even though it was 10 mins since everything there opened, but H&M was crowded, and that was like crazy, I mean seriously. But it did bring back memories of Fee and the US and Saint Louis of course hehehe, lovely time at the H&M there. But yeah apart from that, my main reason for going to Marina that morning was to check out something at Virgin, which sucks by the way.

On to today, I hate today, I hate it of all days. But I sorta liked it, this is the breakdown in bullet points.

  • Woke up at 10 to go see some friends at KU.
  • Arrived at KU at 11:30-ish, traffic was hell around that area, and I saw Nuttie, Lils, and Princess, yeah that’s 3 out of 7. It was nice talking to my friends and seeing them face to face.
  • Left around 12:30 to pick up Lulu from Kindgergarten.
  • Picked her up at 1pm and she tripped and fell in the parking lot which was all sand still and she cried like hell.
  • Took her to grandma’s to wait out until 2:30 to pick up batch #2, while there put some cologne on that cut and bandaid and she cried like hell again since Uncle did that to her, and she told him to go leave the country because she hates him :/
  • She falls asleep so I leave her and go pick up the others at 2:30 to return back to pick up the bread I was waiting and my sister.
  • I arrive back at grandma’s wait a bit more for the bread and my sister Lulu decides she wants pasta from Grandma. But we get to leave around 3:30-ish.
  • Arrive home at 4 and I put on my Pj’s and hear my mother stirring awake asking when does my sister’s Toefl start and am I sure she has to be there at 5:30.
  • I offer to take her since I know that this can be a chance to be in a “better place” within my Mother’s graces and so 30 mins later I’m out of my PJ’s and taking my sister out.
  • I drop her off and head to grandma’s to have Fitour there.
  • Auntie and her husband, Uncle and Uncle and Uncle were there, we had an eventful Fitour, and Hassan and Issa both killed my head with their running around and yelling!
  • Test is 4 hours long but 3 hours later she calls and tells me that the computers are malfunctioning and that they are going to reschedule so I woke up from a 1 hour nap and my grandma was cutting me a slice of Chocolate Mousse Ice Cream cake and I decided to take quick bites and leave.
  • Picked her up around 9:30-ish and went back home.

Yes that is my day. My bloody lousy tiring day! I wanted to take a nap for an hour or two but I ended up sleeping from 10:30 to 2! And well I don’t feel like eating nor do I feel like watching anything this Ramadan from TV Shows. I seriously despise TV this year.

Sorry for going on too long but oh well, you gotta bear with me (Grrrrr, I’m a bear :/) I can’t even be funny like I used to be. And I curse this cough that I have.

One thing to ponder, if I get a job and start working, who’s going to take over my “driver” duties. Seriously, I do alot.

Yea Yea Yea!

September 22, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Happy Ramadan and all that jazz, Yea Yea Yea Yea! As you can see I wasn’t really anticipating it to be tomorrow, I was ready for it to be on a Sunday otherwise I didn’t want it tomorrow but you see I can’t choose if the moon decides to grace us with that half eaten or not. Wow!

I sound like I am in such a bad mood. I blame this on my bloody throat. I seem to have developed a bloody sore throat, one which annoys you when you talk, you know how you get that scratchy feeling in the back and you feel as if a frog is stuck in there. Wait a second, how come they always say you’ve got a frog in your throat, did anyone actually experience it to use this analogy, if not then how come they chose a frog, why not sandpaper, and actually test the theory out. Woah I drifted! Anywho, yesterday was an awesome day blah blah blah, I went to Grandma’s had some fun at the expense of one uncle but not really annoying fun hehe he was fine with it, went and saw baby Ali and in reality he’s cuter than in pictures, seems to have inherited my charm and charisma, in other words he looked like me when I was a child, merely a few days born, oh yeah and Daddy remember that picture that you keep telling me its story, the one where I was just born? Yea well de-puff the eyes and you’ve got baby Ali hehe. I’ll email you the pictures.

The countdown to Photokina is 3 days, well technically if I don’t count the rest of this day and start counting from Saturday then it’ll be 2 days, and I can’t wait any longer, I wish they would go ahead and release it! I’m sick and tired of waiting. And apparently I seriously busted my HD by using that magnet in which the arm that goes down to read the drive is sort of bent out of shape and therefore making those clicky noises, so I left Powerbook or Macaroni with older Uncle and he was supposed to take it today but he forgot so tomorrow he’ll drop it off and hope that the guy who offered to install a new HD does a great job although I would’ve loved to accompany him and watch the process. I am still paranoid about it, don’t like handing off my stuff to weird people.

That’s it for me, I feel a need to put a gun up to my head and blow it once the Macbook doesn’t get announced but then again I have more faith. So yeah. Here’s a picture of lovely Powerbook in the NY’s JFK airport while waiting for the Kuwait Airways counter to open. I hate the fact that all my pictures are gone :(


I feel sad. Boooo hooooo :(

Meet the Twirlies

September 20, 2006  |  Uncategorized

The Twirlie Gang is a gang of ummmm psychotic women who tend to gang up together to gut poor defenseless males, wops that’s not the definition that I am supposed to share with the masses, but seriously the twirlie gang is a group of crazed females who talk about anything and everything, we started out as four but one of us dropped out due to no longer being available at any time of the day to speak to and now we are 3, the 3 cheerful muskeeters. The three crazed, psycho, erratic females, ones whom you should always beware of ;P hehe Nah I’m kidding, this group consists of yours truly and Sou Sou and Nani Ananyah :P Hehehe

I don’t remember exactly how the name “Twirlie” came up but I do remember that it was Ananyah who named us as such. She recently wrote about how we were always there for her and such, but the truth of the matter is that she was always there for us as well. Currently I am missing my gang members, Sou Sou is busy with University and is being tortured by KU whereas Ananyah has moved out of Aberedeen and to Glasgow and therefore has no internet connection until the 25th, which happens to be the day that I am anticipating a new release of the Macbooks. See I had to do this :/ I had to bring in one mention of Apple.

Characterizations of our group, well there is the geeky talk of course with moi, and there is the everything else but geeky talk with Sou Sou and of course there is everything and geeky talk with Ananyah :P I love those girls so much hehehe we even have some personal jokes between us, I don’t think I want to share any.

The above cartoony characters are my depiction of us, of the group, see we all love each other hence the shirts with hearts, however each shirt has that person’s favorite color, mine is red, Sou’s is pink, and Ananyah’s is Light Blue. Each has the color of skin and hair that I found that closely resembles them, and therefore the portrait of us :P

Why am I writing all of this? Why now? Well no specific reason other than I miss our weird chats, each one of us jumping in with a story, we are multi-taskers, believe me! We can have 3 different conversations at the same time and follow each one hehe ;p And we share a love for soccer that was well demonstrated back during the World Cup days ;P However our taste in different subjects differ. I hope that the 25th witnesses a reunion between us girls ;P

All I want to say right now is that I love you hoes :* (yes I call them that and they are fine with it ;P I’m mean but hey I’m me! ;P)

P.S. Sou-Sou I put your favorite glasses on, well they are supposed to look like your Ray-bans ;P Hehehe I have my braids, which I don’t do unless I am really bored at home, and Nany has her heels!

P.P.S. Girls we need those 3 girls to be buttonized so that we wear them with pride on our blogs :P Hehehe, friendships are becoming weirder and weirder these days LOL! From meeting in the past at school and becoming friends over recess or lunch, to becoming online friends first and real life friends when we meet. And we have to meet up when Ananyah comes to Kuwait okay Sou?!

Review: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

September 20, 2006  |  TV


I don’t know how much I can say or what I can say about this new drama TV Show, but I can tell you this. I loved it! I loved every single second of it. I started downloading it last night and watched it just a few minutes ago. It’s got something, it’s got some charm and charisma that will soon establish it as one of NBC’s leading shows. The fact that Matthew Perry is on it shouldn’t discourage you from watching, he is nothing like his character on Friends, Chandler, in fact he plays a writer who is going to save “Studio 60” a show that is similar to “Saturday Night Live” and to tell you the truth his partner in crime, or better yet Bradley Whitford, the actor playing the director along side Matthew Perry is great too. The entire cast seems promising. Amanda Peet’s character the President of NBS is too charming, too charming for her own good, but I just can’t wait and see what’ll happen with this cast. This show is truly one that I won’t miss out on downloading every Tuesday (it airs on Mondays on NBC) yet we get to watch it a day later.


I would rate this a 4.5 out of 5 stars. I hope that this will end up being something more than great to watch.

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Chicken Corn Soup Tuesday

September 19, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Another day passes you by, another day spent doing pointless tiny things here and there, right??? Yes that’s exactly how I feel, that’s what happened either way. But I had a bit of fun today. Apart from getting paid and closing a certain bank account that pissed me off big time, they seem to be sooo behind times and I just don’t like them anymore, I saw my Uncle again. It’s been a month and a half or almost two months since I’ve last seen him. He came back from the States last night and I got to see him today ;P Next homecoming celebration would be Daddy when he comes back hopefully soon. I would at least have someone to share some duties with, it kinda sucks having a double shift driving routine every day. I have to pick up Lulu at 1 and then Dee and Neece at 2:30 and although I have nothing better to do in my mornings, I prefer having one driving trip a day at least hehe not many going and coming ;P


It was also a nice day since I had chinese food, and I’ve been missing that for a while, nothing beats China Town’s Chicken and Corn Soup and I adore that soup so much! It was fun but it wasn’t worth the 1 hour traffic jam that I got stuck in :/ But in the end I had fun eating chinese food which I haven’t had since before I left for the States.

Pez is my friend, the real Pez not Fez from 70’s Show, I can’t wait until this week’s episode of Weeds is done downloading, and I also can’t wait for Studio 60 Sunset Blvd to finish downloading as well. I need something nice to eat for dinner, craving a cheese sandwich, its easier.

I miss my F9 and F10 and F11 and F12 buttons on my Powerbook, you know how if I wanna know the exact date or what month it is I just press F12 and I go to my Calendar Widget, or F9 and have all my open windows shown to me, why can’t Windows have this? Why? Why?

P.S. Today was a projected date in which Macbooks and Macbook Pros would get an update but nothing was witnessed, so all bets are placed on the Special Event at the Photokina convention next week on Monday. I’m crossing my fingers for an update. AppleInsider reports that the entire Macbook line will get updated in time before the holidays, meaning sometime between now and before Thanksgiving in November. And therefore, I will wait until then, I guess Daddy is happier now that I am going to wait after all, I just hope I don’t touch the saved cash that I already have that is reserved for the Macbook :r