Barbequeing is Evil

October 8, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Everything this week is evil to me, everything and everything! I mean I choose to classify Barbequeing as evil simply because we recently just purchased a new BBQ Grill that operates on Gas rather than the coal and such, and so today’s Fitour is supposed to be a bunch of BBQ items. I prepared the Shrimp well sort of, but beyond the point. I was recently sitting next to Dad as he was BBQ-ing the Burgers and Chicken Legs and then I said that I couldn’t take it anymore so I shoved myself inside but then I saw the shrimp being put on the “stakes” I am not sure what to call it but anywho I took a sniff and smelled that they had marinated quite well in that special sauce I made and I can’t wait for the next less than an hour before the Fitour prayers and such. Sigh my belly is about to growl and I smell the aroma of delicious food. Among the things barbequed are Shrimp, Chicken Legs, Burgers, and Hotdogs.

I am going to be stuffed beyond recognition today, not as if I needed more stuffing.

P.S. I might scratch the N80 off of the list and go for the Sony DSC-N2 because I seriously couldn’t help falling in love with that camera! But we’ll see on which items get a priority rating.

P.P.S. Anyone knows if the KRAZR Moto, the new RAZR really if it’s out yet and what are its prices?

Wish List

October 6, 2006  |  My Life

My list grows everyday, I mean just the other day it was at two things and now its even longer. So here is what I want and hope to get within this year or the next year.

  1. Macbook (A new one, RevB or C2D one ;r)
  2. Digital Camera of my own
  3. Nokia N80, because I miss having a vibrating phone, N90 doesn’t vibrate :(
  4. New Watch
  5. New Sunglasses
  6. Contacts, I am currently broke so this is a thing that I’ll purchase next month.
  7. Puma Shoes (I still didn’t order the ones I wanted before)
  8. 2 Books or more
  9. A DVD Set of the second season of Wild N Out ;r
  10. Of course more RAM for my future Macbook and a Sleeve of course.

That’s my list so far, hopefully it becomes less soon, I am trying to think if I should go new phone for this Eid or Digital Camera, but then again I don’t really need a Digital Camera right right now. If I will get one, Amazon is the way to go!

Candy is Evil

October 5, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Candy is evil, and Gerge3an is more evil! Gerge3an is our version of Halloween and don’t tell me that it’s not the same, if you’re looking for the scary costumes, keep in mind that some kids look scary in their Gerge3an glory. But I have digressed from my main topic, Gerge3an is evil and Candy is even more evil. Today as usual is the day we exchanged Gerge3an with my Uncles and Aunt, and well I can’t help but dive into the Gerge3an stash that is right next to me.

I feel that the evil candy calls to me, it truly does. I hear it saying “Jaaaacquiiiiii I’m yummyyyy, EAT ME!” LOL! Hehehe so yeah. I am getting impatient and I can’t wait anymore. But I am stuffing myself with more candy as we speak.

P.S. Don’t tickle me now, I don’t think I would even try to laugh.

P.P.S. You know the Get Mac ads? PC vs Mac? Did you know that PC hasn’t used a PC since 1984 and that he is truly a Mac guy? :P Hehe It was a cute thing I found out today on Gizmodo. [Link]

P.P.P.S. I am a Candy Addict as well as many other things addict :/

New Shows

October 3, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Many of you might not like the approach I will be taking in this post but I seriously thought I should write this post regardless. Last year marked the year where alot of my favorite shows ended and therefore I had to replace some of them since I ended up following only 3 shows in the end, all I watch now that has been around for a while is Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, and Desperate Housewives. Otherwise everything else is gone. So I decided to approach this post by mentioning the shows that I have been following now and giving you my two cents about each show in summary form.


Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: (NBC) 10:00PM Mondays

Now this is a show that I have truly fallen in love with, I recently caught the 3rd episode of it and I can honestly say that this is where Matthew Perry truly shines as Matt Albie and Bradley Whitford as Danny Tripp as well as Amanda Peet as Jordan McDeer. I find these three characters to be truly entertaining throughout the show. It is a drama basically telling the story of what happens behind the scenes on a comedy show such as “Saturday Night Live” but here it’s called “Studio 60” and from what I’ve seen so far I think that this one is going to go far, I am even hoping that they get nominated this year for an Emmy, it might be a bit premature but seriously if you ever caught an episode of it, you’ll realize how the writing of this show is incredibly smart. So I rate this show a “MUST SEE” for everyone out there.


The Class: (CBS) 8:00PM Mondays

Now this is a sitcom, a 30 minute show brought to you from the creator of Friends “David Crane” and the brilliant director “James Burrows” who directed none other than Will & Grace. After watching Studio 60 I realize that the writer/creator of the show and the Director is the most important relationship. This show is light, it’s basically about this guy wanting to surprise his fiancee by throwing her a party with all of their 3rd grade class to commemorate their anniversary of the first time they ever met back in the 3rd grade, but things back fire and you see some of the characters rekindling old sparks, or friendships. It’s cute and it helps pass your time. I would rate this show as “SEE IF YOU’D LIKE TO LAUGH” ;)

Wait click here to read more

I Have a Headache

October 2, 2006  |  Uncategorized

I have an annoying Headache which will be solved hopefully by taking a long sleep nap or whatever you know. Thank you all for your lovely comments and honestly I have no idea what to say and what to tell you guys but each and everyone of you caught the essence of all that is Jacqui ;P Or me basically ;P And therefore, without further ado, I would like to point out that each and everyone of you is a winner, you all won my undying gratitude and all of the above ;P But seriously, ask for what you’d like and you shall have it, Dodo just got a new template but that was besides the point of her participation in the contest :P I just felt a bit inspired and all that jazz.

I also redid Pop’s template but problem is the arabic font is sort of messing things up but I’ll fix that there is no problem with that but not today. I just need some time off of things now to finish up some backed up work, I wish to have an entire day to stay home and not go out simply to sit and work, but I know that’s easier said than done. My feet are cold as usual, but oh well an hour or less and I’ll be in my warm bed :r Let me just grab the shows that I downloaded so that I watch one or two things.

P.S. I’m checking out Happy Hour and Ugly Betty, two new sitcoms and I think there is something else but I don’t know yet.

P.P.S. I still want a Macbook, please Apple listen to what I have been saying, and release revB of the Macbook, a Black Glossy one will be nice as well ;P I need me my Lucien or Damien (Luc for the White and Dam for the Black) I already named them, I’m that pathetic.

P.P.P.S. Tickle Me.

The Contest

September 30, 2006  |  Uncategorized

I am launching this contest starting 1AM tonight or basically right now lasting to 1AM next evening. The rules are simple and the instructions to follow are very simple indeed.

You have one sentence to use in any way you like to describe me. Describe me from all the posts that you have read about me or written by me basically.

Have fun with that okay, and no rude things please :)

A Prize is negotiable, wait no there is no prize, I just want to know how you guys can describe me in a sentence.

My Shopping Splurge

September 29, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Since I couldn’t get something new this month I decided I needed some new jeans and a few new shirts. And I know that Pops would say “Why do you need another jeans” but I can always say, My older pair are tearing up ;P What’s nice about it though is that for the first time I ordered it to be shipped within 3 days and it has almost arrived to my mailbox it’s out for delivery at the moment.