Too Tired To Eat

August 22, 2006  |  Trip 2006

I’m too tired to eat dinner, I had lunch but that’s it, I woke up like mid-day but it was okay. I wanna go do some shopping but I don’t feel like doing anything right now which is fine because it’s like 9pm here and well everything closes in 1 hour anyways. I wanna eat, I’m hungry I want dinner but I don’t feel like thinking on what to eat. I am sleepy, I am very very sleepy and its too early for me to sleep I guess. Anywho I will head on to bed. I can’t wait till the weekend though, heading out to St. Louis or even maybe maybe Kansas City if we can and if we find a good decent shopping place.

But this will be the shortest update and post really, and just to make something clear I miss talking to my ananyah on MSN on odd hours of the day really, I miss the Twirlie gang completely. So yeah, I’m off to bed, after this re-run of Friends, 10 mins left.

Update: I actually just had something to eat, pops went out to get me, fee, and himself dinner and now I am going to sleep.

What I Miss About Home

August 21, 2006  |  Trip 2006

What I miss about Kuwait? Really there are many things but here they are in listed form:

  1. I miss Grandma :*
  2. I miss my sisters and mother (Lulu the most though, sorry #4 and Dee)
  3. I miss my Aunt and Uncles and my naughty cousins.
  4. I miss talking to my friends on the phone (Sou, Swair, Nuttie, Princess, Dorie, Fantasia, Kalikaboki, Lily)
  5. I miss my BED!
  6. I miss my CAR!
  7. I miss eating Arabic food, I think I am cured about the Fastfood phase now.
  8. I miss sleeping in all day and waking up to doing basically nothing but sitting on my computer and watching stale old tv shows.
  9. I miss my imaginary friend. (Yes I do have an imaginary friend and he’s hot)
  10. But most of all I miss Jack my Bear. (See he’s still waiting for me on my bed)

And finally yesterday’s update well nothing happened except we went out for lunch and then back home and finalized the apartment, well semi-finalized, just doing knick-knacks here and there. Fee starts school tomorrow, and we headed over to Staples and got the girls and her their supplies and that was it.

Now I’m getting ready to sleep and so I bid you Good Night.

Puma or Nike?

August 20, 2006  |  Trip 2006

I am actually working while I am abroad, doing the work via the Internet and stuff and well I find that I can’t simply write consistantly, I need to take at least a 5 minute break in between everything I write. It’s a simple job seriously, something that can be done if its done once and not divided into different intervals but I can’t help it. So, yeah.

Anywho, today I stayed in, they went out a bit but I decided to stay in because I still didn’t feel that well and I needed to unwind I guess, I am not used to all of this hehe, not used to all of this work :/ But the sad thing is that I am going back home in 10 days back to my lazy schedule but the good thing is, that I will be picking up the girls at 2:30 starting the 2nd of September and that’s not bad I like it. At least I’ve got something to do. Also going in to look for jobs and such, hopefully I’ll start finding something that I might like doing eventually.

One thing I want help in though, is that I want nice cool sneakers, and so I am looking into the Puma Future Cat Lo’s or should I look into some Nike’s? Which is the best really?

So overall yeah, I enjoy reading your comments and all but I need some time and energy to reply to them, right now my eyes are getting droopy! I hope I can last a bit longer at least.

Adieu mon amis.

P.S. I need to start convincing papa to get me the Macbook, so Dadddyyyyyyyyy I love you :P

It’s Raining

August 19, 2006  |  Trip 2006

We have a “Severe Thunderstorm” alert going through most of Missouri, but thankfully not in our area, and let’s hope it doesn’t come close to us anytime soon.

I haven’t updated yesterday and I don’t feel like it but to summarize I went to the Lake of Ozark’s Outlet Center about two hours away from where we were, where I saw plenty of outlet stores and I purchased a few things that I liked at really nice prices. I mean seriously Nine West shoes at 20$ a pair and such like that. We spent around 8 hours there, well basically we arrived at 1pm and left at 7:30pm and most of that time well 90% of the time we were walking around the stores. The other 10% was when we took a lunch break and had lunch at Cheesesteak Jeddy’s. It was cool and fun and nice but in the end my feet were barking and I had enough. On the way back we went over to Staples that we found on the way and we got a pack of DVD-R’s or +R’s I forgot really to create the recovery disks for Daddy’s new toy :P And eventually we headed back to Columbia, and on the way we were thinking of what to have for dinner and since it was close to 9:45 when we made it back we wouldn’t find anything open other than iHop or Steak’n’Shake and we went with Steak’n’Shake and I loved it. I’d love to eat there some other time :) We headed back home and went to bed early.

Today however, well something I didn’t mention before was that before we entered Steak’n’Shake I started feeling a bit of pain in my right side and it started softly but eventually became too annoying that I couldn’t even move while I was sleeping without waking up and wincing in pain. I believe its my lack of water in my body but usually my kidney is in the back of my sides right? Well anywho, I woke up quite late today at 4pm in the afternoon here because I was really tired and couldn’t even get up. Fee and Dad spent the morning organizing the place and it looks nice so far. It started to rain and we had the “Severe Thunderstorm Warning” on TV for other areas in Missouri but thankfully it passed away from our area. I started writing this post at around 9pm but then we decided to go over to S’s house and spent the evening there, it was fun again and we had lovely discussions with S, her brother, M (a guy studying here), Pops, Fee, and I. S’s mother made Koshari and I tried it for the first time and it’s not bad I might eat it one more time but I won’t promise. We were having so much fun we didn’t realize it was midnight but we left and went to Walmart.

Got some stuff from there to finalize the decoration and stuff, and now we’re back home, and I can’t breathe in too deeply or laugh so loud because it hurts. I am also frustrated at Fee for thinking I’m playacting because I so am not! But anyways, that was yesterday and today.

P.S. I have decided to no longer wait, the Macbooks won’t get an update anytime soon and I believe strongly that the only ones that’ll get the Core 2 Duo chips will probably be the Macbook Pro’s. I want the Macbook and I want it NOW!

Patience is NOT a Virtue

August 17, 2006  |  Trip 2006

I can never be patient, it’s hard for me to be patient but then again sometimes the odds are that I have to be patient. What’s killing me right now that is bringing this idea into my head that I’m not patient, well the fact that I still want the Macbook so much, and now more than ever but I will wait, I have to wait, and guess what if I do, and if I start saving up I can get it from my own cash instead of making Papa get it for me, because that way it’ll be sort of the first thing I purchase in my own cash, but wait I have my Car’s monthly installments coming up LOL! :/ Crap hehe need to apply to jobs. Got a few places in mind, but let me go back to my initial topic, my patience.

Something that is so beautiful in the new Macbooks is the fact that Boot Camp has been updated and now Windows XP supports iSight and you can actually use the Windows XP Version of MSN Messenger to video chat with the other Windowsers. But for those of you who hate the fact of installing Windows on your lovely Mac, which I happen to be one of them, regardless of the fact that 90% of the programs are Windows but I mean its a Mac. There is a new program coming out soon for Mac Intel called “CrossOver Mac” and it simply does the following: “Our flagship Macintosh desktop productivity tool. Intended for Intel Mac OS X machines, CrossOver Mac will allow Mac users to run their favorite Windows applications seamlessly on their Mac. No Windows Operating System license required; CrossOver is a complete replacement for your Windows OS as far as your applications are concerned.” [Excerpt taken from original site linked in the name above]. So what its saying is that all you do is install this application and afterwards you can install any windows program and it’ll run nicely and smoothly.

Isn’t Apple so beautiful? Don’t make war, Love the Apple.

Woke up early today but was tired and went back to bed after waking up the others really and they went out and came back to pick me up. We went to the DMV and I got me a State ID for no reason whatsoever but just for the fact that my sister was getting one and I might as well have one you know. However she didn’t get one because she needs more documents, I however don’t need anymore documents at all, only Passport and Social Security Card and that’s it ;P My birth certificate helped though.


Afterwards we got lost trying to find the Social Security Administration to get the letter for my sister and well we decided to eat lunch at Pizza Hut, however I find that I enjoy Kuwait’s Pizza Hut to this one, it’s really plain and no fancy selections as we have back home. Waitress was a dumb blonde who messed up everything but eventually we made out with a free pasta dish which she messed up. Daddy ordered the pasta dish with chicken she brought one without chicken over, and he pointed that to her, she’s like oh sorry and she’s like lemme see if i can get chicken to add to it, and then she comes back saying her manager says you can eat this while you want for the new one since they’ll do a new one and we were like cancel it. Instead she comes out 10-15 mins later and says it’s on its way and we’re like no we said cancel it. And eventually manager comes back out and says that he’s sorry and we took it off the bill but please take it home to enjoy it since they would be throwing it out either way.

Headed over to the mall, had fun browsing through stuff, then went over to Walmart and got me a dozen Glazed Doughnuts from Krispy Kremes since that’s my breakfast. And afterwards Pops and Fee wanted Chinese food which they got, we went home and ate dinner and watched The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

Sounds kind of boring day right? Well yes although tomorrow we’ve got a long day ahead of us and most of it won’t be in Columbia, Gotta wear comfy flip flops :/

P.S. I love food that’s why I mention it alot, I love gadgets and that’s why I mention them alot as well.

P.P.S. Thanks to S’s mom (Fee’s friend’s mother) she cooked us a traditional Arabic dinner, consisting of Scrambled Eggs, Cheeses, Black and Green Olives, Gaimar (Cream), bread, and TEA! YES I DRANK TEA YESTERDAY INSTEAD OF COKE! FOR DINNER! It was delicious and I loved every bit of it, brought back memories of when Grandma used to make me such breakfast :P

P.P.P.S. This is my actual State ID or Non Driver License.


Don’t I look pretty? I’m too hot for you hehehe.

I Can Cook

August 16, 2006  |  Trip 2006

Not really, I can’t cook but I just microwaved me some buttered corn ;P And so I think that I can cook ;P Hehehe oh well, I’m just so exhausted, it was a long long day filled with lots of stuff.

First off, I woke up at 9am when I slept around 4-ish :/ I woke Fee and Daddy but they decided to sleep off a bit and I took a shower (a bit too much sharing? I don’t think so hehe) anywho afterwards they woke up and took turns since its a 1 bathroom apartment and I did my hair ;P Yay I love having straight hair. But anywho we got ready and headed out to meet a few other Arabs here in Columbia.

We visited the bank first to change the billing address and such and then we went to Everett’s to have lunch with Shaikhona and her mom, S and her mom (Fee’s Friend), and this other Mother and Daughter combo who lived here. Basically we were 4 Kuwaiti’s, 2 Saudi’s, and 2 Iraqi’s , so we were basically 3 neighboring countries there. We had alot of fun and chatted up a storm. I had fun :) Nice meeting you all.

Afterwards we headed out to S’s place to chill for a bit and we spent a few hours at home playing with heir nephew S who happened to be so cute he reminded me of Hassan hehehe, he was so naughty he kept calling me “Budda Ant” (Butter Ant) in his lovely accent hehe. But that didn’t stop it for us, we went out afterwards with S and her mom and shopped for a bit but we didn’t buy anything. It was lots of fun and Dad spent the time with the Saudi guys, I think he had alot of fun.

S is so fun, I love her hehehe she’s so great and I am glad to leave my sister with such good friends S, N, and F hehe the Quadruplets :P And I am convinced not to cut my hair I guess it’s nicer long, so I think I want to put in extentions :P Hehehe just kidding really.

So I am beat right now and I believe I’ll head out to bed. I am enjoying my time off and so is everyone here I guess ;P It’s fun but in a different kind of way.

Gotta go switch the placement of my airbed. Ciao

Yesterday in Pictures

August 15, 2006  |  Trip 2006

Okay, I didn’t post anything soon because I got in quite late and I was tired and all of that jazz, but the jist of the story and day is that it was a nice short day or so, since I slept at 6am that morning I woke up at 3pm but I hate how the sun was shining on my face, if anything can stumble me awake its the sun, it happened today as well, it’s quite early now at 10am! Anywho, we woke up and headed out to Mediacom to return the modem and cancel the old cable connection since new apartment comes with mediacom already. Afterwards we headed to Ace to get something that daddy wanted to fix something in the apartment, it’s nice having a daddy who fixes things.


Sorry to have shrunk the pictures but oh well, afterwards we were heading to the mall to feed ourselves and on the way I noticed a nice store or place that might insight some happy thoughts :P So here goes:


Jacks Coronado Restaurant, hehe but I won’t eat at it I don’t know it doesn’t sound that that cool ;P Anywhooo so we headed to the mall and I had Sbarros!


I had the Baked Ziti with Chicken and Tomato and Cucumber Salad and a Pepsi (HAH Swair THAT’S ESPECIALLY FOR YOU :P)

We shopped a little, not really but we headed to Target (again) and got the toilet seat cover and all that jazz and then we went to Kinkos to fax something and then hmm we went to Lowe’s to browse for some wood for daddy to fix into a cover up for the kitchen sink to expand the space. I hate how I have become addicted to HGTV and TLC watching Home Makeover shows! :/


I thought the rugs were interesting well I was browsing through them anyways for no obvious reason ;P Afterwards we headed back to our apartment at 8pm just so that we change and prepare for our 9:20 movie “Step Up”


The sky looked beautiful in it’s sunset and so I had to take a semi-picture of i thehe from the sunroof ;P But anywho afterwards we hit the movies and I saw “Step Up”.


The movie was nice, it wasn’t like block buster movie or anything but it was nice, I liked the dancing and the music in it was AMAZING, I’m so going to download it once it’s available! It was cheesy but still I liked it.

As for today, lots of stuff are planned but most of all meeting up with a few girls at Everret’s Restaurant and Lounge. I hope I’m going to like it :P

That’s it for me today, Adieu.

Oh yeah and one reason why I love Dashboard and Widgets, is a widget called “AlbumArt” All I have to do is play a song in iTunes and press F12 for the Dashboard to come up and the album art is being acquired from iTunes, I select “Add to all songs on Album” and VIOLA! It’s done! Example is as follows: