You Have To ..

July 20, 2006  |  Uncategorized

You have to check out this video because seriously when I saw it I was rolling on the floor with tears LOL! It’s that funny, well not necessarily rolling around the floor but still. To be cheered up just check it out:

Click on the image to view the video.

A Girls Night In

July 19, 2006  |  Creative

She rushed quickly to get everything ready for her girlfriends. They were on their way and she was running out of time. Running through her mental checklist she checked off the goodies, the pictures, the movies, and the music that will play in the background if they decide to just sit and enjoy a chat or so.

It’s been a while since she had some time to herself really, she’s been swamped with a large number of things, now that she’s not single anymore, but she needed her girls, needed to feel young again with them, one more time, she thought.

Excited and anticipating the night of fun, she looks around the room and makes sure everything is ready. She calls me, her best friend, to check what time I’m coming over, and I ensure her that it’ll be the best night ever with everything.

God, I can’t even imagine all the fun we’ll get into tonight. It’ll be like old days, like our college days, and I just can’t wait for that to happen. Wops now I have to get ready and prepare myself for a night of fun.

— A short prediction of our ‘Girls Night In’ with Swair.?? Can’t wait to see the girls again, However we’ll be missing two of our vital members, Dorie and Princess but oh well! We’ll try and see them some time soon.

Why Didn’t You Wake Me?!

July 18, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Why didn’t you guys wake me up?! Seriously why?! Why?!

That’s what I said once I woke up, I had this onederful night of sleep, I mean I slept around 12:30ish or 1ish I keep forgeting really and I woke up at 5pm or 10 minutes before 5pm! So imagine that, that’s what 12 no, wait lemme count on my fingers, 17 hours of sleep, not uninterrupted but still. The only interruption came when I woke up and saw the sun in my eye, you know how my room has two windows, a large one and a small one, one with a view and one without. Well the one smaller one, which overlooked my neighbors house was left open by dumb ol’ me! I’m not dumb, I’m smart but I don’t think sometimes and father can vouch on that. So anyways I don’t even know what time I woke up and saw the sun shining in my face, well the sun couldn’t go there but the light from the sun anyways, so yeah I get out of bed with my eyes closed, well open just enough to not trip and go there close the shutters and make my way back to my bed and continue my sleep.

It was nice, but when you were sort of hoping to go out a bit you get depressed to wake up and find that no one woke you up and so. But I had a weird dream, and if the dream wasn’t weird enough I had a weird ending to the dream. I don’t recall entire details since I am writing all of this now, like 3 hours after I woke up LOL But my dream ending had a sort of “recap” to the entire dream. Taking place in the old old days, with a Pirates of the Caribbean similar costumes, about this mean female actress who was so diva-like, who got pregnant by a hot guy, not Johnny sadly but he was hot nonetheless, and I am not sure if she did or not, but it was like she stole the baby and when it was born this chick who looked like that Fortune teller in POTC came by one night and stole the baby, and the daddy was sad and I don’t know it was weird really! I can’t recall the rest of it but there were more weird parts to the dream. Sadly enough I don’t recall them.

*Me looks around the room and sighs* I missed Swair yesterday since she didn’t come to the meeting, Imma kill her when I see her which is probably on our planned friends gathering, it’ll be the first time I see them all together at once! It’s really been ages! But it was fun seeing Stallion yesterday at the Toastmasters, he was such a great guy and so much fun! :P So thanks buddy for coming over and enjoying the Toast.

Man the heat is unbearable, I need to restart creating my lovely stories, I need to get in the creative mode! But it’s not as easy as it sounds, I like complaining alot and therefore I prefer to complain not that I’ve been doing that alot lately but still. Lord, it’s so hot in herre!

I guess I should leave you all off with the thought of the day: Life is like a bag of sunflower seeds, there is just one too many ruined ones but you still hope to miss those.

P.S. I created that LOL! I eat alot of Sunflower seeds, I rival Kuku the Caskooo! or Parrot, Grandma’s Parrot! Who likes to annoy me, he makes it a habit to start whistling and talking when I get there. Yes Grandma has a parrot get over it :/ She’s not Jack Sparrow though! :P Anywho yeah so I created that. And this reminds me of something else, check out this photo!


Always cracks me up (no pun intended) because well, since you all don’t know this, well Grandma, Mama, Papa, Sisters and the entire family call me Jim, Jimmy, Jamie, a sort of nickname, way before Jackie came about and well Jackie is a created nickname that I created for myself okay, so yeah the funny thing is, is that Jimmy is now an egg, a scrambled egg, much like my state of mind. Feel free to comment on that but if you call me Jimmy I will kick your tush!??

Off to make Toast

July 17, 2006  |  My Life

I’m off to get ready to go to my bi-weekly Toastmasters meeting. But before I go I wanted to mention some few tiny significant details. One, congrats to the “5” thing going through, not that I participated in anything at all but just thought to pass on the congratulations, now I am looking for NON-POLITICAL POSTS PLEASE! Two, my feeds rock so have fun abusing me, I love to abuse you all as well. Three, I saw a bit of the news today at Grandma’s since she usually has it on the news and I kinda hated it, I don’t like seeing such stuff, it’s not really fair really, but that’s besides the point. People make PEACE! No more WAR please! and Four, I’m outtie for now.

Make toast, NOT WAR!

I’m Loving It

July 16, 2006  |  Uncategorized

I’m loving it, and not only my template and Diablito, I’m loving everything well not really everything but still. So let’s get down to business?

First of all, (again with the — of all’s now I gotta go through with them all Darn) I would like to invite y’all to our bi-weekly Toastmasters meeting tomorrow evening, I am giving you guys ample time to check over your schedules well not really but still, I’d like to see more of my blogger buddies there. The info is as follows:

You?€™re Invited To:

AlKoot Toastmasters Club Meeting

With Who? The Al Koot Toastmasters Club (with Swair and Jackie as members there, who will also be your guides :D )

When? Monday, the 17th of July 2006, from 7:30 to 9:30 pm
(note: every 1st and 3rd Monday of each month, and the 5th monday is an open meeting: just a gathering)

Why you?€™re invited? To get a glimpse of the other side of mankind?€? The cool fun side, that is :D

What is Toastmasters? Toastmasters is a non-profit organization based in California, US. that helps people in improving their communication and leadership skills in a fun but disciplined way, with activities that involve the whole group in a positive learning environment. And, of course, guests are allowed to participate in one of the sesisons.

Where? Rumaithiya, Block 2, Sate?€™e Al Husari Street, House 34, right next to Abo Tamam?€™s School for Boys.

Click to Enlarge Map.

Second of all, Thanks to everyone’s well wishes, and all that jazz, for both the template and car, and I am enjoying my new Audi A4, it’s bootyful! And I can’t get over its fun-ness! Hehehe but that’s not the reason I’m thanking y’all, I am doing this because I AM LOVED, TRULY I AM! Y’ALL LOVE ME! (I don’t like the word “y’all” but I still use it).

Third of all, pointing out a few things here and there, I have now completed my first stage of my template, granted it’s still a bit bright but it’s so nice and cold and making you forget all that summer heat and so I am keeping it up until End of August, or so. But what I wanted to say is that, I have decided to kill Nibaq and take over Safat to create my own Safat, therefore eliminating my trips there or well lessening it, I chose to put up the blogs I read and such, which means if you scroll down now you don’t see my “Blog roll” anymore, I found that rather than updating that, why not create a separate blog for gathering feeds and using that to follow the blogs I read, I mean it’s much easier and funner that way ain’t it? So the jist of this segment is that there is no more blog roll and yes more feed roll! Check out my feeds here, and if you would like to be added, perhaps you could just email me with a link to ur blog and I will see if I enjoy it and then add you :P But that kind of depends on me, and I live in a hierarchial society where I rule and all else doesn’t right? Yes I am right, you know you have to agree with all that I say!

Fourth of all, it’s saddening what has happened to Lebanon these past few days, I refrain from posting political posts and such because well I don’t like to, I am shallow and I prefer to stay that way, politics always gets you in trouble, so what I am trying to say is that I hope everything settles down in Lebanon and that no more innocent lives are taken. It is really a tragedy, we are in the bloody year 2006! We should’ve at least learned something by now from the past wars, STOP MAKING THEM! So I want to take this point to say that if I was ruler of the entire world, I would’ve eliminated wars completely and had to find another way to get rid of the over-population that is guaranteed to happen if I take over :r But still Please all you leaders and dimwits out there, NO MORE WAR!

Fifth of all, (am I really seriously sticking to this?! Wow I must have more patience than I thought) many have commented about the lack of Duckie, I would like to mention that Duckie has been banished from my Kingdom, due to the fact that I have uncovered secret plots to assasinate me. You see Duckie has been dealing with Purgatory for the past few months, and therefore has acquired weapons of mass destruction aimed at destructing me, and taking over RubDuckie, and therefore I now take back my old motto “Don’t Eat the Duckie, Rub the Duckie” and switched it to “EAT DUCKIE but DON’T RUB DUCKIE!” Yes I believe I shall create me one of those thingys to put on my blog with my motto, yes I think I shall do that now.

Okay my fingers hurt from this keyboard, and therefore I have decided to, simply go back to figuring out things. Again, those who would like to get onto the list of me helping you modify themes, or create themes here and there, just send me an email, I think I will bring back the “Contact Me” Page or something like that.


Summary: You’re invited to Toastmasters. I love you for your well wishes and stuff towards template and Audi A4. I created my own Feed Generator instead of Blog Roll. I wish things settle in Lebanon and that no one else gets hurt. And Duckie has been banished along with Jackie, since I Jacqui have taken over! Purgatory is bad. I am exhausted, and I can still help you assasinate create beautiful things. And you should come back because if you don’t I’ll kill you.

Say Hello To…

July 15, 2006  |  Uncategorized

I know I might regret this later on but say Hello to little Diablito, my baby.


Diablito here, is called that because of his blood red exterior, he’s so beautiful and I am falling in love. Hehehe, on another piece of note, mother does not mind little kittens :P So yay! I want a kitten! I want me own Giselle! Yes that’s what I would call my kitten.

On a last note, I love y’all!


July 15, 2006  |  Uncategorized

[Update]: I have decided to give the main areas a soft blue instead of the white to lower the brightness of the template, that way you guys get to see it without hurting your corneas. At least I think that’s what they are called.

And here it is, my new theme in all its glory. I know that many of you will complain that it’s too bright and all that but I’ve brought it a bit darker from its initial stage. I also put in alot of hard work into it. I hate modifying color codes and chosing colors :r But in the end, I have transformed something utterly ugly (sorry to the theme creator himself) and into something BEAUTIFUL!

It is called “Paradise Lost”, this is my adaptation of the idea of a lost Paradise, a place where beauty and lots of nice things exist. I even lost my gift of creative writing LOL! It’s been ages but oh well. Before I leave to gather your beautiful opinions I’d like to point out I removed the “Top Commentators” plugin, since its pointless for now, I am going to remove all the links from the sidebar and create a links page since that is the most beautiful and easier choice to do rather than clutter my sidebar, and I will bring back my Live Archives soon. I also want to point out that you should all create a Gravatar account and create your own icon so that it can show up once you comment on my blog, I have placed a default Gravatar icon for those who have none but you should create an account.

And now here are the before and after pictures.





And this shows you basically all the work I put into it, I would like to of course thank Sis #4 for her work on the header, and the fact that it’s bright is because of her :P Don’t blame me okay?