21st Century Renaissance Man

September 19, 2006  |  Deep Thoughts

Sitting here searching for a nice topic to write about gave me a weird idea or made me think about something I studied back in High School. Many of you might not know this but my favorite class in High School was History since I loved learning history about the different civilizations that came before us. (But I loathe the Kuwait History or the US History that schools force us to learn, Kuwait History in college and US History in High School, simply because there is not much history there to truly appreciate the knowledge being forced into your heads.) But what I wanted to mention today was the term “Renaissance Man” sometimes its written with lower-case letters and sometimes not. A quick search in Dictionary.com gave me the following definition to share with you:

a cultured man of the Renaissance who was knowledgeable, educated, or proficient in a wide range of fields.

This of course got me to thinking, knowing that Leonardo da Vinci was known as a “Renaissance Man” or a “well-rounded man” I thought about how he was called that because he was educated in many different fields and areas. He was known to many as a painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, mathematician and philosopher. He focused on four main themes: painting, architecture, the elements of mechanics and human anatomy. [Link] What I am trying to say is simply that his knowledge spanned many different areas which allowed him to be called a “renaissance man”.

In this day and age, we are faced with many new developments, one of the major ones is the technological developments and future communications revolution. There are many different and new fields out there that didn’t exist back then, so what I am thinking is that the term itself is now perhaps changing to suit this new century, no longer do arts mix that highly with sciences but then again arts have progressed and are now used as an even stronger voice of the people.

This of course all might be my crazy talk before I go to bed, and it might not be. This also might be the result of taking 2 panadols and chocolate but then again I never had any side effects there. I just have deep thoughts now. I find that the future “Renaissance Man” is one that is well versed in the technological advances made in fields such as music, science, and computers? But I think I should quit writing now because I might have lost you somewhere along the road.

Sorry again.

History Repeats Itself

September 18, 2006  |  My Life

You know how in History class the first thing your teacher would say is that “History repeats itsel”? Well it’s true, because apart from all the wars that were fought were fought for the same reasons or apart from the fact that many things happened at the same time a few hundred years later, I have personally discovered how history repeated itself for me. The proof is the following post, written last year on this same date, it said the following:

  1. I’d like to change the template of this blog because it’s been more than 1 month since I have changed, actually ever since May :/ So I’ve gotten bored of it, I need an inspiration.
  2. I’d like to have the iPod Nano for personal reasons In other words (just because I want to!) and apparently Uncle Dearest has found only one Black one, but a 2GB model, and so he purchased it for himself :/
  3. I’d like to find something inspirational to write about or something just to write about and my mind draws up blanks everytime.
  4. I love my Powerbook, and my Desktop, and my Tablet PC  Well I love my little family of Gadgets ;P And I hope they love me too
  5. — Excerpt from “Wish List” written 18th Sept ’05

So as you can see, I wanted a new template, and knowing myself a day later or so I would’ve put it up. And here we are with a new template or new theme (the difference lies in that the template is the structure itself, theme to me is the theme of template, as in this theme is called ‘Addictions’ get it?) Next item was me wanting an iPod nano, well I still want one of the new ones but that doesn’t mean I’ll get it anytime soon unless anyone cares to gift it to me :P Then comes the bit about wanting something inspirational to write about, read the previous post and you’ll see the connection. Then my gadgets love but of course my Powerbook is dead right now, and my Desktop needs some extra RAM and my Tablet PC well is too cramped for my fingers. And that my friends is how History repeats itself.

“Time Capsule” is truly a great plugin, I should post up the link to it soon for those of you who are WordPressers, I love reading previous posts.

The Transition is Complete

September 18, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Sooner or later you’ll run out of titles for your posts, sooner or later you’ll even run out of material, but here at Jacqui’s you won’t experience that anytime soon, instead you’ll experience craziness and chaos.

I am pleased to announce to you that every editting bit has been completed of both my Site, Blog, and Feeds pages. I believe I can rest easier now knowing that nothing is messed up. You may mention a thing or two that would need tweaking otherwise I believe I am set. I think I have also found the theme that’ll stick with me for a long while, perhaps until next year if not later. I do appologize to those of you who feel a bit disturbed about that “skin” showing in the image I have above but I find that I love it. It embraces the Jacqui that I portray. The working blouse with the boxers almost look like something I would do, I don’t have a job yet and so most of my time is spent at home-ish. But enough about that. I need a new thing to do now.

Turning a new leaf, or starting a new page in your life sometimes is hard, but also sometimes it isn’t. One of the reasons of why lately I’ve been feeling down and such is because I am experiencing a dilemma with an acquaintence of mine, I would call her a friend but I believe she doesn’t deserve the term much anymore. I am a nice person, really I am but I think that I am too nice to people around me that eventually I become the doormat for them to walk all over me. But that will be the old me, I shall make it my mission to no longer be that friendly anymore. That itself is my new leaf.

I need more laughter in my life, I need more laughter in my blog, I need to go crazy one day and just write craziness that’ll help soften the mood of Jacqui, it’ll help me look at something calmer. Hehe, I laugh easily and get mad easily, I believe it has to do with my zodiac sign the Sagittarius, such a mighty sign this one. Seriously, we are like the party people and the cool fun people to hang out with :P

I don’t think I am making much sense, I don’t think that the post is going to make sense when anyone reads it but good luck with that.

Next project: Redesigning Daddy’s Blog.

P.S. I miss Macaroni (the name Daddy gave my Powerbook), and my Acer Tablet’s keyboard is so tiny that it gets annoying typing on it sometimes, 10.6inch screen is a bit annoying at times as well, but oh well, here’s to hoping the Macbooks get an update within the next 10 days and I place in my order.

Hello New Addictions

September 17, 2006  |  Blog News

A day or actually three days late but I finally got the chance to complete the template and put it up. It is beautiful, I am loving it, and you all will have to love it, no words of complaint because I will really smash your heads with my hammer :@

But seriously, today or better yet tomorrow which is Sept 17, Sunday happens to be the day of my saying goodbye to my previous template code named “Jet Plane” which was made to show the time period in which I was abroad on my semi-vacation visiting my sister and basically working to move her from one apartment to another. It was a beautiful time but I can now really say good bye to it. So let’s dim the lights on that template.


And let us welcome my new theme which is called Addictions. Why Addictions? Well I basically feel that my readers are reading my addictions, I’m reading my own addictions as well, I write mostly about my favorites and the things that I am addicted to, and therefore I want to share my addictions with you. Initially, the images that I set out to use were not the ones used in the final product but I am glad that I have chosen this instead. I get that the main image might be a little too provacative but that’s my choice, and if you don’t like it then what can I do? or better yet what can you do? You might notice more changes done, but honestly it’s the same template as before, just changed the colors a tiny bit and font is now “Arial” I am not sure if it’ll stay that way or change but we’ll see. As for the box that used to house the “date and time” it has now been reduced to a line. It is beautiful all in all and I am proud of it.

Thanks goes to of course the youngest graphics designer (I dont care if there are younger she’s the youngest now and here) Neece My Sister #4, and of course thanks goes to Maria Carla Boscono ads that were shown in Elle Italia and were scanned by young users in the Foto Decadent Livejournal Community [Link].

I am glad that this is over and done with and I am also honored to announce that I have taken down the Evil and Angelic Ducks from my main page www.Rubduckie.com and instead replaced it with the similar graphic with links to my Mail Site, Blog, and Feeds.

Do enjoy and leave lovely constructive criticism, I take back the threat :P


September 16, 2006  |  Uncategorized

I’m really sorry, I haven’t published the new look yet, looks as though it might take a while, I believe that this one will last me more than one month, most likely all the way up to my birthday, it’s that nice and unbore-able, if that is a word. Layouting can get addictive time after time. But I am hoping to stick to this one look and not mess it up, I might however create some minor changes to go with my theme from time to time, you know one should always spice up their lives right? There are things that I want to make it ultimately perfect and eventually I will. I should however learn how to basically create a wordpress theme from scratch but you see that’s kind of difficult don’t you think? Well not really. but oh well.

Updates on Macaroni, well I haven’t done anything to it yet, might have one of the guys at ZMacShop look into it but otherwise nothing yet. It’s sad how I am soooo on the edge to purchasing a Macbook but on the other side I am waiting for any kind of update because you see, logically the iMacs got the Core2Duo right? But Mac Mini’s also got a minor upgrade into being all Core Duo instead of Core Solo. So if they choose to do the same thing to the Macbook Pro’s then they will update Macbooks with something cool hopefully, more speed or something like that. And I don’t want to place an order only to have an update a week later right? Rumor has it that this Tuesday something might happen silently like the iMacs and Mac Mini’s, if not then at “Photokina’s” event on the 25th of September will witness the update of the Macbook Pro’s. The bottom line is, that tomorrow the 16th is the last day of the Apple Promo for Back 2 School, meaning afterwards they might be able to update most of their models. These are my speculations and are subject to errors but again my 2 cents.

Anywho, last bit of news, my 4 year old sister Lulu just got herself a new Mac Mini (the PowerPC 1.42ghz model) and is utterly excited, and I downloaded for her Skype with Video and set up the iSight camera and now she can talk to Daddy whenever she wants, and she’s excited about it really, she was re-enacting the bit where her goldfish died one morning by floating on top with a shaky head. Sweet stuff.

That’s it for now. Adieu my loves.

Most Likely a Bad Idea

September 15, 2006  |  Uncategorized

This will most likely be a bad idea but, let’s see for those of you faithful readers of this blog, those of you who have commented or read silently for the past few decades, no not decades really but for the past two years and wish for me to read you, well I already probably read you but for some strange reason sometimes I don’t find your posts on my Feeds site or on Safat, well I have decided to let you guys do something about it.

I have decided to give you all a chance to be added to my Feed’s Site so that I can check you more often you know. And how that’s done my friends? Well simply leave me a comment making sure to fill out the “Website” area with your real website so that I can just copy paste it rather than go and search all over the place. I am currently working on the Template for my Feeds site, it’s much more calmer now and I think that it’s nice, gotta edit some stuff though.

Tomorrow might be the unveiling of my newest template, if I get the header image and colors fixed in time, I also am looking into font type face change, what would you suggest? I prefer “Verdana” but who knows. As for now I am heading to bed to crash or to read who knows. And hoping that tomorrow will be a bright day indeedy!

Much love is sent to all your ways. Just be sure not to spam me alot and not to lie to me :r I don’t like people who lie :(

Update: The site is actually working, my Feeds site, you can go to it by clicking Feeds on the top of the page, browse through the list of Blogs I already have, if you’re not there then leave a comment with a phrase like “I love you” hehe and I’ll add you :)

I’m Thinking

September 14, 2006  |  Uncategorized

I’m thinking of going for a theme similar to Safat’s Theme as a 3 Column-er, but in Red. But I am also thinking of sticking to the one I’ve got but changing colors and going for a new header. Problem is though I am not sure what image theme I should go with, as in what image combo, what sort of story going for. I had the Angel vs Devil (Jackie vs. Jacqui) and I’ve had the Paradise Lost theme, and I’ve had or I’m having the Jet Plane, but I need new material, give me suggestions, useful ones since I really badly need some.

I am loving iTunes 7 and I really am enjoying its look and feel, I’ve got so far 40gigs of music, but 1/2 of it is untitled or un-authored and such and I need to fix that. Also need to organize all my music into one folder instead of being thrown about in 1293847 different folders :/ But still I love me iTunes, it’s me friend.

So what else? Nothing new in my corner yet, gotta do a few things but otherwise nothing new, except I don’t know life is demented in a way but that’s cool with me right? Yea right. I love my Gadgets that’s all I want to add.

I want to go to bed so bye bye.