Cheesy McCheese

September 9, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Something Cheesy is going on, well not really but before I address that I would like to send out congratulations to my dear Uncle who has just become a father for the third time to a lovely baby boy. I am glad that he now has a cool birthday and a cool name, birth date 9/9 and name well, its baby Ali :)

Next order of business, I am still in dire straits and haven’t achieved anything to fix my Powerbook, although I’m giving it a day off today hopefully at least I can see it later on when I try to connect it as a Target HD but anyways I was checking Apple Store and currently Macbooks require 5-7days of shipping when last week it was only 1-2days. Andddd, Macbook Pros are shipping within 24 hours, I think it is safe to say that either both or one of those products will get updated on the 12th, since a similar situation happened with the Mac Mini’s in which they were suddenly not shipping the models fast enough due to the new ones being released. I hope this is true. I really do. And that my friends is what I would call something Cheesy going on.

Now it’s off to nap time for me, I’m a bit exhausted, a tiny bit, but I did speak to Fee this morning and it was cool. Deets on that later. Enjoy this short post. And perhaps I might just stick with two columns, however I’ve got a question to most of you out there, which theme did you enjoy most of all, from those I put up the past few months. Maybe I’ll go back to one with a new header.

Bon Nuit :)

Fingers Falling Off..

September 8, 2006  |  Uncategorized

I replied to all the comments left on the previous posts, from the one that was like my last post from Missouri all the way to the latest one last night written. I am still in my depressed mood, I still can’t get my laptop to work or even back up, I booted it as a Target Disk and well I can’t see it on the iMac, and I don’t know why and it’s ticking me off, but then when I booted the computer normally it gave me the Grey page with the Apple on it and had the roundy thing moving but wouldn’t go past it and I heard voices from the harddisk area but normal voices no loud pronounced clicks, just soft ones and I am still worried, all the pictures of my past trips were there, all my documents, some work documents that I was working on for something were there and it’s so sad.

I bought the Maxtor 300GB External Personal Storage from Jarir last night for 55kd and I have transferred most of my shows on it, cleaning up my desktop and hopefully will do a full backup here and clean it up BIG TIME! Because I don’t want to be put in that situation ever again, I need just to sit and work on the organization of my files and all. Only bright side ever was:

I found Andy.

Andy is my Forever Friends teddy bear a small one that was given to me by my grandmother on my birthday back in the late 90’s probably 98 or before that a bit, my other bear that my uncle gave me back in 92 my aunt has it. She took it away from me :( And I named the bear Andrew or Andy, the tiny one and I loved him so much he had a beautiful sweater which got lost though. Ugh my fingers hurt now.

I’mma stop writing and I am going to just sit in the corner and cry some more. Apple please hear my pleas and update the Macbook with Memorem this Tuesday please please purty please!

P.S. Need insipration for my new theme header. And I’m thinking of going 3 columns instead of only 2.

Too Depressed

September 7, 2006  |  Uncategorized

I’m just too sad and depressed, I don’t care about my spelling or grammar or whatever right now. I tried opening my Powerbook after waiting for a few hours to do so and no longer do I boot in Single User Mode, instead it’s stuck on the Apple page and that’s it. I bought a 300GB Maxtor HD to back up everything so as I do a clean install and all that and no use. I can’t figure out a way to back it up. I am so freakishly depressed! I don’t even feel like putting up a nice front to anyone. Urgh this sucks.

Last weeks update before I forget is as follows:

Wait click here to read more

Not Good

September 7, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Not Good at all, I just woke up and decided to turn on my Powerbook but for a strange reason while trying to open a few programs it like went ballistic on me and hung so I decided to restart it the good old fashioned way, pressing the on button until it shut down then I pressed it again to turn on, I got the Mac screen and all but instead it wouldn’t take me to the OS, I have the 12inch Powerbook G4, anywho all I got was a black screen with localhost:/ root# and I went crazy coz this can’t be happening right now. I am sooo not in the mood for this, all I wanted to do was update my library in Delicious Library to show it to my Aunt. Googled this, and it told me to type in fsck -yf in order to check if the harddisk was fine and right now I am seeing the words “Invalid node structure (4, 29687)” and “Rebuilding” and finally the word “The volume Macintosh HD could not be repaired.” Sweet no?

Apple, please update your Macbook line this Tuesday, I badly need a new Mac :( I’m feeling blue.??

New iMacs With Core 2 Duo

September 6, 2006  |  Uncategorized

I was just checking Apple’s website and apparently they updated the iMacs silently and that was like freakishly cool! No one reported it yet or none that I know of, I check daily and I was checking Gizmodo, Engadget, AppleInsider, MacRumors and none reported even a whisper about this. So this must be really new.

We now have the 24 inch iMac and they all include Core 2 Duo.


The iMac now also experiences a cheaper price range, the 17inch starts at 999$ which is like so awesome! And the additions to the current specs are seen below.


So I wonder what’s coming up on the 12th of September, already I have a hunch that its the 2nd generation Nanos, Who knows maybe the Macbooks and Macbook Pros as well, since EVERYONE else is updating their laptop lines.

Urgh I’m so excited!

Update: Gizmodo just posted an article about the newly updated iMacs. [Link]

Jetlagged Much?

September 5, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Warning: Very Long, well sort of long post and it helps if you have nothing at work to do, such as ehem Princess! This is for you and all you other people who work *sigh*

Jetlag is really really a son of a witch :/ It’s been crazy trying to adjust back to Kuwait Time. I mean I never had this trouble before, but now I am like so exhausted, I can sleep early but I wake up at odd times, like the first day I was back I like slept at 10 because I didn’t get a chance to sleep on the plane and I ended up waking at 5am :/ And not being able to go back to sleep. That sucks so bad. But reading through the comments left, Laialy mentioned that I shouldn’t take a long break since it will make my post be extra long. So I guess I will have to divide stuff on today and tomorrow so as to not bore you all with gorish details. Let’s begin with last Wednesday and Thursday together.

Wednesday was the day we left St. Louis to New York and later on that evening in New York we were heading out to Kuwait. I didn’t sleep the night before except for 3 hours or so if not less I am not sure. But I slept in Fee’s room and it was like sort of fun, not really she got her bed and I got the airbed :( But then I was woken up in the morning to get dressed and pack last minute things. Then we got on the road to head to St Louis which is like a 2 hour drive. We reached airport and checked our luggage all the way to Kuwait so that we won’t get screwed in New York looking for them and re-checking them in. But something cute that happened was that our airlines, American Airlines decided that we should be one of the lucky ones to get stamped with the SSSS sign so that we undergo thorough search. Pops and I went to the area near the security thingy and waited, and we had left out all liquids and gels out of our carry-ons. So waiting we were, with our shoes off, our belts off, and our jackets (well mine off), and everything in those trays. Dad gets called in first and then I get called in, they run our stuff through the X-ray machine and I get approached by this old white American stating “You have been selected by your airlines to go through a thorough search” he said it in a way that sounded as if I won the lottery or something. Odd right? So I go with him, he starts swiping my stuff with those rounded paper thingys and running them in the machine to check for any chemicals or explosives, like I am that smart to put some explosive powder on my Powerbook or on my flip flops :/ I curse those idiots who made them take these measures now with us. I mean last year it wasn’t like this.

Anywho, he goes through everything in my bag, a woman comes and asks me to spread em wide and pats me down, then she asks me to wear my flip flops and re-does them again and I’m like urgh. But I didn’t say anything. Things finish and I try to shove everything back in my bag without leaving anything out hehe and try to put in my belt since my jeans would sort of slip if they weren’t there. We were done with that part and we went looking for some breakfast. We had some sandwiches from Chilis Too and I had the Smoked Turkey sandwich, I was really getting sleepy but I couldn’t sleep yet. We get on the plane, I get to nap for an hour since the flight is two hours long. We touch down in New York and chaos sort of ensues there. I believe I saw alot of Kuwaiti’s there but oh well, we were going back on Kuwait Airways. Our flight of course was like an hour late and in taking off it was an extra 45 minutes late because we were like #25 to take off. I so wanted to sleep but I couldn’t before we were airborn since I was worrying about my ear. But when we took off, I couldn’t sleep and decided to wait for them to serve dinner then sleep since the lights were on.

Let me tell you this though, Kuwait Airways are such dumb idiots that it makes me cringe! I mean seriously we booked our flight MONTHS AGO! We reserved 2 specific seats A and B in both the going to the States and Coming back. But when we were leaving Kuwait they screwed it up and gave us the opposite seats it was okay since it was still Window and Aisle. But when coming back to Kuwait they gave us Middle and Aisle Seat and we didn’t want that! And to top it off I sat in the middle and next to me was a lady and her baby daughter who was like a few months old, sweet right? Do I get to sleep, hell no! Hehehe but eventually the guy sitting next to her husband asked if she wanted to switch, and she turned to me and said “Do you mind if you switch with your husband?” I’m like HUSBAND! My dad is apparently my husband, regardless of the fact that I was wearing a Happy Bunny shirt with the phrase “I’m not spoiled, I deserve all my stuff” I looked like I was married to my dad, sweet! I ignored at first and turned to Dad he switched with me because the guy was paranoid about falling asleep next to me, but oh well. I tried to catch some shut eye on the flight but I had some sinius problems, in which I couldn’t breathe through my nose at all, and two guys sitting in the row in front of me were chatting all the way back made me miss my sleep. I got only two hours of sleep on a 10 hour flight back.

We arrived on Thursday and things were cool, I got to see my loving family, and we went home and well I drove home in my car since mom brought it with her. And I gave them their stuff and my stuff as well, I showered and ate Kousa and then got tired and sleepy and went to bed early.

Friday morning, I woke up at 5:45AM and since I was reading a novel on the flight back I decided to finish it right then and I did then took a shower and headed out to the Salon to get my hair cut and pamper myself with a mani and pedi :P I had some shocking news but that isn’t worth reporting. Then it was off to Gramma’s :P And I had lunch there with my Aunt and her husband and my two Uncles. It was fun hehe had a nice time, took Auntie to Jarir and got her some novels that I recommended. Then back home and I went to bed around 11ish.

I think this is long enough for now. Saturday through Tuesday will be reported in another post I believe. And pictures will follow that since I think I chatted a bit too much here. But I am glad I am back, regardless of how the weather is and all of that. I love Kuwait and it loves me.

I love my friends Sou Sou and Ananyah! I loves Princessy, Dorie, Fantasia, Nuttie, Lily, Kalikaboki, and Swair. But I loves Jacks my Bear more than anyone else ;P I gave him a big hug and slept cuddling that lump of fur.

I’m Still Alive

September 4, 2006  |  Uncategorized

I’m still alive and breathing, not to worry.


I just didn’t expect certain things when I came back so I don’t have the time to post.