I Want Corn

August 26, 2006  |  Trip 2006

Okay actually I’m going to make me some corn in a bit, but I thought I should like perhaps write something here. Today was a weird day well it passed by quickly I guess. I woke up late that might be the reason. It was raining today and so I thought why bother waking up right? Well anywho so I woke up and spoke to Lilo and Mom and that was it I guess hehehe Lilo is being naughty hehe, Fee woke me up and annoyed me and I didn’t really feel like waking up. I don’t feel like elaborating today but the jist of it is that we went out to Kohl’s and I found a few nice stuff but we spent like around 2-3 hours there because FEE thought that she might get her “Dining” table some accessories and her ever famous “Elephant”. Anywho I was getting hungry since earlier today I didn’t have breakfast, I didn’t feel like eating seriously I don’t know why I just don’t feel like eating.


So after finalizing the shopping experience we headed over to Sophia’s, the most expensive and fanciest restaurant in all of Columbia! You wanna know how fancy? It’s so fancy that it’s the first time I saw TWO RANGE ROVERS, NEW RANGE ROVERS parked there, AND A MERCEDES CLS! I mean this is Columbia, this is like a college town, this is in the middle of nowhere and to find those cars its like WOW! Hehehe so yeah ;P I had a steak there and I liked it, it tasted really nice I had the “Brandy Cream Fillet” but I didn’t have any Brandy in it, trust me I made sure of it, and I had fun eating it, it was a great choice, Daddy had the Shrimp Pasta thing called “Lemon Shrimp Marinara” and Fee had the “Mediterranean Chicken Pasta” and I sampled a bit of each. Oh yeah and I adore great “Olive Oil” and since our waitress brought out some bread and olive oil I had fun munching on that.

After that we went over to “Old Navy” and I got me some cute PJ’s they are really nice and afterwards we went to “Michaels” which is basically a place to get like hobby art or whatever you know knick knacks here and there and I got me a few things from there. And that was it. Now I want to go microwave me some corn, and I want to eat and sleep because tomorrow is a really big day.

I have 4 full days left of time in Columbia, early Wednesday Morning, 2PM Kuwait Time we’ll be heading out on a two hour drive to St. Louis, then a 3 hour flight to New York, then from there we’ll get a flight back home, and I will come home on the 31st a Thursday. So stuff to fit in the schedule is visit a few stores in Columbia Mall, go to Village Books, go to St. Louis, and I guess that’s it, oh yeah and the last day Tuesday night I wanna hit Walmart and Target to check if two of the books that I want came out. And that’s all for me tonight.

Watching some HGTV and other channels, not bad.

I Love Shopping

August 25, 2006  |  Trip 2006

I love shopping or the shopping where I find a bunch of nice stuff at reasonable prices, I don’t think of myself as cheap or whatever but until I actually have my own large salary to spend I prefer to shop wisely, I would never think of buying a shirt that costs 15kd even if it was hot, I’d rather spend that on a new pair of Jeans really :P But seriously I went to Warrenton Outlet Center today and I basically bought tons of stuff from Rue 21 and GAP, its the only GAP that I adore all of their stuff. I mean I bought 10 shirts and 2 pants for almost 200$ if not less because I bought other stuff for the girls and the entire total was 300$ which is like AWESOME! I don’t think I could ever get anything that nicely priced. Plus they are all suitable “work” attire but mostly for the colder weather so I need to improve my summer/fall line :P

I didn’t have much of an appetite today, I felt really sick and tired and well I felt bad for ruining the day for Fee and Dad since we were going to go to 3 malls today. Warrenton, then Galleria in St. Louis, and then another in St. Louis but I was like so tired in the morning I slept in or tried to. I hate the sun. I really do. I love living in darkness except when I am on my computer then I like to have lights in the room, so bright so that I see stuff.

However, later on in the afternoon I felt a bit better so we headed out to Warrenton obviously, and before that it was Denny’s where I had fries and a coke for lunch, half of Fee’s fries. Breakfast was a banana so I could take medication. After finishing from the outlet, I called up Uncle who just arrived in the States and had a nice helpful chat while Daddy stopped off at McDonalds to get some beverages for the hour and a half-ish ride back home. I asked for fries again and that was dinner part 1 and pineapple was dinner part 2. I seriously don’t feel like eating.

My Powerbook’s battery is being recalled, both of my sister’s batteries are also being recalled, I hate that. I know this friend of mine, Zorath, who got an iBook last year but it suddenly burst into flames like at the beginning of this year and everything was fried, apparently he had a faulty battery but they didn’t recall them then. So check your batteries and go to Apple and register for a Free Battery Replacement. I am going to get in bad shape sort of, because I put in my USWS Address to where they will ship the new battery but then I have to ship the recalled one back. And that my friends I don’t know how I’ll deal with that but well I’ve got 4-6 weeks to ponder on this, maybe by then I can wait until Fee comes home for Winter and give her the box and battery to ship back with her.

The Jacqui feeling is missing lately from my posts, and I appologize for that but I am in a really weird mood lately, nothing to explain it really I just don’t feel like doing things anymore you know. Sis thinks I’m depressed but no not really, I think I just need a change. And I know I complain alot about Kuwait and about Missouri now, but seriously I would never want to live anywhere but Kuwait. Kuwait is really home and I really love it. I am not sucking up or kissing ass really but it’s true. I find that life in Kuwait is heaven in comparison to anywhere else around the world. Where else can you find people being spoiled in their own country, you get lots of free stuff, you are one of the richest countries in the Middle East, and you are part of the many spoiled brats who basically get whatever they want. (I include myself in the spoiled brats category because I think (think is the keyword) that sometimes I come off as a needy spoiled little girl but that’s just part of me.)

And I’m thinking of going to a different style next on my template, since I kind of want a 3 columned look and I am tired of Grey and Checkered background, I want smooth lines now, and I have an image in my mind I just hope to find it and achieve it.

Thanks to everyone who is commenting by the way, I really appreciate your comments and they make my day when it’s sad and gloomy, I guess what I am trying to say is, I’m glad to have you imaginary people in my life (everyone is imaginary including myself! I mean seriously did you think I really existed? Better yet did you really think that you were real?).

So this is Jacqui/Jackie signing off and saying “I’m an HGTV (Home&Garden TV) Addict, better yet I’m a ‘Design Star’ addict, I hope David wins!”

End of Summer

August 24, 2006  |  Trip 2006

It’s like the end of Summer here or has been, and the re-runs are getting so old, I can’t wait for the new seasons of all shows to start. I’m smart but I’m not smart, the reason for this statement is unknown it just popped into my head. My ear is still closed and I can hear but it feels like there is a barrier and it pisses me off but oh well. We have bananas now and pineapple and I am a happy camper. I miss my bedroom and the fact that I have some awesome Shutters, the ones that block all sort of sunlight, making my beautiful bedroom a 24/7 Night-room, no not a night club but a night-room. I hate being woken up by the sun.

Cute thing, there was a report up on Apple Insider stating that the Macbooks that are ordered now are facing delays simply because the demand exceeds the supply and now instead of waiting a few days up to a week to recieve your beautiful Macbook, you now need at least 2-3 weeks. It’s cool, the Macbook is the most popular gadget of this year, students all around the States are ordering them like crazy, up until today 800,000 thousand Macbooks were sold. So apparently it was a good thing I didn’t order mine yesterday when I wanted it. [Link]

Not being able to hear in one ear isn’t that cool, I already had trouble hearing before or basically my mom complained about that since I always have the TV on very high volume and now even that seems low, lol.

Apple should start paying me a commision, I have converted 4 people this last week alone to a Macbook. That’s what? 1,500$ almost per person (plus taxes, and all the white ones), that’s like $6,000 for you Apple. I hope you love me as much as I love you. Something else was on my mind that I wanted to share but I completely forgot it, oh well.

Yeah, what did I have for lunch today? Olive Garden’s Chicken Alfredo and a nice Garden Salad. Just to give you something to crave and munch on.

P.S. 7 Days left.

Hear No Evil

August 23, 2006  |  Trip 2006

No, this is not a post about anything that relates to evil or anything like that, but see the last monkey there? See the one with his hands on his ears, well drop one hand and you’ll have a nice image of me. I seem to have formed an ear problem, it sort of started last night, I felt my ear was sort of too clogged sort of, so I started cleaning it using a cu-tip but it seems that 1 wasn’t even enough for my left ear because it was so closed, I am not dirty at all believe me, I just have a problem with my left ear, the ear canal is weirdly formed I think or something like that but due to the fact I used about 4 cutips and it kept annoying me, I think something might have happened to make me feel that sensation you know when you are on a plane and your ear just closes up? Well yeah I feel that in the left ear. I am not sure why I am mentioning this but let me just mention it anyways, so I went to the pharmacy here and got some ear drops to help get rid of the wax and oddly enough it didn’t do much help, I tried closing my nose and blowing and nothing helped so right now I cannot hear anything in my left ear and anyone who speaks to me there in a low voice I will have to tell you “What What What” until you speak louder.

Moving on, today was a pretty normal day for me I guess, I woke up from a freaky dream, Uncle was about to kill me for some reason or another and I woke up to Fee’s yelling at me to wake up and we headed over to the Heidelberg to have lunch, I had a Fried Shrimp basket since I didn’t feel like eating much. And we sat and discussed many crazy issues, well one basic one. I know Daddy is reading this hehe, Hi Daddy, but he has tried to convince me to wait for the Macbook until December to get it, and I just couldn’t agree to that so I have decided to wait until October I guess :/ Mid-October or so, which is not bad, I’d have saved a bit of cash from here and there and it would probably help. So although I’ll wait, I still want one now but oh well.

After having lunch, I went over and opened me a bank account, now I am a decent person with legal credit I guess, I didn’t ask for the credit card because I seriously don’t need one, but now I have me own card, and me can order from Apple.com whenever I want without nagging Fee and asking to use hers, all I would do is transfer cash into my account and viola.

Later, Pops and I, since before that we dropped Fee at her apartment to sleep a bit, we went to Best Buy and looked around, I wanted a nice wireless solution to the fact that the signal at home from the wireless router doesn’t reach that well to the 2nd floor, and the router is in the basement, but oh well, no one could help that well. Also I wanted a solution to like Network Sharing since I want a Network Harddisk but they didn’t understand me :/

After that it was off to the mall for a bit, I got one more book from Barnes & Noble just to hold me off until I go to Village Books and grab me a bunch of used books at a decent price.

Anywho, until then this is me counting down the days until I go home: 8 days to landing in Kuwait.

P.S. I want Bananas, I miss eating Bananas, we should go to Walmart and get some Bananas. And some Plums too, oh wait and some no nothing else. Bananas and Plums and Thank You.

Too Tired To Eat

August 22, 2006  |  Trip 2006

I’m too tired to eat dinner, I had lunch but that’s it, I woke up like mid-day but it was okay. I wanna go do some shopping but I don’t feel like doing anything right now which is fine because it’s like 9pm here and well everything closes in 1 hour anyways. I wanna eat, I’m hungry I want dinner but I don’t feel like thinking on what to eat. I am sleepy, I am very very sleepy and its too early for me to sleep I guess. Anywho I will head on to bed. I can’t wait till the weekend though, heading out to St. Louis or even maybe maybe Kansas City if we can and if we find a good decent shopping place.

But this will be the shortest update and post really, and just to make something clear I miss talking to my ananyah on MSN on odd hours of the day really, I miss the Twirlie gang completely. So yeah, I’m off to bed, after this re-run of Friends, 10 mins left.

Update: I actually just had something to eat, pops went out to get me, fee, and himself dinner and now I am going to sleep.

What I Miss About Home

August 21, 2006  |  Trip 2006

What I miss about Kuwait? Really there are many things but here they are in listed form:

  1. I miss Grandma :*
  2. I miss my sisters and mother (Lulu the most though, sorry #4 and Dee)
  3. I miss my Aunt and Uncles and my naughty cousins.
  4. I miss talking to my friends on the phone (Sou, Swair, Nuttie, Princess, Dorie, Fantasia, Kalikaboki, Lily)
  5. I miss my BED!
  6. I miss my CAR!
  7. I miss eating Arabic food, I think I am cured about the Fastfood phase now.
  8. I miss sleeping in all day and waking up to doing basically nothing but sitting on my computer and watching stale old tv shows.
  9. I miss my imaginary friend. (Yes I do have an imaginary friend and he’s hot)
  10. But most of all I miss Jack my Bear. (See he’s still waiting for me on my bed)

And finally yesterday’s update well nothing happened except we went out for lunch and then back home and finalized the apartment, well semi-finalized, just doing knick-knacks here and there. Fee starts school tomorrow, and we headed over to Staples and got the girls and her their supplies and that was it.

Now I’m getting ready to sleep and so I bid you Good Night.

Puma or Nike?

August 20, 2006  |  Trip 2006

I am actually working while I am abroad, doing the work via the Internet and stuff and well I find that I can’t simply write consistantly, I need to take at least a 5 minute break in between everything I write. It’s a simple job seriously, something that can be done if its done once and not divided into different intervals but I can’t help it. So, yeah.

Anywho, today I stayed in, they went out a bit but I decided to stay in because I still didn’t feel that well and I needed to unwind I guess, I am not used to all of this hehe, not used to all of this work :/ But the sad thing is that I am going back home in 10 days back to my lazy schedule but the good thing is, that I will be picking up the girls at 2:30 starting the 2nd of September and that’s not bad I like it. At least I’ve got something to do. Also going in to look for jobs and such, hopefully I’ll start finding something that I might like doing eventually.

One thing I want help in though, is that I want nice cool sneakers, and so I am looking into the Puma Future Cat Lo’s or should I look into some Nike’s? Which is the best really?

So overall yeah, I enjoy reading your comments and all but I need some time and energy to reply to them, right now my eyes are getting droopy! I hope I can last a bit longer at least.

Adieu mon amis.

P.S. I need to start convincing papa to get me the Macbook, so Dadddyyyyyyyyy I love you :P