Thunder Thunder

August 14, 2006  |  Trip 2006

So it’s not even raining yet but there is a loud bunch of thunder outside and therefore I hope hope hope that today, Monday morning will witness some rain. Okay I’m crying from laughing so hard right now, I just sneezed okay, so I said “Bless Me” and then I answered myself “Thank you” that made the day for the entire 3 of us. What the hell does entire 3 of us mean, bah well I guess this is the problem when its like 2:30am or so here.

Summary of yesterday? Woke up at noon, spent a few hours awake and then went to old apartment to vaccum and clean up a bit. An hour later we grabbed Subway, I got “Cheese Steak Sandwich” and headed back to new apartment and ate. We wasted some time until Daddy came back and at 5pm we decided to head out to Target and got some new bedding and bathroom mats and such. Then we headed to Burger King for some dinner and we later headed back home where we did some small work, well basically Fee did some stuff and Pops perhaps all I did was shift the bed from one wall to another and helped put the sheets on. And well the only thing I did was fix Fee’s cheap 300$ desktop, which by the way i AMD Sempron LOL! I mean its so boring and lame that I hate it, but I made it come out great, I uninstalled alot of the software that comes with it and hooked her up with everything else and I’m teaching her how to use Torrents. Yaay!

And right now I decided to actually write a post up because I thought if I didn’t chronicle this day then I would miss out on some nice memories made today, especially the Sneezing segment.

Oh GOD NO! NO NO NO NO NO! I am extremely annoyed by the Frappacino from Starbucks ad on TV, the song is stuck in my head, I was even humming it in Target. Oh yeah and I saw Mr and Mrs Smith again on HBO. Tomorrow will be movies day or better yet today. And the day after, Tuesday, I’m meeting with Shaikhoona along with the other Arab girls here in Columbia.

Okay my bum is asleep, time for me to sign off. Adieu!

Cheesecake Factory

August 13, 2006  |  Trip 2006

Oh Lord, it’s been a looooong day! It’s been a really really long day and I believe I should crash but I thought I should at least write something for now to basically commit it to memory. My blog is first and foremost my own personal space to record memories, to express thoughts and ideas and to rant basically, the fact that its public is just an added plus to it and all that. But now let’s get down to my day today.

Woke up at the new apartment at 9am due to the fact that the shutters weren’t closed entirely and I am sensitive to light and therefore I woke up and I couldn’t go back to sleep, and even though I tried pulling them down again I still couldn’t get it done :/ It was weird and sad and all of that. But I spent the next few hours reading a novel that I bought, the sad thing is that this is supposed to be my reading material for back home LOL! But lord knows I can’t help reading. Anywho spent a few hours in bed until at 2pm in the afternoon we decided that we should head out to St. Louis, Missouri.

So we head out to St Louis, it’s a 2 hour drive and well we reach there close to 4:30ish to trade in our rented car the Jeep Grand Cherokee 2006 for a better one since the Jeep stopped on us more than once, and instead we got a Ford Explorer. So once we’re done we were basically starving and it was close to 5:30-6:00pm when we finally found Galleria mall and that’s basically when we headed to Cheesecake Factory to have our late lunch/early dinner. Living in the US has made me start eating late and eating more like one meal a day which sucks because I have to eat breakfast in order to maintain a healthy thingy. Well anywho, we finished lunch and went through the mall browsing and shopping basically. I of course, had to go to the Apple Store available there and I got a new battery for my 12inch Powerbook G4, and for those of you who don’t know this yet but I have decided to wait the few weeks because its not really logical to get something when weeks away it’ll be updated right? Well not only did I get a battery I also got a Belkin FM Tuner thingy for the iPod to be used in the car, which is great really because I want to use it in my car. Lemme show you a picture of it.


It’s called Belkin TuneBase FM for the iPod and iPod nano and it costs 80$. If you click on the image you’ll be taken to a review and where I got that picture on iLounge.Com

Anywho, as we were shopping, I went through different shops and got some cute clothes and all that, but 9:30pm approached soon enough and that’s when the mall closes basically and therefore we had to head back to Columbia and that trip takes 2 hours and a half or so. So we grabbed some cheesecake and normal cake from Cheesecake Factory. I took Linda’s Fudge Cake, whereas Fee took the Snickers Cheesecake and headed back home.


But before we arrived back, we decided to hit Walmart at midnight for some hangers and me being a food addict picked up some delicious snacks including some Krispy Kreme Glazed Doughnuts to eat for breakfast.

We still haven’t gone to the movie Step Up but soon I believe. All I’d like to mention now is that I love you Daddy :P And See Y’all.

P.S. It’s the end of Day 11 I believe and therefore I’ve got around 19 days left here, hopefully we’ll do much much more stuff here.

I Want Kabab

August 12, 2006  |  Trip 2006

I really am craving some traditional Arabic food, or whatever its called like I want some Kabab-ji or Kabab El 7eja, you know food that stuffs you. It’s sad that I want to lose the weight but I love eating, I can’t help it really, I love food, I enjoy it.

I thought I should write up something since they left me alone in the new apartment stating that they were getting the rest of the stuff since we’re spending the night here. But it’s been a few hours already and that’s sad really the fact that they ditched me God knows where they are!

So today is basically final day of moving stuff, because we’ve got the major stuff out, I set up the wireless and Cable as well and stuff, and I love that. We need to hook Fee up with a Wireless card for her desktop because we’re not wiring her to anything anymore, she’ll have a cute thing now a room that’s her office + a guest airbed, a bedroom, and a living room. And so her office + guest room will be where she stores her junk basically and that’s cool. But enough about that.

I don’t like Apple, I don’t like the rumors that are floating around that next month will be the month that they release newly vamped Macbook + Macbook Pro with the new Core 2 Duo chips. And that makes me feel that I should re-think the purchase plan ? But I don’t want to because I am dying for a new Macbook, I want the sleek white look :/ I want the larger screen! I mean think of it 1280×800 Screen Resolution in comparison to my current 1024×768! I mean think of how I can abuse the screen that way :/ Urgh if only I can get a sign that’ll tell me whether I should go ahead and get the current Macbook or wait it out :/

But I guess that’s it for today, other than the fact that I lunched on Subway, I don’t know what my dinner will be since its 9pm and they haven’t come back. I think they forgot me? Don’t you agree?

Happy Birthday SWAIR!

August 12, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Happy Birthday Baby Girl :****

Double Crap

August 11, 2006  |  Trip 2006

Long day, such a long day today. I don’t even feel like writing but I just thought that I should write anything to feed you Jacqui addicts on the latest happenings of my life. Long ass day was today, we basically moved lots of stuff today, 3 trips back and forth and we’ve got a few tiny items left, tomorrow we’ll probably sleep there. And Saturday-Sunday we’ll probably organize everything and afterwards we’ll be free to enjoy our time there. I’ll be free to maybe even travel to a nearby state. But maybe not.

You know, if I was back home and hearing the news of what happened today, I would probably not take it too seriously or feel it hit deep down in the core of my being. But now that I am here, I am feeling really agitated, where the fuck do these dumbasses get off thinking that they should endanger people’s lives like that! I mean thank god the plot was thwarted and all of that but who the hell do those idiots think they are doing this. Endangering 10 flights! Each filled with innocent passengers! It’s not as if the Airplane proceedings are already shit now, they have to force heightened security now! I am really ticked off and really pissed, if those 24 idiots who were arrested were in front of me, I swear I would kick the hell out of them. They don’t deserve to even exist now. I suggest that we gather those dumbasses that think in the same way and put them in a hole used to burn garbage or whatever and basically burn them or shoot the hell out of them. They seriously don’t deserve to share the oxygen we breathe!

But let me go back to my travel log or my travelling experience and all that, I met another of Fee’s friends today S and she was fun we went and had dinner with her at Olive Garden and we stayed basically until they closed at 10pm hehehe, that was funny we were the last to leave the restaurant.

But basically, tomorrow marks the 1st year anniversary for Fee since coming to Columbia a year ago and we were with her and all that, I guess I should plan something for that, but then again tomorrow is the opening date for “Step Up” the movie I’ve been dying to see.

Oh well, I’m exhausted and I see some pink dreams calling to me. So Adieu.

Subway Theater & Mac Favorites

August 10, 2006  |  Trip 2006

Nothing to do with actual Subway Theater but I felt like mentioning it since today was a snoozy day, only thing we did was laundry and it was like 20+ loads of it. And folding freshly dried laundry puts you to sleep which happened to me. It’s just so warm and toasty and it made me feel like I need to sleep, so yeah. Lunch was Burger King and Dinner was Subway’s Steak n Cheese Sandwich. And that is pretty much it for today. I didn’t go out, I didn’t do anything but stay at home and stuff, the walls feel naked now because the posters are off of it, and the closets are empty because the clothes are packed now we’ve got 2 days and we’ll be in the new place.

I am watching the Will & Grace 2 episode marathon on the WB oh wait it’s the CW now. The best thing about the States is the Hi Speed Internet, downloading at 150+kbps and watching Cable TV which is basically everything we download! Here’s a screenshot of the Download speed, eat your eyes out.


Anywho, let me get down to something else I thought that since I am converting many PC users into being a Mac User, that I should post up my favorite applications for MAC. So here goes:

1. Quicksilver (basically you create shortcut keys in order to open up some applications)

2. Adium (the MSN messenger client which is better than MSN Messenger itself)

3. Adobe Photoshop CS2 (I love Photoshop)

4. Azureus (It exists for both MAC and PC and well its a Torrent Client)

5. Cyberduck (an FTP client that is amazing in my eyes)

6. VLC (The alternative to Quicktime, the same one for PC which is basically an AVI-MPEG player)

7. Delicious Library (To organize your library quite well)

8. Senuti (A client to export your iPod Songs onto your Mac, basically transporting your library from one Mac to another or from one iPod to a Mac)
9. Toast (A DVD/CD Burning software to basically burn your CDS)

10. Firefox (Of course is the ultimate Browser to me, unless there is something else but I prefer Safari’s RSS)

And of course, to end it all, I’d like to leave you with my favorite website that gives you some Mac Programs it’s called Pure-Mac. And to top it all off, I would like to ask you all to give me your favorite Mac Apps. Hopefully I can get introduced to something new.

And I’m outtie.

P.S. I steal music to sample it and then purchase it :P So don’t get on my case aight? :P

Clean Much?

August 9, 2006  |  Trip 2006

One of the best mornings to wake up in, well not best, the reason it was the best is simply because I woke up later than usual and kind of slept a nice 8 hours or more. Let’s see I went to bed at 1-ish and I woke up at 10am, yeah that was great. Problem is, but keep this on the low down although I know Pops will read this, is that he snores badly and so I have to listen to my iPod in order to sleep :P But I still LOVE YOU DADDY :* Hehehehe

So yeah, woke up today, and headed out to Fee’s new apartment, we still have a few days left on this one, and so we’re taking our time moving out and such. Today was simply cleaning day and setting up the Cable Modem for me. I can honestly say that I have put in a good day’s worth of work. I really cleaned nicely and all that, we had the Clorox spray thingy to spray the furniture that came with the apartment, and the other Clorox thingy to disinfect everything basically. We also had the vaccum cleaner to vaccuum the entire place, although they said that they shampooed the rug, I swear I never saw a filthier rug in my entire life. Oh yeah and to top it all off there were SPIDER WEBS all around the place. In easy to reach places, I mean seriously doesn’t anybody clean anymore?

So after setting up the stuff and all that we got to cleaning and making the place sparkling clean, of course we couldn’t complete it and well actually we did finish the cleaning, however we made sure the dimwits got up there to shampoo the rug, apparently they ‘don’t move the furniture’ to clean underneath it. I mean beneath the couch seats alone we found pieces of pop corn and crap. And under the couch itself we found lots more junk. Behind the fridge, WHICH THEY SAID WAS PULLED OUT TO BE CLEANED BEHIND was FILLED WITH CRAP! So imagine all of that. So now that I mentioned all that, we stayed there from around Noon to 4:30pm and that was alot of time to stay there.

We missed out on lunch and breakfast really so we headed out for an late lunch/early dinner. We went to Outback Steakhouse. I don’t know what the hype is about that place, it’s not really that great or perhaps I didn’t choose right. But I still prefer Gaucho Grill in Kuwait over this. According to Fee though this isn’t the best place for steak, but instead Sophia’s is the best. Anywho, as I was eating the house salad, I kinda asked for Thousand Island dressing and when it came mixed into the salad, it brought back memories which I shared with Pops and Fee.

You see, back in the last 90’s, back when I was in 6th grade, my school had the best best best food canteen area or whatever lunch area. We had and I still remember this okay, we had a small shop which sold Fa6ayer called BrBr, Sultan Center, and Pizza Hut. I remembered specifically the days in which I treated myself to a nice healthy lunch, I used to grab me to Cheese Fa6ayer and a Green Salad from Sultan Center with Thousand Island Dressing and I used to mix it in and eat a bite from my Fa6ayer and grab a forkful of my Green Salad. God those were the days, I still remember how I used to sit in the courtyard and eat all that hehe :P I had high metabolism back then, didn’t gain even half a pound, instead if I ate too much I would lose weight hehe, talk about backwards Jacqui. But anywho, I was sharing the tales of my childhood with Pops and sis hehe and it was nice.

But to cut this short, I didn’t like the steak much, they used alot of pepper on it for seasoning and I am picky about the amount of pepper, I am also picky about the fact that it wasn’t as juicy as the steak I had in Kuwait or even the Steak Burger I had in NY.

Afterwards we hit Target again to buy a Raised Airbed for the extra room that Fee had, since they don’t supply single renters with two beds, just so that we can sleep on it and we were browsing through the stuff that were there as well. After that we hit Best Buy to check out the stuff there. Pops recently bought a customized HP Laptop. We ordered it this morning, it’s cool it’s got all the top of the line specifications for a great price, less than 2000$ and that’s great really. I’m hoping to get my Macbook sometime next week, I am thinking of getting the White 2.0ghz one with 512MB RAM (since I am going to be purchasing 2GB so why bother upgrading the ram when they’ll hit me with 2 512s or 2 256s), and I might bump up the hard drive to 100 or 120gb, I adore space and that way I can actually have my music library on both my desktop and Macbook.

So yeah, I know I must’ve ranted alot but it’s cool, I miss Grandma’s cooking, especially the ‘kousa & malfoof’ I forgot the english word for them but oh well.

I miss my sisters and mother, my girlies, and my twirlies, and my Jack bear :*