I Can’t Wait!

December 15, 2007  |  My Life

I seriously can’t wait for: (in no particular order)

  1. Monday to arrive, so I can have a nice BBQ lunch and end the day of long work!
  2. Tackle all the design ideas I’ve got in my head!
  3. Rest all that I can!
  4. See my sisters, especially Fee who I haven’t seen in 1 whole year!
  5. Go to the Movies just for the sake of having popcorn and being around people!
  6. Living life to the fullest and not dealing with much pressure!

Ugh I can’t help it I can’t wait! Oh and I can’t wait until Jan 15th since Macworld takes place, and on the 16th I touch USA Soil. I can immediately check out the latest Mac gadgets! Ugh I just sooooo can’t wait! I want tons of stuff! I seriously am so anxious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Argh I just wanna jump up and scream!


The Much Needed Rest

December 14, 2007  |  My Life, Random, Rants, Weekend

I can’t wait until Monday evening when I finish work and leave to go home and enjoy 6 beautiful days without worrying about work, without worrying about customers, without dealing with yelling bosses, or the mess of the work life.  This is the one thing I am looking forward to.  I’ve been wanting to take Sunday-Monday off as well but I can’t seem to bring myself to do it, I am not sure why.

Daddy is back home from Russia which is cool.  He looks a bit different or so I see it, hehe right daddy?  And in a few days my sisters will be back from the States, Fee would be back for the first time in an entire year.  I think it was really tough for her out there, especially since she didn’t come back this summer.  And a month from now I will be on my way to resting for a long time, ugh I just can’t wait because I really need this.  I feel that I am draining all the energy that I have inside me and stuff like that.

I hope I get to do the stuff that I have been putting on hold in this break, I got a few designs waiting for me to complete and a few books to read.  I am so excited!  I want I don’t know to jump around to be happy for once and not worry about other things.  What about you guys don’t you feel this same feeling!?

I have decided this template will stay with me for a few months, only changes you might see are going to be done to colors of background and the header respective to the occasions that arise, I can’t have a Xmas tree up for good now can I?

Wish me the best of luck with everything, I really need good prayers.


December 11, 2007  |  Deep Thoughts, My Life, Pissed Off, Rants, Why?

I just can’t understand why certain things can’t go the way they should! I don’t understand why people stand in other people’s ways just because they believe something that the other person doesn’t believe! I just don’t understand how they can ruin something so good and has been through thick and thin just because it is not traditional, not normal.

Why can’t we make our own choices and live with the consequences?  Why can’t we pave our paths?  We are old enough?  Why can’t we let others live out their lives and explore everything rather than say no, if you don’t follow my way then you might as well leave this house?  How can something so good end just because some people think that it started the wrong way, yet that something is beyond great for the people involved?

Why just tell me why?  Why can’t we be happy?  Why must we suffer so much?  Why?




Just answer me why goddamit!

It’s Days Like These …

December 10, 2007  |  Pissed Off, Random, Rants, Work

That I wish I stayed home in bed, under my covers, wrapped up real nice and warm, and in the deepest pits of sleep.  It was an odd day, a day where I experienced the most rude experience I have ever encountered, well not most rude, but you can get the picture.  You see currently I am working in the position of the Receptionist (which isn’t only a receptionist but in fact the Control Center for the entire branch) I am dealing with more customers day in, day out that you can count.  However today I encountered the type that just wants you to slam his head into the nearest wall, luckily for me, that wall is right next to me, to the right of me even! Let me paint you a picture:

I was standing ( I rarely sit down when a customer comes in) and this guy stumbles in with a cigarette in his hand, he trips on the step entering the branch yet has the cigarette hidden, after that trip he looks down and is like “Okh sawait 7adeth” (Omg I just had an accident) then he casually throws the cigarette outside the closing doors of our branch and enters saying “Shooofay ana a7terem el qawaneen” (See I respect the rules).  Bear in mind I just greet him the casual greeting of Good Morning Can I help you?

He then proceeds to act very weirdly, asking about our locations, I answer his question as clear as possible.  He then says “Shino 3endekom yam il Bidi3.. ana dayman ag3ad ehnak bl gahwa.. shno agrab fer3..”(What is your closest location to Al Bida’a area, I sit in the Coffee Shops there all the time, what’s close by?) I then tell him to kindly wait a few moments while I check, and so as I am opening the Location map he tells me “Okh mo 7afthaaa… la lazem ta7fetheeeen methel el masarwa 3ashan ba3dain ma esawonlech emte7an o tasqe6een feeh” (OMG you haven’t memorized them?  No no you have to memorize the locations like the egyptians [as in the egyptian students are always smart] so that next time you don’t flunk a test they might give you] of course I have a question mark on my face.  I give him some locations, I was professional enough to answer his questions without even flinching at the treatment I was getting, he kept on looking at me in a weird way, I thought I was an alien perhaps.

He then started saying I want to open an account for my 4 kids, I have 3 girls and 1 boy, and was drawing on a small paper, which he got himself from my desk I might add, which was mightly rude, there was paper on the counter top where they stand he did not have the right to reach onto the desk beneath that counter and take any of my stationary.  And started asking about the accounts.  I gave him information and he’s like I have money coming in from outside, hahaha don’t worry it’s not money laundering.  Again question mark is on my face! And when he finished doodling, it was his name with 4 arrows underneath it pointing to his kids name with his phone number to the side.  He goes on to say “Ana abee 6areeqa ina a7awel mablagh kel shahar 7ag e3yaaly bs la etgolenly shay al7eeen laish ina hatha (pointing to his head) mashghool ib shay akbar, abeech etshofen o hatha raqmi dezoly message aw shay” (I want a way to transfer to my kids money monthly but don’t tell me anything because this (pointing to his head) is busy with something big, I want you to check for me how and send me a message on my number with whatever (pointing to PC) and explain it there).

Of course my patience is running out, he takes a piece of candy and eats it but chokes, and asks for water, I bring him the water and before he leaves he says one thing that left me with a  :shock: look on my face!  “Sherbay mn waraaay 3an il 7asad o el 3ain.. feeeh ebreeka” (Drink after me against  envy/evil eye/black magic .. it has goodness).

Tell me what would you say when you encounter a customer like this, one of my colleagues told me that this would be a Mystery Shopper, but then I told her No way, because Mystery Shoppers don’t come and act a situation they come as if they are a normal customer and try not to draw attention to themselves.  Such a shocking and idiotic day I have had!


Birthday Celebrations

December 8, 2007  |  Birthday, My Life

This year has been really quiet on the celebrations front.  I had some nice ones, a small party that was organized by my branch, a surprise one where I turned 42 rather than 24.  And another party at Grandma’s this afternoon.  We were about to celebrate at home on the day of my birth but sadly enough I had a work obligation and therefore I couldn’t do that, the next day Daddy left and well afterwards we just didn’t get the chance to celebrate.  Presents-wise well not much has been given, I guess this year my wish list was quite short or so.  And I believe no gadgets were given, well if you don’t count the Touch, Nano, and Sony Ericsson that were given to me prior to the occasion of my birthday!

This year is the year where I have basically not accomplished much but have grown in spirit and mind, mostly, I hope.  It is the year where I actually was working and stayed committed to one thing although I complain about it a lot.  But wait, I believe I committed to many other things and this commitment issue isn’t really something new for me, oh well, moving on.  As many of you noticed, some of my childish urges and thoughts are disappearing and are being replaced by mature ones, others might realize that opposite thing happening.  I myself find that I am growing up but rather too quickly and in a very rushed manner.  You see, I am becoming a workaholic at work, at home I never work, I don’t bring work to my home so that doesn’t matter but I do other things at home that can be considered as work.  Workaholics tend to suck the life out of their existence and I think that pretty soon that will be what will happen to me, however in less than a month I will be vacationing for 40 long days and I guess in that time I can re-evaluate my work existence!  But enough babbling on about work, the family is great and I am still getting along great with mother, although she sometimes has her moments.  I love everyone in my life and well there always has to be someone or some people that I should hate but let’s not dampen the spirits here today.

So, with the snow falling down on your screens I think you want to see what cake I had for my birthday, granted it was nothing like my College celebrations (Girls the Devil/Angel Party I had back then was the high point of my life I really miss it! The cupcakes especially!) well this is one of the cakes, the one I had today which happened to be a Snickers cake, I am a snickers addict, so that worked out great for me, yaaaay! Enjoy!