Bloody Seminars!

November 18, 2007  |  Irritated, Pissed Off, Rants, Work

I hate seminars, I hate them with all my heart, the only beautiful thing was that I had my new W910 to keep me entertained! I swear I am now realizing that I was such a dumb idiot to have loved Nokia.  Those smiley faces on SE’s are just to die for! LOL! I mean seriously hehehe why didn’t anyone tell me about those.  I actually was SMS-ing my Uncle in Law who was abroad for a seminar as well complaining about the one I’m at with those smiley faces LOL! And animations!  Oh and I love how when you put a Photo-ID it even works for SMS’ing.  That is so much easier!

Anyways Seminar was 10 bloody hours, which means this past week I have put in 60 bloody hours at work :) Beautiful ain’t it!?  With what 168 hours in 7 days, take off 10 hours for driving/bathroom breaks, 35 hours for sleep (as if I got that many), and 10 hours for miscelleanous, and what do I have left?!

56 Bloody HOURS!

That’s how many I could rest in the past 7 days! That’s really really low in comparison to my lovely old ways of life!  I hate work that is sucking my life.  And next week isn’t looking to be any more promising!  So Lord help me and those bloody work hours!

I think I am realizing what I want to move into now that I am facing rejection from one department.  Chirp help me move with you :P

Anyways let me sleep I can’t survive anymore on the few hours that I got.  I woke up at 6:30am and was at a seminar all the way until 6pm! Bloody hell!

Guess What?!

November 16, 2007  |  Fun, Hot, My New Toys

As an early reward, and an early birthday gift from my dearest Uncle, whom I spoil and love hehehe, I spoiled him by getting him the W880i and S500i once they each came out hehe for no occasion whatsoever.  Anyways as a gift I am now the proud owner and convert to Sony Ericsson, the W910i to be precise!

Yaaaaaay! You may all rejoice that I have left the Nokia sucky interface and am now enjoying a sexy Hearty Red W910i!  Oh and I didn’t feel like taking pictures but this guy on Flickr took enough pictures to satisfy me and to explain everything.  This is the link to his photo album. [Link]


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I Have No Life

November 14, 2007  |  My Life

I have no life, this is the second time this week that I have spent 12 hours at work! And I am going nuts.  I can’t elaborate much longer.  Suffice it to say that I am dead tired, exhausted and not up to whatever is coming my way.  Saturday I’ve got a training course and blurgh! I hate it!

30 Rock is a Classic.

Monday Guillotine

November 12, 2007  |  My Life


Everything feels as if its piling up, I no longer know what I am doing or where I am at.  I actually had a conversation with my Uncle in Law and later on forgot what I told him, later on being 2 minutes later, I called him up and told him that I forgot what was said, did we say anything important he reminded me and told me it happens hehe.  It sucks.  Being at work from 7:30AM all the way to 8:15pm with no break whatsoever is tiring, no break meaning going home.  I finished with the branch at around 2 left and went to a meeting at the Head Office, finished at 4:15 from there, by the time I got  back to the branch it was 5pm, I still haven’t had lunch and lucky for me some fast food joints are close by so we just went to the one right across from the branch had a 20 min lunch break, and then went back at exactly the time that we had to open, dealt with stupid idiotic customers (yes they are stupid, I don’t care if I’m rude, they are even worse!) Some people just don’t understand the term “I will call you when anything happens” and insist on calling every second, i.e. “Hi what happened to my application” you respond “We are still awaiting approval once it gets in I will make sure to call you.  Have a nice day” he replies “Okay Bye”.  3 minutes later same number calling same question asked. I actually wanted to tear out my hair today! Yes CUSTOMERS ARE IDIOTS!

On a happy note: I will be getting 40 days off in Jan – Feb, WOOHOOOOO!

Sick At Work

November 11, 2007  |  My Life


What do you do when you wake up with a major pain in your stomache area, and you can’t stand up because of the blistering pain! You want to take the day off to rest but realize that there are technically only 3 people including you who can deal with customers and a manager.  How can you take the day off?

I ended up going to work with major pains in my stomache area, basically it felt as if there was alot of trapped air inside but I wasn’t sure what’s wrong.  It still pains me, sometimes it reminds me of the pains I used to have when I didn’t drink much water but this time it starts just below my rib cage but sometimes extends all the way to my chest.  It sucks and I hate it.

Work was hectic but not as much as I expected.  I didn’t end up doing something I planned, and what sucks is that no one is on your side when dealing with stupid pathetic idiotic customers.  Tomorrow however is going to suck I’m going to end up staying at work for 12 hours or more.  It’s going to be beautiful don’t you think?