It’s so HOT in HERRE!

July 31, 2006  |  Uncategorized

The weather is just unbelievable hot, and I don’t mean it in a good way I mean it in the most mean, bad way ever. It might also be the fact that I am on my desktop which is in fact in the corner of the basement recreation room, the very far corner of the room next to the storage room, and the outter wall of the house. And the heat is being sucked in through that wall and into my corner, but then again so is my bedroom. My bedroom is hot as well, that’s why I can’t wait to see Fee and take over her bedroom or living room, whichever I don’t mind! Another thing I won’t mind is taking over the TV, Comedy Central HERE I COME! High speed internet, God bless you! Sbarro’s – damn I forgot the name of the dish I usually take! damn it! – oh well, Olive Garden here I come, along with many other beautiful choices. Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Circuit City, I enjoy just being there it’s so much fun!

A year ago, I went to the States on the 7th or so of August and came back before the end of the month, this time I’m going longer, and a year ago I actually wrote my travel log, and you guys got to read stuff. But this time I’ll put up more pictures and snap more of them.

Apparently in Mizzou, there is heavy rainfall! And I can’t believe it but I am anticipating the walks in the rain!

I might be unlike most of the “Kuwaiti’s” travelling on vacation to any of the countries abroad, simply because I refuse to over-pack like a huge suitcase. What I’m packing this time is a pair of jeans + one that I’ll wear, 4 shirts, 4 tank tops, 1-2 pajamas, and the rest of the normal stuff. It’s like the lightest packing ever, so I’m putting it off until tomorrow.

So, that’s it for me for today, but one or two words before I leave is that, beware tomorrow you’ll be faced with a new thing, and that well tomorrow will be the last day of my posting from Kuwait, after that I’ll be coming to you from USA.

Oh yeah, something cool and new, is that I am now offering “@” emails, for any of you who’d like to have some. It’ll be hosted at Gmail of course and will be similar to your Gmail accounts, giving you 2GB of space and ability to run Gtalk as well. Example of the sign in page would be this!


They’re Back

July 31, 2006  |  Uncategorized

I feel like a bird with his wings clipped now, no more freedom, back to semi-routine. But on the bright side, I am feeling a bit under the weather and this means I can rest and not worry about anything or where my next meal will be (I spent past week eating at Grandma’s). On another bright note, I decided to not take up Uncle’s offer, but instead keep Powerbook for a short bit, if something cool comes out on the 7th of August then I go for it (i.e. Macbook with solutions to the problems its facing now) and pass on Powerbook to Sister No 4, but if not then I hang on for a short bit and order it online when it comes out. That is if I have the patience, which I am hoping I do because 50/50 chance that once I buy it, I get screwed over :P

Otherwise, now I can crawl into my room and rest :(

P.S. Lilo is the life and existance of this house, without her it would be quiet, which I loved, but with her you’ll see the ensuing of chaos. She is the main figure in the cat fights on the iMac.

P.P.S. Happy Birthday Nibaq

P.P.P.S. I saw Little Man and laughed my head off, it’s such a cute movie LOL!

Last day of Freedom

July 29, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Hell it’s my last hours of freedom. In exactly 13 hours, my sisters and mother will be back from Dubai and the house will return to its chaotic state. There will be noise everywhere, there will be fights on who gets to use the iMac (granted it belongs to my sister but I sometimes hate using my desktop that I find myself wandering over here), there will be book fights, well basically everything, even TV FIGHTS! Because God knows a house full of young women and one single remote controlled television calls for a few cat fights? :P

I don’t know how I’ll cope the next few days in going back into a crazy routine but then again I’ve got 3 full days left before I leave to US! That’ll restore the blissful life in my blood then. Yay! I’m still in the contemplating stage of to Macbook or to not Macbook, but most likely there is an 80% chance that I’ll Macbook it after the 7th of August.

I just upgraded to WordPress 2.0.4, and well needless to say while upgrading I came up with the idea that I … Wait why should I tell you my idea, you’ll get to see it in 3 days time. Or hear about it then. Don’t worry all you faithful readers you’ll still get your Jackie/Jacqui fix while I’m abroad but right now it’s more like Jacqui fix! And so I’ll go about writing about daily happenings (as I usually do) every day well except those days where I’ll be too busy to do so.

I just came home from grocerry shopping, YES PURGATORY I WENT AND GROCERRY SHOPPED! At 10pm :/ But still its the thought that counts, granted Father and I haven’t been eating at home for a while now but still we needed a few stuff, I stocked up on Marshemallows, Cookies, Flake (I’m such a nut for Flake!), and I am trying out new cheese today.

The cheese of the day is:


Gouda Cheese

My dinner of the day (that is our evening meal, or mine rather): 2 Turkey Sandwiches with Gouda Cheese and Lettuce and Tomatoes, and Baby Cocktail Sausages, with a drink of Pepsi! Bon Appetite for me!

Jacqui in a Nutshell

July 29, 2006  |  My Life

The following scene from Will & Grace’s episode Alice Doesn’t Lisp Anymore in Season 3. I tried to look for it at YouTube.Com but I couldn’t find it, oh well. So here goes:

Karen is trying to cheer Jack up because he wasn’t actually nominated for the MAC awards for Gay Caberets.

Karen: First, I thought, I’ll get him a hot guy… (Jack goes ‘Hmmm’ with a smile on his face) but then I thought, no. (Jack becomes sad again). My Jack isn’t that shallow. Then I thought, well diamonds ARE a girls best friend, I’ll get him jewellery (Jack goes ‘Hmmm’ with a smile on his face), but then I thought no(Jack becomes sad again), then I thought, I’ll get him some money (Jack goes ‘Hmmm’ with a smile on his face), but then I thought, no (Jack becomes sad again), my Jackie can’t be bought. He works in the business that is show because he loves it (Jack becomes sad again)… HA, I GOT YOU. Here you go honey, the dude, the jewels and the dough!

(Jack gets excited and jumps up and down).

Karen: Honey, you’re simple, you’re shallow, and you’re a common whore. That’s why we’re soul mates.

And that my friends, describes me in a nutshell. Well not completely but you’d get the picture :P

Je suis fatigu??

July 28, 2006  |  Uncategorized

[Question at end of post that needs answering please]

Je suis tr??s tr??s fatigu?? . Seriously I am so tired and its because I messed up my sleep pattern. Well I thought I should at least attempt to write one thing or another at least, to appease the appetites of my fans (yea as if I’ve got any ;P) . Hehehe anywho, I’ve been spending every afternoon at grandma’s I believe she might be getting bored of me LOL! Hehehe I mean everyday for the past 5 days lunch at her place. But I guess this evens out since Wednesday morning I leave for USA! For an entire month.

KuKu the Kasko (Parrot) is cute but annoying as hell, yet I took a picture of him to show you the culprit to annoyances.


He is caged because he has been a bad boy, usually he’s given his space to roam around the place.

My little cousin Issa is so cute yet he’s the naughty one of the family, and he enjoys calling me “Maaanaaaa” Hehehe I love it when I hear him say that, but he is starting to hit me for the fun of it. You should see how cute he is with a Pringles box :P
I now have to make a decision on whether to get the Macbook or not this August, coz Uncle offered to take Powerbook off of my hands for a cute sum, 700$ or so and then I can add the rest and get a Macbook, I am only thinking of it because I realized I need a larger screen 12 inch ain’t cutting it anymore. But the heating issue is really making me reluctant.

So any suggestions?

Anywho, I’m going to sleep so see ya.

Hear, Speak, See No Evil!

July 26, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Did you know that at least 40 million people around the world suffer from AIDS?

ALDO Shoes and YouthAIDS have created a global campaign to raise awareness and funds to fight AIDS. This campaign features many big shot hollywood stars ranging from Ashley Judd, Christina Aguilera, Avril Lavigne, Dave Navarro, Ludacris, Kelly Rowland, to Brittany Murphy, Salma Hayek, Eva Mendes, and more. For $5 you can purchase an empowerment tag that have the writing “Hear No Evil”, “See No Evil”, and “Speak No Evil”. Proceeds of these purchases go to Youth AIDS to spread awareness about such a disease. [Link]
You might be wondering why I am mentioning this, but the simple reason for this bit of information is that it’s a good cause to support I believe, and my younger sister who is in Dubai at the moment, found the tags at Aldo, you can purchase those tags from any Aldo store in the world, well except the one in Kuwait. So I thought this would be nice to share with you guys. Something to let you know about.

Picture 8.png

I am getting the “Speak No Evil” which is quite cool. And check out Charlize Theron’s Ad for the Campaign.

Picture 9.png

She is so beautiful.

That’s all I guess from that front, in other news, the house is becoming cleaner, I am sort of supervising the help’s cleaning the entire place, we finished or they finished the basement scrubbing it clean and next is the ground floor’s remake. But it’s beautiful and PURGATORY YES I AM “RABBAT BAIT” Hehehehehe that’s like Mother Housekeeper :P Sort of. Anywho so yeah.

Took a lovely nap in the other living room, it’s been a while since we hung out here and you know what, I think we should do it more often, I left Desktop and have been using Powerbook all day today, and well since the Satellite ain’t connected here in this living room, I connected the DVD player and was watching Season 3 of Will & Grace and I watched Family Guy: Stewie Griffin’s Untold Story with Daddy LOL :P It was hilarious the second time around as well. I actually napped on that couch, just turned off the TV and lights and napped it was fun. I’m eating sunflower seeds like a parrot but that’s not a big problem is it?

I saw Sou Sou Sou! And I had fun today wis her :P Hehehe she’s so bootyful! Oh yeah a point that I thought I should stress LOL! Hehehe I was sleeping in the living room okay? I woke up and went to daddy who slept in the other living room, lol it’s like we’re homeless but anywho so I come back and look to the corner of the room and I find a COCKAROACH LYING DEAD ON HIS BACK. I swear I was like crap, I slept with a Cockaroach LOL! Hehehe so you see it cracked me up.

More news to report on later, as for now I leave you with umm, my new car stereo it looks so cool! ;P Gone the ugly Focus ;P


Oh look my foot is there LOL! Awww I never saw that, Track 17 is hmmm, I forgot what song it is but it’s before Stupid Girls and The Fray’s song not Over my head but another one I think Save a Life.

Visit this link

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All of you out there, just go here, my wonderful father has written a hilarious post about our situation and it cracked me up when I read it. Please read and comment there for him, let some of my fans be his fans. [Link]

P.S. I love you Daddy, I still want the Macbook :P