Peace Ensues

December 20, 2007  |  Techie, Weekend

I’ve had a nice few days so far.  I spent yesterday at Auntie’s with my sisters, it was the last night for her here before she went to the UK for the winter holiday with her boys, my boys, my lovely little freaks that I love so much.  We spent the evening in, ordered Casper & Gambini’s (the first time for me), and watched a movie called “Bratz: The Movie”.  It was cute and fun.  I had the Philadelphia Cheese Steak Sandwich which was oddly enough nice.  However it got to be annoying after a while LOL!  It was such a nice evening, the day was spent sleeping in and relaxing, I forgot how to do that recently and I am just glad that I got to do it again.  Wow I wonder how you people can follow my trail of thoughts.  It’s quite messy!

Today was spent sleeping in, and then going to Grandma’s for a small lunch.  I grabbed a book with me and parked my bum on the couch as most normal couch potatoes do, while I surfed and chatted online for a bit, and then read for the remainder bit.  I’m getting excited for my time in the States.  I just hope Stevie gives me something nice to look forward to when I touch down in the States.  Since this will be the first time I travel with no LAPTOP whatsoever.  How can fate allow it that, I, Jacqui, the tech geek, nerd, moron, all things technology, NOT have a portable laptop! I’m sad for myself (te he he he).  I’m thinking of when to purchase the laptop and I have narrowed it down to either 2 minutes after I touch down or the second I arrive at my sisters Apartment, oh wait I think I could place the order when I touch down in St. Louis and have it delivered to her place.  That could be nice wouldn’t it?  Ugh ordering stuff and having it shipped to her door step, I fear I will go crazy.  I’m such a shopaholic but I still won’t admit to it.


One more thing to add is the fact that I am absolutely in love with this new Mac Ad, and I am dying to have that Christmas scene featured in my header.  Hell I would pull it off, being an Apple Geek and all that jazz.

I’m Free!

December 17, 2007  |  Weekend


Yes!!!!! I’m freeeee! Finally no more dealing with whiny people, no more being their slaves, no more having to deal with work related stuff, whether its from management or even people themselves, I am soo soo excited to be getting this time off!

Now on the list is actually relaxing, starting tomorrow I’ll be sleeping in, doing what I want.  I have an evening planned with my sisters and Aunt where we’ll watch a movie at her place and have dinner.  That’s just the best thing I’ve done.

Afterwards Eid, of course family stuff.

Afterwards hopefully redesigning and painting our living room area!

In between more sleep, reading, designing sites, doing everything I have put on hold, basically having a life!

I Can’t Wait!

December 15, 2007  |  My Life

I seriously can’t wait for: (in no particular order)

  1. Monday to arrive, so I can have a nice BBQ lunch and end the day of long work!
  2. Tackle all the design ideas I’ve got in my head!
  3. Rest all that I can!
  4. See my sisters, especially Fee who I haven’t seen in 1 whole year!
  5. Go to the Movies just for the sake of having popcorn and being around people!
  6. Living life to the fullest and not dealing with much pressure!

Ugh I can’t help it I can’t wait! Oh and I can’t wait until Jan 15th since Macworld takes place, and on the 16th I touch USA Soil. I can immediately check out the latest Mac gadgets! Ugh I just sooooo can’t wait! I want tons of stuff! I seriously am so anxious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Argh I just wanna jump up and scream!


The Much Needed Rest

December 14, 2007  |  My Life, Random, Rants, Weekend

I can’t wait until Monday evening when I finish work and leave to go home and enjoy 6 beautiful days without worrying about work, without worrying about customers, without dealing with yelling bosses, or the mess of the work life.  This is the one thing I am looking forward to.  I’ve been wanting to take Sunday-Monday off as well but I can’t seem to bring myself to do it, I am not sure why.

Daddy is back home from Russia which is cool.  He looks a bit different or so I see it, hehe right daddy?  And in a few days my sisters will be back from the States, Fee would be back for the first time in an entire year.  I think it was really tough for her out there, especially since she didn’t come back this summer.  And a month from now I will be on my way to resting for a long time, ugh I just can’t wait because I really need this.  I feel that I am draining all the energy that I have inside me and stuff like that.

I hope I get to do the stuff that I have been putting on hold in this break, I got a few designs waiting for me to complete and a few books to read.  I am so excited!  I want I don’t know to jump around to be happy for once and not worry about other things.  What about you guys don’t you feel this same feeling!?

I have decided this template will stay with me for a few months, only changes you might see are going to be done to colors of background and the header respective to the occasions that arise, I can’t have a Xmas tree up for good now can I?

Wish me the best of luck with everything, I really need good prayers.


December 11, 2007  |  Deep Thoughts, My Life, Pissed Off, Rants, Why?

I just can’t understand why certain things can’t go the way they should! I don’t understand why people stand in other people’s ways just because they believe something that the other person doesn’t believe! I just don’t understand how they can ruin something so good and has been through thick and thin just because it is not traditional, not normal.

Why can’t we make our own choices and live with the consequences?  Why can’t we pave our paths?  We are old enough?  Why can’t we let others live out their lives and explore everything rather than say no, if you don’t follow my way then you might as well leave this house?  How can something so good end just because some people think that it started the wrong way, yet that something is beyond great for the people involved?

Why just tell me why?  Why can’t we be happy?  Why must we suffer so much?  Why?




Just answer me why goddamit!