[NYC Fall 2013] Busy-Body in the City

November 5, 2013  |  My Life, Travel Log 2013

Little did I know that the minute I arrived I would want to be out every single minute of the day, and that the minute I would arrive home I would be so exhausted I’d ditch any thought of writing about my day or even watching any of my episodes.  At the moment I am behind by 44 episodes of my shows, that’s not including the ones that aired today (damn I need to multi-task and clear that que out).



Let’s get back to the trip, to say that it’s been the most fun I’ve had can be an understatement. You see this trip I’m sort of doing it solo, my sister is busy with school and stuff and I’m all alone left to wander this big city.  I have no one nagging me to just finish doing something and leave and I can do whatever I want without any judgement from others.  So far I’ve spent my first full day going to Best Buy (and buying gadgets), having lunch at Max Brenner’s (alone), and walking around the city.  My other days were spent by catching a couple of movies, going to Barnes & Noble, going to all 3 Apple Stores, Build-a-Bear, Toy’s R Us, and Disney (to feed my inner child I swear I didn’t want to leave myself!).

The weather was quite warm when I first arrived and now it’s dropped down to a single digit hehe, which has me wanting to hibernate a bit (because it’s insanely cold to walk with the wind blowing in your face and freezing your bones off) and at the same time wanting to have fun in the city.  I pretty much thought I had everything planned out and ready but as the days go on, I’m not sure what new places to try and have lunch/dinner at, or places to visit.  Maybe I should check out the Empire State Building and so forth.

Well the day is still young and I should stop this blabbering and get moving.  I happen to share all my moves on Instagram so if you’d like to see what it’s like to live vicariously through me, be sure to follow me @Jacqui on Instagram.



[NYC Fall 2013] Left on a Jetplane!

November 1, 2013  |  My Life, Travel Log 2013

Wednesday, October 30th (Somewhere over the ocean)

She made her way to the airport with her luggage in tow, wait whoa! Wait a second why am I writing about myself in the third person? Must be this lack of sleep I am feeling.. Today is the big day, actually today was the big day where I would fly to New York City to enjoy two weeks of relaxation and fun!

Leaving on Jetplane

Not that I’m too busy to enjoy Kuwait but it’s just not the same.  Life in New York, albiet a bit expensive is so much more fun when you get to walk all around the city enjoying the sights and taking in the beautiful weather and scenery, God I missed it!

The flight so far has been uneventful which in my books means it’s going quite well.  I’ve been trying to fall asleep but I keep getting only an hour or two.  Something must be broken in my sleep cycle but I guess I should stop this post and try to get some shut eye.  If it doesn’t work I will be back!

I hope I’m going to bring back the old Jackie (not with the ‘qui’) back and just share everything about my days! I miss that version of myself!

[A couple hours later]

After tossing and turning some more, I actually ended up getting roughly 3 hours of broken sleep on the flight.  The rest of the 12 hours 40 minutes were spent either catching up on some TV Shows (I’m behind for some strange reason) or reading on my Kindle.

We landed safely in New York City at around 3:45pm which meant we were quite early.  Immigration didn’t take long and I was out waiting for my luggage in less than 15 minutes, my bag also came out early.  Lots of changes in the airport, something cool I observed were the electronic kiosks made for American or Canadian Passport Holders which is basically a self-serve or a do it yourself check in, it felt cool and I guess was kind of bad because pretty soon people will be replaced with machines?

I made it safely to my sister’s apartment in one piece with my luggages (I think that’s a word hehe :P) and ended up just unpacking and staying in.  I wanted to catch a movie but then felt I needed to catch up on the sleep, which I did and that led me to have an awesome (technically) first day in New York City.

Stay tuned for more…

Release Dates for iPhone 5s & 5c in Gulf Region

October 28, 2013  |  Apple, iPhone, New Products

So it’s official this weekend Apple will see the roll out of the iPhone 5s and 5c in the Gulf region starting with the below countries.


Friday, November 1st:

  • Bahrain
  • Saudi Arabia
  • UAE

Friday, November 15th:

  • Jordan
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar

Both Zain  has started taking Pre-Orders and Viva will be taking them soon on their respective websites so if you’re looking to get any of the new devices at a much cheaper price than the current grey market prices be sure to check them out.

[Pre-Order with Zain Kuwait]


Advances in Mobile Technology Driving the Video Games of Today

October 24, 2013  |  Guest Writers, Techie

Just a short few years ago, you could only play a video game on a console system or handheld Gameboy. Nintendo ruled the video game world with their cute and cuddly Mario-esque characters and Mario-inspired game worlds. But time marched on and technology advanced, and with those advancements came stronger processors. Small enough to fit into our telephones, they turned our phones into handheld computers, and today we can’t seem to function without them. Now games are produced with the express intent of playing them on our phones—or, “mobile devices,” as they’re often referred to now. Let’s look at what’s hot in mobile gaming right now.

‘Infinity Blade III’

Apple recently trumped their competition by upgrading their iPhone 5s with a 64-bit processor. This gives them a leg up on future development of next-gen games to play on our phones, as well of the development of phone apps that could take advantage of that extra processing power. Chair Entertainment’s newest offering, “Infinity Blade III,” is one example of a new game that’s going to take advantage of the power of Apple’s 5s.

“Infinity Blade III” is the final chapter in the game’s trilogy, and it takes full advantage of everything the 5s has to offer. Apple’s 64-bit processor easily shows off the games blazing graphics and depth-of-field renderings, and the game’s vignettes look awesome on the 5s’ full-screen mode.

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[TV Shows] More Fall 2013 Cancellations & Renewals

October 24, 2013  |  Fall TV 2013, TV

Lots of new shows were given full season pick-ups or renewed for a second season while some fared poorly and were cancelled after a few episodes.  I will give you the details about what’s what and who’s who to let you breathe a sigh of relief or scream in horror.

Masters of Sex


Masters of Sex” a brand new Showtime drama which follows Masters & Johnson and their exploration into the sexual interactions of humans has been given the green light and renewed for a second season.  It stars the beautiful Lizzy Caplan and Michael Sheen as the real-life pioneers of the science of human sexuality, Virginia Johnson and William Masters.  The series is beautifully done and might not be age appropriate to younger individuals as it chronicles the unusual lives, romance and pop culture trajectory of Masters and Johnson.  The series is an adaptation of Thomas Maier’s book ‘Masters of Sex: The Life and Times of William Masters and Virginia Johnson, The Couple Who Taught America How To Love.’  I personally loved this series, it felt more along the lines of “Mad Men” meets Sexy Times.  In my books, it’s a MUST WATCH.

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Apple Updates OSX with Mavericks for FREE

October 24, 2013  |  Apple, Software

The last bit of news from yesterday’s special Apple Event was the fact that Mavericks was being released Tuesday night as a FREE UPGRADE available to everyone who has a Mac.  Mavericks OS was unveiled last summer during the World Wide Developer’s conference which promised performance and improved battery life upgrades.

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 9.28.49 PM

But wait, that’s not all thats going to be updated and for free.  Apple has upgraded their iLife and iWork applications for both the Mac and iOS devices and has allowed them to be downloaded for free with every purchase of a Mac or iOS device.  This basically blows everyone else out of the waters.  The applications each got a brand new redesign as well as a few new features.

I guess everyone is saying, Microsoft, who?


Apple Updates Retina MacBook Pros & Unveils Mac Pro

October 24, 2013  |  Apple, New Products

On top of the announcement of the newest iPads and iPad mini’s, Apple took the liberty to upgrade their current Retina MacBook Pro line-up and killing the 15-inch MacBook Pro (the one with the CD Drive) as well as announcing that the Mac Pro will be launching this December.

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 9.28.39 PM

That was one heck of an announcement and for those of you wanting to purchase a new unit you can now purchase the following without having to worry about an updated device coming out now:

  • iMacs [Updated last month]
  • MacBook Air [Updated in June]
  • MacBook Pro with Retina Display [Updated Yesterday]
  • Mac Pro [Updated Yesterday]

The only device to yet see an update is the Mac mini but I am thinking it will get it’s time in the spotlight very soon, although it won’t have a dedicated event just a quiet update. So let’s discuss the updates.

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