[TV Shows] The Fall 2013 TV Premiere Date List

September 8, 2013  |  TV

The time has arrived, you know when your favorite TV show returns from the summer hiatus (that means break :P) and our lives are full again with fictional and make believe characters and the drama that happens in their lives.  I have slaved and slaved over this list for the past few days, I realized that I actually do watch a lot of TV but this year (no I am not cutting my list down don’t worry about that), but I realized that the best way to prepare this list is to cater to everyone therefore I have included EVERYTHING that premieres starting today until late October.  There are plenty of shows who will come back during the Mid-season (those will get their own post when the dates are revealed).

Couch Avenue Fall TV 2013

So without further ado, here is the beautiful gorgeous eye-appealing list. There are 89 TV Shows coming back this fall season, some of which are appearing for the first time.  You can find the below list which includes every show’s premiere date along with information whether a show is new or one that’s leaving us.  All new shows are shown in BLUE (I took in consideration those who were Color Blind :P) and exiting shows like “How I Met Your Mother” are in ORANGE.  I am looking forward to quite a few new TV Shows, some sound promising and some have cancellation written all over them.  Let’s just hope this season something awesome takes place.

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9 Must-Have Fashion Tech Accessories

August 31, 2013  |  Fashion, Guest Writers, Techie

The integration of technology in fashion brings form, function and visual impact to the industry. Laptop bags have hidden chargers, kinetic energy powers watches and MP3 players can be color coordinated to your outfit. As the world progresses, fashion houses want to be a part of it.


(Twitter Dress worn by Nicole Scherzinger)

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Nokia Unveils Fast, Affordable 4G Lumia 625 in Kuwait

August 28, 2013  |  New Products, Techie

Now, I own a bunch of mobile phones (some were gifts, and some were purchases) that range from Androids to iPhones with the older generation Nokia’s and Sony Ericsson’s but I have yet to own a Windows Phone and I’m tempted.  I’m tempted more so now especially since Nokia has released the new Lumia 625, but I’m on the rocks to try that or the Lumia 1020 but we’ll see about that.  The Nokia Lumia 625 is a 4G smartphone that is priced at 78.000 KWD, it delivers a large 4.7-inch LCD screen, 4G internet access, along with some newer features that are seen in the Lumia 1020.  Below is the press release which delivers more information.


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And We’re Back, Sort Of…

August 28, 2013  |  Random, Reflections

I feel that I have written this exact post about a million times, and each time promising that I’m back for good and a few short weeks later I disappear (let’s be honest it’s even less than a few weeks).  Something just doesn’t feel right, I constantly get my greatest ideas before I go to bed.

The minute my head hits the pillow I start penning (that’s writing for you non-English majors :P) the post and thinking about what I want to say and when the morning comes I promise myself that I will actually end up writing something today, but the day comes and goes without me having written anything.

I kind of feel uninspired, a sense of writer’s block and everything block if that’s a situation one can be in.  It’s been 6 months now without a job and I feel a bit demotivated, I get bouts of depression from time to time but then again I can chalk those up to my medication whose side effect includes mood swings and such.  I don’t feel as if I am my usual joyous self (not that I was insanely joyous to begin with) but I am thankful enough that I am alive and able to write at least these meager words.  I feel lost, I have plenty of experiences to write about but when it comes down to it, when I sit in front of the computer and place my fingers on the keyboard, everything blanks out and I just disappear.

It’s the same feeling when it comes to being inspired to create something new, working on new websites, new designs and such I just feel blah.  I’m not sure what is happening but I do hope it’s just a phase.

Now that I semi-returned I want to write something, anything really, once a day at least get my thoughts flowing.  Get used to writing again.  I will ignore the need to include pictures in my raw posts simply because that’s how I did it for so long and I was happy with the outcome.  So bear with me (errrr errrrr I’m a bear ;P) and let’s see how long this comeback sticks, hopefully more than the 2 seconds Justin Timberlake gave ‘NSYNC during the MTV Video Music Awards this year :P

So, Good Night since I decided to not sleep until I actually write these thoughts this time.

*closes eyes*


Four Guest Stars That Rocked “30 Rock”

August 17, 2013  |  Guest Writers, TV

After a very successful run on television, 30 Rock has sadly come to an end. Fans are mourning the loss of their weekly dose of Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin. But while these two impressive entertainers received all the credit for the show’s success, they were helped along by several talented guest stars. And when those guest stars return to your television screen in the form of 30 Rock reruns, www.direct.tv suggests that you enjoy their presence with the assistance of your DVR, mobile phone or tablet.


Until then, keep on the lookout for these amazing guests who have graced 30 Rock’s lineup:

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Negativity & It’s Lasting Effects

July 24, 2013  |  Deep Thoughts, Random

Once upon a time, a long time ago (not really but it was a while back) I was a negative person, always thinking that the world was out to get me, always hating the cards I’d been dealt with and made it my life mission to constantly be depressed and a pessimist, then something magical happened and I became this other person.  I became a person who was an optimist and tried to look at the brighter picture.


It might be something called “growing up” or it might be that I had a sudden jolt during a thunderstorm (in our case a dust storm) and I changed my outlook but it has helped a lot.

Yes life deals you some foul cards but it’s not the end of the world.  Yes there are rude people out there but it doesn’t mean you have to be one of them in order to get by, sometimes the nicest of people can get the most accomplished.

When I was diagnosed back in January and was informed that surgery was the only way for me to be healthy again I won’t lie to you, I freaked out and cried (a tiny bit) but once that was out of my system I looked at it as an opportunity to be more healthy, an opportunity to get rid of something so bad in my body that will most definitely ruin my life if left untreated.  And every doctor’s appointment since (check-ups that is) I just laugh it off and hope for the best.

They say laughter is what makes the heart young, I guess that means depression, negativity and sourness is what makes it old!

To all you negative people out there, I just want to tell you that there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel, you don’t have to think you are holier than thou and that you are the only one in this world who is dealt a bad card, some of you might have failed a class, might have been diagnosed with a serious illness, might have even lost a loved one by death or other means, might even have encountered other negative people… I just want to tell you that you don’t have to be all negative to get the attention you seem to crave.  Life is so much better when you smile, life is so much better when you appreciate it, life is so much better simply because its not life who is dealing you the bad cards and waiting for you to hit rock bottom its simply testing your resolve and seeing how you would rise from this one challenge.

Life is good, only if you paint it that way and make it seem that way.  Everyone has their own priorities and the stuff that would just turn it into hell but if you dwell on those you will simply miss out on living.  And remember all the negativity you have in your body will only push everyone around you away.  Out the door and they’d never look back!

We all suffer daily, some choose to move on with life and embrace it, while others simply choose to keep on suffering and paint themselves as the martyr in this chapter.

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Any thoughts? Comments? Feel free to share below.

Ramadan TV 2013 Final Schedule & PDF

July 12, 2013  |  Ramadan TV

And the final version of the list is now available, be sure to enjoy it and of course the whole point of this list is to know what’s airing where :P You don’t really have to watch everything on it.  I added a few shows (as per some requests) and I have updated all the timings (if there are any mistakes in that regards bear in mind that some networks change the timings as the month goes along to accommodate the prayer timings and such [i.e. Al Rai & Al Watan mostly]) so take it with a grain of salt.


A Full version of the list is also available in PDF form, download it onto your phones, email it to your friends, and you will be able to access it at all timings and zoom in and out to see it.  That’s my solution for the (iPhone-friendly) version or download the AlQabas (Jadwal Bo 6baila) App [which is incorrect at most times] and enjoy that option.

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