[TV] Arrested Development S04 Returns May 26

May 22, 2013  |  Guest Writers, TV

The return of “Arrested Development” is set for May 26. Are you ready? The cult-classic comedy was canceled by Fox in 2006. Netflix is going to release 15 episodes of the show, all at one time that Sunday, encouraging viewing for Memorial Day.  I was contacted by a lovely writer who wished to share her article about the show and she had prepared a Re-cap session for those of you who’ve seen it but haven’t caught up in a while, I personally bought the DVD series but haven’t watched it yet, I guess this weekend my job is to catch up on the first 3 seasons before tackling the 4th! So let’s see what April wishes to tell us today!



Let’s just recap:

The Show That Lost Everything

When “Arrested Development” aired in 2003, it may have been a few years ahead of its time, receiving minimal reception from Fox audiences. However, TV lovers fell to the shows charm and wit, not to mention the complexity of the characters, the story dynamic and the interwoven plot schemes. “Arrested Development” became the cult-classic show of the 2000 hype. But like other unique shows before it, such as David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks,” it wasn’t destined for a weekly format and an audience on a Big Five network. “Arrested Development” was canceled and fans were left wanting more.

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Going Through Blog Maintenance

May 19, 2013  |  Blog News

For the past couple of weeks, if not months I’ve been having blog errors where the Site goes temporarily unavailable, it appears that I have been using too much of my Shared Hosting RAM and thus I had to switch over to a VPS [Virtual Private Server] (I’ve been using it since last night) and so far things are flowing much smoother.  I feel the website loading faster and everything functioning well).

I will be performing maintenance on the website in the upcoming weeks so as to make everything load faster and work 100% better, thus don’t worry if things stop functioning for a bit, I am still around and will be around for a while :P

Happy 9th Blog-o-versary

May 17, 2013  |  Birthday, Blog News, Featured

It’s officially my blog’s ninth birthday! What a journey this has been! Happy Birthday Bloggie Woogie! “Cause mami I’ve done been around the world, seen a lot of places… been around your girl believe I read faces…” Woops scratch that, I’ve been listening to some r&b music [P Diddy feat. Ginuwine – I Need a Girl (Pt.2)] but seriously I am very proud of my achievements.


This past year of blogging has seen some improvements, Jacqui has become a doll that roams around abandoned warehouses, again scratch that I meant visits events and attends gatherings not to mention gaining a slight more readership when it comes to this humble abode.  Life is simple, life is sweet, and I’m really enjoying this journey.  I don’t want to take a lot of your time but here are some links to my past celebrations, and I’m hoping that I’ll be around to welcome in the big TEN!

To all my closest and dearest friends and family THANK YOU! To all my new friends I’m proud to have met and gotten to know you! And to all you other strangers, “Hello!” :)

To better understand my craziness and wackiness be sure to read through “The Eight Faces of Jacqui” a post I wrote last year describing my growth as I went along.

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[Events] Meeting Roberto Cavalli at Cavalli Cafe

May 14, 2013  |  Events, Fashion

Two weeks ago (May 5th) I was invited by the Senyar Media Team and Roberto Cavalli Cafe to have a special meet and greet with Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli.  Being a true Italy fan I jumped on board and headed to the Avenues early that morning and awaited his arrival.


He was so sweet and down to earth, the moment he arrived we started snapping his photograph while he took out his own digital camera and started taking pictures of the place itself.  Mr. Cavalli had arrived on Friday to attend the official opening of the Cavalli Cafe and was leaving later that evening.  It was my first time in the cafe and I enjoyed some of the sweet items on the set menu while waiting for my few minutes with Mr. Cavalli.

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Anticipating the NINTH Year of Blogging

May 13, 2013  |  Blog News, My Life

In a few days (4 to be exact) I will be celebrating my ninth year blogging anniversary.  I cannot actually believe it’s been nine years since I started blogging, next year will be the big TEN and I should have something special planned for then.  Right now I have a few ideas but I’m swamped with many things floating in my head and so I get distracted too often.


How has it been all those years? I’ve loved the early years where I used to talk about my university life and how classes were sometimes boring (sorry some Professors) coping with university life and helping out my parents with my sisters took a toll on me but I was the most active then.  I especially loved the days where I wrote about my USA trips, I would commit to a full month of log-writing which is awesome.

Shortly after in 2006 (2 years after I started blogging) I graduated and by the end of the year started working at a bank which was basically my darkest years.  I still read some posts from way back when and see how miserable I was.  That basically was the beginning of the next chapter in life.  I am still in that chapter although jobless at this moment I would guess that the next chapter would be marriage (if that’s written in the stars for me, if not oh well).

I was insanely active the first 4 years or so but later on life caught up and my activity decreased, I still try to commit but it’s too hard sometimes.  I do my best right now and blog as soon as I’m able to but I have noticed I stopped sharing every aspect of life (its a good thing sometimes) I remember being able to check my blog to figure out where I went that day to compare whether it was me who got that speeding ticket or not hehe.

In short, I don’t know what I should do for this year’s celebration.  Any ideas?

[Goodies] Gorgeous Customized Gift from F2O Designs

May 13, 2013  |  Goodies

A couple of weeks ago I received a message from my dear friend Fatima Al-Othman, owner of F2O Designs, informing me that she had a special something prepared and asking me when would be convenient to pick it up.  Fatima is a talented local artist who is famous for drawing lovely cartoon characters and selling them on different merchandise from t-shirts to mugs, keychains, satchel bags.  I had recently participated as a judge in a competition she held for her followers and this was in a way a very special thank you card.


The moment I opened the bag, I was insanely overwhelmed simply because I had already seen what my friends had received (Danderma, Swera, PinkGirlQ8) and I was anticipating the gorgeousness of my gift.  Little did I know it would surpass my expectations.  I was greeted with a customized travelling mug specifically made for me.  Unfortunately I don’t drink coffee, but that won’t stop me from filling the mug with some refreshing Orange Juice and carrying on my day.  Of course, the Jacqui doll stole the mug away for photo opportunities and I am awaiting the moment where I will seek my revenge by stuffing her in the mug!

Fatima Al-Othman has a lovely shop in Burj Jassim where you can purchase a number of amazing items and you can actually take a look at them on her website it does not stop there you can customize your characters and have them designed especially for you, not to mention reach her on twitter and instagram.

Thanks Fatima for the awesome gift, it was absolutely divine!

[TV Shows] Renewals of Fall Season 2012-2013

May 12, 2013  |  TV

Now that I have the “Cancellations of Fall Season 2012-2013” out of the way it’s time to find out which show has been renewed and is coming back for the next season.  The show list I am putting up deals with all the major networks such as ABC, CBS, The CW, Fox, and NBC the premium cable network shows such as Game of Thrones, Mad Men and the others are not included in this list they will get their own post later on since most shows are still in their current seasons, of course I always share the news on twitter so be sure to follow me there.

Renewals Banner

This next season will be really sad for networks such as NBC where they used to be known for their comedy shows and this next season has a lack of comedy returning shows.  Of course the cancellations/ending of shows allows newer ones onto the scene but you can never guarantee a winner.  So let’s get cracking as to who got renewed and who will be ending their run next season.

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