[Events] Scoop-a-Cone’s New Alphonso Mango Flavor

April 2, 2013  |  Events, Food

Last Thursday (wow I can’t believe I am actually typing up something that I went to this soon, anyways back to the main point) I was invited by the lovely Bibi Al-Qatami from Al-Kout Food Group to visit their newly opened Scoop-a-Cone branch located in Dasma featuring one of the first gelato drive-thru’s to try out their new flavor of the moment, the Alphonso Mango.


I happily made my way there with my new partner in crime F (my sister otherwise known as Gina in my books) to check out their new flavors.  Upon arrival I was delighted to see that the location was very easy to get to (Dasma, Block 5, on the Second Ring Road, right inside Mangaf Street next to Burger King), the interior of the shop was beautifully designed in soft pastel like colors kind of reminds you of those retro ice cream shops back in the day (not that I went there or was born around that time it’s just you know TV and what it does to your imagination).

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[Mac App] PhotoBulk For Mass-Editing

April 2, 2013  |  Apple, Apps

The one Mac app I have recently discovered via TUAW and have fallen deeply and desperately in love with is called “PhotoBulk” available for Mac users on the App Store for only $4.99 makes your life easier.  Bloggers nowadays are being invited left and right to events in which we have to take endless shots and later come home, have the energy to turn on Photoshop to sit and edit each individual shot (changing the lighting, fixing things here and there, resizing, and later on adding our watermarks) a task that should’ve taken you maybe 30 minutes simply to write the text if not less now turns into 2 hours because of the editing you go through for the images.


I personally turn into a lazy couch potato which is why I don’t always blog immediately after I attend an event I was invited to, I can’t just sit there on Photoshop to edit, so I found this beautiful application which allows you to simply drag the images you want to edit (you can add as many as you want) select the information you want to do to the image [optimization, resize, add watermark] and simply click “START”.  Voila 10 seconds later you have a new folder with the edited images ready to go into a post, you don’t believe me? Check out the video below and if you love it then go ahead and purchase the app and edit away! [Mac App Store]

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Unemployed Life: Chapter 1

March 31, 2013  |  My Life

Unemployed life is really crazy, in the beginning (mid-January) when we were given time off until the end of our sentence, oops I mean end of our warning period which was 28-February. However, come March I was officially unemployed and without an income and that’s when it hit me, Mama needs some dough to live the geeky life!

Thankfully Apple has decided not to grace me with some new toys to tempt me further into debt but I need to start looking for something new. I admit I have been lazy for the month of March and before that but I obviously had a good reason to be hehe (surgery & recovery).

So how does it feel to be unemployed? Well life has a different meaning: eating and sleeping pretty much defines it and you can’t really go overboard because in reality you dont

The Truth about the ‘Operation Oranges’

March 25, 2013  |  Health, My Life

Warning: The following post includes a lot of information regarding the surgery I had recently, it might be too much information but I felt the need to disclose most of it, feel free to ask questions as I have left a few things vague.

Today (Monday) marked the 5th week anniversary of the day I went in to have surgery, I have been out of the hospital now for around 4 weeks and a half and recovering quite nicely.  I went through a really weird and tough experience but the insane amount of love and support from my family was what made me stronger and aim to recover faster.  It wasn’t an easy ride/journey but them being around meant the world to me.  I was on the fence as to write about what I had to deal with the past few weeks and well I found that I would prefer to share my experience than keep it hidden as if it was a shameful secret.


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Operation Day: Pre & Post Oranges

February 24, 2013  |  Health, My Life

I’ve been out of the hospital for a day now and slowly on the road recuperating but I thought it would be best to record my thoughts and experience down just to revisit it one day in the future, and since I enjoyed the “oranges” reference I will continue using it and elaborate a little more on the condition so let’s start telling the story.


Monday Morning February 18th 5:30AM

I woke up early that day, I had to be at the hospital an hour before surgery which was supposed to take place at 8:00 AM but since the hospital is located in Jabriya and it’s a school day usually the streets are crowded I woke up earlier and my sister F dropped  me off at around 6:30 AM and waited until I went into surgery.

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Operation Orange Anxiety

February 17, 2013  |  Health, My Life

In just a short nine hours (time sure does fly by when you don’t really want it to doesn’t it?) I will be lying on an operating room table with all my weaknesses exposed not to mention highly drugged out and out of it underneath a scalpel to cut out all the bad parts of my being.  You see not that I can divulge exactly what is wrong with me but we have discovered an orange tree growing inside me (not really but go with it) and this tree has laid 4 large oranges which are squishing my insides and thus they need to be removed.  In order to do so I will be having a laporatomy (open tummy surgery) where the doctor will remove the oranges which I have cleverly named: Banana, Apple, Peach, and Plum and restore the natural ways of my internals.


To say that I am nervous is an understatement, as with all surgeries and this being my absolute first one has the case of the nerves, where you just can’t sit still, the butterflies seem to have your stomache in knots and on top of the existing pain you already experience you get to experience that as well.  I am looking forward to the relaxing medication that I will be given but not the IV injection site; I will be looking forward to the high anesthesia but not really the aftermath of waking up groggy with it; I will be looking forward to being painless for a while but the seeing a part of me which has been cut open; I will be looking forward to a new experience but still dreading it.

I simply ask for your well wishes, for your bearing with me since I will be out of the scene for the next few days/weeks depending on how fast I recover and hope you are still around when I’m out (I make it sound as if I’m going to jail :P) Laughter is always the best medicine but please limit it since it will be painful to laugh, which is simply why I’m overdosing on it.

Hopefully it’s nothing too serious, it will all clear up after the surgery and I will be back bouncing off the walls as crazy as ever! I’ve got my trusty electronics ready for when I’m out of surgery filled up with shows I haven’t seen and books I haven’t read! I will miss the outside world for a while but oh well, at least I get to hibernate like a normal bear and not have to worry much.

Here is to coming back stronger than ever, healthier than ever, and definitely skinnier than ever (this is like the hardest diet ever LOL losing weight because of pain hehe awesome stuff!) Loves you all and toodles!

Bad Things Come in Threes

February 12, 2013  |  Family, Health, My Life

You know how there is a saying that bad news always comes in threes? Three bad things will happen to break the evilness surrounding a home or whatever that is?  Well that seems to be what is happening in my family.  You see late last month (January) one of my Uncles had a health hiccup.  He was misdiagnosed as a diabetic but in the end he was just borderline and was about to cross that threshold if he didn’t do something about his health and bad habits.  That was sort of a wake-up call for him.


Two weeks later, I started not feeling too well, I first tried to self-medicate and sleep it off but eventually I went to the doctors where I was told that I might have a bad health condition which might or might not require surgery.  Well after constant follow-ups and numerous second opinions it has been decided that surgery is the only option to treat me and thus my trip to New York was cancelled in favor of surgery.

At the same time, my older Uncle fell sick and was diagnosed with kidney stones but while at the hospital since he had some phobia from medical places he was referred to a cardiologist to check the status of his heart and see if there isn’t really an underlying problem which the kidney stone might have sent him to check, you know what they say: your body sometimes sends you text messages through the weirdest things to go fix yourself. (I know they don’t say that actually but that’s what it felt like).  Well after the necessary tests were run it was decided that there was in fact an underlying heart condition which needed surgery ASAP as well.

So in truth, 2013 isn’t really that great of a year for my family and I simply because we were not only hit with one health problem to deal with but a number of them and I am trying to stay positive for the entire bunch but you know that feeling when you just want to crawl under a rock and cry your eyes out or go into that cave and hibernate your troubles away? Well I get that feeling from time to time but in the end I push them away because I need to be strong to battle this out.

I should be scheduling my surgery very soon and I might be neglecting a lot of things (even more than I have neglected them already) but hey that’s the way of life.  I’m just glad it’s nothing insanely too serious, and I really do hope that after they cut me open (and find that lost iPod or iPad) that it will be the end of it and that it will not in fact be something worse that what it appears to be.

I just would like your prayers for both my family and I because although we might put on a tough front and seem as if we could take even the “Hulk” if we could, we are still fragile inside and we need careful handling.

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