[Goodies] Gorgeous Customized Gift from F2O Designs

May 13, 2013  |  Goodies

A couple of weeks ago I received a message from my dear friend Fatima Al-Othman, owner of F2O Designs, informing me that she had a special something prepared and asking me when would be convenient to pick it up.  Fatima is a talented local artist who is famous for drawing lovely cartoon characters and selling them on different merchandise from t-shirts to mugs, keychains, satchel bags.  I had recently participated as a judge in a competition she held for her followers and this was in a way a very special thank you card.


The moment I opened the bag, I was insanely overwhelmed simply because I had already seen what my friends had received (Danderma, Swera, PinkGirlQ8) and I was anticipating the gorgeousness of my gift.  Little did I know it would surpass my expectations.  I was greeted with a customized travelling mug specifically made for me.  Unfortunately I don’t drink coffee, but that won’t stop me from filling the mug with some refreshing Orange Juice and carrying on my day.  Of course, the Jacqui doll stole the mug away for photo opportunities and I am awaiting the moment where I will seek my revenge by stuffing her in the mug!

Fatima Al-Othman has a lovely shop in Burj Jassim where you can purchase a number of amazing items and you can actually take a look at them on her website it does not stop there you can customize your characters and have them designed especially for you, not to mention reach her on twitter and instagram.

Thanks Fatima for the awesome gift, it was absolutely divine!

[TV Shows] Renewals of Fall Season 2012-2013

May 12, 2013  |  TV

Now that I have the “Cancellations of Fall Season 2012-2013” out of the way it’s time to find out which show has been renewed and is coming back for the next season.  The show list I am putting up deals with all the major networks such as ABC, CBS, The CW, Fox, and NBC the premium cable network shows such as Game of Thrones, Mad Men and the others are not included in this list they will get their own post later on since most shows are still in their current seasons, of course I always share the news on twitter so be sure to follow me there.

Renewals Banner

This next season will be really sad for networks such as NBC where they used to be known for their comedy shows and this next season has a lack of comedy returning shows.  Of course the cancellations/ending of shows allows newer ones onto the scene but you can never guarantee a winner.  So let’s get cracking as to who got renewed and who will be ending their run next season.

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[TV Shows] Cancellations of Fall Season 2012-2013

May 12, 2013  |  TV

It’s that time of the year, May where the Upfronts (conferences where most TV Networks announce the renewal/cancellation of their shows) take place and we figure out the actual fate of our beloved shows.  This year it seems that most networks chose to end shows (allowing us to grieve with a series finale episode) or just plain cancel shows during the season or after the season order was fulfilled.  I am saddened by many cancellations this year some of which are: Body of Proof, Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23, Happy Endings, Made in Jersey, Partners, Emily Owens MD, 90210 (just a tiny bit), 1600 Penn, Animal Practice, Go On, Guys with Kids, Smash, The New Normal, and Up All Night.  The rest of the shows basically had it coming they weren’t really strong in their premieres and they had recycled stories on.

Cancellation Banner

 So let’s get cracking as to who got cancelled by whom?

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[Goodies] Pizza Hut Launched New Stuffed Trio Pizzas

April 27, 2013  |  Food, Goodies

Earlier this month I was sent three new pizzas from Pizza Hut via Kout Food Group, Pizza Hut had launched a new trio of stuffed crust pizzas with weird yet delicious flavors.

Pizza Hut

They have introduced the following three stuffed crust flavors:

  • Volcano Stuffed Crust: Comes with two kinds of cheeses – mozzarella and tasty cheddar cheese oozing out of the golden crust.
  • Crunchy Stuffed Crust: Comes with creamy mozzarella cheese topped with crunchy cornflakes.
  • Spicy Stuffed Crust: Comes with creamy mozzarella cheese coated in chili spice with even more intense spiciness sprinkled on top.

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[Events] Michael Shaun Corby Visits Gloss Salon

April 26, 2013  |  Events, Hair

Earlier this week I received an invite from the lovely people at Gloss Salon promising me a get-together event with Michael Shaun Corby, Hollywood Hair Stylist and Global Creative Director of Alterna Professional Haircare.  Michael has worked with many celebrities such as Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, were some of their early celebrities and now they have a more mature celebrity following such as Reese Witherspoon, Katie Holmes, Jennifer Aniston and more.


The meeting was a nice cozy one with the attendance of the salon owners Ms. Noura and Amwaj Al Bahar along with fellow blogger PinkGirlQ8.  We were able to chat with him a bit and get to know him more and I unleashed my insane questions (not really that insane) but one of the things I insanely enjoyed was the advice I was able to get from him and he was really down to earth.

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[Goodies] Harvey Nichols Thursday/Friday Bag

April 26, 2013  |  Geek Chic, Goodies

Around two weeks ago on April 9th I received this surprising gift from Harvey Nichols (Grand Avenues) which happened to be the Thursday/Friday Bag. This canvas bag is there to help you travel fashionably (even geeks enjoy fashionable things) from place to place with a nice bag to stuff your stuff in.  I personally always use canvas bags and the small foldable cloth ones whenever I can to transport my stuff and this one helped a lot when I wanted to stuff my laptop, camera, iPad, and purse in it.

HarveyNichols ThursdayFriday

Harvey Nichols located in the Grand Avenues now has the entire collection of Thursday/Friday bags which you can purchase.  Thanks Harvey Nichols for this lovely surprise and I guess someone knew I’m a huge fan of the color red, loving it!

[Events] Samsung Electronics Opens in Al Hamra Tower

April 26, 2013  |  Events, Techie

This past Wednesday (April 24) I was invited to attend the official opening of the Samsung Electronics store in Al Hamra Tower, you may have visited the other branch in the Grand Avenues however they are not run by the same company.  Al Hamra Tower is being run by Wahran and thus this opening featured the attendance of the Korean Management (unfortunately I do not have the names of the individuals however feel free to enjoy the images below).

Samsung Al Hamra 1

The Samsung store is reputed to be the largest Electronics store in Al Hamra tower featuring Samsung Electronics (whereas the Grand Avenues is mainly focused on Mobile Electronics).  If you are looking for a brand new Samsung Series laptop, Samsung camera, mobile phones, tablets, etc then be sure to visit them in the Al Hamra tower on the Mezzainane level (right across from Magnolia’s Bakery).

The Korean Samsung Management with Al Hamra CEO Mr. Al Othman

The Korean Samsung Management with Al Hamra CEO Mr. Al Othman

Samsung Al Hamra 7

When in Kuwait, do as the Kuwaitis do…

Samsung Electronics opens daily in Al Hamra Tower.