Hello 2013 New Year’s Resolutions

January 1, 2013  |  New Year

It’s about time to set for myself a few New Year’s resolutions, and what better way to do that than to share them with those of you still reading.  I think last year’s resolutions were quite simple and easy to accomplish, at least I’d like to think that they were that way.

New-Years-Resolutions[Photo Source]

To better evaluate the situation let’s see what were last year’s resolutions and how I accomplished them:

  1. Get braces & fix my teeth. [Already done and in a very short time I will be removing said braces and finally ridding myself of something that held me back for so long]
  2. Lose weight & try to be fit. [Lost a good amount of weight this year and when I came back from the US I dropped in actual shape I hope to continue that this year and go back to my old pre-College weight]
  3. Get a full-time job & start to focus more on my passions [Achieved! But now I’m out of a job hehe, I will dedicate more time for passionate endeavors this year though]
  4. Have more “me” time and reconnect with friends, reading, life in general. [Done but not to the level I actually wanted it to be at]
  5. Get a new car & try to go to Hajj. [Got a new sexy ride but didn’t get to go to Hajj this year]

So all in all a 4.5 out of 5 is quite good.  I like that I achieved something in 2012 and it just means I will definitely achieve more in 2013.  So what’s on the list for the new year?

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Happy New Year 2013!

January 1, 2013  |  Holidays, New Year

It’s official, 2012 has ended and 2013 has just opened its doors to us, a blank page in a brand new book, a new beginning, a new story to tell! I can’t believe we’ve survived the Mayan Apocalypse and more!


Now if we were living in China or the Asian part of the world 2013 will be a lucky year for all of us, since they believe that 13 is a lucky number but then again others think that the number 13 is bad luck.  I personally feel that 2013 will be something in between, a mix sort of, the good and the bad; the lucky and unlucky but mostly lucky!

Happy 2013 readers and may you have an awesome holiday! I know I’ll spend most of mine asleep, no no I will actually try to wake up and have a New Year breakfast outside (although breakfast might be at around 11-12 lol I’m lazy like that!)

[Reflections] The Year 2012 in Review

December 31, 2012  |  My Life, New Year, Reflections

Many of you will notice that every year at around this time I get out my paper and pencil to jot down the good, the bad, and the ugly of the year we are about to bid good-bye.  And well this year I am choosing to forgo the pencil and paper (save the environment and all that jazz) and will type them up for you in a neat little list.


It is quite hard to list all the things you’re thankful for, or you wished never happened this year but I’ll get one thing out there in the open before I attempt this list.  2012 was an okay year, it wasn’t insanely bad (personally for me) but it wasn’t an insanely wow Oh My GOD kind of good.  It was there.  I am choosing to enjoy each year as it comes by and living life to the fullest or to whatever limit I can without bothering others.

Now that my declaration is out of the way let’s list all the good things of this year.

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Happy Bah Humbug Day!

December 25, 2012  |  Holidays

It’s that time of the year where holidays get evaluated by how much money you spent on that special gift, unfortunately Santa wasn’t good to me this year as I haven’t seen any new gift well other than that Artist Doodle Man that Father seemed to have purchased for himself but when he thought my “keychain” gift from Houston was lost and so he decided to give it to me.  I don’t blame him really, just Lujain, my little sister, whom lately has been getting most of the gifts (bah humbug).

Merry Christmas

It’s been a lovely morning really, what with all that rain and I can’t believe how much it poured.  Is it wrong that I am more in love with rain than the next person out there, one thing I love to do when I hear it raining is to grab a book and just sit down and read it whether it’s on my comfy chair in my little cozy library or it’s cuddled up in bed all warm and cozy.  I also seem to get a craving for some hot chocolate what with the chill that comes with that rain.  Mother hates the rain but only because she worries a lot and about everything, if we are outside driving she worries about our safety; if we are home she worries about leakages and the whatnot.  It’s crazy really but I find rain so soothing I just want to go outside and re-enact “Singing in the Rain”.

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Downsizing 2012 & Life

December 19, 2012  |  My Life, Random

Now that the year is almost ending, I decided to actually drop by and check what’s up, hell there are lots of cobwebs gathering around and I really can’t believe that the last time I was on here was December 6th! I have been a bad girl and Santa should not even consider gifting me that deliciously gorgeous 27″ iMac I’ve been drooling about! But a lot has happened since the end of November.



Before December began, I received the unfortunate news that my job will come to an end in three months, and that meant the love I had when I shared with you the Technology news, Apps of the Week, and Entertainment biznaaaz (yes I deliberately spelled business that way!) will come to an end.  Not only that, but since we’re pretty much shutting down, we had already shut down in terms of staff and are now functioning on the bare minimum.  It’s a shame really but now that we’re only a handful I have a larger load to deal with and not enough hours in the day to actually sit and write on this beautiful blog.  I want to make that time, I really do but I find myself either being asleep or at work, or dealing with the family one way or another.  It’s really funny how this turned out.

I am not upset, in fact I am looking at this situation positively because this only means that another adventure awaits me, learning something new, applying myself to it and finding something to make me wake up bright and early every morning just happy to be alive (not that I am not doing that already).

2012 has been a good year and in a few days when I write up my “What’s Happened This Year” post I will unravel all the mysteries and the whatnot (I actually just made a ‘whatever’ gesture with my hands… lifted them up from the keyboard, gestured and now they’re back!)  What delights me from day to day is the fact that I actually enjoy writing about my life (or lack thereof) and it’s just interesting being able to do share thoughts and everything with you guys.  One of the things I hope to perfect in the upcoming days, weeks, months, years is the ability to transfer my midnight thoughts, my actual posts which I write when I am all tucked in bed, with the lights completely out and put them up here.  You have no idea how many times I sat there in bed looking up at the ceiling, composing a post and not wanting to leave the warm confines of my covers to grab that laptop and type it away, because simply turning on the laptop will mean I see some light and become wide awake and poof there goes my sleep.

This week will mark my “come-back” week.  Let’s hope I’m not like Britney and that I wouldn’t fail on that come back.  I also will apologize but I have a few semi-press releases I wish to share and well I can’t think of another way but going ahead and doing it.  So sorry for those of you who aren’t looking for those.  I try to spin some around and play with the wording to make it interesting but sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do simply!

Anywho, it’s time for me to hit the sack and I shall see you on the morrow with a brand new post and something interesting to share!

[Hilarious] Insane Instagram Song

December 6, 2012  |  Fun, Link Surfing

I stumbled upon this hilarious parody of Nickelback’s song where CollegeHumor makes fun of all the annoying things you do and see on Instagram.  And knowing a lot of you out there who do these things I think you too will find this hilarious.

CollegeHumor’s Favorite Funny Videos

The one person I dedicate this video too though is Q8Stig, for one reason, and one reason only! I could tell you that reason but that defeats the purpose of asking you to check the video out so see it and tell me what you think!

The rest of you enjoy it as well.


Feliz Cumpleaños (Happy Birthday) To Me

December 4, 2012  |  Birthday

“I don’t want no cake on my Birthday… I want my cake everyday everyday” -Flo Rida “Birthday”

It’s that time of the year again! One full year has passed ever since the last 4th of December and I am now another year YOUNGER! It’s true what they say the moment you reach a certain age you just stop and age backwards and well I am at that point right now! Hehehe I’m young at heart and that’s the most important thing ever.  This past year has been good to me, I had a job that I enjoyed going to, I met new people (some of whom I fell in love with) and well in short 2012 was beautiful! There were some of the ups and downs to go along the way but everything is “all goood!”

The only downer is that last week something happened (will discuss in a future post and not be a Debbie Downer here) and that’s about it for me.

I really hope that this upcoming year kicks last years tush and turns into something even more amazing and better than before.  My upcoming year is an open book, it’s a clear slate, and well let’s face it I’m just waiting to get some nice lovely words on those pages to write the next chapter of my life.  I really am grateful for everything, for loving and supportive parents (no I am not getting anything from this plug, I just had to say it hehe being a gadget-freak I got most of my birthday gifts early this year :(), some cool sisters (yes some of you are cool, and the rest are AWESOME! [read: Lujain :P]), amazing friends, and just amazing everything!

There is literally nothing I could ask for in this world, other than to have peace (I feel like I’m waiting to win a Miss World pageant here) and love to go all around.  Oh and a brand new 27″ (semi-maxed out) iMac would not hurt, it would certainly make my day!  So to everyone out there who made a difference in my life, I LOVES YOUS!

For the rest of you, enjoy the following Birthday Playlist (it’s ghetto and I just love it!):

  1. Flo Rida – Birthday
  2. Mike Jones – Happy Birthday
  3. Swizz Beatz – Everyday Birthday
  4. Trey Songz feat. T.I. – 2 Reasons
  5. 2 Chainz feat. Kanye West – Birthday Song
  6. Rihanna – Birthday Cake
  7. R. Kelly – It’s Your Birthday
  8. Travis Porter – Birthday Girl
  9. Trey Songz feat. Fabolous – Say Aaah
  10. T-Pain feat. Rick Ross – Rap Song
  11. Timbaland – Birthday
  12. 50 Cent – In Da Club

Enjoy it my favorites are 2 Reasons, Everyday Birthday, Birthday (Flo Rida), Birthday Song, and Rap Song!