[TV News] The Cancellations of Late 2012

November 13, 2012  |  TV

So I thought that since it’s been a while since I graced you with any TV news that I should organize it into 3 separate posts entitles: (The Cancellations of Late 2012), (The Premiere Dates), and (The Renewals and Full Season Pickups). And since I know you might like it to be short and sweet I thought I’d give you that as well.

Lots of news has circled the TV-sphere about shows which premiered last summer, this fall, or even some existing shows getting the boot.  And well I’m here to lay all the speculation to rest and give you facts, facts, and more facts!

The series which were cancelled or is ending this season are:

  • “Private Practice” is set to end at the end of Season 6, since last May, Kate Walsh had mentioned that she would be done with the series by the end of its 13th episode and that drove everyone to frantic speculation as to whether the show will go on without a Dr. Addison Montegomery, not to mention a few other regulars mentioning that they will want to leave once their contract is up which is at the end of the 13th episode, which made Shonda Rhime’s decision extra clear: The show will end at the end of this season.  [I personally think that its about time for it to end although I will sorely miss Cooper and Charlotte as they are the only couple I root for on this show, I just hope “Grey’s Anatomy” gets the boot as well it’s starting to annoy the hell out of me right now.] [Source]
  • “Gossip Girl” is ending as most of you already know and well the end is crawling closer to us, we are set with a two hour series finale that is scheduled to air on December 17th (almost one month from this week).  [I personally have started to hate this season except for one story line which happens to include Chuck and Blair, the rest of the season has become one incestous infected gene pool of everyone sleeping with everyone else and it’s just too blekh for me.  So I’m ready to see a happily ever after for my Bluck or Chair!] [Source]
  • “Fringe” has received an official finale date from FOX network, and the date is, drum roll please…….. January 18.  The show has already begun its season and has only two episodes left to air which will be part of its two-hour series finale on January 18.  To those of you who follow the show I guess its time to say goodbye to it. [Source]
  • “Fairly Legal” the USA network series starring Sarah Shahi has been kicked to the curb along with “Common Law.”  The young lawyer turned to legal mediator will no longer practice her meditations on screen and we will no longer see her gorgeous ex-husband “Battlestar Galactica” star Michael Trucco try to win her over with his charm.  But I guess this is not the end for the star as she has something else in the works and it could be a winner.  [I personally will miss this show it was fun while it lasted :(] [Source]
  • “Common Law” has officially been cancelled.  The series which aired last summer and starred the gorgeous Michael Ealy and Warren Kole has come to an end due to the fact that it didn’t do extra well in the ratings. [I personally hated this decision as I loved the show dearly, the chemistry between the two male leads was instantaneous and awesome I will miss your gorgeous blues Michael!] [Source]
  • “Political Animals” a series which USA network first advertised as a mini series but later on alluded to it getting a second season has been cancelled.  The series was brilliant not to mention genius in its portrayal of Sigourney Weaver as Elain Barrish, ex-wife of the former US President who was running for president but later on became the US secretary of state (a la Hilary Clinton style).  The show follows her life after losing the democratic nomination and with her running the Secretary of State office, as well as her family dealing with her womanizing ex-husband, her two sons and mother.  [I personally LOVED this show and was excited to see more of it but I am glad that it at least got to air its first full season of 6 episodes, I highly recommend you watch this even though its been cancelled it’s awesome!] [Source]

With that I end my “Cancellation of Late 2012″ post and stay tuned for the next two parts “The Premiere Dates” and “The Renewals and Full Season Pickups”.


[Travel Log] Welcome Back to Kuwait

November 12, 2012  |  Travel Log 2012

It’s been a week since I arrived back in Kuwait, actually it’s exactly a week and due to the fact that I had to go into work the next day immediately and resume life as if I was not on leave I feel that my body has not gotten used to the changes it went through.  Long trip, Tropical Storm Sandy, Daylight Savings Time, Jet lag, and so much more.

IMG 2069

Not to mention how everything looks the same but feels different now that you’re back home.  The one thing that has not changed is my bed, now that place is just as I remembered it, and in the last 5 weeks I was finally able to sleep like a normal person and not feel my bones creaking when I get up in the morning because of the bad mattress/couch/etc.

There are so many things I want to share with you but I have to actually sit down and write in order for me to share them and right now I am beating myself up to do that.  So bear with me (Grrrr Grrrrr) I will get to everything as soon as I can.

In the meantime, did you miss me?

[Travel Log] The Day D Got Surgery

November 1, 2012  |  Travel Log 2012

Thanks to Swair for the title suggestion, I think I can now write about our fifth day of travel otherwise known as “The day D got Surgery” (October 4th 2012).  I can still remember the day as if it were yesterday especially since it went on to be the longest day of this entire trip.  Our day started off at around 6-7 AM we were informed earlier that we had to be at the hospital by 9AM since her surgery would be at 11 AM but at around 8:30 while we were having our breakfast and waiting for our car (D was fasting obviously) we got a call that we had to have been there already and that surgery was at 9:40 AM and she had to have been prepped and ready by now.

[Insert moment of panic, of insane attack of nerves, silent treatment, and the sole tear that ran down D’s face]

I immediately adopted my “It’s okay we’ll make it in time, we’ll be fine” attitude while Mother supported that and D kept giving us the psycho killer face but then again she was a case of nerves because surgery is not an easy thing on a person no matter how simple the procedure is or how complicated it could be.

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[Travel Log] Anticipating Hurricane Sandy

October 29, 2012  |  Travel Log 2012

Here I am on a Monday afternoon sitting in my hotel room with mother worrying on my left side watching the endless Hurricane Sandy coverage on all major networks and seeing the destruction Sandy has done on the other States and I thought I should catch up on my posts and update you guys just in case one or two of you out there were really worried that I might be caught in this hurricane.

[Photo Source]

To tell you the truth I have never experienced a natural disaster within the US, I always seem to avoid them, (i.e. Katrina took place the day I left NYC and was heading back to Kuwait) and so forth but this time Sandy decided that I should experience its gusty winds and incredible rainfall while I was in NYC.

New York right now looks like a deserted city with no one out there but taxi cabs trying to get people around to where they need to be but all shops/stores/restaurants/delis/pharmacies/etc are closed.  Mayor Bloomberg has informed us to stay inside until Tuesday at the latest when the storm should fizzle out but then again we don’t know what will happen.  Plans for today were to include me visiting the Anderson Cooper Live show with mother at 7:00 AM but they called last night and informed us that the audience taping will be cancelled and rescheduled for some other time but I will probably be on my way back by then.  Another set of plans that Sandy cancelled for me, was my visit to the Fifth Avenue Apple Store since I didn’t get a chance to see it on this trip (yet) and of course my good-bye Chocolate overdose from Max Brenner’s, but safety first.  Oh and not to mention the fact that I wanted to catch up on my movies before I came back but that’s a bust as well.

Sandy you should refund me these two days that you basically stole from my vacation and by refunding me, you should just leave and not hit NYC.  Overall, we are doing fine, we’ve got our water supply and some food to last us until tomorrow, let’s just hope that things don’t go downhill from here.  And I guess I now have no excuse not to update the entire trip within the next few hours.

[Apple Event] The New Retina MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini, and iPad mini

October 23, 2012  |  Apple, iPad, New Products

The Apple event just concluded with the announcement of a ton of new products.  Not to bore you with the technical details but Tim Cook took the stage in California to update us about what’s happening with the iPhone, iOS launch, as well as the Mac OS launch before he handed off the stage to Phill Schiller to introduce the new line-ups.

The updates included the MacBook Pro Retina, Mac Mini, iMac, and the new iPad as well as the iPad mini.

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[Travel Log] Just Wanted To Say Hello

October 21, 2012  |  Travel Log 2012

Just wanted to drop a line to say ‘Hello’, I’ve just been too busy lately not even getting a chance to sit down and check blogs as often as I’d like but then again that’s simply because well LIFE HAPPENS.

I’ll just give you a quick few line update.

I’m doing great, enjoying the weather, and sometimes just sometimes wanting to kill myself but then I remember that ‘iPad mini’ that’s waiting for me to adopt them this coming week.  But that’s for another time.  There is a slight chance I might postpone the comeback until November 2nd but then again that all depends on October 23rd!

D is doing much better El 7emdellah, we’re now in Omaha and we have settled her in and everything is sweet.  The weather in Omaha is simply chilly, rainy, and amaze-balls. It’s totes-ahmazing!

Mother is doing great as well, shopping up a storm when we are not taking care of the little one.  Yes it is known as “taking care of a person” but yeah she is enjoying the shopping to the max not to mention Amazon delivering packages straight to our door and not dealing with Aramex or Borderlinx.

I should get ready, we’re going out.  Will most definitely try to blog my heart out tonight hopefully! Malls do close at 6pm today so I should be home earlier than usual.  For those of you who care or read this blog filled with nonsense I’m doing well and everyone as well.  Just wanted to update y’all!

[Travel Log] The Sisterhood of the Travelling Car

October 5, 2012  |  Travel Log 2012

Can I tell you guys something? I think it’s really cool that this time around instead of being boring and naming my posts (Day 2, etc) I am giving them a creative name hehe it’s like my creative juices are overflowing and well although SOME of you are not commenting and telling me that my words are reaching someone out there, I think that there are a few of you who read and enjoy what I spill out here.  So let’s get on with the telling of what happened on the fourth day of our trip, Wednesday the 3rd of October, it was the day before D’s surgery and we were supposed to move into our hotel for the next ‘leg’ of the trip.  Back in Kuwait we had booked a car service to take us from downtown Manhattan all the way to Stamford, Connecticut.  We were going to stay there for 10 days after the surgery to help D recover from everything and to get space since N’s studio apartment is really small for 4 people to co-exist in it at the same time.

A little before 2:00 p.m. our car service arrived and we were already packed and ready to go.  I woke up early that morning as well and well its getting crazy how early I seem to be waking up lately I sense that my sleepy days are ahead of me.  The drive up to Stamford took about 30-45 minutes and the moment we arrived we settled into our two bed suite, we have a TV! YES WE HAVE A TV! Not to mention a sofa bed where I can sleep away from anyone, girl likes her space! I like to sleep diagonally (note: the spelling of this word was really confusing I was about to go nuts thank you spell check!) so I needed my own space not to mention it’s closer to the TV (hugs TV).

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