Where Were You When I Needed Someone

August 13, 2012  |  Creative

Disclaimer: The below work is a piece of fiction written by me, nothing is insanely wrong in my life for it to be applied to it.  I just felt a need to jot these words down as they were fresh in my mind.  Feelings, emotions, thoughts, words all float in my head right before I attempt to sleep so why not.

Where were you when I needed someone to talk to? Where were you?

Where were you when I needed someone to lean on? Where were you?

Where were you when I needed someone to wipe my tears? Where were you?

Where were you when I needed someone to laugh along with me? Where were you?

Where were you when I needed someone to hug out my pain? Where were you?

Where were you when I needed someone to just be there? Where were you?

Seriously, where were you?

Now I no longer need you to talk to, because I carry on a wiser conversation all by myself.

Now I no longer need you to lean on, because my body has found a new strength.

Now I no longer need you to wipe my tears, because nothing is worth those precious tears.

Now I no longer need you to laugh along with me, because laughing alone brings a new type of joy.

Now I no longer need you to hug out my pain, because I feel no pain.

Now I no longer need you to just be there, because I’m there.

I am stronger, wiser, smarter, and so much more now that you are no longer here.

[Shout Outs] Ali Alghanim & Sons Are Social

August 9, 2012  |  Cars, Shout Outs, Social Media

I was recently informed that Ali Al Ghanim & Sons Autmotive Company has launched a complete full social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and the ever so popular Instagram.

If you don’t know who Ali Al Ghanim & Sons are then you must have not seen any of the BMW’s, Mini Coopers, Range Rovers, McLaren, or Rolls Royce’s in any of their showrooms.  So now that you know, there is a small competition in which the winner would win a trip to Germany to visit the BMW factory.  All you would have to do is snap a shot of anything in the showroom and send it over to their Twitter account @AliAlghanimSons with a mention at the end of the tweet and they will later on upload it to Instagram and run a contest on it.


Four winners will win a ticket + stay + a tour inside BMW factory in Germany.  The last day to participate is today by midnight.

So hurry up and participate.

For more information:

Web: www.aas.com.kw

Twitter: http://twitter.com/AliAlGhanimSons

Facebook: http://facebook.com/AliAlghanimSons

Instagram: @AliAlghanimSons

Site Upgrades and More

August 8, 2012  |  Blog News

So if you are reading my blog on a MacBook Pro with Retina Display you will notice that the text is extremely crisp and sharp, you will also notice different bits and pieces, some images are retina display ready whereas a few aren’t (i.e. the Banner Image, Sidebar ones). I spent all of yesterday upgrading my theme and fixing bits and pieces in it.

One of the major fixes is the fact that I have changed the font for the posts and I am now using “Avenir” one of the newest fonts available for Mountain Lion and it’s simply gorgeous. A beautiful Sans Serif font. I am working on a revamped header, which will take less space up above so stay tuned for it.

So what do you think so far of the tiny minor changes?

[Events] Abdelwahab Restaurant Ramadan Tasting

August 7, 2012  |  Events, Food

Right before Ramadan was about to begin I received an invitation from the Abdelwahab Social Media Team to attend a tasting of the Ramadan menu, I know it’s a bit late for me writing about this but trust me editing pictures are what take ages with me, I take too many and then have to pick through the best one.  Anyways back on the subject.

I took my best friend from college along, Swair, and we headed over there to enjoy a nice meal.  We arrived at the place and found that it was ready for the Ramadan atmosphere with its decorations and ambiance and I enjoyed that.  You see this is my first time at the restaurant and it was a pleasant beginning.

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[Events] Rolls Royce Phantom Series II Unveiled

August 7, 2012  |  Cars, Events

On July 18th I received an invitation from Ali Al Ghanim & Sons to attend the unveiling of the latest Rolls Royce Phantom Series II.  I was shocked by the invite as I haven’t shown my insane love for cars here but it was a good kind of shock.  You see I am not your average girl, I like gadgets and cars more than I like make up and the latest fashionable clothes (seriously).  I am not a huge car fanatic that I would know what horsepower means or whatnot but I do enjoy the beauty of a well designed car and more.  I headed to the Shuwaikh Showroom and witnessed the beautiful unveiling.

Unveiling of Rolls Royce Phantom Series II

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[Ramadan TV] Kannat Al Sham’s Inappropriateness

August 4, 2012  |  Ramadan TV

It bereaves my heart the amount of inappropriateness that is seen on this show.  I started off this year with a love for two shows “Saher Al Lail 3” and “Kannat Al Sham o Kanayen Al Shamiya”.  But 15 days in I am ready to hang my hat out on the latter show because it is beyond inappropriate for this holy month.  Hell it’s borderline rated R if not rated X.

Kannat Al Sham

You might wonder what this show is about?  Well it was written by the lamest of all writers Heba Hamadah who brought to us the shameful “Zwarat Khames” back in 2010.  I started watching the show because it depicted an old time, the filming, the costume, decor, was something like eye-candy for me, little did I know that it was just a fancy packaging for a plot-less show.

Warning: I apologize in advance as to the length of this post and the amount of details I have given, well its mostly everything that aired already so if you want to watch this show after Ramadan ends do not proceed if not then go ahead and see the lameness of it!

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[Apps] OSN Play for iPad Now Available

August 1, 2012  |  Apps, iPad, TV

Orbit Showtime Network otherwise known as OSN has finally announced the availability of their iPad app which basically allows you to access both Arabic and English entertainment and live sports channels on-the-go.  OSN Play was introduced earlier this year when you were asked to sign up for it and all, now with this app you can become more mobile so instead of only watching your shows/live tv on your computer, you can access it on your tablet. 

OSN Play on iPad 1

OSN Play is absolutely free for OSN subscribers.  All you need to do is register on OSN’s website [Here] and download the free application from the iOS Store [Here].  Once registered, you can access OSN Play with the username and password available.  OSN Play has 10 dedicated live-streaming channels and one of the awesome things right now is that you can live-stream the Olympics.

One more thing, with Airplay mirroring you can view it on your TV as well but then again that defeats the purpose in a way doesn’t it?

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and download it.

[Download App Here]