Writer’s Block vs. Creative’s Block

July 23, 2015  |  My Life, Random

Have you ever experienced a writer’s block so bad that it hits everything, every aspect whether it is writing, creating images, anything that requires creativity feels as if it has been sucked out.  Wait I think I have “Creative’s Block”.  I feel as if I can’t do anything or when I start a project I lose interest mid-way and just want to go back to being a couch potato.

What have I been doing these past few weeks?  Well I have a post ready for publishing but I’ve been too uninspired to prepare the graphics for it.  So instead I’ve just been binge-watching “Charmed” even though I’ve already seen it probably ten-thousand times! It’s my favorite supernatural show!

Maybe, just maybe Stella will get her groove back.  Here is hoping.  Just stay tuned, I’ve got some back-log of posts that I have been meaning to write!

Safety Precautions for Using Cloud Storage

July 7, 2015  |  Guest Writers, Techie

[Disclaimer: Content Provided by Guest Writer from SocialMonsters]

Cloud data storage and computing services have the potential to increase productivity exponentially for many people, but this fledgling technology does still have some risks. Data breaches can happen to anyone, and they do—Experian reports that nearly half of all organizations have suffered a data security incident within the last year.


Protecting your data means using the cloud cautiously and safely. Here’s a look at what you can do to ensure your personal or business data stays secure.

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Bill Nye Explains Climate Change With Emojis

June 25, 2015  |  Random

Growing up I think we all used to watch “Bill Nye, the Science Guy” I still remember the intro song and pretty much sing his name whenever I read it hehe.  Well he recently released a video on YouTube explaining what’s happening with Climate Change in an easy simple way.

Watch it and tell me if you don’t also get it now.  Man I loved his show, he was the reason I enjoyed science growing up until I got to High School where I started to hate it again.

[Source: Gizmodo]

Ramadan TV 2015 List is Available Now

June 21, 2015  |  Ramadan TV

Ramadan Mubarak Everyone! I know I’m a little late in sending out the greetings and everything but I haven’t been feeling that well since I came back from NYC.  I also have been a bit late when it comes to providing you all with the #RamadanTV2015List but I was still on the fence on whether I should make one this year or not.  I haven’t found a decent show to watch and well it was a bit depressing but many of you sent me personal messages asking for it politely and I thought oh I can’t say no now!


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[TV] Renewals & Cancellations Late April – May 2015

May 23, 2015  |  Fall TV 2014, TV

April showers bring May flowers, but in our case, its May Renewals and Cancellations.  Most networks are announcing which shows are surviving and which ones are being given the red card and shown out of the building.  There are some depressing news in regards to which shows got cancelled and which ones were renewed but in the end it just means we get to see new stuff in the next Fall Season.


So let’s get to it, and P.S. stay tuned for a “Network Specific Cancellation/Renewal” Post.

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Good Morning New York!

May 12, 2015  |  My Life, Travel

It’s that time of the year again, I’m back in the city where I pretty much leave my heart in! I’m back in New York! The Big Apple! Gosh darnit every time I’m back I feel as if I’m going back to paradise really, a dirty smelly one sometimes but still its gorgeous and fun to be in!


New York to me is what London is to some of you.  I like the busy streets, the concrete pavements, the insane amount of awesome shops and pretty much everything else!  This time wasn’t that much different I arrived around 4-5pm and finished with the immigration as well as baggage claim, headed to my sisters place where we then headed out to my favorite restaurant in NYC!

Max Brenners! I love that chocolate shop and it’s really a magical place for me, I usually have the Brenner Burger or the Penne Alfredo pasta when I’m there but a must have is the Classic European Chocolate fondue simply because who can say no to chocolate!


I wanted to catch a movie that night but I thought maybe I should tone myself down a bit.  For this trip I have a bunch of movies on my list to watch, I’ll be sharing that within the upcoming posts and who knows I might share some other things that I like about this city.  This really is to remind me of how awesome this city is and to bring back my “Travel Log” days.  I know I’m insanely lazy about this place but hey I’ve got a new medium to type on and use to share my thoughts so maybe I’ll be sharing more stuff!

The Role of Satire in Plays, Television and Movies

April 28, 2015  |  Guest Writers

[Disclaimer: Content Provided by Guest Writer from SocialMonsters]

Satire has been used for thousands of years to call attention to and ridicule the questionable beliefs of others. For example, Aesop used satire in his fables and authors such as Mark Twain and Jonathan Swift used their stories to humorously expose a variety of foibles, such as racism and poverty.


The goal of satire is to comment on or to try to change some aspect of society that the author does not agree with. Satire also can take difficult topics and make them more relatable or understandable. Because it relies on humor to get its point across, satire typically uses exaggeration as part of the message. Today, satire can be found in a variety of plays, television shows and movies.

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