The Props of Comic Con Portend the Future

September 5, 2014  |  Gaming, Guest Writers

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For those of us who live for fandom, the San Diego Comic Con is heaven with good WiFi. Seeing props from the past ignite our passion, but seeing ones from the future awaken our imaginations. This is where we get our teasers, create our theories, and sometimes decide whether or not the upcoming spectacular will live up to our standards. This year’s Comic Con delivered with sneak peeks into the upcoming Marvel universe, The Games franchise, and video games turned movie.


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[Fall TV 2014] NBC’s New Fall Shows

September 1, 2014  |  Fall TV 2014, TV

And we’re down to the last part of the lists, NBC has green lighted the most shows with 13 on the new roster but will air only 6 this fall.  The problem with NBC is that they always approve a lot and by mid-season they just discard the ones they didn’t air yet.  Late May the list had 14 new shows and by mid-summer they kicked one off!  So let’s get to the list.

NBC Network


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[Fall TV 2014] FOX’s New Fall Shows

September 1, 2014  |  Fall TV 2014, TV

We are almost done with the lists now, just one more left after this one.  FOX is one of those networks famous for pretty much AMERICAN IDOL and its animated Sundays, this season they green-lighted (gave the OK) for ten new shows a couple of which are limited time series which means once this season is over they will just disappear.  This Fall we will see the airing of four of those ten shows and so let’s get cracking!

FOX Network


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[Fall TV 2014] The CW’s New Fall Shows

August 31, 2014  |  Fall TV 2014, TV

The CW this year decided to green light only four shows and therefore making this list the easiest and simplest of them all.  Two shows were given a mid-season airing date while two will air in October.  Also something to note is that BEAUTY & THE BEAST as well as HART OF DIXIE haven’t received an airing date therefore they too will be postponed for mid-season as well.  So let’s get to introducing the new shows:

The CW Network


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[Fall TV 2014] CBS’s New Fall Shows

August 31, 2014  |  Fall TV 2014, TV

Now that we started with the ABC Network (read here if you missed it) it’s time to shift onto the CBS Network’s new shows.  The best thing about CBS is that they only green-lighted 8 new shows with just 5 airing this fall.  They usually play it safe by green-lighting spin-offs of their popular franchises CSI and NCIS.  Anyways, let’s start with the shows airing this fall.

CBS Network CBSBlogNewSS

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[Fall TV 2014] ABC’s New Fall Shows

August 29, 2014  |  Fall TV 2014, TV

Now that the fall season is creeping up upon us, I thought what better way to introduce you to the new shows airing this fall (i.e. Sept – Oct – Nov) than by giving you a very brief description on the shows.  I thought the ideal way to tackle this whole situation is by network rather than alphabetically or anything else.  Anyways here goes:

ABC Network

ABC NewBlogSs

ABC pretty much green lighted almost 12 new TV Shows to air during the fall season and the mid-season (winter) however only 6 were given premiere dates and some of which had their pilot episodes leaked (by the network) to give us a glimpse of what is happening.

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The New Fall 2014 TV Show Premiere Dates List

August 28, 2014  |  Fall TV 2014, TV

It’s funny how time flies by and Fall is upon us already, of course for those of us living in Kuwait we don’t pretty much feel Fall it’s pretty much Summer and Spring hehe :P Winter is forgotten sometimes as well. Anyways, with the arrival of Fall we get our favorite TV Shows back and because I am super nice I prepared a list for you all to check out and see! Who is back? When are they back? And What I think of it!

In this post you will get to see the list of shows and their premiere dates, in the next post which will be up tomorrow at the latest you will read a bit about the new shows and what I think of the already leaked pilots, it’s sad to say that most of the shows this upcoming season don’t look as if they will survive, some might last a few episodes, others just a season and then poof they are gone!

Without further ado, this is the list for your viewing pleasure. If you wish to repost PLEASE SOURCE! Just saying!


(As usual, right-click to view the full size, I go crazy and give you an insanely clear version because I’m super awesome!)

This fall, we will be seeing 25 new shows airing ranging from: MADAM SECRETARY (Sundays), MULANEY (Sundays), THE AFFAIR (Sundays); GOTHAM (Mondays), SCORPION (Mondays), JANE THE VIRGIN (Mondays), STATE OF AFFAIRS (Mondays), FOREVER (Tuesdays) [An early sneak peak will air on Monday Sept 22 however so it's not a typo :P], NCIS: NEW ORLEANS (Tuesdays), SELFIE (Tuesdays), MANHATTAN LOVE STORY (Tuesdays), THE FLASH (Tuesdays), MARRY ME (Tuesdays), RED BAND SOCIETY (Wednesdays), THE MYSTERIES OF LAURA (Wednesdays), BLACK-ISH (Wednesdays), STALKER (Wednesdays), HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER (Thursdays), A TO Z (Thursdays), BAD JUDGE (Thursdays), GRACEPOINT (Thursdays), THE MCCARTHYS (Thursdays), CRISTELA (Fridays), and CONSTANTINE (Fridays).

I personally am looking insanely forward to THE FLASH, RED BAND SOCIETY, STALKER; and as a fun comedy side I do hope these comedies perform well MARRY ME, BAD JUDGE, and the dramedy THE MYSTERIES OF LARUA.