[Euro 2012] Italy Proceeds to the Semi Finals

June 25, 2012  |  Sports

The Azzuri team has done it again, after a very hard nerve wrecking game the Italians have qualified to compete in the semi finals against the German giants.

I can’t believe that Euro Cup 2012 is almost over, and that a month has literally flew by.  The next game will be on June 27th between Spain and Portugal with the next game following on June 28th Italy and Germany! I for one am rooting for Italy all the way!

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[Previously] Pretty Little Things: Charity Edition

June 24, 2012  |  Events, Previously

Last April on Saturday April 28th to be exact I was invited by the lovely Noaf Hussein from Pretty Little Things Kuwait for their 2nd Exhibition which was entitled “The Charity Edition”.  It was being held in Bait al Sadu which happened to be a perfect spot for the quiet cozy event.  At the exhibition were a small number of GCC Brands who were all united to achieve one goal which is to renovate one of the local orphanages in Kuwait.

The exhibition ran from the 28th until the 1st of May.  Among the vendors there was a FishyFace Booth which unfortunately was still being set up when I arrived hence I couldn’t take part in it, not to mention the catering done by Milk, Munch BBQ, and Solo Churros.  I was also able to grab the latest edition of “Khaleejesque” there and I’m enjoying my 2nd edition.  Fortunately for you guys you won’t have to read a long narrative therefore I will leave you with the pictures of the event and hope you enjoy them too.

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No Banking Sector for a Year

June 24, 2012  |  Deep Thoughts, My Life, Work

I guess it’s time to give myself a little update on how things are going.  A few days ago, June 19th to be exact marked the 1 year anniversary of the moment I left my banking sector job and embarked on a new journey.  Little did I know that this will lead me to some place different, some place new, and definitely some place where I feel excited about waking up and going to work everyday!


I spent a month off after quitting my job last year and visited the US again (New York mainly to babysit Sister #4) and upon returning I had a part-time gig at the newspaper lined up in hopes of making some extra cash while I look for “The JOB!” I won’t lie to you, I was really scared the moment I started my editorial job in the newspaper.  I was entering a new domain and it was simply scary but a couple of months later I started seeing how joyful things are and how I picked up most of the things that were needed.  I started sharing some of my ideas and received a well response from my boss.

You might be wondering why I’m in love?  Well simply put in the words of Steve Jobs “The only way to do great work is to do love what you do.  If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking.  Don’t settle.  As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.”  I took that leap and found something I love to do.  In my current job I maintain the Entertainment and Technology pages while roaming around other pages such as Life, Culture, and sometimes World news.  It is truly a fun experience to go through and the exhililartion and power you feel day in and day out when you see your hard work in print makes it all worth it.

Granted the working hours and days were a bit hectic, having to deal with a 6 day work week instead of 5 and working on holidays but with Journalism work starts mainly after 1:00 p.m. hence why it doesn’t feel like a pain to me.  I am actually excited when going into work and the moment I leave I feel the excitement still gushing through my blood stream.

Do I regret leaving the banking sector? Hell No! I wish I just found this job earlier but at the same time I am glad of the time I spent in the banking sector and knowledge I gathered up because without it I wouldn’t know how to avoid making mistakes with banks and how to catch bank’s mistakes!

To everyone out there with a job that sucks the day life out of you,  I recommend you start looking for something you would love and to those who love their job then I’m glad to be a part of your secret club may others find this club out and start to enjoy working again.

P.S. I feel even lighter in my blog and life, I no longer have negative experiences or anger moments to share because I simply don’t deal with it anymore (El Hemdellah).

What’s New on TV This Summer?

June 23, 2012  |  Preview, TV

Being addicted to TV Shows is an easy job for me really but sometimes it is time consuming as well.  I really have taken a break from reading and replaced it with watching TV Shows but I have to find a balance to maintain both.  Anyways although our favorite series have ended last month the most awesome thing is the Summer Season has begun and with that new shows premiered along with returning oldies.


In this post I will give you a glimpse to my favorites and briefly summarize each.

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[Previously] Space Junk 3D at TSCK

June 23, 2012  |  Events, Fun, Previously

Earlier this month on June 6th I received an invitation from The Scientific Center of Kuwait to attend the screening of their latest IMAX movie “Space Junk 3D” and being an avid Space fan (I bet you didn’t know that, now did you!) I was excited to attend.

Growing up I was a major Space fan, I am not sure why now but I remember that in High School I dropped Chemistry class to take an Astronomy class and I loved every bit of it, the stars, the planets, the galaxies.  So this movie was more of a treat to me than anything else.  You see this movie simply talks about how the misconception of the whole “Space is so big it can withstand everything” is really not true and that we are technically running out of space in space.  With all the satellites, radars, space stations, and all that junk we have up there some of which is working and some of it is not we are risking ourselves with the amount of accumulated “space junk” any two objects no matter how small or big if they get into each others orbit and collide then they will generate a mess of things that will keep multiplying. In the movie you will learn what is the cause of the accumulating “space junk” and the suggested ways that some scientists or individuals to clean up the mess.  It is truly inspiring!

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Ordered the New MacBook Pro Retina Display

June 22, 2012  |  Apple, My New Toys

It took me a short while but after searching endlessly through all the couches in the house, underneath my bed, and everywhere else really I have finally placed the order on my brand new customized MacBook Pro Retina Display! Yippeeee!

I know, I know, every single person who reads this blog and who knows me in real life will go “What the hell do you need that one for!” and well I will simply answer “just because…”  No seriously, you see I currently have a MacBook Pro 17″ Early 2011 (which happens to be my main computer) I have it connected to a 27″ Apple Cinema Display and I also have a MacBook Air 13″ Late 2011 (which happens to be the computer I use at work now since I hate *Shitdows*) and last but not least I have the MacBook Air 11″ Late 2010 (which is my take with me when I wear a smaller bag everywhere laptop!)

You see since I already have the 17″, 13″, and 11″ quotas filled I seem to have a gap with the 15″ line and that’s where the brand new MacBook Pro Retina Display fits! Not to mention that drool worthy screen that will make you eyegasm every time you see something with it! I simply placed an order on the:

  • 2.6 GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7, Turbo Boost up to 3.6 GHz
  • 16GB 1600 MHz DDR3L SDRAM (Upgraded from 8GB Standard option)
  • 512GB Flash Storage

And although I placed an order on Wednesday June 20th with an estimated ship date of July 19 – 26, that order for some reason got cancelled, but rest assured I placed it again and the shipping estimate is now July 20 – 26 and I seriously can’t wait!

Oh and yeah I ordered another one for a friend of mine, he took the maxed out version but not with a maxed out processor since really the 2.7GHz doesn’t make a difference it’s the RAM that’s important.

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The Reason for the Delayed Posts

June 22, 2012  |  My Life, Random

Sometimes the only reason I take so long in posting about the different events I get invited to is the fact that I have to come home sift through close to 50+ photos picking out my favorites, open up Photoshop and editing them to better suit this blog.  Because that process is lengthy sometimes I just feel too exhausted and so I put it off until a lot of time goes by.

I am trying to amend that problem by editing photos as soon as I come home and uploading everything, seriously I’ve got things I wanted to write about that took place in February and I haven’t done anything about them!

So really it’s not me hating the event or not wanting to write about it or the likes of that but it’s merely the lengthiness of photo editing that makes the process all seem too tedious.  I seriously need to come up with an automated script in Photoshop that will apply all the effects/watermarks I want by just clicking a button!

So here is hoping I finish a majority of my “Previously” posts this weekend!

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