[Shout Outs] Bed Shop Ramadan Campaign

July 27, 2012  |  Shout Outs

You should always change your mattress once every few years, because some mattresses either become lumps and lose their shape or you need something more comfortable to sleep on.  “The Bed Shop” is the shop you need to get to as they are having a cool campaign for Ramadan.

They are offering their customers an additional 5% discount when they donate their old mattresses/beds for the needy through them.  In addition, a certificate will be issued from the Charity Organization to the customer, confirming the donation.  So you don’t need to worry whether this is just a publicity stunt or not.  So what are you waiting for? Purchase a new mattress and donate the old one to the less fortunate.

Offer is valid from July 25 – September 1 2012.

Follow The Bed Shop for more information:

[Twitter] [Facebook][Instagram:Thebedshopkw]

[Apple] Installing Mountain Lion via USB

July 26, 2012  |  Apple

UPDATE: A friend of mine on twitter @Nalmulaifi linked me to a much simpler way to create a Mountain Lion USB Thumb Drive which unfortunately didn’t work well with me, but it might work better with you.  So give it a try. [Link]

It literally took me more than 6 hours to download it on my crazy slow connection but at least it’s downloaded.  Anyways I’m here to tell you about the method to create your own OS X Mountain Lion USB drive.

Before installing Mountain Lion just make sure that you backup your machine with the “Time Machine” that way you can guarantee it doesn’t mess anything up and if it does you will have a backup to resort to.  I have created a Lion Installation Drive and am currently creating a few Mountain Lion ones, so this method is tested and works great. Anyways let’s go onto the process.

What You’ll Need:

  • Downloaded Copy of Mountain Lion (Do not install it yet just download and keep it there)
  • USB Drive (at least 8GB)
Wait click here to read more

[Apple] Download Mountain Lion Now

July 25, 2012  |  Apple, Apps

So the wait is finally over, as of less than an hour ago “Mountain Lion” appeared on the Mac App Store and is available for purchase and download.  I am currently downloading it for my insane amount of machines and later on this evening I will point out a way for you to create a Mountain Lion Installation USB Drive so you can install your copy on a number of machines you own.

Available now for 19.99$ [Download Here]

Note: If you purchased a Mac anytime in between June 11 – July 25 visit the following link to enter the Serial number of your machine and get your free copy of Mountain Lion.  You basically qualify for a free upgrade from Lion to Mountain Lion. [Link]

[Apple] Martin Scorsese’s Day with Siri

July 25, 2012  |  Apple, Link Surfing

Apple continues to surprise me every single minute and with their new celebrity chain of ads featuring celebrities such as: Samuel Jackson, Zoey Deschanel, and now Martin Scorsese joins the crowd.

In this new ad we see Martin in the back of a taxi cab going downtown in NYC and asking Siri about his day.  I simply cracked up at different parts of it and fell in love with him more.  Apple continues to bring us the amazing ads especially after their popular “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” chain of ads.  I miss those wish they can come back again!


[Apple] Mountain Lion Coming Today

July 25, 2012  |  Apple, Apps

The wait is finally over! Those of you who are anxiously waiting for Apple’s latest Operating System release (OS X) Mountain Lion the wait is finally over.  Apple has announced today that Mountain Lion will be offered for sale on July 25 for 19.99$ on the Mac App Store (I believe 10$ cheaper than last years).

The release was announced by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, in which he reconfirmed that iOS6 will be out this fall.  Being that I’m a huge Apple fangirl (yes I admit that I am, and everyone is calling me right now “Mother of Apples”) I have found TUAW’s list of “Getting Ready for Mountain Lion” quite helpful. So be sure to check them out here. [Link]

Look forward to the following new features:

  • Preview gets a built in minimal image editor and is more than just an application to view photos.
  • Messages are now available on your Mac machines, so you can carry on your iMessage conversation on your desktop/laptop.
  • Dictation is available and works similarly to Siri in terms of you speaking the text and your computer will type it.
  • Sharing comes built in with iWork, Safari, and almost everything on your system.
  • Notifications are there just like they are on your iOS device.
Get your Mac ready by Cleaning it up, Checking it’s compatibility, and more!

Tim Cook also hinted out on some amazing new things coming our way soon by stating “We are also really looking forward to the amazing new products we’ve got in the pipeline.” I can’t wait to see what they are, most signs point to a smaller version of the iPad and of course the next generation iPhone.

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ZDistrict’s Google Nexus Review

July 23, 2012  |  Android, Reviews, Techie

My gadget buddy in crime Marzouq (@Z_District) has literally furnished his “Dark Side’s Apartment” (also known as the Android Loser Side) and has pre-ordered the Google Nexus the moment it was announced.  Needless to say he spent the last 3-4 weeks waiting for his new toy to arrive (just as I was spending the same time waiting for my new child) and it hit his hands this past weekend.  He spent a few hours with the tablet and discovered a few things.

In his review, he gives you the pro’s and con’s as to what he thinks the device has or lacks in comparison to the iPad but not really in a fully detailed comparison.  He is enjoying it’s thinness, lightness, and ease of use especially since he has already experienced the new OS Jelly Bean on his Galaxy Nexus.  I will stop rambling here and point you to where you can definitely read more and enjoy his review.

He’s like the anti-me, the one with a green face!

[Read Marzouq’s Review Here]

[Apps] Shahid for iPad

July 23, 2012  |  Apple, Apps, iPad

Yesterday as I was browsing Shahid.NET to catch the latest episode of “Kannat Al Sham” and “Saher Al Lail 3” I noticed a little mark that said something along the lines try our new iOS application.  I was surprised and later that evening before going to bed I downloaded the FREE app.

It’s simply a cool app which allows you to access Shahid.Net’s database of TV Shows/Episodes whether they aired on MBC4 or MBC1 they’re there.  Ramadan Shows along with English Shows.  All you would have to do is select which program you’d like to watch and you can watch it immediately.  Currently for Ramadan they are uploading the episodes as soon as they air (let’s give it an hour or so after it airs the episode is available) and you can watch it with little interruptions.  The awesome feature of the app is that if you have an Apple TV (read: Swera) you can immediately send the show you are watching to ‘AirPlay’ on your big screen.  It’s clear enough and depending on how fast your internet is, you can easily enjoy your time with it.

One of my pet peeves with the app is the fact that it only functions on Wi-Fi and sometimes can experience some crashing.  Otherwise it’s a great one out there.  If you remembered my earlier post as to where to watch your Ramadan Shows, Shahid.Net was an option there now there is an app to further help it out. To find out what shows are currently available on the app regarding the Ramadan series here is a list I have compiled:

  • “Omar”
  • “Ferqat Najy 3a6allah”
  • “7alaft 3omry”
  • “Saher Al Lail 3”
  • “Kannat Al Sham o Kanayen Al Shamiya”
  • “7eber El 3eyon”
  • “Wi-Fi”
  • “Al Khawaja Abdulqader”
  • “6aish 3eyal”
  • “Ya Hala Eb Shooj Weyana”
  • “Banat Al 3eela”
  • “7ekayat Banat”
  • “Khawa6er 8”
  • “Al Mesageyel 2”
  • “Ma3a Sebq El Esraar”
  • “6areq o Hayona”
Along with other US shows and previous ones as well.

[Download the app here]