[Ramadan TV] Kannat Al Sham’s Inappropriateness

August 4, 2012  |  Ramadan TV

It bereaves my heart the amount of inappropriateness that is seen on this show.  I started off this year with a love for two shows “Saher Al Lail 3” and “Kannat Al Sham o Kanayen Al Shamiya”.  But 15 days in I am ready to hang my hat out on the latter show because it is beyond inappropriate for this holy month.  Hell it’s borderline rated R if not rated X.

Kannat Al Sham

You might wonder what this show is about?  Well it was written by the lamest of all writers Heba Hamadah who brought to us the shameful “Zwarat Khames” back in 2010.  I started watching the show because it depicted an old time, the filming, the costume, decor, was something like eye-candy for me, little did I know that it was just a fancy packaging for a plot-less show.

Warning: I apologize in advance as to the length of this post and the amount of details I have given, well its mostly everything that aired already so if you want to watch this show after Ramadan ends do not proceed if not then go ahead and see the lameness of it!

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[Apps] OSN Play for iPad Now Available

August 1, 2012  |  Apps, iPad, TV

Orbit Showtime Network otherwise known as OSN has finally announced the availability of their iPad app which basically allows you to access both Arabic and English entertainment and live sports channels on-the-go.  OSN Play was introduced earlier this year when you were asked to sign up for it and all, now with this app you can become more mobile so instead of only watching your shows/live tv on your computer, you can access it on your tablet. 

OSN Play on iPad 1

OSN Play is absolutely free for OSN subscribers.  All you need to do is register on OSN’s website [Here] and download the free application from the iOS Store [Here].  Once registered, you can access OSN Play with the username and password available.  OSN Play has 10 dedicated live-streaming channels and one of the awesome things right now is that you can live-stream the Olympics.

One more thing, with Airplay mirroring you can view it on your TV as well but then again that defeats the purpose in a way doesn’t it?

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and download it.

[Download App Here]

[Apple] Hulu Plus Accessed Anywhere with Apple TV

August 1, 2012  |  Apple

UPDATE: Accessing Hulu Plus is now restricted if a US IP is not detected.

So it appears that Apple has silently added Hulu Plus (the paid subscription version of Hulu) to the awesome Apple TV box and for the time being it seems that if you have a US iTunes Store Account then you can access Hulu anywhere in the world without the need of a VPN.

Screen Shot 2012 08 01 at 3 27 26 AM

Hulu Plus has a monthly fee of $7.99 which I have been paying since last year, my little sister has an Internet TV in her apartment and chose not to get cable connection since she is not a huge TV addict like I am.  And well the content available is vast and great.  I also have a Netflix account however unfortunately it is not accessible without a VPN account in Kuwait.

It seems that at the moment Hulu doesn’t have a way of figuring out where the content is being viewed, but once it does expect that you won’t get to see your beloved Hulu Plus on the Apple TV.  For now just enjoy it and catch up on some awesome shows!

I personally just got the 3rd generation model with the 1080p and I am enjoying it, the older 720p model went to the other living room.


[TV] Random Renewals & Changes on Shows

August 1, 2012  |  TV

So it’s that time of the week again where I give you a breakdown of what was renewed, canceled, what’s going to change in what show and the what not.  This compiled list of news took place over the past week or so and well let’s get right down to it:

  • Falling Skies” has been renewed for Season 3: It was announced earlier last month that the famous TNT series has been renewed and that we will get to see more of Noah Wyle fighting off the aliens in 2013, so for those of you watching, this is great news! 
  • “Psych”‘s 7th Season will feature a two hour musical special: So come next season, “Psych” will air a two-hour musical with entirely original music.  The show is expected to return this fall for Season 7 with a new time-slot and 16 episodes.
  • “Teen Wolf” has been renewed for Season 3: Earlier last month at Comic-Con, MTV announced the renewal of the supernatural show and  doubled the episode order all the way up to 24 episodes.  The next season should be premiering next year and will definitely turn those werewolf lovers into a happy lot.
  • “Unforgettable” will get a cast shake-up for Season 2: Since the show was cancelled earlier this summer mostly every actor would have jumped ship and found another pilot to star in, but luckily for some the show got picked up for a summer season and the leads were not tied down to something else.  But that simply means there are some of the regulars that won’t make it on the show.  Michael Gaston, Kevin Rankin, and Daya Vaidya won’t be returning next season however Dylan Walsh, Jane Curtin, and lead Poppy Montgomery will definitely show up.  This just gives the whole show a brand new face to deal with.
  • No More Eric “McSteamy” Dane on “Grey’s Anatomy”: This was basically the worst news I read last week in which Eric Dane, Shonda Rhimes, and ABC all confirmed that he won’t be a series regular anymore.  He will appear in a couple of episodes of Season 9 to wrap up his story line but then that’s about it.  This basically means that there will be no more McSteamy, Lexie, and Teddy so far.  I hope this will be the last of that but I am guessing that if the show doesn’t end next year I will definitely be bailing out!  That and Kate Walsh will leave “Private Practice” after the first 13 episodes of next season. If the actors are jumping ship don’t you think it’s time that we do?
  • AMC’s “The Killing” has been cancelled: There will be no season 3 of the popular scary “Killing” show on AMC after this year’s aired episodes.  It seems that they couldn’t renew it because it wasn’t really doing that great in the ratings.  Of course the show’s producers are trying to find it a new home but most likely it will not get that.  I guess that means one less show to watch for those of you watching it.
  • Comedy show “Louie” has been renewed for Season 4: Comedian Louis C.K. is doing something right because his show “Louie” just got another season order for 13 episodes.  It’s been doing extra well in the ratings and well that just means it’s safe to start watching it if you haven’t and if you do then your show will be here for another year.
  • “Dancing with the Stars” (All-Stars) Cast has finally been announced: It seems that the next season of “Dancing with the Stars” will feature previous stars, winners, runner-ups, and fan favorites which is insanely awesome.  The coolest thing is that my favorite Kirstie Alley will be back on it.  The list includes: Kirstie Alley (of course), Emmitt Smith, Bristol Palin, Pamela Anderson, Joey Fatone, Helio Castroneves, Melissa Rycroft, Shawn Johnson, Kelly Monaco, Drew Lachey, Apolo Anton Ohno, and Gilles Marini.  The final contestant will be decided by the fans between Kyle Massey, Sabrina Bryan or Carson Kressley (I hope they choose Carson!).  The next season comes back September 24.

With that I conclude this week’s edition of TV News.  Hope it helps and you get to know that your favorites are coming back and what not :D

[Tech Sun] The Apple/Samsung Fight Continues

July 31, 2012  |  Tech Sun

In this week’s Technology Sunday at Al Watan Daily, the fight between Apple and Samsung continues in a crucial California trial.  Everything is coming out and everyone is racing around to seek court seals so other companies don’t have their patents revealed to the public. Some might say that this is a petty fight but then again if one doesn’t stand on the grounds that their design was the main blueprint that was copied to make a rival product then what use is there for patent and copyright laws.  The news didn’t stop there because Nokia unveiled their Nokia Asha Touch smartphone range which will be available in Kuwait markets as well as international ones.

(Right Click – Open in New Tab to see it larger)

The news week was a bit quiet because well everyone was focused on the latest Mountain Lion release which became available last Wednesday which has been downloaded over 3 million times in the last 4 days.  But wait that’s not it, Samsung unveils their “Angry Birds” app for their Smart TV and Hackers have found new ways to attack Android phones.

App of the week, this week was the “Shahid for iPad” app which I wrote about earlier last week.  All in all, quite a bit has happened in the Technology world and you can read all about it in the Technology Page available every Sunday at Al Watan Daily.

[Rumors] Apple to Introduce new iPhone in Sept.

July 31, 2012  |  Apple, New Products

The word of mouth that seems to be circling around today is that Apple will hold an Apple Event on September 12th to announce the next iPhone (it is most likely not going to be called iPhone 5 because the 4S is the 5th generation so stop calling it that) which from what I have seen might have been leaked.  The parts that are available at the moment all match the previous designs and leaks and there could be an 80% chance that what you are seeing here is the final product.  Apple will be going with a longer 4″ screen and thinner frame, along with a 19 pin connector smaller than previous models.

Image via [Gizmodo]

The secret behind the new charging port is that the FCC I believe has announced a few years back that by 2013 all phone companies must abide by the new law in which all new phones will share the same connecting charger (otherwise known as the micro USB (I believe).  And thus Apple is releasing their next iPhone with that connection along with a couple of new products.

So the event would be held on September 12th and the next iPhone will be available on September 21st.  This means all of you waiting out there to get your hands on a new iPhone hold off a bit longer and get ready for the next model.  The iPhone will not be the only thing to be announced, it seems that 2 new iPhone cases will also be introduced one which is a bumper-like case and another with a built-in stand.

A new iPod touch matching the same screen size of the new iPhone will be announced not to mention a brand new nano featuring a longer design.  The one more thing item will most likely be a 7.85″ iPad mini which might be available come this November (right before the Christmas shopping season).  Alongside the new iPad mini will be a re-released newer iPad with the new connector as well as a newer design.

Of course all of these are rumors, and the probablity of them coming true is 1 in a million but sometimes, just sometimes your gut feeling tells you that there is a grain of truth to them.  I am taking that truth and turning it into hope.  Now comes the hard part of waiting for the actual new product announcements, and actually saving cash to grab them all!

[Source 1] [Source 2] [Source 3]

[Unboxing] MacBook Pro Retina Display 2012

July 31, 2012  |  Apple, My New Toys, New Products

Earlier last week, I became the proud mother of a brand new MacBook Pro Retina Display, on July 23rd 2012 to be exact.  I couldn’t describe the happiness I felt at the prospect of holding my own customized child (yes I refer to my gadgets as children I’m weird like that).  For those of you following me on Instagram and Twitter you got to deal with the whole conception process (the act of me placing the order on June 22nd) all the way until the credit card was deducted, the packages were shipped, the moment they arrived at my DHL Borderlinx box, all the way to the moment it got delivered to my home! It took 1 whole month but it was well worth the wait.

I have had a week to play around with it and I am basically in love, everything looks crystal clear on it and it’s super fast! Super thin and light as well it doesn’t really feel as heavy as my MacBook Pro 17″ but at the same time not as light as my MacBook Air 11″.  In an upcoming post I will write about what I fell in love with in regards to the device but as for the moment I would like to share with you my unboxing pictures.

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