The Loss of Time & e=MC2 (Just Kidding)

April 8, 2014  |  My Life, Random

It seems the older we get the faster time flies by, I remember when I was a kid (not that it was too long ago, I was a kid just yesterday actually hehe just kidding) anyways when we were kids we would think time is standing still and we can’t wait to grow up and not have to answer to our parents or do homework and the whole shebang.  Little did our younger selves know that the minute you start to grow up responsibilities start to pile on and you just feel so swamped and at a loss for said time.

I have now been out of a job for a full year and some change and you would think I could have used that time wisely and reorganized my room (it has become an official hoarder’s mess compound there) or finished those blog designs I promised some friends (yes you know who you are hehe) or even attempted to do anything useful but all I remember spending my time on is eating, sleeping, watching some TV shows, and just lazying around.  I have even lost the will to write in a way, I think the lack of being able to express my personal feelings has something to do with that.  My promise to myself really and not to this blog is to be more of myself.  I want to share a post a day just being my raw un-filtered self (not that I can be 100% unfiltered, damn not being completely anonymous anymore!).

Starting with this year I have attempted to join a gym and I am actually attending, this month not as much as last but really I am getting there.  I haven’t lost any weight officially yet (damn those holiday turkeys they really are insanely delicious but spend forever on your hips!) but I am sort of on the right path.  I have quit (or tried to) fizzy drinks and replaced that with water but it is not a 100% abstinence, I do have the occasional Coke or Pepsi with a burger now and then but I am trying to increase my water intake from just one 330ml bottle to drinking at least 6-8 of them a day.  It feels different really when I take water with a meal instead of the fizzy drinks because I just feel a tad bit lighter.

Taking care of my health will be a priority this year, I should just stop taking things for granted because really Father Time can do only so much and eventually everything catches up with you.  I seriously have no idea what I want to say right now or how I drifted this far from the main topic but that’s what it means to live in my head.

A thousand voices fighting to be heard.

P.S. If I am required to add a photo every time I want to just be me, I will lose interest and leave.  I miss my old way of posting where it was just me and the keyboard against all of you.  I can go on and on about anything and nothing really but when you ask me to edit photos and choose which one that goes I just slack off.

[Events] Society by Supreme in Levels

April 8, 2014  |  Events, Food

Earlier this evening I was invited by the good people behind SOCIETY BY SUPREME (@societykwt) and Ghaliah Technology (@ghaliahtech) to try out their newly launched restaurant in Levels Complex in Mahboula.  Little did I know that I would fall in love all over again and find a new must visit restaurant.

1 Society Kuwait


To start off, the restaurant is a European Bistro type brought to you by the same people of “Cafe Supreme”.  The atmosphere was amazing, at the moment there seems to be an abundance of British memorabilia but soon there will be Italian, French, and other European elements to be added.  It just feels like a nice literary salon type.

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I’m Still Alive

April 7, 2014  |  My Life, Random, Rants

I’m still alive and around, I know I pretty much haven’t been updating as often as I should and I deserve a real kick in the bum but I promise (yes this time I will keep it) [no really I will keep it] to write more if only a few lines to get the voices out of my head.

Yes although I am somewhat sane, I tend to have voices talking to me in my head sometimes and they just can’t stop. Life as an unemployed individual is really not always that fun, especially since you can’t travel on your own funds and waste the time on a never-ending vacation. I have pretty much depleted all of my savings and funds and am beyond literally broke!

Things might be “somewhat” looking up as I am in the final process of finalizing my papers for a Government job. Yes the Private sector has deemed me not “fresh” enough or not “experienced” enough to hire and thus the dilemma of walking in either too qualified or not qualified enough has haunted me. Not to mention how they want an MBA simply because they just do. I mean, it’s good that I even graduated university and didn’t drop out like my idol Steven Paul Jobs! *Just Kidding* (seriously I’m kidding)! Oh wow, how I missed this sort of babbling on endlessly (hopefully not since this post has to end) and just writing out what those voices in my head say. I have silenced them for so long.

Damn, I have missed you blog, seriously missed you! I now understand why I feel so lonely some days! I have tried to replace my blog with Instagram (@Jacqui) or reading books and watching TV shows and that just doesn’t help me vent out.

I will now vent once a day! :P Watch out! To those of you who are still around, *waves hello!*

[TV Shows] Renewals & Cancellations of Feb.2014

March 12, 2014  |  Fall TV 2013, Mid-Season 2014, TV

Since March has just begun, I didn’t think it would be helpful to jump the gun and call this the March Edition but shows that were renewed and cancelled these past two weeks will be making it to the list.  So what’s been cleared off our lists and what’s been renewed?  Well, let me put on my TV Cap and get to reporting!


First up in the RENEWALS is the BET original series BEING MARY JANE starring the ever beautiful GABRIELLE UNION as Mary Jane Paul.  Mary Jane is a one-woman show: a successful TV news anchor, entirely self-sufficient powerhouse who remains devoted to a family that doesn’t share her insane motivation.  Some might say that her family has too much drama sometimes it can slow her down.  In this series we get to see Mary Jane struggle to juggle her work life, her family, her love life and so much more.  In a way, we are all Mary Janes and we can sometimes be insanely smart and right; and then the other times we’d make stupid decisions.  I LOVED the first season and really kept watching it until it ended and even then I wanted more, I am just so happy it was renewed and I will get to see more of BEING MARY JANE.

What else was renewed and cancelled?

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[TV Shows] Silicon Valley is Coming Soon…

March 3, 2014  |  Mid-Season 2014, Techie, TV

One of HBO’s newest comedies will be titled “Silicon Valley” brought to you by Mike Judge which talks basically about the inner-workings of tech campus playgrounds in Northern California.  This show will be premiering April 6th and will feature some familiar faces from old shows some cancelled and some ended but it looks to be promising.


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What is the big fuss about Flappy Bird?

March 2, 2014  |  Gaming, Guest Writers

In the short span of a just a few weeks, an unlikely game became the talk of the Internet. “Flappy Bird” is a simple but endlessly challenging game in which you pilot an awkward bird through endless obstacles. According to Think Gaming, “Flappy Bird” reached an estimated download rate of more than 147,000 per day. Despite its success, the game’s developer has chosen to pull it from the iTunes store and the global phenomenon surrounding the title is winding down. But what is the real story behind “Flappy Bird?”

The Ugly Duckling

Uploaded to the iTunes store in May of 2013, “Flappy Bird” is not a particularly complicated game. Players steer a pixelated bird by tapping the screen repeatedly to gain altitude. The goal is to navigate the little bird through an endless series of green pipes that look suspiciously like the pipes of “Super Mario World.” Each time a player successfully navigates through a set of pipes a single point is awarded. Touching a pipe leads to death and a glaring “Game Over” screen. The addictive quality of the game lies in the fact that getting even one point is a monumental challenge.

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[Gadget Review] Snugg iPad mini Ultra Thin Smart Case

February 13, 2014  |  Reviews, Techie

Back in October I received an iPad mini case from TheSnugg company to test out and review, winter came along and I found myself constantly attached to my iPad mini and hopelessly detached with doing anything but moderately browsing the internet and catching up my TV Shows.  Now however I find it is the perfect time to share my thoughts and remarks on this case.


I received the “Snugg iPad mini Ultra Thin Smart Case in Orange” which is still available, so if you find yourself looking for a snazzy case then this might be the one for you.  What’s different between this case and any of the original Apple cases?  Well the price difference is the major selling point here.  You can grab this case currently for the discounted price of 29.99$ and it is available in 9 colors.

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