The Starbucks Card is launched today in Starbucks Kuwait

February 22, 2012  |  Shout Outs

Yesterday evening I attended a lovely event by the people from Starbucks to discuss the launch of the new “Starbucks Card”, it will be available all around Kuwait starting today Wednesday Feb 22 2012.  But I will talk more about the event tomorrow as I am exhausted here is the information you need to know about the card itself based on the press release provided to us:

Starbucks Card

Starbucks announces the launch of The Starbucks Card

New card offeres customer convenience and free Wi-Fi access in store

KUWAIT-FEB 21 2012: Starbucks stores in Kuwait today celebrated the launch of “The Starbucks Card,” a more convenient way for customers to enjoy the various aromas of coffee, light snacks, and other favorite treats that can be found at Starbucks stores throughout the country.

Available for the first time in Kuwait, “The Starbucks Card,” is the ideal way to make purchases in store.  You can simply top up a card to the value of your choice, and then use it to make any purchases at your convenience without the hassle of carrying change in your pockets.  “The Starbucks Card” is also the perfect gift for treating your friends and loved ones.

As an additional benefit, anyone using “The Starbucks Card” at stores displaying the Wi-Fi sign can enjoy free Wi-Fi for one hour.  To benefit from this great added value, coffee lovers simply have to make a purchase with “The Starbucks Card” and the barista will give them a voucher valid for one hour of free Wi-Fi.

“The Starbucks Card” is valid for 12 months, and it can be topped up as many times as the card holder wishes.  You can spend as little or as much of the value as you wish at any time and can check the card balance and validity in store, or by calling the Customer Care Hotline at 1821212.


Thanks to Rawan for the invitation more on the event in the upcoming posts.

[Software] Blackberry PlayBook 2.0 Update is Available NOW

February 21, 2012  |  Blackberry, Software, Techie

I know I’m an Apple freak but last year I got seduced by the Blackberry Playbook and I actually purchased one from Omaha Nebraska while visiting my sister.  Unfortunately I got bored of it quickly as it didn’t give me much functionality and hence it was lost in my room until I found it underneath a pile of books.

Well guess what?

Today, right now, the 2.0 Update is available which will magically transfer your Playbook into something else (I keep fearing I will write Playboy but then again I might not tehehe).

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I Want a Barbie Photo Fashion

February 20, 2012  |  Fun, I want.., Techie

It seems that toys are getting smarter nowadays playing with our gadgets simply because well the kids are more spoiled (I blame myself I have spoiled Lujain and my little cousins crazy with those Apple products) and so the toy industry is losing if they don’t join the techie crowd.

Barbie 1

So, Mattel is coming up with this “Barbie Photo Fashion” a barbie that comes with an enormous LCD implanted in her abdomen and instead of purchasing a digital camera for the little ones they can shoot pictures with the lens that’s sticking out her back.  The pictures can then be customized with frames and more making this really every little girls dream doll.

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[Exclusive] Apple iPad 3 Leaked Photos

February 20, 2012  |  Apple, iPad, New Products, Techie

As March 7th is getting closer and closer more rumors are rising as to what the next design of the iPad 3 will be and whether there will be an 8 inch model or not, and here at Couch Avenue, I got exclusive pictures of the next iPad 3 design!

70635 apple ipad 2

Wanna see what the next iPad 3 will look like?  Well click on the “Read More” link and check it out in all its glory!

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[Events] The Last Reef 3D Launch at TSCK

February 20, 2012  |  Events, Fun, Previously

Two weeks ago I received an invitation from The Scientific Center Kuwait (TSCK) to attend the premiere of their latest 3D movie “The Last Reef” translated and narrated by the amazing news anchor Mr. Yousef Mustafa. (Note: Headphones with the English version of the movie are available for Foreigners or those who do not speak Arabic)

Last Reef

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Guess What Apple Just Unveiled?

February 16, 2012  |  Apple, New Products

A few moments ago Apple just unveiled the developer preview version of its latest OSX operating system which will be named “Mountain Lion.”  The developer preview went live at 8:30 a.m. EST today and is available to Apple’s legions of app makers.

What does “Mountain Lion” bring to you as a user?

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The Best Quality of the Zain Flash Mob

February 16, 2012  |  Hot, Kuwait

Zain released their TVC of the Zain Flash Mob that happened earlier this month in the Avenues and it brought back the goosebumps; not only that but I loved loved all the angles! Gave us a better view than those other YouTube videos :P

Check it out!

via The Dusty Co & His Hers Q8