[Shout Out] Bloggers Gathering Open Day @ ACK

December 30, 2011  |  Shout Outs

UpdGuess what bloggers?

Bloggers Gathering is organizng the first open day at ACK (Australian College of Kuwait) on the 7th of January 2012.  This day is an open day organized by Bloggers Gathering, sponsored by Zain and hosted by ACK.


The open day has a full set of activities such as:

  • Playstation Tournament
  • Street Basket Ball
  • BBQ Lunch
  • Movie Night
  • Car Boot Sale

To register/book your car boot sale spot (20KD for Public & 10 KD for ACK Students) and Street Basket Ball (10KD)

Visit ACK Marketing Department to sign up.  Don’t miss it, it’s a wonderful day.  There will be amazing prizes, gifts and activities.

Please spread the word!

Thanks to the Bloggers Gathering Team for sending this in!

Update: Thanks to a commenter I had previously made an error in the Blog Title it’s ACK and not AUK.  Must’ve been on my mind somehow :/

[Shout Out] Auction Kuwait 2K12 Offer

December 30, 2011  |  Shout Outs

The people over at Auction Kuwait are giving you guys an amazing offer and deal for the New Year!

Imagine being able to purchase an iPhone 4S 64GB or iPad 2 64GB 3G+ Wifi for 1 KD? Yes that is the offer! The bidding starts at 1KD and to join and bid it’s all for free.




  • They are two independent (seperate auctions)
  • Joining & Bidding is 100% free of charge
  • You can add as many bids as you want
  • The item will be sold to the highest bidder for the amount he/she had bid for it

You can check out how the website works through the below video.

Enjoy and have fun! Offer ends 48 hours after it begins on Sunday 01/01/2012!

Thanks to their Social Media team for giving us the heads up.

My Interview with The Fixtures Q8

December 30, 2011  |  Friends, My Life

Earlier this week, our good friend Salem from The Fixtures Q8 conducted an interview with me and published it on his blog.  Unfortunately I went on for too long but for those of you who want to know more about me and the blog head on over there and read it!

Read the Interview [Here]

Thanks Salem for the awesome Interview and for being amazing as always!

[Reflections] The Year 2011 In Review

December 30, 2011  |  My Life, New Year, Reflections

As usual it has come down to that time of the year where you review your year and see whether it was worthwhile or not really worth it.  And looking back at my previous posts (I really did write some amazing stuff back in the day) I noticed a quote I once said back in 2006 and well I am very proud of it.  So before I review my year, I’d like to share with you that this is and will forever be my mantra in life.

Review Year

I am a better person, I am a wiser person, I am who I am and I am proud of it. I will love myself first and foremost, I will find the silver lining in everything that happens to me, and I am stronger than any darkness that will ensue itself around me. I am me!

[Mentioned in "The Review of 2007"]

I never thought I was that wise to say words that are as inspiring as those but it appears to be that I am.

The Good:

  1. The year started off calmly, nothing special happen in my life.  Although all around the world the protests began to happen as early as the 3rd week in January.
  2. I began to purchase a lot of gadgets/accessories/etc all because of the launch of Sheeel.com they are the reason for my endless spending.
  3. I purchased many Apple goodies! iPad 2 (the dilemma I went through to get it), MacBook Pro 17″ (since I sold my iMac 27″ for some issues), iPhone 4S (because I’m a freak like that), I think it was the same year I got a second iPad 2 (which I gave Lujain), iPod Touch 4th generation, iPod Classic, and iPod Shuffle.  I ended this year with a surprise birthday gift from mother the latest MacBook Air 13″ (pimped out!)
  4. I got the Kindle Fire as my birthday present from myself, Polaroid Z340, FujiFilm Instax 210, and many more awesome items which made me a happy camper!
  5. I went to the US twice this year, once in April – May where I did an ‘audit’ visit at my sisters I hit Omaha, Nebraska where I had my adventure of purchasing a sold out iPad 2; Columbus, Ohio where I enjoyed shopping until dropping; and last but not least New York City, New York where I attended 2 Broadway shows [Priscilla Queen of the Desert and Avenue Q] and “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!” My next visit was in June – July where I spent my time in New York City, I saw 2 more shows and shopped until I dropped and just had so much fun!
  6. I quit the banking industry!
  7. I started a job which became something that I loved to do! Telling people what to read and when to read it! (teehehehe)
  8. My bestie got married and my other close friend got married too!
  9. I got a brand new cousin on August 3rd, Baby Salman!
  10. My favorite online author Danderma published her book and I attended her book signing!
  11. I met amazing new friends in the blogging world most of which I knew ages ago but saw them for the first time at events.
  12. Attended a bunch of Social Media Events: Danderma’s Book Signing, Exclusive Zain Visit, Zain Ghabga, VIVA Ghabga, Zain Q&A, Bloggers Union, Gulf Bank Draw featuring Abdullah Ruwaished, Crush It!, BEST Al Yousifi Al Rai Re-opening & Girls Night Out. These are among the ones I remember at the moment.
  13. I got braces, something I’ve been postponing since I was 11 years old! Well actually since I started working since dad was busy working and didn’t have time for his favorite one.
  14. Mada Internet!


The Bad:

  1. The death of Steve Jobs in October :(
  2. The death of Steve Jobs in October :(
  3. The death of Steve Jobs in October :(
  4. I joined a gym earlier in the year but ended up going there for only 4 months.  Stopped going afterwards because I was too lazy.
  5. My sisters were all abroad except for Lujain which meant a quiet home for a full year except during holidays.
  6. I got the failing Blackberry Playbook and it’s gathering dust somewhere in my room, not to mention the HP Touchpad which is somewhere around the house.
  7. Not blogging as much as I wanted to last year.
  8. Kuwait Cap when the internet was capped at 2GB per day!

I believe that’s pretty much it for now but all in all it was an “okay” year nothing too special and nothing to harmful happened! I hope that 2012 is an awesome year once that is insanely amazing that kicks every other years ass! Seriously I loved 2006 so maybe since 6 x 2 = 12 then 12 will be an awesome year! Nonetheless I wish you all a happy last few days of 2011 and a very Happy New YEAR!


Previous “Years in Reflection” 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010.

The Mourning Period is Over

December 28, 2011  |  Blog News, Designs

With the last days of this month I have decided to stop mourning my beloved Steve Jobs completely. The color black will disappear in a way from this page yet Steve will always and forever be in our hearts!  Feast your eyes on my latest creation (this time without the help of the sister who shall not be named [Yes I am insinuating that you are Lord Voldemort!])

Even though most of you saw a sneak peek of my newly designed character and some features of it my design with my gelaskins I think now you can see another version of it. Every element in the header represents something that is near and dear to me and well, this year I am hoping to instill a few holiday cheers within each banner (sort of bringing back Vintage Jacqui [something a majority of you haven't seen because you are new]).

Anywho, enjoy and share your thoughts and ideas. I wanted to go with a major change yet I thought this was major enough :D

Life Updates

December 28, 2011  |  My Life

I am not sure how one can start a life update post especially since my Twitter & Instagram feeds are more up to date than this blog is.  But I will give it a shot!

Hmmm, so earlier this month I celebrated my birthday and that was awesome especially for the surprise gift I got from my mother (will post about that tomorrow [Inshallah]) and it continued on being an awesome month until the moment I lied to myself and got braces (they haz pains y’all!).  I’ve been spending this month with my sisters who are back for Winter break and I’m loving it, the house is full whereas before it was just Lujain and I.

I am loving what I am doing at work since it’s something that I have a passion for (something I have lacked in my previous jobs) I am hoping to do some changes in the work place (well more focusing on me that is) and here is hoping 2012 treats that nicely.

I’ve had a lovely year in which I got invited to some cool events, met bloggers, made new friends, reconnected with old friends and so much more.  It’s just simply amazing.

Can you believe it that ever since I quit that filthy bank job of mine that my health started to improve? El 7emdella I haven’t dealt with a major health problem other than the dental work I had to go through to prepare the installing of the braces.  Your job truly reflects on your health if you hate it then you’ll be more sick and such.

The worst thing though is the passing of my dearest idol, Steve Jobs.  He will forever be missed but I have faith that he built a company which will survive everything and anything and will remain on top of the world (here is hoping his son Reed takes over or any of his daughters granted that they have some of the craziness he had).

Otherwise, I guess that’s about it for life for me right now.  For those of you missing out on it, then check my twitter account as I am a thousand times more active there than even on Facebook! LOL! Yes I am in a hate-hate relationship with Facebook/Google+/etc right now.

I Got Braces

December 27, 2011  |  Health, My Life

I got braces on December 25th and they are painful! Not like scream your head off pain (I can still handle it) but they are painful the pressure you feel on your teeth is unbelievable.  Not to mention touching the back of your teeth with your tongue = total horrifying pain! Seriously you feel a sharp pain shoot through you.

I currently feel as if someone punched me in the nose because the pain extends to there as well :/ But the path to having a “Hollywood Smile” has to be painful or else you will get lazy and not appreciate it, right?

So, on December 25th I headed to Bayan Dental to meet up with Dr. Sharma.  Based on my sister and friends previous experiences I was told that I would probably just get measured at that appointment and then be called in to get them installed later.  Sadly enough that wasn’t the case and I was a nervous wreck, even the dental hygienist noticed it hehe.

You see, Dr. Sharma is unlike the old dentists or some of the recent practicing ones.  He does not need to take a mold of your teeth to determine a treatment plan.  All he needs is what was done to me during that visit.  A profile X-ray and a full dental X-ray.  Then he takes pictures of the insides of your mouth and teeth (yes my teeth felt as if they were having a Playboy photo shoot for some reason :/) And that was about it.  He then proceeded to put on the braces which wasn’t painful, the most painful thing was the inserting of the wire.

I was given a mirror to check out what he was doing, I saw the first step which was placing the glue but then put it down and closed my eyes.  He asked me if I wanted to see and I mumbled a “No” (really they like to strike up a conversation with your mouth wide open like that :/) And even the hygienist asked and I declined.  You see if I don’t see what’s going on then I won’t freak out even more therefore I choose to ignore what is happening around me and wait until the end result.

So in the end, I gots me some braces which should be taken off in about a year and 2 months.  It should fix my “deep over bite” and give me a perfect smile, not to mention bring back my chin! I was checking some online pictures of deep over bites and when the jaw aligns itself correctly then your face structure changes completely. [They are clear ceramic ones like the above and so far on my upper teeth until they get fixed first.]

Today is kind of Day 3 now and I have lost 1 kilo since I can’t eat anything.  Putting a spoon near my teeth is painful, I roll some mashed potato in my hand and throw it in my mouth (not really but you get the picture).  Oh well here is hoping the painful stage moves away soon!