[Exclusive] Zain iPhone 4S Pre-Orders

December 8, 2011  |  Apple, Gadget Deals, Hot, I want.., Shout Outs

I just got some amazing news a few minutes ago from my friends at Zain! (They have become my friends their amazing Social Media Team is nothing but the friendliest, helpful bunch) Anyways this is the first you will ever hear about it and it is coming to you exclusively on Couch Avenue!!! [P.S. This is the best news ever!]

Anyways, Zain will be launching the iPhone 4S very very soon and you can now pre-order it through their website.  So hurry up and place your orders!

Note: Filling out the form will allow you to reserve your iPhone 4S, you can select the model you need and you will be able to pick up the phone after its release.  Only one pre-order is permitted per phone number.  All mobile numbers are accepted.

Thanks to Mohammed & the Zain Social Media Team for giving me the exclusive!

What are you waiting for! Go go go go!!!!!


This Year’s Birthday Wishlist

December 5, 2011  |  Birthday, Wishlist

This year it was quite different when it came to what I wanted for my birthday, I started acquiring most of what I wanted earlier this year therefore my wishlist was quite long but awesome! I will list the items I wanted and share some images with you guys.  I would like to thank Papa and Mama though for being the main providers for most of the items on the list and well myself because I too like to spoil myself most of the time.  And I would like to thank my lovely sisters for their spoiling!  These are the items that I wanted and got.


1. Apple iPhone 4S [Acquired: Thanks Daddy]

2. Apple iPad 2 [Acquired: Thanks Daddy&Mommy]

3. Apple MacBook Pro 17″ [Acquired: Thanks Daddy&Me]

4. Apple Cinema Display 27″ [Acquired: Thanks Daddy]

5. “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson [Acquired: Thanks Me]

6. Pirates of Silicon Valley (DVD) [Acquired: Thanks Me]

7. Olloclip for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S [Acquired: Thanks Me]

8. Holga Case for iPhone 4S [Acquired: Thanks Me]

9. Customized Case-Maste iPhone Cases [Acquired: Thanks Daddy]

10. Customized Gelaskins [Acquired: Thanks Daddy]

11. Amazon Kindle Fire [Acquired: Thanks Me]

12. D&G TV Watch [Acquired: Thanks Me]

13. Arrested Development (Season 1 – 3) [Acquired: Thanks Me]

14. The Tudors (Season 1 – 4) [Acquired: Thanks Me]

15. Dexter (Season 1 – 5) [Acquired: Thanks Me]

16. The Vampire Diaries (Season 2) [Acquired: Thanks Sisters]

17. Polaroid Z340 [Acquired: Thanks Sisters]

18. FujiFilm Instax 210 [Acquired: Thanks Me]

Happy Birthday To Me!

December 4, 2011  |  Birthday

It’s official, it’s December 4th again which means I am another year older! I can’t believe it, well wait scratch that I should believe it because we get birthdays every year! I feel so blessed to be around friends and family at this time and I consider most of my blog readers, heck all of you as my friends and family.

This year I got to turn the big 2-8! But technically I’m still 18 years old and I am still as young as ever! Age is nothing but a number right? :P Not only am I smarter, wiser, and amazing-er! I am lovely the changes that happened to me during this year whether they were good or bad I still loved every bit of drama and happiness that happened this year.  Most of all, I love that I have a passion for what I do right now and even if it is just a part-time gig (might even turn it into full time or find something in the same area!) Telling people what to read and imparting them with my wisdom is one of my awesomest features and so if I get paid doing that, then so be it!

 Just minutes after I was born, this snapshot was taken, my parents were shocked that I was their child! :P

I was looking through my previous posts, the best thing about having a blog is that you document such beautiful days and well I have 8 years worth of archives! I decided to share with you guys some quotes of different birthday posts.

On December 4, 2004




On December 4, 2005 [Celebration Part 1, Part 2]

Truly, it’s been a great day today so far and it keeps getting better! I guess this would be my BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! I can’t remember another one I felt this great in it!

On December 4, 2006 [The Celebration]

Another year passed by… today the 4th of December marks the day that I was born into this world. Some might love the fact that I exist and some might dread that fact and wish that I was never born, but to those who are mean spirited and such all I can say is “Hahahahaha I’m here and you can’t do nothing about it!”

On December 4, 2007

I am ancient now, so I leave you with a picture of when I was in my golden years.  Yes I used to be gold, no really, I’m gold.

On December 4, 2008

I want to wish myself a happy birthday and sing to myself but I think I can sing internally.  Now let me browse for that passport of mine, I want to travel on my birthday (which is not happening really but imaginative) Anywho Happy Birthday Me! I hope me 25th year is better than me 24th. Tee he he he he he :P Oh and this picture just made my week hehe and I had to put it up ;)

On December 4, 2009 [In Reflection]

So, as you get older I believe your birthday parties seem to lose all their glamour that is if you have any or if anyone remembers you.  I’ve been shocked this birthday because at midnight I had nothing not even one SMS, Phone Call, Tweet, Email, Anything at all from anyone, well anyone except Daddy because I am Daddy’s favorite (yes Dee and Nee I am dad’s favorite and you better believe it!)  Seriously I love my Daddy and Mommy and sisters (yes Shwaish I said Mommy, it’s weird sometimes but maybe as we get older things might just might look a little brighter sometimes?)

On December 4, 2010

I made it to 27 and I’m still alive and kickin’! That’s a good sign regardless of whatever is out there I am still alive, in good health, with loving parents, family and friends around me, and in as good a shape as I can be with all my gadgets!  I got my inner gadget wishes come true! All that’s left is my emotional/head wishes wooohoo!

On December 4, 2011

And this year there is no celebration yet as well I guess I got older maybe next week, the only thing that was awesome though is that my Aunt baked me some amazing cupcakes in which I had some yummy ones!

I would like to express thanks to God Almighty for giving me these wonderful years and surrounding me with awesome family and friends.  Thank you for the good health (as good as I’ve got really) and thanks for my inner peace.  Thank you to every person in my past, present and future, you guys truly mean the world to me and I appreciate every one of you!


Instagraming Love

December 3, 2011  |  Apps, Hot, iPhone, iPhone Apps, My Life

Back in October 2010 I found out about Instagram through the iTunes App Store, I immediately downloaded it and started playing with it, little did I know I would be infatuated with it this much! It’s been a year since I’ve used it and I still love it like the day it was launched. I love it to the point that the first week I had to submit my “App of the Week” recommendation to the newspaper I chose “Instagram” as my first app to feature!

What is it?
Instagram is: A fast, beautiful and fun way to share photos directly from your iPhone. Founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger.

So from their launch day October 6th 2010 to a year later they are celebrating over 2 million users and a bunch load of awesome features. I thought it would be awesome to share with you my stats from this amazing app and later on I’ll give you special links as to what else you can do with it.

I’ve loved using it and spreading the love in pictures and feel that many of you will feel the same way as well, thanks to everyone who follows me out there and to the new followers and thanks to just everyone!

For those of you who haven’t followed me yet check me out @jacqui.

December is Here!!!

December 3, 2011  |  Holidays, My Life

It’s the 3rd day of December which means that tomorrow is my birthday YAAAAAY! And December is here which means the most awesome month of the year has arrived, it also means the year is about to end and well 2011 was quite good to me in a way.

And if December is here then the holidays are near too! Which means more presents to myself from myself YAY! I just love December, I love winter and the cold and love the feeling of going into hibernation.

The only thing I don’t love is the fact that most of my TV Shows go on break but I’m dealing with it since I have others coming back and such! Don’t you just love December? I do, and Daddy is back in 2 days with all my gadgets and FUN stuff! Sisters are coming back later too YAY!

Anyways, check out this classic Mariah Carey song “All I want for Christmas” re-sung by Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber, it’s still great and I miss that vintage Mariah Carey sound!

[Event] Redbull’s The Art of Can Exhibition

December 3, 2011  |  Events

I stumbled upon this exhibition completely by accident, you see I was headed to 360 Mall with family and friends to watch the latest movie “Jack & Jill” and once we were done we started to walk around the mall.  All of a sudden I saw a familiar face and this strange sign that said “The Art of Can” it grabbed my attention it was weird and cool at the same time.  I was intrigued so I headed over to say hello to my friend Joumana and was welcomed inside to take a closer look at the artwork being exhibited.  I was excited but unprepared, but thanks to my iPhone 4S I don’t need to carry a fancy huge camera because all the pictures you are about to see are taken by my trustworthy phone! And they are amazing.

Who: Redbull

What: The Art of Can Exhibition

When: December 2nd, 2011 (Private Viewing)

Where: 360 Mall, Exhibition Hall

I might’ve flooded your instagram and twitter feeds with pictures of the event but I was so happy and it was so cool.  It was an exhibition, no words were exchange (at least not that I know of) but people were allowed to roam around the room perusing the art displayed while a piano player provided us with the ambiance and set the mood for the room.  Catering was provided so guests could have some juices and little appetizers and you were given a chance to snap away at the art pieces.

The piano player

The exhibition is being displayed at 360 Mall in the Exhibition Hall and will be available from December 3rd – December 17th.  If you truly loved the pieces I have chosen to display here then please head over there and check out the rest of the exhibition!

John Fernandes' "Power to Transform"

So without further ado, I give you the art pieces!

We left a short while later with a booklet with all the featured pieces and a CD.

The exhibition booklet & CD


Thanks to Joumana for letting me check out the exhibition and great job to everyone there!

[Previously] Sumo Time with BEST Al Yousifi

December 1, 2011  |  Events, Previously

Just a short recap, I’ve been posting about events I attended in a short series I’d like to call “Previously” I hope to be wrapped up with all of them during the week so I can move on to bigger fish to fry.

Who: BEST Al Yousifi

What: Grand Re-opening of Al Rai Branch with SUMO

When: October 30,2011 evening time

Where: Al Rai Branch next to Lulu Hypermarket

What Happened:

So previously BEST Al Yousifi invited the female bloggers to get to know us, but that was not the only thing the meeting was about, it was mostly an invitation to their grand opening of their new showroom in Al Rai right next to Lulu Hypermarket.

What was special about this event was that they had flown in a Japanese Sumo wrestler “Yama” for the opening and everyone was in awe of how big he was (but for me I felt he was an okay size maybe I’ve been desensitized by modern day television, he weighed more than 300KG).  I was welcomed by the lovely Ms. Amtar and the marketing team where I was given my name badge and given a quick tour of the place before heading to the temporary location where the bloggers were waiting until our numbers were full.  When there were quite a few of us there, Mr. Abdulaziz Al Yousifi, the President of BEST Al Yousifi welcomed us and gave us a little history about the place and asked for our opinions.  Later on we were shown back into the showroom to meet with the Sumo Wrestler.

Everyone was lining up to take pictures with him while a few of our blogger friends attempted to tackle him and bring him down. Unfortunately no one was able to unseat him as the victor.  The awesome thing about the pictures was that BEST was printing out the pictures taken with their photographer and giving them out to the Bloggers instantly (Gosh I miss the good ol’ days of instant photography you would have hard copies of your pictures to look at whenever you want!)

After the pictures we were given a tour in their store which was recently expanded and re-opened for customers making it the largest electronics store in Kuwait! This was my very first time to visit a BEST Al Yousifi store and I must say that I really enjoyed the visit.

Thanks to Ms. Amtar Suhail and the marketing team at BEST Al Yousifi, it was a lovely event and may you have many more successful store openings. And thanks for the gifts as well!

P.S. I’ve been there so far 4 times and counting! I like to spend my salary on electronics! :P

P.P.S. The largest TV was there which was 152″ and was being sold for 183,000KD the price of a house really.  I wonder who would buy that!

P.P.P.S. My ultimate best coverage of the event was at 7ajiDude’s Blog [Link] and PinkGirlQ8’s Blog [Link]

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