Becoming a More Active Blogger

May 18, 2012  |  Blog News

Sometimes it helps to push yourself to the point where you achieve more and more and that is what I am hoping to do lately.  The start of this new year on my blog has me thinking of many things one of them is being more active, writing more, making the posts a bit shorter and definitely sweeter and getting rid of that lazy bug once and for all! So what better way is there than to prepare posts in advance, write every crazy thought that comes to mind, share and share some more, and definitely get these fingers tap dancing on that keyboard churning out jems.

Of course one important thing I will strive to maintain and that is:

Quality over quantity.

I will never sacrifice the quality of the post just for the sake of filling up the space available! Thus I hope you wish me luck and bear with me, I will try to figure out the ideal number of posts to publish per day but I promise it will definitely not be more than a maximum of 5, I personally go nuts if I see something more than that on a blog because I try to catch up with them daily.  Once that is done, I will definitely reward myself with something awesome! :P Mama needs some new shiny toys!

So for those of you just tuning in, buckle your seatbelts and get ready for the ride of your life.

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[Breaking] Algerian Warda, Disco Queen Donna Summer dead

May 17, 2012  |  Death

On this day two major icons from our generation have passed away.

Algerian singer Warda passed away in Egypt at the age of 71 from a heart attack.  Warda Al Jazaeriya as we all know her has lived in Egypt on and off ever since 1960 and has had cinematic and singing breakthroughs throughout the years.  She’s most famous for her singing one of which “Batwanis Beek” and more. [via AP]

But that’s not all, Disco queen Donna Summer whose awesome voice defined the 70s disco era with hits such as “Last Dance” and “Love to Love You Baby” died of cancer at the age of 63.  She passed away surrounded by her family in Naples, Florida but no details as to what type of cancer caused her death. [via AP]

May both women rest in peace, it’s one crazy day especially since the ‘Godfather of go-go’ Chuck Brown has passed away yesterday at the age of 75.  It seems that death is in the air for those musical icons.

Euro Cup 2012 is Coming

May 17, 2012  |  Fun

Four years have passed by so quickly and luckily for us this June will mark the return of the UEFA Euro Cup, I’m not a really huge soccer fan but I do loves me some Italian soccer players, I mean teams! And now that the World Cup is has been over for the past two years we really miss some awesome competitions.

This year the cup will take place in Poland – Ukraine and kick off starts on June 8, 2012 in Warsaw with the final game happening in Kyliv  on July 1, 2012.

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The Eight Faces of Jacqui

May 17, 2012  |  Blog News, Featured, My Life

To understand someone, one has to walk a day in their shoes and what better way than to give you a glimpse into every celebration I ever had not to mention share with you the very first post ever! So here are the eight faces of Jacqui, the beauty of a thing called archiving and previous posts:

Identically dressed women wearing different masks. Image Code: IMZ-mka0009. Photographer: Magda Kalosz. Collection: Imagezoo. Royalty Free

The Beginning May 17th, 2004

Post Title: Screwed in Wong Town

Hmmm The title is Screwed in Wong Town hehe basically i was screwed today :r not literally but metaphorically speaking.. kalait khara ib what i had to do :r o check it out: Last night nemt at 4am and woke up at 8am bl ghasob :r Had classes at 9 till 3 .. I was ok.. Had to pick up siblings at 3:30 then take ‘em home.. no brobrem :r Then had to take siblings back to school to attend a concert that my other sister was in.. that started at 7 … Finished at 8:30 had to then go to my granma howse and pick up maid.. :r who didn’t come till 10 :r but what was funny on trip to granma howse it took 30 mins when it shoulda taken 5 bekause of trafic :r den.. dere was dis trip home.. i reached my room at 10:30pm :r that’s when i had a chance to relax :r So I guess yea I wasn’t that screwed after all.. oh yea did I mention i got 2 papers that i gotta turn in on wednesday hehe that i haven’t started either and i was meaning to start one today :r yea it was a normal day today :r

One thing I learned about this post is that I had a major liking to the emoticon “:r” and at the time used both english and “arabglish” (also known as writing arabic using english letters) and basically documenting my life.  I was a beginner and did not know what was going on.

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Eight Blissful Years of Blogging

May 17, 2012  |  Birthday, Blog News, Featured

The time has come, it is officially May 17th, 2012 and that my friends means that this humble little blog has finally turned 8 years old! Hip Hip Hoooraaaaay!

Wow, eight years of blogging, I have never in my life thought that I would stick this through and write for all those years.  You know how when we’re young we go to the Stationary Bookstore and see those diaries waiting there to be purchased you feel tempted you pick one up and head to the cashier saying that this is the year where you will finally jot down your deepest most thoughtful memories?  After a week or two of writing in that diary you feel stupid and just stop and it gets lost in your room forgotten and left to collect cobwebs?  Well I for one was one of those people, until this day I keep on buying empty diaries hoping to write in them but I just either forget or find out I’m too lazy.

This blog is a similar outlet it’s like a small diary you just purchased but instead of it being there with no voice and spirit this blog has that (I’m not sure if that sentence made sense) what I’m trying to say ever single thought, memory, love, hate, like, dislike, link, video, song, anything and everything shared here was shared with the entire world.  A glimpse into my inner thoughts was seen an interaction was given sometimes I made this blog into a living object and I carried out conversations with it and thus it never got boring or stale.  I admit I neglected it a few years back but then again life was insane at that time.

But now, I’m back to being happy, I’m back to being a version of me that I thought I had lost.  I am happy and glad that I have this time capsule that helps me get through those cold dreary days.  To all my readers who spent every single year here reading bits and pieces from my life, I thank you! I thank you for the wonderful comments for the silent readers, for everything really because without the encouragement and thought that someone out there might be depending on me to share something that might affect their lives I would’ve probably given up.  I thank the new bloggers whom I’ve met courtesy of the social gatherings set by different companies.  I thank the companies for establishing these gatherings and allowing people to interact with each other.  We used to be faces behind computers and now we are out there and better than ever.

I want to thank my family and friends for believing me and supporting me through everything (woah why does this sound like an Oscar acceptance speech, hehe I’d like to thank my manager woops wrong bit here) No but seriously thank you for being my #1 fans, I would most importantly like the person who got me into blogging an old dear friend who no longer blogs or is active on the scene Zeecu.  I want to thank my dearest old buddies Nibaq who created the first ever Kuwait Blog Aggregator, Safat; Purgatory one of the craziest bloggers of our time; Mark and his wife Nat as well as his amazing awesome sister Rampurple for being the ones who helped and supported this place, Tooomz one of my craziest friends, Q80ChillGirl, I’d like to thank every old blogger who has stopped blogging or remained a blogger, Frankom one of the peeps of my generation, Swair, Symbols (a.k.a. Sou), my bestest friend in the whole wide world Ananyah, Marzouq, my newest best friend Swera, among many many other people.  If I am to sit here mentioning each and every name you will be reading until tomorrow.

In short, thank you for these eight wonderful years I hope to see many more to come and who knows I wish to see me celebrating the big 10, 20, 30! Thank you all and I bid you a Goodnight!

P.S. The reason I forget names is because I’m *cough*old*cough* Seriously :s