[Previously] Girls Night Out with BEST

November 27, 2011  |  Events, Previously

I will be starting a “Previously” category in the next few days in which I write about previous events I went to but was too lazy to blog about.  I loved each and everyone of them but I just was too lazy to write about them much.  Therefore I will give you the ultimate summary of them all in a cool funky way I hope, and share my photos.  Of course my fellow bloggers who have attended have written their posts but I just want to share it with my awesome readers!

Who: BEST Al Yousifi

What: Girls Night Out

When: October 25, 2011 in the evening

Where: Kei Japanese Restaurant

What Happened:

I was invited along with a bunch of other female bloggers to attend a “meet-and-greet” dinner with the lovely people from BEST Al Yousifi at the Japanese restaurant.  Being a Japanese franchise the theme of the restaurant was awesome.  Time was spent chatting and getting to meet other female bloggers without the spying eyes of male bloggers. (Sorry but boys suck :P No really I’m kidding!) Chatting wasn’t the only thing on the menu we got a chance to try or rather I got a chance to try out Japanese food (I have never had any and I don’t think I  will again!).

We were delivered “bento” boxes which had different pieces of japanese food inside and I had the Shrimp Tempura thing the rest was literally Japanese to me! [Note: I do not like to try out new foods if I am not comfortable]

The night then ended with a nice meeting with the president of BEST, Mr. Abdulaziz Al Yousifi, in which he asked our opinions on different things going on and just had a very nice open conversation.  We got to know more about him and his company than a walk in their stores would.  And I got to impress him with my geekiness as I believe I am a full-blown geek hehe.

All in all, it was a great event and one I would love to repeat again.  This was sort of like a prologue to the next event we were to be invited to by BEST Al Yousifi.

Thanks to Amtar Suhail for the invitation and the marketing team!


Zain Spreads Breast Cancer Awareness

November 27, 2011  |  Shout Outs

It is nice to see that many businesses around Kuwait are spreading awareness to such a disgusting disease “breast cancer.”  This October, Zain helped spread the awareness by launching many Breast Cancer Awareness ads in the newspapers and online, not to mention dressing up their Zain Building in Pink.

Facebook Banner Eng


Help up in saving lives of our beloved Mother, daughters, sisters, and wives.  Every single contribution may help someone to save a life.  Be part of it, make a change.

Thanks to Mohammed and the Zain Social Media Team.


[Shout Outs] CAPS On Carnival at GUST

November 26, 2011  |  Shout Outs

Just wanted to send out a shout out for all those creative souls out there.


It’s time to unleash your creativity, it’s time to put your caps on photography, painting, drawing, crafting, designing, knitting or even

This is the carnival where you reveal it all the C.A.P.S on Carnival at GUST!

Click – Art – Perform – sing

On the 14th-15th of December

Book your booth now!!

For more information, contact us in the following:
Mobile : 99031124 / 97313861
BBM : 21A9B317

Don’t miss out on a once in a lifetime event!


I Love My Tech Pages!

November 18, 2011  |  My Life, Work

Lately, at work (Al Watan Daily Newspaper) I was given the task of revamping the “Technology” page and well I’ve given it a geeky aspect to it, I’ve been trying desperately to avoid becoming too “Apple-centric” and this is something I hope I have achieved.


I introduced the “App of the Week” segment and I love writing about my favorite apps even if its just a few lines, its enough to get you out there reading it.  What I would love is your feedback and comments on the page, I wanna hear from you on whether I’m doing something awesome and great? Or I need to put more work into it.   I wanna hear from you!

Also, note that the page is in the newspaper once a week, in Sunday‘s edition! I have attached a couple of pages I have loved working on and would love any feedback, I know some of you give it to me via twitter but I’d still love to hear from the silent readers out there.

Technology Pages Archives:

Aug. 7, 2011: My very first try [Link]

Aug. 14, 2011: My solo page without much help [Link]

Aug. 21, 2011: Still finding my foot-hold in the Newspaper domain [Link]

Aug. 28, 2011: One of my favorites, you may figure out why as soon as you see it [Link]

Sept. 4, 2011: One of those days [Link]

Sept. 11, 2011: Still one of those days [Link]

Sept. 18, 2011: I liked this page it had a lot of good news [Link]

Sept. 25, 2011: Not one of my faves but almost there [Link]

Oct. 2, 2011: Now this one was one of the cool ones! [Link]

Oct. 9, 2011: The beginning of the change yet “App of the Week” wasn’t in, still figuring it out [Link]

Oct. 16, 2011: The day “App of the Week” debuts but the layout was still being worked on [Link]

Oct. 23, 2011: The one with the design I’m proud of! It’s almost there! [Link]

Oct. 30, 2011: Almost getting there! [Link]

Nov. 6, 2011: My favorite issue in terms of putting a lot of content and pictures! [Link]

Nov. 13, 2011: Last week’s issue and one I love as well! [Link]


Recap: I, in charge of Technology page (PG 14) in Alwatan Daily Newspaper (English) and it comes out every Sunday, give me feedback please!

Posta Plus SUCKS!

November 16, 2011  |  Impressions, Irritated, Kuwait, Pissed Off, Reviews

For those of you who have been complaining about Aramex these past few weeks well I have news for you! Aramex is the lesser of all evils! At least I know that when I have a problem I can contact them via their Social Media and get instant answers (that happened with me when I ordered my iPhone 4S) also I know that once I order something it will come to Kuwait most likely on time and not like these losers!


Seriously the worst service I have EVER EVER USED! Once you hear my story you will just be outraged by how bad their service is. So here goes:

Back in August I decided to subscribe to them after hearing some (and by some I mean 1-2 ) good reviews and there were no bad reviews out there.  I thought “Wow! This might be a service which I can get behind and actually use, its fast and cheap!” And boy was I wrong!  The sign up process was easy but the rest was horrible.  The only good thing that came out of the whole ordeal is that my bill is the lowest ever!

[WARNING: Long post rant ahead!]

Wait click here to read more

The Day My iPhone 4S Flew

November 12, 2011  |  Apple, iPhone, Sad

Today was the day my iPhone 4S flew from my hands, it actually flew! Seriously I’m not kidding!

I was on my way upstairs to my room when this happened, going up the stairs from the basement I reached the ground floor of our house and in one hand I had my iPhone 4S, I was checking a whatsapp message from Sister #3 (aka Your Battlefield) when all of a sudden my phone flies out of my hand and lands in the basement!

IMG 1422

Our house is made of granite floors!

I immediately gasped and raised my hand to my heart and ran down the stairs to check on my baby hoping that none of it shattered to pieces.  I turned on the lights and immediately start to look around searching for my baby.  I found the case I had my phone in face down and immediately I worried that the front of it had shattered to pieces.  I turn it over and realize there is no phone in it! It’s just the case there!!!!!

IMG 1984


I continue to search frantically until I find it a few feet away and it too was facing down! I was about to cry, my feet were about to give in when I turned it around and saw that nothing happened to the front nor back glass of the phone.  I was relieved to say the least but I went about checking my baby as if it were in fact a baby, checking for internal bleeding and all that jazz.

IMG 1986


IMG 1987

It was turned off, and I worried that it won’t work again, fortunately after turning it back on everything was working, except when I noticed the chipping up top where the plastic meets the antennas! Its a minor fracture not noticable to the naked eye but its still there.

My heart literally stopped today and started back up when this all happened.  I am attached to my children (yes I call all my electronic devices children and well even though it’s sad it’s true) and so this happening wasn’t easy on me.

IMG 1982

All is well again in the world, and let’s hope this is the only fall it will ever experience! And no I won’t buy another phone just because this one is fractured. The only major thing was that the case got a bigger chip and in my books better the case than my child!

The one with Insane Issous

November 6, 2011  |  Family, Fun, Movies

I miss talking about my life, and I think the reason I have become just so damn lazy in terms of blogging is that all the posts are similar to what is available in the market (aka the blogosphere).  So today I will take a break from all of that and talk about what happened to me yesterday one of the funniest days of this year.

I woke up a bit late in the day because I had a movie date with my Aunt, cousins and Lujain we were going to 360 to watch the release of “Horrid Henry” it was a lovely movie.  I really really had fun and enjoyed the movie. In short, the kids movie basically tells the story of Horrid Henry and his friends and their mission was to save their school ‘Ashton Elementary School’ from closing down.  But it’s not all peachy and dandy because Henry is horrid and he is the reason that the school was closing down.  If you are looking for something funny to watch and kids-suitable then be sure to book your ticket today.

Anywho, afterwards I ran off to work (yes I work on Saturdays ‘sometimes’) and prepared my awesomely insane Technology page for “Al Watan Daily” check it out in my next post and be sure to give me pointers here and there :D

I finished work and headed back to Auntie’s house where Lujain was and sat and had a nice chat with the cousins Toons and Issous, during which Issous became insane! Listen up this is the part of the story you’ve been promised!

You see I was showing my Aunt how to use Siri, and Issous saw it as a chance to jump on me to try and kidnap Siri and abuse it! The problem is I don’t like kids touching my gadgets because of their greasy fingers! Yes Issous you have dirty fingers! So I kept trying to snatch it away which got us into the battle of the tickles.  Issous jumped on my back and started doing this annoying thing with his jaw where he opens and closes it on my shoulder which mimics the tickling feature and I started giggling like a 2 year old.  I tried to shake him off but to no success he was stuck on me like a little monkey.  Next he started tickling my sides, I dropped him on the couch and squeezed him and tickled him but apparently that 6 year old boy is stronger than I am and he went back to being the dominant one in the tickling war. I tried to run away but was stuck on me, eventually he held me down in the middle of the room and tickled me until I was literally about to cry! I was able to run away and go home but that tickling fest broke me down hehe :D

Later on that evening, Lujain said that this was the first time she knew I was ticklish and the first time she saw me laugh like this hehe I guess I need to laugh more, and with that I end this adventure with one of my crazy cousins.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing about it!

P.S. That photo up there was taken by the iPhone 4S with no editing done on the picture except the photoshopping of the phone :P