Weeks away from 8 Years of Blogging!

April 26, 2012  |  Deep Thoughts, My Life

I can’t believe time has flown by this quickly, I am literally weeks away from turning the big 8 in Blog years! That makes me feel ancient compared to those new bloggers out there who merely turned 1 or 2 recently!  But I am proud of every single day of it!

Understanding your child1

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I know I mentioned this quite a bit but I am loving my “Years Ago I Wrote” Widget in the sidebar simply because I was active for 8 years! Years ago I wrote pieces of art, years ago I wrote poetry and creatively, years ago I poured my heart out to the internet and got some response back, years ago I was a different person than who I am today.  And years ago I was Jackie!


[Image cerated by the most awesome blogger Gigi who has long since been absent from the Blogging Sphere]

Some of you who have recently joined the Couch Avenue bandwagon want to know what’s the story with “Jacqui” and why do I spell it that way?  Well I will give you the cliff notes version.

I started blogging on May 17th 2004, with the nickname Jackie (by now all of you obviously know my real name!) I liked that name simply because of my weird obsession with Jack the Ripper after Johnny Depp starred in the movie “From Hell”, I also loved the name Jack regardless of its association with anything.  Later on came the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and I fell in love with Jack Sparrow as well.  But that’s not the main reason.  You see in high school back when Hotmail was flourishing I had to create an email handle and I was wondering as to what it would be and because even back then people were popular I was only able to get an email address that featured my initials JAG (I was simply Jaggie) That hotmail address has disappeared a long time ago so don’t even try it.  Anyways, I have a love for Jaguars ever since my Uncle got an XK8 in the late 90s and so that added to the fuel.

Once I started blogging I was someone cool, happy, friendly, and dare I say it innocent to the world of the internet.  And as I started to establish myself in the world that is university and internet life I discovered that I had an evil side nicknamed “Jacqui” (pronounced Jaaaaaacqweeeee) and in 2006 I started to duel with myself hehe the good vs the evil side of me until eventually evil won and I became the awesomeness that you see today.

But “Jackie” is not really dead you see, she still exists and because of her “Jacqui” is awesome today.  She gave “Jacqui” those awesome personality traits and made her be the person that she is today.  And that in the most simplest version is the story of how I became to be known as “Jacqweeeee.”


No, I am not an evil witch or being, and no I do not bite but I like being bad-ass and having the ability to stand up for myself with this new persona and to tell you the truth years ago “Jackie” would have never had the courage to do the things that I do today.  I was a very very shy person back then and now I am, dare I say it, a bit more social than I was before.

I’m trying to think of a cool way to celebrate my 8th year this May but currently I’ve got nothing on my mind, anyone has something cool to suggest? I’d love to hear it!

Blast from the Ancient Past: Fresh Prince of Bel Air

April 26, 2012  |  Fun, TV

Anyone who has grown up in the 90s will probably remember a show called the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” starring none other than the fabulous Will Smith along with James Avery, Alfonso Ribeiro, Jazzy Jeff, Tatyana Ali, and so many more awesome people!

Logo The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Well I just found out that there was something awesome that will make us (the 90s kids) go all “awwwwww” and googly-eyed once we see it.  If you remember watching the show then you definitely remember how Carlton (Alfonso Ribeiro) was obsessed with Tom Jones and there was this one episode he actually sang and was able to dance with the real Tom Jones! And he danced to the song “It’s not unusual!” until this day I cannot for the life of me not think of that show when I hear this song.

One of the best compilations of Carlton’s dance-athons!

So something cool was happening this year on April 21st in which thousands of dancers at hundreds of locations across the country  of the US have spontaneously broken out into the “Carlton” dance and then left off like nothing happened, in short just like a regular old fashioned Flash Mob!

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Jimmy Fallon & The President of the US

April 26, 2012  |  Fun

I absolutely adore this man! Jimmy Fallon he’s one of my favorite late night talk show hosts apart from Conan O’Brien and Craig Fergueson.  And so when I saw this video of The POTUS and him slow jamming the news I thought to share it!


Image via Associated Foreign Press (Getty Images)

Seriously, it’s absolutely genius! I loves it!  Way to go Jimmy!!!!!!

Stay tuned for something awesome in the next few days.

via Just Jared.

My Little Sister is Published!

April 25, 2012  |  Doing Good, Family

I can’t believe it but I’m so proud of my little sister! No not Lujain, the real little one, the one called “Graphics Face” she is also the artist formerly known as “Sister #4″ Najeebah! The one and only who designed a majority of my headers and is the author of that couch up there, she made it from scratch!

Anywho, back to the main topic, Lil N or as I call her Jeebs is now published in Imprint an Online Community for Graphics Designers for book covers she designed.  Checks them out!

I see this one going places.  I am proud of all of my sisters equally and definitely hmm what was that word, gosh darnit I forgot in short I’m uber proud and insanely happy to have them share my DNA :P Yes idiots you share my DNA and since I’m the oldest it means that all your genius is part of mine HAHAHA! Seriously every genius thing you did I get a share of because I gave you the modified gene :P

So join in me in giving Jeebs a hand and hoping to see more publishings of this little one!

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[Events] Luxenter Opening in Kuwait

April 24, 2012  |  Accessories, Events, Shopping

I received an invitation to attend the opening of Luxenter’s first boutique in Kuwait by the lovely Ms. Nada Soliman, and what girl would turn down a chance to peruse some lovely accessories.  So, today, Tuesday April 24th, marked the opening of Luxenter, the renowned Spanish brand of elegant accessories worldwide by the attendance of the Spanish Ambassador and Yacob Behbehani Sons & Co. in Al Fanar Mall (located next to Lenotre).




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