Day Eight

January 26, 2005  |  Uncategorized

Day Eight

A weird day this is, because well I didn’t get much sleep, spent it shopping till I literally dropped, picked up sisters and all, and came home put my head on the pillow and just dozed off. I didn’t think at all today, which is a good thing but when I woke up and got on my PC, saw the date is 26th counted my fingers that’s two more nights and three more days basically until you’re home! Yaaaaaay! You know what though, compared to the other times you left, well the other two times almost 2 years ago when I didn’t have any way to get in touch with you for a week it was harder for me because I couldn’t hear your voice you know.. But now after talking to you for a few minutes every other night I feel refreshed you know.and I guess you feel the same as well.. God, I can’t wait till we go out after you come home.. I mean I feel that it’ll be you who will be clinging to me more than I will be.. Usually we hold hands while you’re driving and all, and most of the time its me moving my hand onto the gear thingy and holding yours but this time I’m going to hold back and see what you’ll do.. God I can’t waaait!

That’s enough for my Day Eight experience, but as I said I went out today, and lasted until 6PM.. Notice I slept last night at 5 AM, I know I know what was I doing up that late when I said I wanted to sleep early, but I can’t its my vacation it’s my right to enjoy it before I start back with that 8AM class (yekh! ) So yeah, tossed and turned until 5AM slept, woke up at 9:30 AM by my mom calling and asking if I wanted to go to Souk Sharg, and I’m like okay. I needed a new wardrobe so what the hell.. Let me explain a little thing about me, I am kind of a nitpick no not really when it comes to clothes my favorite thing for university and every other place is a jeans and a shirt a nice one.. So I needed new shirts, a new pair of jeans, and a new black knee-length skirt which is you know not too light.. So I went to Sharg, visited Debenhams got me alot of stuff from there.. Went to Milano, found a nice poncho ironically it’s a shoe store and they sold ponchos I dunno what to make of that.. then I went to ZARA! My shop, my like jeans heaven hehe because I adore their jeans.. I don’t care that clothes are found on every single freaking person but at least they are clothes.. I didn’t find a jeans pair in my size but I am checking out the Marina branch soon.. I also didn’t find a black skirt (Girls if you know of a place just tell me please, plain black well you know i’ll try to post a picture of my ideal skirt) And in the end I left Sharg with 17 Shirts, of them 9 were t-shirts for the summer and the rest were long-sleeved nice ones, and a poncho and 3 sets of earrings for a price you won’t believe! I will post up the price in between brackets if you’d like to check it out hehehe just highlight in between them. For a mere [34.250 KD]. Believe me that is like heaven to me, I hate spending alot on something I’m going to wear.. in the end its clothes .. I’d rather shed out the heavy bucks for technical stuff rather than alot of clothes but I still do enjoy like once in a while shopping in regular season. So yea, I guess that’s about it today. Nice short post. Enjoy it

Here are the pictures, but I didn’t find any in black.. something similar to the colorful one yet in black or the white one, you know I am 165cm tall So I kind of want something a little bit below the knees. (White one’s length is almost perfect)

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  1. Oasis had black ones… they reach right below the knees… i dont know if they still have it since they are on sale and stuff…….. i saw it at the marina branch a few weeks ago…

  2. I like the red one too. Any chance we can see you wearing it?

  3. Purg I know I like the red one too but unfortunately I didn’t find it..

    Rampurple visited them but no chance.. Either way I did find two cute black skirts one at Veromoda in Marina and another at Zara :P

    Sam hehehe no I doubt you would get a chance to see me in it :P But I didn’t get one similar to the red :/

  4. JaCkie, thanks so much for commenting on my blog about blogging. This stuff is really addictive, isn’t it?!

  5. Hey Chenoah hehehe your welcome, and yea I have been addicted to blogging ever since July ;r since May and June I didn’t spend that much time blogging hehe :P