The Coffee Shop

November 12, 2005  |  Uncategorized

Sitting here at the coffee shop or rather in it or whatever the right word would be, I happen to have a nice seat, gazing out the window at the street hehehe watching the coming and going cars, across from me is Swair with her little laptop, well not really little since she kinda does like big things but nonetheless there she is in front of me, sipping on her Hot Chocolate. And here I am sipping on my Orange Juice savoring the breakfast I just had.

Coffee shops are an "in" thing at the moment, but that’s not really the reason why we chose to come here most mornings. I happen to love the breakfast that they serve, and I seriously prefer the nice atmosphere they offer rather than the stinky atmosphere of a lame cafeteria which seriously makes a person want to dread the second they entered there.

Anywhoo, this morning has been kind of interesting, not really but I find myself without really anything that shocking or scandalizing to say. I had a difficult time trying to get myself to sleep, I actually spent almost an hour trying to lull myself to sleep but no use, until finally I drifted off in my slumber, I woke up shortly afterwards at 6:30 to write a report that I had to turn in this morning, it took technically half an hour to write and was full of bull but what can I say. I later on did my hair (YES I DID MY HAIR! HAH! no really just kidding I didn’t "do" it). Afterwards put on some jeans and a t-shirt and then left to pick up Swair and come here to have my breakfast and a few moments of surfing time.

It’s really sad how last night while trying to force myself to sleep I actually came up with an entire paragraph for the second part of my story that I wrote yesterday hehehe but I didn’t bother opening the laptop in fear that I wouldn’t really sleep at all. Oh well, I guess it’s time to leave in 10 minutes, so I should just bid you all Adieu!

Purgatory, Don’t be mad!

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  1. what if I feel like being mad?

  2. Careful, you can see your reflection in the laptop. I bet you looked didn’t you? That’s what watching TV gets you schoolgirl, the inability to sleep. Hrmph. Tell Swair I hope she had an ugly hot chocolate :) Layla_Q8 posted a pic of hers and it was all pretty and swirled. Mine from the cafe in Sultan Center was nummy but ugly looking.

    I love the view of downtown Salmiya from Starbucks or Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Unfortunately, this morning I was sitting at work. There are maybe 4 expats here. Damn American holidays. le sigh.

  3. I always set the icons in the firefox navbar to small.

  4. You really dunno what is the REAL reason for the existence of cafes do you? Hospitals are overloaded with coffeeholics (like me.) so they made a secret deal with the coffee vendors.
    If you go in the backroom you’ll find bags of murky 99 proof coffee with evUl looking needles for the needy.
    *jitters* i need a tranfusion..too much blood in my coffee system! do you DO hair? don’t you like..uhmm..FIX it? nice hair btw *grins*
    *waves at the dazed n confused swair*

  5. Purgatory, you’d think that you wouldn’t get mad :r

    William, hehehe I did look and no I don’t see any reflection, as you may have realized, I am a vampire and therefore I have no reflection LOL! And ummm I enjoy orange juice rather than coffee :r

    3baid, Hmmmmmm I wonder why did you say that? :r

    Mini R, Well you are a coffee addict and I am not so I guess there is balance in this chaotic world :P And yes you are quite correct about “Fixing” my hair rather than “Doing” it :P Hehehe Oh well the anxiety attack that I feel approaching for my two midterms is quite intense.

  6. “I later on did my hair (YES I DID MY HAIR! HAH! no really just kidding I didn?€™t “do” it).”

    Now if you didn’t elaborate and then make it sound all twisted; then everything would have been fine and i wouldn’t have been scarred for life :/

  7. Sou, well it popped out there you know, the thought did.

  8. I dunno, with a 12″ screen I tend to need every space I can get @_@

  9. i love big things :p

  10. Me too SwAiR! We are talking about computers right? My mind wanders, forgive me.

  11. K, Keifan since its closest :P

    3baid, I see, I think I need Firefox Themes ;P

    Swair, I know you do

    William, LOL naughty boy I believe Happy Bunny has rubbed off on you.

  12. William: it can be computers… it can be something else… it can be whatever u want it to be :p
    it’s a free country :D

  13. You’re a bad influence Jackie. :)

  14. Actually the last comment, was written by Swair, but she posted it using my Powerbook hence I forgot to sign out of my WordPress thingy therefore it was written in my name.

  15. Jackie,
    If you see a guy with a big red “??” on his laptop .. say hi!

  16. Jackie, you’re a bad influence on Swair.

  17. And it’s not that free of a country :) If I wanted it to be alcohol, I bet I would get in trouble. Or… yeah, get in trouble for that too. OR! Damn, trouble for that. I want chocolate milk. That’s always safe.

  18. DevilishlyAbstract

    hot chocolate is safe… and NEVER ugly!! and i still love big things because jackie is a bad influence on me :p


  1. » Starbucks Mishref = Gez.