Hiss at a Cat

November 11, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Many thoughts roam around in my head, seriously so many that I barely have time to sit and count them. Not that I need to count such thoughts, but with those thoughts come feelings and memories. It’s gotten to a point that passing by a place really does trigger a memory trigger. (Wow I must’ve been a genius in Eng Lit to use a word twice LOL!) Anywho, it’s just so cute that things remind me of other things and such but that’s not what I want to talk about.

Today I went out with Auntie and her little boy Iss, the little devil from lord knows where :P He truly is devilish, in angelic form. We went to Sharq and then Plaza and were browsing around, she wanted to get stuff and I just tagged along, whereas we were supposed to go to IKEA and Plaza to check out the new place. I mean I am such a sucker for decorating that I like just browsing and wanting things hehe. Anyways as we were shopping or she was shopping I was sort of watching Issa and trying to keep him out of trouble, hehe I tried my best but at the last store we were in he started HISSING at the sales ladies seriously HISSING! And opening the curtains to the fitting rooms and yelling “Boo” but that was only the two fitting rooms, the one where I was trying to hold him in and the other where his mother was trying out a shirt or two hehe. But it was so fun!

You get to learn new things. Such as learning that Toonz (Iss’s brother who’s turning 5 on 16/11) will be getting a Play Station 3 FOR HIS BIRTHDAY from his PARENTS! And that just blew me away, I kept insisting that it must be for his Dad who is really a Technology buff and I thought it was basically cause he wanted it but she insisted no it’s because Toonz is in love with his Gameboy Advance and plays with it alot. So yeah, what do you think about that?

P.S. Apparently my sisters and I (with the exclusion of #3 (YBF)) want a kitten and we are going to try persuading the parents. Yes daddy if you’re reading, I want a kitten please *puppy dog eyes*

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  1. there you go again asking your dad for more stuff!

  2. yubaa ,, ana ba3ad abii qa6waa

  3. I WANT A PS3!!

    Wait, why would i want a PS3?! I just want one anyways :p

  4. i just want a personal interior decorator -hint hint- :|

  5. i’ll find a coughed out furball and give it to you as a kitten.


    since when did you exclude me i never admitted i dont want one…its just bad memories haunting..!!!!

  6. He will never know what a PS3 is!!!!

  7. wow a ps3
    me jealous of this 5 yearold!

  8. first he gets to sneak on girls changing in the dressing rooms. second, he gets a PS3…. only if he knew how to appreciate the priviledges he has :P

  9. I told you what I thought of him!
    He’s one lucky kid (censored edition of what I think of him hehe)
    Kittens are cute! You should get one :D

  10. ME WANT PS3!
    ME WANT PS3!
    ME WANT PS3!
    ME WANT PS3!
    *acts like a 5 year old*

  11. LoL! =P

    what a cutie

  12. Purgatory, Kaify I want to ask for stuff! I can still ask for whatever I want Nanananaabobobo!

    Laialy, LOL! NO BS ME!

    Sou, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! No you don’t want one!

    Dodo, I gave you advice so bite me :P

    YBF, You never said you wanted it and you always complained about us wanting a cat so yeah!

    Zouk, Oh but he knows :P Hehehe he really knows!

    Yazeed, I’m jealous of him!

    Fonzy, loooooool oh but it’s not the same kid, Isssss who got to sneak a peak in girls changing rooms that were empty might i add :P hehe but Toonz is the one getting PS3 who is 5 yrs old.. the other is 3yrs old :P

    OT, LOL!

    Nonaw, No! No falafel for you! LOL!