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November 12, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Yazeed, just thought I should post this on my blog to tell you that I finally did it! I placed the order! (Addressed to Yazeed since he is forced to follow up on my status in the Digi Cam Craze I went on, right boy? ;P
I just ordered off of Amazon: Tucano Microfiber Sleeve, Sony DSC-T10, and a 1.0GB SanDisk Ultra II Memory Stick Pro Duo. Not that it cost me an arm and a leg, but it felt weird spending all that cash at once :P Heheehe I wanted to order two books as well but I said next time, I kinda didn’t like the idea of spending too much money on Shipping since the books were to be shipped from Amazon and the Camera from Ace Digital Club and the Sleeve and Mem Stick from another Seller. All new and all originals really. But if everything works out I’ll be recieving alotta stuff next week. Images of the stuff I purchased will be available below ;)

By the way, Macbook is shipped to my Aramex box, while all of these toys are shipped to my USWS (which Mother uses mostly!)


Tucano Microfiber Sleeve + soft protection blanket for screen and keyboard, I kinda loved it and I had a great experience with other Tucano products. Hell it’s Italian! Anything Italian is perfect in my eyes ;P


SanDisk Memory Stick PRO Duo 1.0GB Ultra II for my soon to be baby ;) Actually my baby is my Macbook, my 2nd baby then ;P But yeah this is for now, if I need more memory along the way I can always buy more ;)


Finally, the Digital Camera that I decided upon, of course I have spent alot of nights tossing and turning, trying to decide on what Digital Camera to buy, my requisites were that it should be compact enough, stylish enough, and shoot decent photos and decently priced. And then I saw the Review on Steves-Digicams (which is my new home spot) which showed great sample pictures taken by this beauty and so I went on Amazon and found it priced at 339$ from Ace Digital Club. And I ordered it.


In case you were wondering I chose this color. To add to my collection of Black children, no use in having all white kids now do we? However, whoever is in the market for one of those beauties, bear in mind that the White model is like 400$+ and the Black is 339$, Silver is the cheapest at 318$, and the Pink is well 370$-ish.

And that ends it for me, of course you know how Macbook looks like, so far I’m debating the names to name him :P It’s between Damien, Lucien, Christopher, and Jack of course :P

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  1. Lucien, Lucien, Lucien :|

    oo tkasreenhom bil3afyah :* looks like someones getting an early visit from santa this year :P

  2. awwwww
    no we have nothing to chat about anymore :(
    oo you ordered it before i did! :P

  3. you hoe! i want that cam its hawt! and I want a sleeve too! I love the foof ones or the ones on the webby u showed me!

    I need a shopping spreee

  4. You should’ve bought the pink camera :p

  5. Cross your fingers customs doesnt sieze your sony camera since they have a ban on all sony panasonic goods that come through customs and this is not a new thing by the way. If they do you have to get a letter from the agent saying its okay for you to bring it in! so fingers crossed it doesnt happen to you since it has happened to many others who ordered sony stuff through aramex and usws :(

  6. Call it Lucifer. Like the Devil. It also means ‘bearer of light’. How wonderful is that?

  7. Damien coz its white!
    Damien =P

    wat about the cam. no name? =P

  8. I have a strong urge to spam your blog just so that i could beat Zouq..Seriously! grrr

  9. I love how you made this post look short, when it was long as hell! hahaha

    Girl your going nuts with the gadgets!

  10. Wow, ur on a roll!! I wonder what’s next :P
    Hey, do Amazon ship the sleeve outside the US?
    If not, do they at least accept foreign credit cards for orders with US shipping addresses?!

  11. Hey sou.. good luck with that!

  12. U got a long way to go!

  13. Dodo, Khalas Lucien it is! Luciano in Italiano! Hehehe And Alla E3afech :P Yea Santa enjoyed his last visit so I moved up to the Nice List ;)

    Yazeed, LOL! No we’ll have much more to chat about!

    Ananyah, LOL! Na-na-na-bo-bo :P Hehee and hopefully you’ll get your shopping spree soon!

    Sou, But its supposed to be for me!

    Spicy Pepper, I am crossing my fingers and hopefully nothing bad will happen but let’s hope they get out safely!

    Moe, I have a Lucifer, my ex-Powerbook ;P But Lucien/Luciano will also be nicknamed Lucifer why not ;P Hehehe and yes I understand!

    Nonaw LOL! No Damien is black and Lucien is white! Hehehe

    Sou, No spamming, I don’t like spam, I prefer shrimp.

    Zouk, Hahahahahahaahahahha! I aim to trick ;) And yes I am! Nothing beats a new gadget high!

    OT, LOL I wonder whats next too hehe and I answered your questions online.

    Zouk, LOL!