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January 26, 2007  |  Blog News

What weekend? How can I call this a weekend where I was sick for most of it, coughing, sneezing, and more. But at least I rested for a bit, I caught up with my tv shows and other aspects of my life. I also edited my template, well both templates for my feeds and my normal site.

Some changes you might be able to notice are that both the “Archives” and the “Contact” pages work now. I removed the Archives from the sidebar since they were getting too crowded and put them all in their own page which makes it much much more easier to navigate. I also activated the Contact Form Plugin which now actually works and sends me the emails which you guys can send to me. Just be sure to not abuse this, you can either use the plugin or email me at jacqui [at] couchavenue [dot] com.

I upgraded to WordPress 2.1 which rocks ass! I mean seriously nothing is as good as this! And the new changes that were made are amazing however you might get lost after a short bit of using it. What more do you want me to say? Actually I have nothing else in mind. I think I should go read the 3 chapters I have a test on, and read the material that is required from my Banking Class.

Oh yeah, yesterday I headed out to Jarir and purchased a new external HD 80GB which I named “Exotique”, its so that my sisters use that to give their friends the series I download rather than beg me to make DVDS. I also got an Arabic Typing Tutor program which will help me type Arabic as fast as I type English, and a couple of Archies and 1 novel. Fun right?

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  1. hey u forgot to say that I named it Exotique :P

    I lub u baby & yesh go read :P

  2. NOOOOOOOO! she is back! why why why!

  3. very nice changes! I need to upgrade my wordpress but I have fear that it will all disappear when I do that! Damn it all!

    I dont type arabic at all! I dont even make the effort! hehehe! I ask for help in those situations! Hopefully you will be over the flu soon!

  4. what makes the new wordpress so cool?

    did you watch heroes?

  5. Your blog rawks! :D

    That girl on your header is not working on a Mac. :/

  6. wordpress oo bas oo il bajy………

  7. Ananyah, yesh you did! You were the one who came up with the spelling ;p

    Purgatory, because she wants to make you suffer.

    Marzouq, Thanks hehe that happened to my previous template for some reason it wanted to disappear but I brought this one back.. And I have to learn to type Arabic or else I wouldn’t be able to feed myself :P

    Laialy, Read Yazeed’s post which pretty much gives a summary of things. The key points for me is that everything is neater and more fluid. It all flows nicely! And YES! OMG!

    Macaholic, Thanks hehehe :P I know I’ll work that in soon hopefully.

    Yazeed, Exactly! El Bajy Lettuce :p

  8. yah purg im back u dimwit

  9. Ananyah, hehe calm down honey :???: