Monday Guillotine

November 12, 2007  |  My Life


Everything feels as if its piling up, I no longer know what I am doing or where I am at.  I actually had a conversation with my Uncle in Law and later on forgot what I told him, later on being 2 minutes later, I called him up and told him that I forgot what was said, did we say anything important he reminded me and told me it happens hehe.  It sucks.  Being at work from 7:30AM all the way to 8:15pm with no break whatsoever is tiring, no break meaning going home.  I finished with the branch at around 2 left and went to a meeting at the Head Office, finished at 4:15 from there, by the time I got  back to the branch it was 5pm, I still haven’t had lunch and lucky for me some fast food joints are close by so we just went to the one right across from the branch had a 20 min lunch break, and then went back at exactly the time that we had to open, dealt with stupid idiotic customers (yes they are stupid, I don’t care if I’m rude, they are even worse!) Some people just don’t understand the term “I will call you when anything happens” and insist on calling every second, i.e. “Hi what happened to my application” you respond “We are still awaiting approval once it gets in I will make sure to call you.  Have a nice day” he replies “Okay Bye”.  3 minutes later same number calling same question asked. I actually wanted to tear out my hair today! Yes CUSTOMERS ARE IDIOTS!

On a happy note: I will be getting 40 days off in Jan – Feb, WOOHOOOOO!

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  1. what are you ganna do with them (meaning your vacation)???? Any radical plans?

  2. LoL am sorry to hear that.. but i hope you have a nice vacation.. BTW, I love the picture!!

  3. oooo sugar and spice, we are going to have such a good time inshalla.
    i’ll make those 40 days unforgetable.
    catching up, eatting out and shopping, life.

  4. Even though they are idiots they are always right :P
    so what happened to his application?

  5. Well at least you got to see me :P

  6. ugh work is pissing me off too & to make it worse, I get run over by a drunk guy during my lunch break (dont ask!)

    i think we both got the evil eye when u were born :(

  7. suggestion for your vacation …. to do your customers what they do to you …

    Visit their offices and hassle them every chance u get :)
    i’m sure this is what you’d like to spend it on

  8. hehe may god help you other than the pay, bank jobs suck!

  9. Laialy_q8 : USA!

    :::shayouma::: : Thanks hehe and I know it’s a crazy picture!

    your battlefield : Oh it’s 30 days with you guys hehe but still in the end it’s going to be fun!

    TAT : No they aren’t always right and his application was submitted its just the other depts take alot of time to process things!

    Chirp : Yaaaay!

    ananyah : LOL! We both should be lazy bums!

    meeemo : Nah I’m going on a relaxation cruise away from customers and idiots :P

    error : Exactly!

  10. Good luck with that! I can’t deal with idiots, I have been avoiding a few and its good your getting some time off! I can never get 40 days one go like that! They only gave me 17 days and made me regret that I took those days off!

  11. the w910i out in kuwait already? o_O
    if so , for how much did u pitch in for it ?

  12. Marzouq : I’m getting the time off in January hehe and now I’m going to start the search into other depts I am quitting this sucky one because it sucks! Ugh I hate work!

    hyperunknown : Yeah it is, and I did a bit of research about it before purchasing, the current prices are:
    -Al Barrak – 160KD (I bought it from here even if it was only 1KD difference)
    -Cellucom – 160KD
    -Al-Ghanim Electronics – 159KD
    -Eureka – 159KD

  13. Hmmm..ur right customers can’t just wait and u get all the insults from them just because of the delay of the lousy staff we have in head office…. :???:

  14. MAZE : They are complete idiots what can I say?