Wednesday Morning

November 21, 2007  |  My Life

It’s Wednesday, and I can’t believe it, the week has gone by not as fast as I wanted it to, but at least I am near the end of it.  I just wish I had one or two days extra to recover and rest from all the madness in my life.  As you might see I am being sucked out of my essence, you remember how I used to love Web Designing Blogs and such, well right now I don’t even have the time to complete a few designs I have promised!  Sorry guys but I am going through shit.  I will do my best soon though.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I’ll be writing up what I’m thankful for later on this evening.  I am also going through a nice situation which I’ll mention later on as well.

Lesson of Life: Treat work as if it’s not important at all, it’s like if you don’t get what you want and what you deserve that your resignation letter is  the easiest thing you’ll ever do.  But make sure that you are a good employee in the first place.  And watch the chaos ensue while they try to convince you not to quit.

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  1. school is hectic, at least i have Thursday day … no turkey for me though :/

  2. I didn’t feel like work today but I got up and said to myself yalla one more day to go. chan zeen weekends are the same as before chan elheen it’s the weekend … offeeeee

  3. I always told you, just ignore the crap that comes along from the job.. Happy Thanksgiving babe :p

  4. ya3teeky il 3afiyah :) good luck and enjoy the weekend!

  5. I’m this close -> <- to quitting.. even before securing my next job.. so close.. I feel like cursing ;/

  6. Yalla hanet ya Jacqui.

    We are wondering right now if we should cook in Thanksgiving or go to IHOP instead. I’m craving a turkey though.

  7. it’s just today and tomorrow babe.. ma bega shay :cool:

  8. Inshalla things pan out, and next time rat out the bastard and more!

  9. obviously I wasn’t in the right mind when I wrote that comment

  10. Laialy_q8 : It made sense in a sort of weird way but I am not sure!

    pearls : My weekends haven’t changed but yeah it’s only tomorrow! Ugh I want 2007 to finish already!

    chikapappi :I do but it annoys you sometimes!

    Fonzy : Alla e3afeeek and thanks dude!

    N. : Oh so am I but I am not entirely sure about it, I know however that I can’t survive in this job for long!

    Angelo : I want thanksgiving please!

    EniGma : Just tomorrow now hehe thanks

    Marzouq : Wait which bastard?

    Laialy_q8 : Who is?

  11. Happy thanksgiving…enshalla this phase ur passing thru will end soon!

  12. MAZE : Thanks same to you hehe I hope so as well!