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November 23, 2007  |  Deep Thoughts, Doing Good, Fun, My Life, Random

It’s totally funny how crazy your life can get, how behind you can get on things.  I was just catching up on my Gossip Blogs and I can honestly say that I am caught up.  I am also relaxed for the first time in a long while! Next on the list is catching up on different things, friends, TV shows (I have lost touch with some of them),  and lots of other stuff but the most important of the bunch is relaxing and letting out all the negativity!


It’s Thanksgiving Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I like Thanksgiving, for some reason the Turkey,  Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Bread Rolls, Butter, they all speak to me on a personal level they all make me smack my lips together and drool a tiny little bit.  It’s also supposed to be the time that one has to be thankful for! I can honestly say that I am thankful that I am raking in some money to support my lavish technological urges! And I’m thankful for those of you who support those urges by buying stuff for me (read: Daddy and Mommy!).  Looking at my Sidebar I noticed that a post I wrote last year on this day was the arrival of my babies, I believe now I can celebrate 1 year of owning my Sony DSC-T10! And my poor baby Macbook who is now in the clutches of dear Uncle! But oh well it’s memories like these that bring a nice big smile to my face!


It was fun today we had a weird version of Thanksgiving at our Branch (no horror stories for you though I want to be happy here!) We were hungry and it took us ages to decide on what to have for breakfast so instead we decided that since we were staying until 3:30 we might as well have lunch instead.  So off we go deciding on what to eat, in the end Kababji was the perfect choice to go! So we ordered a variety of Lebanese food, there was a shop that sold Movies right next to us so my two bosses went there and got a movie for us to watch, I wanted an English Comedy but the majority wanted Arabic Comedy, so they brought an Arabic Comedy.  It was the first time in ages that I sat and watched an Arabic Movie! Luckily enough it was a good one, I think however it was old it’s called “1/8 دستة اشرار ” roughly translated as “1/8th of bad guys!” so we played the movie on our Plasma screen that is used to advertise lame products that we’ve got.  And we sat on the floor at the long table we’ve got for the customers and ate our hearts away.  I loved it, we were basically a mixture of nationalities, there were 2 Lebanese, 2 Egyptian, and 2 Kuwaitis! Me have fun!

So now I think I will wrap things up to either sleep or just play a little bit around.  I also swapped my old 19incher screen with Mom’s 22incher screen.  It made the world of a difference to me!

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  1. what a thanksgiving without Turkey? Glad you had a good day ^_^

  2. Its good you enjoyed yourself, you need some time to yourself and hopefully you will be enjoying those 40 days while you are off!

    Its good your at a decent branch now!

  3. Thanksgiving is an American holiday, its not even a religious holiday like Christmas, but everyone is celebrating it! Madri laish!

    btw i’m totally hooked on gossip blogs too.

  4. Laialy_q8 : Oh well I’ll get a turkey some other time hehe and thanks :)

    Marzouq : Yeah I guess I will! Lord I can’t believe I’m planning for those days already hehehe I am going to hibernate, and hallucinate and do many things LOL! Hehehe I know I love my colleagues there!

    This Lady : It’s the turkey! The turkey makes you want to celebrate! And Gossip Blogs are addictive!

  5. glad you finally didn’t have a work post! :razz:

  6. lol 3alech eb alf 3afiya! The poster for the movie looks pretty funky. It has been a while but I am in need of seeing an old black and white movie.. I used to love those.

  7. good u had fun :smile: oo sa7tein

  8. chikapappi : Yeah I’m glad too!

    N. : Alla e3afeek and yeah it’s been more than a while for me hehehe I have been sold to the western society more than the eastern one hehe hence I lost in touch with them!

    MAZE : Thanks same here.. and Alla e3afeek :)