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January 26, 2008  |  Travel Log 08

Okay I’ve been kind of a real true couch potato these past few days that it’s really crazy hehe.  But I did go out don’t think I didn’t.  My last update was about Monday and Tuesday.. now I’m going to update you on Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday – I spent most of the day at home I was lazy just lounging in, I wanted to stay in completely but then my sisters and their friend S invited me over to the mall where they shoved me in a Nail Spa and had me get a nail manicure with nails! That’s like shocking for me hehe, I have nails and for the first few days well I was completely shocked with them on they were pressurizing and now I’m okay with them.  They dropped me there and headed to Barnes & Noble’s to sit at Starbucks and work on their papers.  I went into B&N and shopped for books.  Lunch that day was Chicken Fettucinie Alfredo from Houlihans.  And dinner was the poor choice from Sbarro which I regretted.  All in all it was fun, oh and I got this amazing clutch bag from JC Pennys it was fun!

Thursday – The day my Grey’s Anatomy Seasons 1 -3 DVDs came in! It was a beautiful day, hell I stayed in and just watched Season 1, I am becoming an addict but then again that’s what vacation is for! Daddy woke me up quite early at 9am and I hated that, please stop waking me up at 9am hehe :P My Uncle just had a new daughter, now I have a new cousin born it’s cool.  And it was the day where I was rewarded for the kick ass work I did all year.  It was cool and fun I woke up and got the message that my salary was creditted to my account when I checked I was like hmm are my eyes deceiving me or am I seriously seeing what I am seeing.  I tend to over-dream stuff.  Lunch that day was a burger from Fuddruckers and dinner was McDonald’s Doublecheeseburgers.  Yes I am a junk-a-holic!

Might as well update about today.  I started Season 2 and now I’m just chilling and watching Friday Night Lights (New Episode) and later Las Vegas (new episode) eat your heart out Sister #4 :P Lunch was also McDees but dinner is unknown so far.  I need some suggestions! Anyways back to my TV!

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  1. I found your site on google blog search and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. Just added your RSS feed to my feed reader. Look forward to reading more from you.

    Karen Halls

  2. you need to cut out all the junk food seriously :S

  3. enjoyyy every min of ur stay there coz i’m so depressed here after coming back :???:

  4. Mashallaa … do your sisters eat out all the time??? I might eat out once a month when I was there
    anyways Thursday you should have been watching the New Greys Anatomy :p while they also show the new CSI Las vegas … 7adii maqhorah, no TV for me

  5. Now its great that you are a lazy bum! Well done and enjoy the vacation, you are going to miss the bum times! loooool! I wish I could just take a week off just to watch tv and ride!

  6. hahahahah you’re becoming a food junkie :P

  7. Laialy Q8:
    we dont eat out a lot.
    we feed the munchkin who simply
    is the true definition of couch potato.
    she likes junk food when we prefer eating what is in
    the refridgerator :PP

    once a week maybe but not everyday
    like jaxx.

    do something productive,
    stop watching greys!!!!!

  8. i know that kind of lifestyle too much.. it’s great :grin: junk food and 392 different tv shows to watch.

    p.s. your design if friggin hot :shock:

  9. Ohh your so gonna get hooked on Grey’s Anatomy its Amazing! Can’t wait for season 5 to start.. Nothing better thn junk food and Mcdonalds emmmm its a taste of heaven :razz:

  10. am just dying to chill out for a whole day at home but for some reason it never works out which basically means your so lucky.

  11. Karen Halls : Thanks alot hehe I am glad you liked it. Hope you have fun reading my thoughts and just everyday stuff.

    ananyah : But I like junk food I really do!

    Maze : I’m thinking of extending my stay for a few days just coz I want to see a movie that comes out on Valentine’s Day!

    Laialy_q8 : I don’t watch CSI, I was watching new Vegas, and there is no new Greys also I’m caught up hehe and no they don’t eat everyday out hehe I just do that.

    Marzouq : Hehehehe I am missing the bum days already LOL!

    Moey : I am aren’t I? :P

    your battlefield : But you love me, and I’m done with Greys now :(

    snookie : Thanks hehe I try to spice it up every once in a while hehe :P And that life style is cool!

    FourMe : Hehehe I am in love with Greys and I am hating George! Why did they have to just kick Burke off he was better than George ever will be!

    Zahed : Awww thanks I’ll give you one day of my vacation :P

    :::ShoSho::: : ME TOOO! I hate Hauhn!

  12. I want to meet Derek in person!