Mother Ordered MacBook Air 11″

November 11, 2010  |  Apple, My Life

Mom joined the Mac-Family she was the only one who doesn’t have a Mac or hasn’t tried one.  Unfortunately she grabbed the one I wanted most which is the 11.6″ but yay I should say fortunately because that would mean the one Daddy is bringing over from the US is going to be all MINE MINE MINE!

At least I don’t have to wait until the 4th of December to actually unbox one and try it out.  She got the maxed out specs as well 1.6Ghz Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM, 128GB Flash Memory.

I really am the devil, I can literally convert anyone into the Mac world :D

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  1. The new mac book air is one of the best options, apple also reconsidered their pricing policy & that’s a good thing too :) but am still a PC guy & resisting the temptation ;)

  2. 3alech bel3afiya :D

  3. bananaQ8 : Yeah you’re right and being a PC guy is just plain wrong you should switch over it’s amazing on this side.

    Hmoud Adel : allah e3afeek dear :D

  4. I never understood the Mac AIr. I still don’t like it.

    I will always stick to the pro !!!

  5. عيدج مبارك وعساج من عواده

  6. اليوم اول ما وصلت لوس انجلوس رحت المول اللي جنب الفندق و شفت جهازي الجديد ماك أير 11 انش عجيب جهازي احسن من ال 13 انش لانه خفيف وممتاز
    خبريني لما يوصل جهازك الجديد

  7. His : It’s a nice secondary laptop for on the go.

    bananaQ8 : Ayamik sa3eeeda dear :) Thanks

    DAD : Hehehe it’s a very nice unit isn’t it? :P I got mine now!