[Rumors] Next Generation iPhone Screen

May 23, 2012  |  Apple, iPhone

With WWDC (Worldwide Developer’s Convention) coming up soon (June 11th) and October nearing a thousand and one rumors are swirling around about what the next generation iPhone will have, how it will look like and what’s the awesome thing in it.  The best thing we can expect in WWDC is the next generation Operating System (iOS 6) I really do hope some awesome changes will come to life in that system and once that is known then we can probably guess at how the next iPhone will look like unless we get a glimpse at it then.

So, what’s the latest rumor? Well apparently there is a new mock up design that I believe might be as close to the real thing we’ll see as we can get at the moment.  The screen will definitely be larger but not an exact 4.0″ as we are led to believe.  According to 9 to 5 Mac, Apple is testing multiple next-generation iPhones and at least one of them sports a brand new display.  Because of the secrecy that Apple likes to abide by no one knows for sure what the next design will look like as they float a million versions among the real one that will be released.

One of the phones sports a new larger display that is 3.999 inches diagonally.  Apple will not only increase the size of the display and keep the current resolution of 960 x 640 but instead it will be adding pixels to the display and the new iPhone resolution will be 1136 x 640 which is an extra 176 pixels longer of a display this basically means the screen will be the same width but will be taller in comparison to the current models.

Again these are just rumors you can take them with a grain of salt who knows what will be the final design but one thing for sure it will definitely have a bigger screen!

via 9to5Mac.

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  1. There’s barely a place to hold the phone without accidentally touching the screen which means you always have to lock it before holding it. I think I like the old design.

  2. That would fit nicely into my tiny hands! Can’t wait for it!