Lujain Talks on Al Gaaylaa Show Today!

June 26, 2012  |  Shout Outs

Tune in today at 2:45 PM to hear a short and sweet interview done by the team behind Simply Q8ii and my little sister Lujain from Lujain Talks.

Simply Q8ii is a Non-Profit organization for the Q8ii Youth were we sow different talents,businesses and ideas that Kuwait’s future have done. After this we would go and work with the Q8ii’s in making them team up in making things that truly will show the power of Q8′s future like movies,comics etc.

From left to right: Sami Al Kouka, Yousef Al Refai, and Lujain

My little sister Lujain started blogging 2 years ago when she was only 8 years old.  She saw that everyone in my family had a blog or a form of website and she felt a little left out, so what better way to feel like she belongs somewhere than by joining the crowd.  Yes our family truly is a blogging one, I have a blog, my father has a blog, Sister #2 had a blog but she closed it down a while back, Sister #3 still blogs but on occassions, and Sister #4 well let’s say she’s still blogging on her private LiveJournal blog.  The only one left out is our mother and well it’s not that she doesn’t want to blog but she doesn’t have time for it.

The interview is short and sweet and joining her is Sami Al Kouka a young music producer and since the whole interview is going to be on 103.7 FM Kuwait – Al Gaaylaa Show then a majority of it has to be in Arabic.  Lujain tried her best but let’s show her some support and tune in at that hour!

So at around 2:30 PM tune into 103.7FM and just wait a few moments until my little angel makes it on the radio! I am so proud of her!


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  1. Thats my kick ass boss in the middle go yousef p.s. im the coo of simplyq8ii

  2. yaaa5ty! too bad i missed it :S