The Green-Eyed Monster Exists

September 9, 2012  |  Deep Thoughts, Random

If you ever needed proof that the Green-Eyed Monster exists then just turn to the left or right of your shoulder and you will be able to spot one sitting there just staring and trying to kill you with their daggar-like stares.  The Green-Eyed Monster in this story happens to be the person who is simply jealous from what you own, who you are, and what you can be.  I have fought long and hard with myself before attempting to write this post but thought that enough is enough.  I am seeing this monster surface its head quite frequently and I always seem to be without my sword to chop its head off.

There is a saying I remember hearing in one of this seasons episodes of “Suits” by Jessica Pearson which states:

It is so much easier to criticize someone else than it is to acknowledge your own shortcomings.

Everyone around me has deemed it the perfect time to put on their critic hat and criticize everyone and anyone simply because that person does not adhere to their own mold of what a person should or shouldn’t be.  I am seeing blogs appearing to criticize others on different subjects, while there are some subjects worth criticizing there are some that should not be put on the chopping block simply because “it is none of your business.” Any topic that borders on a person’s livelihood or income should not come into discussion simply because you will never have the full facts not to mention it is simply none of your business of how much this person makes doing whatever they do.  You know how they tell you “never tell a friend/family member how much you make at your job” well it’s there for a reason.  Each and every person has a different skill set, educational qualifications, you come from a different background, your negotiating skills are different so a company would not necessarily pay you the same as any other person just because they have to give everyone an equal amount of cash.  What each person should say is “Thank God” or “El Hemdellah” for this gift from God because this is what is allowing you to survive and continue living.

I do not see people thanking God for anything anymore, all I hear is “Oh my God, this person is getting paid to do nothing” and “This person thinks they’re the shit because they studied at XYZ” and “Yeah this person is saying this because he/she has a hidden agenda” not to mention “Oh of course they are all in cahoots together, it’s because they are of the same nationality/mindset”.  When will we all grow up and start seeing people as individuals and treat them with respect rather than being prejudice and racist to a certain nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and the what not.

It’s truly shameful that we are sitting there counting the eggs of others not knowing that the person might not end up with 10 fully hatched eggs.  Not knowing that a person might be in dire need of those eggs, or simply not even knowing that by the amount of hours we spend criticizing, judging, talking about others that we are losing bits and pieces of ourselves, our sanity, and so much more.

I might have not made any sense here but I kind of understand what I am getting at in my head.  If I understand it then anyone can, and probably should.  Don’t look at your friend, sibling, parent and think “Why don’t I have that?” “Why can’t I make that amount of cash?” “Why can’t I get the latest gadget/bag/dress?” instead say “Thank God for what I have and my good health” and think of a way to get what you want without eyeing what others have.   If you saved your cash you would be able to get whatever you want, if you managed your time you could study whatever you want and so much more.

We are all guilty of this, I am guilty myself but I am learning to be grateful because the moment you are grateful God will reward you with so much more.  In the words of Rissa S. Kawpeng:

Instead of focusing on what others have that I don’t, I thank God for what I do have. And before I know it, I forget what I’m envious about because I’m drowning in a sea of blessings.

And remember constructive criticism can help a person but only if it is delivered respectably supported with proof; name calling and being rude doesn’t help with sending the message that you want to send.


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  1. Love every bit of this and hate hate haaaate green-eyed monsters! I wish ppl would get busy with themselves other than wasting all their energy judging others! And you are right, they are becoming everywhere.

    • I know, the reason for this post was because they have become more popular and it’s really sickening. Why can’t you be satisified with what you have, why can’t you thank God for what you have and that you spent your honest money purchasing it or spent your precious time learning about it. Walla people need to be reformated and given the correct information again.

      If I hear another green eyed person speak I just might take out one of my dullest knives and chop them up :/ Say “El 7emdella” and move on bs khalas no need to rehash the topic.

      Glad you loved this post babes :*

  2. I absolutely agree. The Green-Eyed Monster sits on people’s shoulders and just points out every single flaw, mistake, or possible failing that he can see, even when these things don’t actually exist. The Green-Eyed Monster is determined to find the bad in every corner, hoping it’ll fill some inner void or make the envious person feel more superior.

    The fact of the matter is that, in most cases, jealousy and envy is based on something the person is internally lacking. Whether its love, support, stability, or reassurance. Its just a symptom of a larger, psychological issue and should be treated as such.

    Love the post and the sincere sentiment behind it! Don’t let the haters get your down!