The Truth about the ‘Operation Oranges’

March 25, 2013  |  Health, My Life

Warning: The following post includes a lot of information regarding the surgery I had recently, it might be too much information but I felt the need to disclose most of it, feel free to ask questions as I have left a few things vague.

Today (Monday) marked the 5th week anniversary of the day I went in to have surgery, I have been out of the hospital now for around 4 weeks and a half and recovering quite nicely.  I went through a really weird and tough experience but the insane amount of love and support from my family was what made me stronger and aim to recover faster.  It wasn’t an easy ride/journey but them being around meant the world to me.  I was on the fence as to write about what I had to deal with the past few weeks and well I found that I would prefer to share my experience than keep it hidden as if it was a shameful secret.


 Around the middle of January I started feeling pains in my abdomen area, I thought it was simply for lack of drinking water and that it was the way of my body telling me to drink some more but a week later when things weren’t getting any better I felt that I had to visit the doctor, I wasn’t able to get a direct answer the first time I went so the next time I visited the clinic I had an ultrasound done to see if my kidneys had any stones in them or anything.  I wasn’t expected to hear what I did then, the doctor informed me I had two large bilateral cysts growing on my ovaries (my lady parts) and large meaning that one was 7cm and the other 6cm to better explain they were the size of “oranges”.  I was asked to see a specialist in order to deal with this newfound discovery and told that surgery would be the only option, upon failing to do so the first day it was discovered I attempted to seek out different hospitals for answers.

I met with a specialist in Al Seef Hospital who indeed confirmed what the ultrasound had shown the two large masses and was told to have a laporatomy (open tummy surgery) to remove it instead of laporscopically (going in using 3 incisions where a machine gets to do the surgery without opening up the body).  I was a bit skeptical with this doctor as she said she could also attempt laporscopy but might end up cutting me as well so I thought a second opinion would be indeed helpful.  Not to mention I was supposed to be travelling a week later.

One thing that was thrown about was the term “endometriosis” a condition which affects a large number of women without their knowledge and one that has no solution other than getting married and having children to lessen its complications. It is a bit complicated to explain at the moment therefore wikipedia and google are your friends when it comes to this.

The next day I met with the doctor I ended up choosing to perform my surgery at Royale Hayat Hospital.  He met up with me asked me the usual questions saw the ultrasound and asked me to do an MRI to confirm whether my condition needed surgery.  I was not really prepared for what happened next, I thought I would get the answer I wanted and that was to avoid surgery.  But little did I know that apart from the two ovarian cysts I had growing inside me I had fibroids (hard masses that are usually described as benign tumors) growing inside and that I had two large ones as well as a few smaller ones.  The larger fibroids were the same size as the cysts and that meant I had a whole bowl of fruit resting in my abdomen region.  What I thought was a little pepsi belly that I couldn’t get rid of turned out to be a nice fruit bowl with cysts and fibroids.  Surgery was a must have at this point and going in laporscopically would not help instead it would make the operation take longer than it should.

At first I was happy that the doctor was able to discover this new information and I was also angry since he said the fibroids were so big that they should’ve been seen on an ultrasound from their size.  I was also scared, he mentioned “endometriosis” can be a possibility since the cysts appeared to be filled with fluid and they could be filled with blood and whatnot.  It appears that 30% of women all around the world can have fibroids growing inside of them and they won’t know it.  I was asking if I should wait until I do the surgery and the doctor told me the longer I wait the bigger they might grow and the greater the risk should they erupt inside and damage my organs.

The decision to postpone my traveling plans and sign up to have a myomectomy (removal of fibroids surgery) and laporatomy (to remove the cysts) was formed.  Nothing was in my hands anymore and I had to face the facts and deal with the cards I was dealt with. And that was how I ended up having a laporatomy which was a surgery very similar to that of a cesarean section to remove 3 cysts and 5 fibroids from my body.

When life gives you oranges, you make lemonade.

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  1. the good news is that u’re ok now n recovering perfectly at home :*

  2. el7emdela 3ala alslama and hope you dont ever have to go through this again

  3. My Aunt had the same problem and she was operated few weeks back. I heard it was the size of a coconut!!! She’s married and have two big boys!

    So happy to hear that you’re recovering quickly!:) HUGS!!!:**

  4. Salamaat! Mat Shoofeen Shar! I was wondering why you disappeared from your blog! That is scary experience, I can’t imagine how you were feeling, but I hope you are feeling much better and all is well and there are no other complications!

    Yala get back into your swing! We missed your witty articles and comments!

    Let me know if you need anything!

  5. salamat matshofen shar! Fast recovery inshaAllah :)

  6. الحمد لله على السلامة و إن شاء الله ت
    قومين بالسلامة

  7. السلام عليكم. سلامات وماتشوفين شر ان شاء الله.

    I’m not a regular reader of your blog but this time I noticed your post about your surgery and I just wanted to say I wish you all well. And I probably don’t need to tell you this since you already on your 5th week post surgery but you’ll notice things will go back to normal. But it’ll take time but you’ll just have to endure. And not to mention try not to laugh much during that time :) I once did a surgery in my abdomen for my Crohn’s illness and I know how it feels. Occupy yourself with reading the Quran and your favorite books during your “vacation”, again I wish you all well, take your time to heal.

    عسى الله يشافيج ويقومج بالسلامة